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Stiletto Wars

There was one great thing about having James Tiberius Kirk as the Captain of the Enterprise.


Today's celebration was in honor of Scotty's latest reprogramming of the Trans warp beaming function. Each time, the function became more powerful but even the Captain was wondering if this was an excuse for the free pour of Romulan Ale in the Dining Hall.

Whatever the case may be, I, Nurse Christine Chapel did not care. The tension in my neck and shoulders could definitely be eased by a few drinks and maybe a nightcap back in the room with one of the available men on board. Who am I kidding, they talk entirely too much.

Careful not to waste anytime I ran under the shower, twice to be sure, found my favorite little black dress, and I do emphasize the word little. It stopped mid thigh and rode up the entire time I was in movement. It was sleeveless, with a little hang at the sides to reveal I wasn't wearing a bra; a simple overstatement. The only thing missing was the shoes. I buried half of my body under the bed, "Success!"

I pulled perfection from the monster pile forming under there. Italy born, black suede, four and half inch heels, multi-strap with the perfect peep toe. Prada, the shoe was flawlessness. If I could eat, date, marry, and love them forever, I would.

One more check of the lips and I was pure seduction. The dress was riding above my hips with precision and the click clack of my heels in the hall definitely got the attention of those headed to the party.

That's when I saw her, Nyota Uhura. She was a few paces ahead of me.

Black dress.


The back is out.


Is that butt cleavage?

Unfair advantage.


No ponytail.

Loose curls.

I hate her.

I'm screaming inside, can you hear me?

I looked around to make sure my internal conversation was just that, internal. I prayed as my eyes moved down to her shoes. Surely, they wouldn't be anything special. I glanced at my own again.


I looked at Nyota's feet.

Damn her!

Platform, black, Christian Louboutin's that lace up to the ankles.

Points for originality and the obvious pain she will feel tomorrow. Those babies were a tenth away from being five inches.

Nyota threw a look over her shoulder and sighed loudly.

"Points deduction for bitchiness."

When I entered the hall, I didn't think it was possible to be more surprised. The theme changed with each event. There was definitely a club feel tonight. The room was dark, strobe lights, smoke, and intensely sexual music. Me thinks the Captain was trying to get lucky this evening. I set my pace to the music and sashayed in front of Jim and his brat pack. I threw in an extra switch of my hips just for their benefit. I swear Commander Spock took a deep breath and inhaled my scent. McCoy threw back his shot. Chekov said something in Russian that would embarrass him if I knew the translation. Even Sulu licked his lips.

Take that Nyota.

Speak of the devil. At that very moment she interrupted my performance and purposely bumped my shoulder causing me to lose my balance.

"Watch it nerd!"

"Does the carpet match the drapes blondie?"

Seriously, Nyota Uhura was infuriating.

"Why don't you ask Commander Spock?" I said with the slightest edge in my voice.

She didn't like that response one bit. I turned and headed for the bar and left Nyota to pout. Of course he didn't know, but it was fun to watch her get mad. Everyone knew she'd had a crush on the First Officer since the Academy. Maybe one day Nyota would grow a pair, make a move, and permanently remove the stick lodged in his ass.

I was enjoying my drink at a table in the shadows of the dance floor, when I felt the lips on my ear. He was in the chair behind me; perfectly concealed in the dark from the wandering eyes. His breath was warm and smelt like the drink in his hand. I knew it wouldn't take long to pull him into my trap. He'd followed me around the room with his eyes.



I kept my cool. His hands were warm, gentle, but firm as they slid under my dress. A soft moan escaped my lips as he teased my thighs.

"Your room. Ten minutes."

Like that the chair was empty and only his drink was left at the table where he'd been sitting. It would take ten minutes to gain my composure so I could walk on these heels. That man only had to touch me and my mind went blank.

"You get ten points for the butt cleavage alone."

Nyota had taken the seat he'd once occupied.

"Yes, and please deduct five points from my final score because my feet are killing me."

In the last few weeks, Nyota and I decided to play with the whispers on the ship. Now, it is impossible for two beautiful, intelligent, and single women to be assigned to the same vessel and be friends. Women hate each other, they are jealous of what the other has, and will do everything possible to crush their enemy. That was B.S., but for whatever reasons the gossip mills around this ship loved to feed it to everyone.

During the morning briefing, she purposely bumped by shoulder and called me out of name in Klingon. The looks of the faces of the men in the room were priceless. I responded by calling her a tramp. This made Dr. McCoy spit out his coffee. Yes we were reprimanded but the entertainment value was worth every 'harsh' word from the Captain. So I guess we were doing our part to keep the lies alive. To keep our records in tact, we'd opted for more subtle forms of amusement. Eye rolls, exasperated sighs, and immediately excusing ourselves when the other enters our presence.

Still that gets boring and honestly I love Nyota and I hate being so mean in front of people. Dr. McCoy finally caught on when he found us huddled up in the sickbay laughing at the latest rumor. Tonight's war, battle of the stilettos; Nyota and I had decided to outshine each other in the shoe department.

"You win, those are perfect. Definitely F. M. P's!"

We laughed for the moment and then checked to make sure our cover wasn't blown.

"You've got five minutes, better get to your room."

I squeezed her hand, and blew a kiss over my shoulder as I headed out the door. I noticed Nyota had found her way to the floor with the first officer. Pure devilment escaping her eyes, pity Spock didn't know what one dance could do. I'm sure I'll find out in the morning.

The doors closed quickly behind me.

His hands moved to the back of my dress. Easing it past my shoulders until the final destination of the floor was found. Another sigh left his lips when he realized there was nothing on the dress. I made a move to remove the shoes.

"Leave them on."

A smirk crossed my lips, he likes them.

I removed myself from his hands and he grunted. I loved it when we returned to basics. I turned to face him. I walked backwards to the bed, motioning for him to join me. He'd pitched a tent in his pants.

"Going camping?"

His eyes were full of desire. I knew I wouldn't have to wait much longer. His feet were already bare; the shirt hit the floor, followed by the pants. Only his boxers remained on his lean body. Our uniforms concealed his perfectly sculpted frame. I allowed my fingers to travel along the curves under his skin.

"You're licking your lips again. Are you hungry?" I said mischievously.

I loved to tease, but sometimes the games were too much for him.

"Christine, shut up."

Finally his lips found mine. I'd take this over the shoes any day.

Breathlessly I replied, "Lieutenant Sulu may I take the helm?"


Because Sulu needs to get lucky too, he can't be expected to perform his duties properly without occasionally releasing a little naughty energy.