Author's Notes: Those of you are familiar with my stories know I have one called, 'Why Kakashi should never read out loud.' It is basically a collection of amusing little scenes and scenarios my twisted mind comes up with for the characters in Naruto. They are really too short to be one shots so I just collect them all and stick them in that title. This will be something similar for Sekirei characters. I may make one for Rosario Vampire eventually too. Sorry for the first one being so short.


I got this idea from a review from 'keplo.' He wrote:

'Seriously something like pokemon with hot women would be much better.'

Hmmm, it would probably look something like this:

Seo took out a red and white plastic ball. "I'll use a lightning type! Hikari I choose you!" He threw out the ball.

"In that case I'll use a water type!" Minato said and threw out a similar ball. "Tsukiumi! I choose you!" The ball touched the ground and a beautiful woman materialized.

The two sekirei stood there facing one another. Then…

"Yaaaah!!" Seo screamed as he was hit by a bolt of lightning.

"Seo you bastard!" Hikari shouted. "I don't care if you can't afford the rent on an apartment! I am not living in a ball!"

For his part Minato was suddenly grabbed around the throat and was being violently shaken back and forth. "Minato! This is not what I had in mind when I accepted your proposal!"



Maybe we should just leave these two worlds separate.