Kasek: I want to be able to write One Piece stuff, so I made this snippet collection! However... One Piece characters only get a brief mention in this first one -_-;;; It's basically the start of the final battle between Sonic VS Robotnik (Well, Eggman, I'm thinking this is a Sonic X type story) in a story where they have been brought to the world of One Piece through some power (probably Chaos Control).

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or ideas presented in this story collection.

Sonic VS Eggman on the Grand Line!

The man known to Sonic and Tails as "Eggman" seemed calm as he stared Sonic in the eye from his spot on the balcony of this two story stone room. "So, you've come, hedgehog. How long has it been, since we came to this world? How many people have you met, with powers beyond the comprehension of your feeble mind? This world... it is a fascinating place, isn't it?"

Sonic narrowed his eyes at his long-time foe. "What are you getting at, Eggman?"

Eggman merely chuckled. "You are well familiar with the Devil Fruit, aren't you? After all, that crew you travel with... Monkey D. Luffy, Chopper, Nico Robin... they are all users of the powers granted by the fruit. I have been studying those fruit for a long time, ever since I first fought with Luffy. And... I have often wondered what sort of power I should use to defeat you. After all, not being able to swim is a small price to pay for such power...

"Should I use a Paramecia, which could alter my body forever? Or perhaps a Logia, which my vast intellect could surely find many uses for beyond the standard? But... there's just one problem with such powers. Even if I were to gain power beyond my imagination... my body would still be frail. The logia's invulnerablity only works if you can see the attack coming, and when it comes to speed you can't be beat. Same goes for Paramecia- unless I found one which granted me equal speed, I doubt I could beat you. So, instead, I opted for a fruit that would give me a body that could at least compete with yours, if not in speed than certainly in power- a Zoan fruit!"

A lightbulb went off in Tails's head. "A Zoan... you mean like Chopper?"

The doctor laughed at the comparison to the other Zoan doctor. "Yes, like Chopper, if you will. With a Zoan fruit, one can become a fusion between two different creatures... however, unlike Chopper, who was a beast to begin with and became a mockery of a man, my vast intellect combined with the powers of this fruit have created a form that I'm sure could defeat even you, Sonic! Behold... I have thrown away my very pride to be able to gain power! The power... of the Hedge Hedge Fruit!"

Eggman's entire form seemed to bulge, and in an instant all of the clothes on his upper body were annihilated. His nose lengthened, and ended in a black dot, not unlike Sonic's nose, though his great mustache remained. His formally obese body was turned into the figure of a very muscular man, not quite at a body builder level but enough that you knew the person would put up a good fight. He grew brown hair on his head, which seemed to grow and grow, spiking backwards and down so that it covered his entire back.

The end result was that Eggman... was a very powerful looking, more anthropomorphic version of a hedgehog, made only slightly ridiculous by the moustache that branched from his nose.

He jumped down and landed on the floor, cracking the stone in the room. "Come, Sonic- let us fight, hedgehog to hedgehog!"


Kasek: Ideas are welcome! I want to be able to write all sorts of stuff.