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A/N: I had a request for a second chappie about Rose's mental breakdon, so here we go. I'll try as hard as I can to make it good and funny, but if it sucks bear with me faithful readers.

Previously: "What's wrong with Rosalie?" she asked.

"Oh, Uh, she's having a mental breakdown about not having a mental breakdown." I told her, she nodded. "Oh." is all she said.

Alice's POV

I stared down at Rosalie, who was rocking back and forth in the corner of the living room repeating. "No... no... no." over and over, in a scared/deranged voice.

"Rose?" I asked.

"I can't have another breakdown!!!!!!!" Rosalie yelled.

"Rosalie?" I sing-songed. She screamed.

"Um, I think she's lost it." I said.

"She lost it a long time to ago." Edward complied, I looked at him and rolled my eyes at his lame joke.

"You realize this is your fault?" Edward asked. "It is?" I wondered.

"You're the one who told her she would have a mental breakdown. And you shoved a bat you named Louie in her face." he explained. I thought of a way to maybe snap her out of it.

"Oh my God! Rose, Edward bit Bella!" I exclaimed.

"NO!" she screamed. "He cares to much!" she cried. I jumped a little. Darn, it didn't work.

"He cares to much, he cares much." she said in a shaky voice.

"Maybe I should get a bat." I muttered mostly to myself.

"WE HAVE NO FUCKING RELATION TO BATS, DAMMIT!" she screamed, she picked me up threw me across the room.

"Rosalie!" Edward exclaimed, Jasper rushed to my side.

"You okay?" he asked, I nodded. I walked over to Rose and slapped the hell out of her across th face.


"Scary." I said, she growled. I snickered.

"Hanging around with Jake to much I see." I said, she hissed, and tackled me.

"OW! Get your fat ass off of me!" I yelled, pushing her off.

"Maybe you should go to fat camp where you belong." I said, she dropped to the ground.

"You're right, oh no." she said and rocked back and forth again.

"No... no..." she repeated. Great, now she was looney again.

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