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Title: You Belong With Me part 2

Rating: M

Couple: Joe/Nick

Warnings: same as the first part, plus sexual situations

Disclaimer: Boy, do I wish I owned the Jonas Brothers! But sadly, I don't.

Nick and Joe had been going strong for a few months, ever since Joe wrote the song for Nick, which was later titled "You Belong With Me". They loved each other with a burning passion so great that words couldn't describe it, no matter how hard they tried. The fans had sort of figured out they were together, but no one complained. In fact, some fans went wild with excitement, which only made Joe and Nick feel proud of themselves that they had finally come clean.

One night, Joe and Nick were relaxing after a show, just enjoying each other's company. Nick had his arms wrapped around Joe's torso, his head resting on his lover's chest. Joe also had an arm wrapped around Nick's waist, the other hand was stroking Nick's curls and shoulder. He looked down at the beautiful boy below him and whispered, "I love you," in his ear.

"I love you, too," Nick replied, gently kissing his cheek. Joe smiled and kissed Nick's lips, gently running his tongue over them. Nick happily obliged, letting Joe slip his tongue inside his mouth and run his tongue over his teeth, and his own tongue. Both boys felt sparks instantly, as they always did when they made out. But this time, it got intense. Joe ran his fingers through Nick's soft hair while Nick clawed at Joe's back. Joe slowly pushed Nick down until he was lying flat on his back, while he began to run his hands down Joe's sides. Joe reached up and played with the collar on Nick's shirt before Nick pulled away.

"Joe…should we?" he asked.

"I don't know. But I really want to." Joe replied, tucking one of Nick's curls behind his ear. "Do you?"

"Yes. I want you more than anything, but…"

"But what?"

Nick sat up, folding his hands together and staring at his feet.

"…I'm scared," he said softly, looking up at Joe with concern and honesty in his eyes.

"I'm scared, too," Joe replied, sitting up, too. He reached up to stroke Nick's cheek softly. "But if you want to try, I will and if it gets too much for you, I'll stop the second you tell me. I love you and I care about you, and I want you to be happy."

Nick smiled. "Thanks, Joe. And I love you too." Joe returned the smile and kissed Nick. Nick responded with passion and wrapped his arms around Joe's neck. Joe lifted Nick up off the couch, one arm supporting his head, the other supporting his butt. Nick wrapped his around Joe's waist, and when Joe felt the tiny limbs of Nick, he moved the hand that was on his butt up to his back. Together, but mostly by Joe's efforts, since he was standing, they managed to make their way across the living room, up the stairs, across the hall, and into Joe's bedroom. Joe set Nick down on his bed and climbed on top of him, still kissing. Nick slipped his tongue inside Joe's mouth while Joe slid his hand under Nick's shirt. Running his hand over Nick's soft chest, he slid Nick's shirt up his body high enough so that eventually, it came off. Nick tangled his hands in Joe's mess of wavy hair, while Joe worked at unbuttoning his shirt. But Nick pulled away suddenly.

"Hey!" he said.

"What?" Joe asked, surprised.

"I wanna do that!" Nick replied, taking Joe's hands off of his shirt and undoing the buttons himself. He slipped his hands into Joe's shirt, onto his shoulder, and slid the shirt off, tossing it to a random spot on the floor. Joe then proceeded to tackle Nick, tickling him and kissing him at the same time. Nick giggled into the kiss and tried to tickle Joe, but ended up just running his hands up and down Joe's sides. It was then that Nick realized just how amazing Joe was. His soft skin, his deep brown eyes, and his curves. Oh, how his curves made Nick melt. Joe then moved down to kiss Nick's neck, which caused Nick to throw his head back on the pillow and moan softly. Joe smirked into Nick's neck.

