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Somewhere Beyond the Musical Notes

I'll continue to sing this song just for you…

Outside, the snow fell from the clouds high in the sky. The white substance stuck to the roads. On this frigid night, only one group of high school students could be having so much fun in this cold.

"Ah, look!" Kikumaru Eiji pressed his face against the glass window. "It's snowing!"

"It really is beautiful," Oishi Shuichiro smiled. "Come on, we have to get to the auditorium."

"Aw, but I want to go play in the snow!"

"I know, but we have other things to do right now. As vice-captain, I cannot allow you to sit around any longer. Tezuka would get mad if I did…"

"Right," Eiji giggled and ran down the hall.

"Wait up, Eiji," Oishi quickly followed quickly behind.

In the auditorium, Fuji Syusuke sat at the edge of the stage. The youngest member of the group, Echizen Ryoma, laid his head on his lap.

"Kikumaru-senpai and Oishi-fukobuchou are late," Ryoma mumbled as he stretched out his legs.

"Don't you think Eiji will be jealous if he walks in with us like this?" Fuji questioned and bent over Ryoma.

"Why would he be jealous?" Ryoma quickly pulled himself off of the older boy. His head hit Fuji's chin making him grab it in pain.


"Ah, Fuji-senpai, are you ok?" he looked at him with concern.

"Hmm…that kind of hurt, Echizen."


"Ochibi!" Eiji yelled as he made his way to the stage. He quickly grabbed hold of the younger boy. "So cute~!"

"Senpai!" Ryoma tried to pull away, but his efforts were futile.

"You two are late. 50 laps!" Tezuka pointed out the door.

"Tezuka, don't you think that's a little harsh? I mean, we're here to sing until the weather will allow us to play tennis again," Oishi let a worried smile form on his face.

"You're right. Everyone, get up on the stage," Tezuka looked at the stage then over at Oishi. "Are you going to join us?"

"I think I'll just watch…I'm not much of a singer."

"Fine," he nodded and slowly made his way onto the stage.

Oishi smiled as he watched Tezuka command each person to a certain spot. There was something about Tezuka that made Oishi need to watch him more and more. Even though he had a cold demeanor, there was a gracefulness to the way he moved. His demands were simple, and he didn't say more than what was needed. Yes, he was beautiful in every way.

Tezuka…he's so… Oishi began to blush. Wait! What am I thinking? I'm just the vice-captain…that's all he sees me as.

"Ok, now that we're split up into groups, we'll start," Tezuka turned and stared at Oishi. "What are you orders, Oishi?"

"Me?" Oishi tilted his head to the side. "Tezuka, you're the captain. You're the one that should be giving orders."

"This isn't tennis that we're playing. From this day until the weather allows us to play tennis, Oishi is captain."

"Tezuka, what do you mean?" It wasn't that Oishi didn't understand what Tezuka had said, it was just that he wanted to confirm it. Why would he all of a sudden give him the duties of being captain?

"Seeming that you're the only one who won't join in with this whole singing thing, you need to have something to do. Lead us to Nationals, Oishi."

"Has Tezuka-buchou completely lost it?" Momoshiro Takeshi poked at Kaidou Kaoru. "What does singing have to do with Nationals?"

"Shut up and listen," Kaidou didn't even look at the other boy.

"Tezuka, you already led us to win the Nationals…and we did win," Inui pointed out as he flipped through his green notebook.

"That's true, Tezuka. I really don't know what you're talking about. Did you have some plans for us? Is there some sort of competition we're going to be in? If there is, you should have told me sooner…I would have had things sorted out for us," Oishi continued his rambling. It only showed how motherly he was towards the team.

"If there's a competition, I know how to get Kawamura-senpai ready," Ryoma walked to the back of the stage and grabbed a microphone and its stand.

"No, no, Ochibi, don't give that to Taka-san!" Eiji tried to stop the younger boy, but it was too late.

"Ora ora! Come on! Burning!" Kawamura ran across the stage gripping the microphone stand tight. "Lets sing! Great-o!"

"He's gone crazy," Momoshiro jumped back when he noticed the older boy running his way.

"What have you done, Echizen?" Kaidou demanded as he also dodged the oncoming upperclassman.

"Kawamura-senpai is more interesting like this," Ryoma let out a childish yet evil laugh.

"Fuji, get the microphone," Oishi and Tezuka said in unison.

"Taka-san sure is having fun," Fuji somehow managed to grab the mic from the boy. "Though, his fun had to end."

"Eh? What's going on?" Kawamura stared at the shorter boy. "Are we going to sing now?"

"Oishi, what are we going to do first?" Tezuka turned his attention back to the vice-captain.

"Oh, right. We should start by warming up. I'll also try to find some music around here so we have things to sing," Oishi smiled and pointed at the stage. "Of course, we've already spent a lot of time talking and such today. I guess we'll call practice over for today. Tomorrow we'll really start singing, so prepare yourself. Ok! Everyone is dismissed!"

"Lets go get a hamburger, Ochibi!" Eiji pulled the younger boy off the stage.

"Kikumaru-senpai, it hurts!" Ryoma complained as someone else grabbed his other arm.

"I'll come too," Fuji helped Eiji drag Ryoma out of the auditorium.

"Yay! Yay!" Eiji giggled as they left.

Everyone else had left as well. The only two that were left were Tezuka and Oishi.

"Good work," Tezuka walked along side of Oishi as the headed for the door.

"I really didn't do much. You really took me by surprise though," Oishi admitted.

"You'll make a good captain."

"Thank you," Oishi slightly blushed as he looked at the ground. "See you tomorrow."

"Right," Tezuka nodded as they parted ways.

Oishi slowly made his way home. He remembered how he is always called the mother of the tennis team. Maybe if he was the mother, Tezuka should be considered the father seeming that he's the captain. The thought made Oishi's face turn a light shade of red. What was he thinking? He knew that the only relationship they had was the friendship between captain and vice-captain. He could only wish it would be more than that.

NOTE: So, there it was…chapter one. This fic is kind of difficult for me to write. It's a challenge. As I said, Tezuka is not the easiest for me to write for. I'm ok with Oishi (I think). I hope you like it so far. I want to make this fic better.

The part with Taka-san and the microphone came to mind because of Tenimyu (The Prince of Tennis Musicals). It was during both Dream Live 1st and Dream Live 3rd that Taka-san goes into his crazy Burning Mode when he gets his hand on the mic (I believe it was those two Dream Lives…it might be more than those…). That's where that idea came from. Also, "ora ora" or just "ora"…I'm not that sure if that even translates into anything in English. If it does, I would love to know what it means.

Anyways, back to the fic. I hope it's not too bad. It was a rough beginning…that's for sure. It took me so long to write it too. I think it might get easier as I continue. Of course, I have two other stories I'm working on, and this fic doesn't have my highest priorities. I will update when I can. I also have a few other fics that I want to start (Mainly my "No! No! Meganes!" This is more than likely going to be a series of random fics. Of course, the title might change.). Oh, if you want to see the other fics I have planned, stop by my profile. I've been updating it with my new fic ideas. There are a few that I have planned but have yet to start.

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