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:-: 7 years later :-:

It had been difficult at first for me to resist the temptation that human blood held for me. The irony did not escape me either. For my entire human life I had been completely averse to blood and now I craved it with my entire being. Almost as much as I craved Emmett's touch. While it had been difficult, it had not been impossible. Emmett had been wonderfully supportive. He brought things that were scented with human touch for me to desensitize myself without the danger of attacking the human the scent belonged to. I almost felt bad for reducing my husband to a kleptomaniac in order for me to control my thirst, but then I would remember that it was better for them to miss a shirt than their life.

In less than a year from my change I began interacting with humans on a regular basis. We had already moved from Forks to New Hampshire. It just so happened to be conveniently close to Dartmouth. I knew that Edward had always secretly hoped that I would attend there one day. Emmett was just as thrilled though. He was eager to get started on his mad scientist career as I applied myself to my studies. With all the free time in the evenings that I had to study, taking a full class load was not a problem. Surprisingly, Emmett was a great and even patient tutor for the classes that were more challenging for me. It was a new side of him that I couldn't help but adore.

Just as I had planned, I finished my degree in Classical Languages and Literature in just three years. There is something to be said about being able to study more than the average student without needing to take multiple breaks to eat or rest. I had also come to terms with the financial aspect of my new life and the fact that Emmett loved to spoil me. In this one case, I did not object. This was my dream and he had the resources to make it happen.

Right after I graduated I moved on to the master's program at Dartmouth. I had gained the attention of more than a few professors because of my dedication and academic excellence. They were all too willing to usher me into the inner circles of academia and offer me small student teaching opportunities as a grad student. Of course I accepted. I obtained my Master of Arts in Liberal Studies exactly two years after completing my undergraduate studies. I accepted a full-time position on the faculty after my graduation. They had made a rare exception to allow me to teach undergraduate courses while I was pursuing my PhD in 16th and 17th century British literature, of course with an emphasis on Shakespeare's plays.

Life could not get much better than it was at that moment. I was in love with my best friend, I was well on my way to obtaining my dream job even if it was only temporary, and I was well in control of my thirst. I had become amazingly desensitized to human scent since I spent so much time in libraries studying or in class. Of course, I was meticulously careful as well; I never went more than a couple days without hunting.

I walked into my first class of the semester. This was the first class that was truly mine. I was in charge. The future education of these students lay in my capable hands. It was my job to mold them for their future, to inspire them, to… drain them.

Who was that? I had to know. I had to find that scent. I hunted just hours before this but I had to have this person. Now! Which one was it? That one. Tall, dark hair, muscular build, deep brown eyes. He must be in shape. Perhaps I could get him to run, get the adrenaline pumping deep into his veins to make it extra sweet. I can lead him outside and drain him slowly, savor every sweet drop of delectable blood.

Ah hell! What is Alice doing here? She is going to ruin my fun! Wait… no. Bad Bella! Bad! We do not drain innocent humans. Although smelling that good should be a crime. Perhaps he is a criminal. Would it be so wrong of me to rid the world of a bad person? I think not. Yes, definitely save the innocent humans by disposing of this one that smells so good it is positively sinful. Definitely criminal.

Alice is coming closer. What to do, what to do? I could take him and run. I wouldn't be able to enjoy him the same as slowly savoring him, but it would do. This fire would be quenched with his sweet, siren blood. It would be worth my having to wear contacts for awhile to hide the traitorous shade of my eyes just to taste even a drop of it.

Alice hissed low and long at me. "Stop it!" she whispered. "Think about it, Bella."

She knew my resolve. I had given this more than enough thought. I had been faithful to Carlisle's lifestyle for seven years without so much as a single slip but I had never encountered someone whose scent appealed to me more than this. Surely he could forgive me for a single slip. He had forgiven worse in Edward when he went on his rebellious streak. At least the rest of the population did not smell this tempting.

Emmett was standing in the doorframe not a second behind her. I groaned internally. I had forgotten that he thought it would be a good idea to take my class so that he could be sure that no "punk humans" decided to hit on me. Oh the sweet irony! Who would have guessed that they would have been in more danger of me than I was of their feeble mating rituals? Strike that- I'm sure that any one who knew me would have surmised as much.

His powerful gaze fixed with mine. From the concern etched across his face it was clear that either my expression was that wild or he had heard Alice's warning and knew that something bad was about to happen. I couldn't be entirely sure that she hadn't spoken with him already either. I would have to be fast. I would have to move and steal the boy before Emmett could wrap his arms around me; though, he was blocking the best escape route. I would have to settle for the window. The boys skin would be ripped as it shattered but it would just make my job that much easier. It would be better for him that way. Quick and relatively painless. I would just drain him without the time to savor. Savoring could be done through the memory of the taste upon my lips.

"Bella," Emmett whispered to me. "You don't want to do this, Bella." I took a fractional step in the direction of my hunger. "Bella." His voice was low and full of reproach. "I will stop you, Bella. You will regret this if you do it. Stop, now, before it's too late."

I growled at him. He would not come between me and my prey. The boy was mine. He could not have him.

"Cupcake," Emmett called softly, appealing to my more human nature. "It isn't worth the regret and shame. Let's go, now. It isn't worth it."

I groaned in defeat as my internal monster began its slow and painful retreat. He was right, as usual. That much I would never admit. Emmett had promised me that no matter what he would make sure that I did not take human life. I was committed to the vegetarian lifestyle and I would not falter. No one could make me stray, not even this boy with painfully sweet blood.

My eyes flashed involuntarily to the boy. He was staring across the room at a young girl. She was petite and brunette, a striking resemblance to a younger, more human me. Her eyes were a sparkling green though. She sat quietly at her seat and doodled nervously on her page, seemingly oblivious to the secret admiration of the boy. He looked at her with definite fondness. I couldn't help but wonder if the two had ever spoken, if he even knew her name.