"Mmm," he hummed. "Yea, I like that, baby. Moan again for me," Joe whispered as he stuck his tongue out and licked Nick's neck, almost at the same time, biting down on the flesh. Nick moaned even louder as he worked on undoing the button and zipper on Joe's jeans. It took a pretty long time before they were undone, off Joe's legs, and tossed on the floor with the shirts that had been abandoned. Nick grabbed Joe and flipped him over, so Nick was on top as Joe tugged Nick's pants down, running his hands over Nick's smooth thighs as he did. Joe moaned into Nick's mouth as his pants came off and Nick began working on Joe's boxers. He slipped his hands inside and ran them over Joe's hardened member, which cause Joe to moan again, louder this time. Nick gently stroked him with one hand, the other sliding his boxers down.

"Nick, you are so fucking hot, you know that?" Joe groaned into Nick's mouth.

"Ditto," Nick replied, tossing Joe's boxers aside and diving for his neck, licking, sucking, biting, kissing, and doing all he could to make Joe feel amazing. Joe groaned loudly, flipping Nick back over and plunging his tongue into the younger boy's mouth. It was a battle for dominance as Joe grabbed Nick's boxers, shoving them down his legs. Nick climbed out of the piece of clothing and kicked it off the side, still attached to Joe's mouth. Joe began grinding against his brother as his lips moved down to his neck and even further down to his chest.

"You're so beautiful," Joe whispered against Nick's chest. Nick moaned again, running his fingers through Joe's hair as the older of the two kissed and licked his way down Nick's perfect chest. Moving down even further, he kissed Nick's hips and the upper portion of his right leg a little bit before he moved to Nick's "friend". As he was about to wrap his lips around his rock-hard dick, Nick looked up with concern flooding his face.

"Baby?" he asked.

Joe looked up into Nick concern-filled eyes and asked, "Yea, Nick?"

"Do you mind, I kinda wanna skip the blowjobs tonight. Maybe next time?" Nick asked, smiling a little bit.

"Of course, hon, no problem," Joe replied with a small smile. He leaned down to place a quick kiss on Nick's inner thigh before coming back up and looking into Nick's eyes.

"You sure? I don't wanna feel like I'm missing out." Nick asked

"I'm sure." Joe replied with sincerity in his voice. He leaned down and kissed Nick passionately. Once he pulled away, he grabbed the lube from the bedside table, coated his fingers, and stuck one in Nick, whoch caused the younger boy to moan beneath him. Joe smiled and moved his finger in and out before adding a second finger, repeating the pattern. Stretching, curing, anything. Soon, Joe had three fingers rubbing Nick's prostate and Nick was moaning and slamming his hips like there was no tomorrow. But all too quickly, Joe pulled his fingers out, lubed his dick, and lined it up in front of Nick carefully, looking back up into his eyes.

"Ready, baby?" Joe asked.

Nick nodded. "Are YOU ready?"

Joe nodded also and was about to enter Nick, but stopped.

Joe's POV

I was nervous. Who wouldn't be? I was about to have sex for the first time, in affect losing my virginity, and I was about to lose it to my brother. Not your normal sex scene. Then again, I wasn't normal. I knew that. And Nick knew that. But was I ok with not being normal and being who I was? I wasn't sure. I looked down at Nick's perfectly smooth, toned chest, past his throbbing erection, and at where my own was aligned with his hole. I fought back the tears that were forming in my eyes when I felt a soft hand caressing my cheek. I looked up and saw Nick staring at me intently. I looked back down on the verge of tears. I felt a finger below my chin, lifting my head up and looking back into Nick's eyes. At this point, I couldn't look away, his chocolate brown eyes hypnotizing me. I was pretty sure he knew I was mesmerized when he lifted his hand form my chin and went back to stroking my cheek, wiping away the one tear that had slipped.

"Don't be afraid," he whispered with a voice as smooth as his skin. "We belong together." I smiled at the amazing truth of his words. We did belong together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Like salt and pepper. Like Troy and Gabriella.

Like Nick and I.

