As Kazehana and Tsukiumi were alone sharing a hot bath Kazehana leaned over and whispered some advice to her fellow sekirei.

"That… that's ridiculous," Tsukiumi said. She looked at the dark haired beauty suspiciously. "Have you ever actually done that?"

"No, but I'm sure it would work for you." Kazehana said grinning back at the blonde.

"I… I would never do something so ridiculous."

"Suit yourself," Kazehana said with a grin.


Later that night there was a soft knock on the door to Minato's room.


"Uh, Minato, may I come in for a moment?" Tsukiumi called.

"Sure Tsukiumi-san."

Tsukiumi entered and quickly slid the door shut behind her. She stood there fidgeting and looking a bit uncomfortable.

"Is something wrong Tsukiumi?" Minato asked.

Standing straight she spoke. "Ahem, I'm drunk."

Minato blinked in confusion, she hadn't gone out drinking and certainly looked sober.


Face turning red she repeated herself more loudly and clearly. "I said, 'I'm drunk.'"

"Oh, well do you want me to get you some coffee?"

"Hey!" She said suddenly furious. She grabbed him by the collar and began shaking him back and forth violently. "I'm blonde and I just said I was drunk! Be a man and take responsibility!"


On a closed circuit screen Matsu and Kazehana watched as Tsukiumi was pulling off Minato's pants as he pleaded with her to stop.

"Ku, ku, ku you're really evil you know that?" Matsu said.

"What?" Kazehana said innocently. "I just always wanted to see if that line worked.