I could do that for them. I could create a partner project and assign them to work together. Something told me that these two would definitely click. The way that she was naturally inclined towards him without noticing told me that she would not protest the assignment. I could do this. I would do this. They vaguely reminded me of Emmett and me in a way. I could not be responsible for destroying their relationship before it ever had a chance. It would feel like destroying what Emmett and I have, and I could not do that.

Alice smiled as I looked back in their direction, obviously pleased with my change of heart. Emmett grinned brightly at me as I nodded my head at him. He crossed the room as quickly as humanly possible and gathered me into his arms. I slumped over into his chest and inhaled deeply. His scent surrounded me and soothed me, though the scent from the boy was still just as strong and begged me to give in. I whimpered and Emmett gave me a gentle but assuring squeeze.

"Do you need to get out of here?"

"I think I can manage," I replied, less than certain of the truth in it. "I'll just breathe as little as possible."

He nodded at me though his eyes were skeptical. "I trust you, Bella. If you say you're fine, I believe you. If you say that you aren't fine, I'm here to help. Just tell me what it is you need."

I hesitated for a moment. What was it that I needed? The boys blood, obviously. It demanded that I drain him. The raging monster in me had calmed but not retreated; it demanded that I claim what was my rightful food source. But what did I need? I needed to conquer this. If I were going to live centuries abstaining from human blood, abstaining from taking human life, I needed to conquer this. I had just obtained my dreams, my job. I would not allow myself to give in to temptation and ruin it all.

My hard work would have been all for naught. No one would have blamed me. Emmett would be supportive no matter what happened. Of that I was sure. But I would not risk exposure of my family; I would not succumb to this desire. I would fight back this demon and I would teach this class just as I had planned. And I would unite that couple so that I could see them as a unit and have that much more incentive to keep him alive.

"I need to stay. I want to stay." Emmett nodded at me once. "Look at them," I whispered. "Remind you of anyone?"

He glanced over inconspicuously at the boy I was staring at, the one that held me captivated with his scent alone. His eyes darted from him to the girl that he stared at and back. He looked back at me with a small smile on his perfect lips. "That is how I should have met you."

I nodded in agreement. "I don't know that I would have gone for the mad scientist though."

"You'd love me even if I were a mortician," he challenged.

"What's with the sudden fondness for all things deceased?" I asked mockingly. "They aren't even any fun to smell."

"Hmm… you may be right." He inconspicuously leaned into my neck and inhaled as the tip of his nose trailed my empty veins. "There are much more interesting scents around here."

Reluctantly I pushed him back. I did have appearances to keep up after all. "Take it easy, big guy." He narrowed his eyes playfully at me. "You know, I don't think that you are going to be able to be a student in my class." His look turned suspicious, no doubt thinking I was after the boy still. "After rubbing your nose along my neck I don't think that the other students will believe that you earned your own grade."

He laughed quietly. "I suppose you're right."

"I usually am," I retorted.

"I'll be just outside," he promised. "Watching."

I didn't need to be a mind reader to hear the implicit warning in those words. Everyone was going to be on alert and watching me carefully today. To be honest, it wasn't nearly as threatening as someone as small as Alice might have hoped. I wanted to be watched. I wanted them to make sure that I never failed, that I never killed a human.

With a deep breath I relaxed myself. The scent was just as potent but my resolve was strengthening. I called the class to order and introduced myself. Listening to the mutters under their breath about their doubts over my capabilities was a minute distraction from the scent and I forced myself to focus all of my attention on proving their feeble minds wrong instead of gravitating towards the pull of the fresh blood pulsing in his body.

The partner project was not difficult to create. There were more than just a few stifled moans when I also announced that I would be assigning the partners. I learned quickly that the couple that I designed this for were named Isabel Swenson and Everett Matthews. The similarities between their names with mine and Emmett's did not surprise me as much as I thought it would have. It all seemed fated. It seemed as though I had been placed here, tempted by his blood, and responsible enough to abstain in order to see that this couple needed to be brought together.

By the time class was over I was seated at the far corner of my desk and gripping my seat so firmly that it threatened to crack under my fingers. I had managed to refrain but my self-control was being pushed to its absolute limit. Thankfully, Emmett was nearby and ready to rush me off to the sanctuary of fresh, open air.

"You did great," he congratulated me. "You looked perfectly at ease up there, all things considered. And damn, cupcake, that skirt looks hot on you!"

He playfully pulled up the hem of my skirt an inch and ran his smooth hands along the back of my thighs. It brought out an entirely different craving in my body, one that I could easily satiate. Emmett seemed to recognize the fire in my eyes and smirked as he picked me up bridal style and ran me back to the house.

With time, I had grown desensitized to the sounds of the other couples in the home during their throws of passion. It didn't make me any more comfortable about them hearing me. Today, however, I needed this connection with Emmett. I needed to feel the love that we had for each other. I needed to feel what that couple in class might someday feel. I needed to know that this powerful feeling was enough that I could not be a monster and steal it from someone else. Almost as much as I simply needed Emmett.

This life had been my choice. Never once have I regretted that choice and I am quite sure that I never would. Granted there were drawbacks to it, most of which I was only beginning to experience, many that I still had yet to experience, I would never wish for my life to have taken a different path. Despite the fact that I would live to watch every person I have ever met live and die, that I would live on with the pain of their loss, that my throat would constantly scorch in the presence of humans, I would live. None of those pains could ever amount to the suffering I would endure if I had lost Emmett. He had been my light in a cloudy existence. He had been my friend in an unnatural world. Now he was my lover, for all eternity. He was everything that my now frozen heart had ever, and would ever desire.

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