I reached up to my face, taking Nick's hand in mine and running it over the smooth skin that was Nicholas Jonas's. Nicky. My Nicky.

"Forever," I breathed. He smiled and, never leaving his gaze, I slowly pushed into him.

No One's POV

Joe didn't start off all the way in. he only went a little bit. It was enough. Nick closed his eyes and sucked in his breath, waiting for the pleasure to start. But all he felt was Joe's cock in his ass. And it hurt.

"You ok, sweetie?" Joe asked.

"Mmhm," Nick breathed. "Just…give me a sec to get used to it."

Joe nodded and patiently waited for his boyfriend to feel comfortable. It took a few minutes, but Nick eventually told Joe to move. Joe pushed in a little more and Nick took in a deep breath as Joe moved in further. Soon, Joe was all the way inside of Nick.

"You still doing ok, babe?" Joe asked again.

"Yes," Nick breathed. "And I wouldn't mind if you moved a little bit."Joe laughed a breathy laugh as he pulled almost all the way out of Nick and pushed back in. He was taken by surprise when Nick threw is head back and moaned.

"Oh, God, faster," Nick panted, wrapping his legs tightly around Joe's waist.

Joe moved in and out faster, building a rhythm, and soon, he was a moaning mess too, going even faster.

"Ugh, I love you, Joseph," Nick almost groaned, bucking his hips in time to Joe's thrusts.

"Fuck, Nicky, I love you too. So so SO much," Joe replied, continuing his thrusts. "So close, baby boy," he said after a few more rams against Nick's prostate.

"Me, too, oooohhhhh," Nick moaned when he felt Joe's hand around his unfortunately neglected cock.

"Cum for me, baby," Joe whispered seductively in his lover's ear, wrapping his hand around Nick's cock and pumping it. That was all it took to send Nick over the edge.

"JOESEPPHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed, feeling his orgasm about to hit.

"NICHOLASSSSSS!!!!!" Joe screamed in return and, with one last thrust, he came. Hard. ALL of his juices spilling into Nick, who, in return to Joe's cumming, came all over their chest. They rode out the rest of their orgasms before Joe pulled his limp cock out of Nick and collapsing on top of his chest, both boys breathing heavily. Joe managed to push himself off of Nick, but ended up falling only a few inches from his body. Nick turned his head to face Joe, still panting. The older boy returned the look.

"That was amazing," Nick breathed, smiling slightly.

"You were amazing, love," Joe said, turning on his side and tucking a few of Nick's curls behind his ear. The younger boy smiled more, which cause Joe to smile in return. Nick yawned softly, ad Joe placed a quick kiss on Nick's cheek.

"Sleep, my angel," he whispered.

"Sing to me?" Nick asked, looking up at his lover.

"Of course," Joe replied, wrapping his arms around his brother's shoulders while trying to think of a good song to sing. Nick, in turn, wrapped his arms around Joe's waist and snuggled into his chest. Suddenly, an idea popped into Joe's head for a song to sing to Nick. He pulled him closer, leaned into his ear, and began singing.

Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you

Been here all along, so why can't you see

You belong with me

Standin' by, waitin' at your back door

All this time, how could you not know, baby

You belong with me

You belong with me

Nick smiled as he heard his love sing the all too familiar song. As he listened to the lyrics, he thought about all he had Joe had been through. Starting off as brothers and becoming the best of friends. Then, he wrote this song and they became unconditional lovers. Unconditional. As Joe finished the song, Nick looked up at him.

"You're right, Joe,"

"Right about what, baby?" Joe asked, confused.

"About us belonging together. You're right. You are the one who understands me, and you've been with me for a very long time. I do belong with you."

Joe smiled wide and kissed Nick's forehead.

"I love you, Nicky," he said, still smiling.

"I love you, too, Joey," Nick replied, returning the smile. The two boys shared a quick, passionate kiss before falling asleep in each other's arms, happy as can be.

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