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"Mel, can you hear me? Mel." It was the sound of the voice that brought me round to almost complete awareness. It was so sharp and clear, to hear it through my own ears. It was this voice that still had the power to send my heart in to a fluttering mess.


"Mel, are you there? Can you hear me? You have to come back to me now, okay?"

Jared, I'm here.

Then it hit me like taking a kick to the gut. Wanda was gone. The realisation that I had to speak for myself suddenly dawned on me. Wanda wasn't here for translations anymore. I had to use my voice, which is something I hadn't, really, done in over a year.

"Melanie Stryder! Wake up this instant! You hear me! You have to wake up now!" Jared's voice had increased in volume and was filled with traces of annoyance, but it was free from any kind of anger. How could he be annoyed? How long had I been lost in unconsciousness? It seemed like only seconds ago that I had said my goodbye to Wanda. Had it really been long enough for Jared to be annoyed at me?

"Mel, its Jamie. Please wake up. We need you with us. Please, just open you eyes." This voice filled my heart with as much love as Jared's had, but a different love, a love that was just as powerful, just different. Looking back of my life with Jamie, I think I've only heard his voice this vulnerable once before, and that was when he was faced with the realisation that he may lose to, what back then, was our enemies. It was when he admitted to being scared that I would lead the seekers to him and Jared, just as our father had once done. That was the closest cool that we'd ever truly had with the seekers, and the souls for that matter. (I was truly lucky to get Wanda as my soul, she knew what it meant to me human and to love people they way on a human could)

It fell silent around me, all I could hear was the breathing of me, Jared and Jamie. Then all of a sudden a hand stroked my left cheek. I could tell from the trail of fire that it left, that it was Jared's hand. And it was this, ever so simple, gesture that made my eyes flutter open. As my eyes opened and closer, as a reflex to the light in the room - even though it wasn't bright, it was obvious that my eyes had been free from any light for quite sometime - I felt two grips on my hands tighten.

"Mel. Your awake!" Jamie voice had risen several octaves, and the vulnerability that was in it before had disappeared, it was now filled with excitement and relief. Even though his simple statement had not be any kind of question, or require an answer, I felt a strange need to say something to him, I searched for my voice, but I simply couldn't find it. I just lay there, staring at him like some kind of moronic idiot. Before I could attempt to find my voice again, Jared had his hand on my cheek again. Even when I was perfectly fine, and before all this Wanda business, his touch had, had the ability to leave me speechless, so I had no chance of finding the words for Jamie now.

"Hey, baby" His voice had also risen several octaves, and his eyes were full of the emotion that couldn't be expressed through a tone of voice. This shocked me. Jared very rarely let his cool façade drop, but at this moment, his was totally exposed, emotionally. His eyes had a watery glaze, and a single tear-drop of his pure happiness, dropped down his cheek.

I needed to find my voice, but I couldn't. I just, couldn't but somehow I managed to fling my arms around Jared neck, pulling myself to a sitting position as I did this. I also dragged Jamie half up onto my cot as I did this because his hand refused to let mine out of his vice-like grip.

It felt like we sat there for hours before Jared pulled me back by my shoulders and just stared into my eyes. The room had become silent, all I could hear was my racing pulse which was caused by in intensity of Jared's watch. Jamie seemed to sense the intensity and brought it upon himself to extract it from the atmosphere with a enquiry about where his hug was. It wasn't quite reading to try my voice yet so I simply put my arms around Jamie and hugged him for a good five minutes. After the hug I stayed sitting up and just let my eyes flicker from Jared's face to Jamie's and back again.

It wasn't long before Doc entered the room and kindly greeted me.

"Melanie, your awake. Well, isn't that good. Do you want some water?" I still didn't feel ready to use words so I nodded simply. Doc passed Jared some water and he handed it to me. I sipped it slowly as I allowed my eyes to continue to flicker from Jamie's face to Jared's face, which was still full of emotion. I had half expected this to disappear at Doc's presence, but it didn't and I was glad. Jared didn't often show emotion but when he did, it felt like I was falling in love with him all over again.

"So, how are you feeling?" Doc asked. I decided it was time to test my vocals, and to enquire about my missing sister, Wanda.

"Lonely." The word came out in a strange monotone, but I was relieved that I was actually about to talk. Everyone seemed to understand what I meant by my statement but I didn't expect the reaction I got from anyone. I wonder if Doc told them that she was planning on remaining on this planet for all eternity, buried underground with Walter and Wes? I'm sure Jamie and Jared wouldn't allow that, so I expected them to say something like she is on her way to the Flowers and Dolphins.

"Well..." Jared and Jamie said at the same time.

"Oh, please. Let me tell her, please. Please, please" Jamie sounded excited again and I couldn't for the life of comprehend why he was. He loved Wanda and much as I had grown to love her, as my sister. The lose of as loved one didn't normally allow us to feel emotions like excitement. It left a space in your heart that only the emotions of sadness, and grief could fill, a least only these emotions could fill it at first. Over time the space would fill out with the love you share with others who are still with you, but, I know I wasn't unconscious long enough for the hole to be filled already, it took months for the hole to fill. At some point in my metal rant about emotions, Jared must have motioned for Jamie to finish what they were about to say.

"Mel, we're gonna save Wanda. We're gonna find her another host. She gets to stay with us!" It was at this new development that I finally understood Jamie's excitement. He didn't have to grieve for the loss of a loved one, because there was no real loss. She was coming back to us. I was overwhelmed by emotions at this new development. Optimism. Joy. Hope. And most of all relief. I would 'see' my sister again.

"Thank you" was all I managed to choke out before I quickly sipped my water again. It was definitely lack of moisture in my body that was making it hard for me to find my voice.

"I'm so glad to have you back," The sound of Jared's voice pulled all my attention to him. He rested his hand on my cheek as my head turned to meet his gaze. I felt a twinge of guilt as my concerns for Wanda, all but melted away with Jared's touch. He leaned his head towards mine and gently pressed is lips to mine, but the kiss had no time to deepen because Jamie was making a gagging sound at my side, that was in between giggles that made him seem 10 years old again.