Waking up, Oishi looked out his window to see snow falling from the sky. The fluffy, white flakes made it difficult to see, but Oishi knew that he couldn't skip the day's practice. Grabbing for a pair of dark colored jeans and a green shirt, he quickly changed out of his pajamas. Heading out of his room, he took his bag that sat by the door. Downstairs he bundled himself up in his coat and wrapped his scarf tightly around his neck. Opening the door of the house, he took a step back before going out into the cold.

Walking into the school building, Oishi pulled off his gloves and rubbed his hands together to make them warm. Placing his hand on the handle of the door to the auditorium, Oishi paused as he heard a sweet melody coming from inside. Slowly opening the door, he noticed Tezuka standing on the stage with a piece of paper in his hand. His voice flowed beautifully from his lips in a melodic way.

Tezuka looked up from the paper. "Oishi."

"Ah…" Oishi stared down at the floor. "Is anyone else here yet?"

"They all called me and said that they wouldn't be able to make it because of the weather," Tezuka made his way off of the stage and down the isle. "I didn't get word from any of them until after I already got here."

"I guess that means it's just the two of us today."

"When the weather lets up a little, we'll call it a day and head home," the taller boy decided as he fixed his glasses.

"S―" Oishi stopped and slightly jumped as the lights flashed off. "The lights."

"The power must have gone out. I have a flashlight in my bag," Tezuka turned in the darkness. "Oishi, the heat might have gone out as well, so we'll have to do our best to keep warm."

"Right," Oishi followed behind Tezuka and tried his hardest not to trip.

Up on the stage, the two boys sat across from each other with the flashlight in between them. Oishi didn't dare to look at Tezuka as he shivered from the chill. Noticing him shaking, Tezuka threw his jacket around the boy's shoulders.

"If the power doesn't turn back on soon, we'll start heading home," Tezuka gathered his things into his bag.

"My house is closer than yours, so we should go there if we leave the school," Oishi pulled the jacket that was placed on him tighter. "It's better if we're not out in the cold for too long, and I would want you to have to walk home by yourself in this weather."

Tezuka got onto his feet and nodded. "Lets get going."

"Ok," getting up, Oishi felt himself falling forward. Losing his balance, he noticed that he couldn't keep his eyes open.

"Oishi!" Tezuka caught the shorter boy in his arms. Placing his hand on Oishi's head, he could tell right away that he was running a fever. Carefully, he laid Oishi on the stage and used his jacket as a pillow.

After ten or so minutes, Oishi's eyes opened, and he looked around. "What happened?"

"You passed out."


"It's best if we get to your house before your condition gets worse," Tezuka extended out his arm. "Come on."

Letting his hand slip into Tezuka's, Oishi could feel his heart racing. Being able to touch the person he admired so much made him happy. "Tezuka…I…uh…thank you."

"The weather shouldn't be as bad, so lets hurry."

"Yes," Oishi smiled as his cheeks were covered with a red tint. How long will I continue to watch you without saying a word about how I truly feel?

The weather outside had calmed down, so they quickly made their way to Oishi's house. When they made it there safely, the two of them sat in Oishi's room with cups of tea to warm their chilled bodies.

"Thank you for the tea," Tezuka sipped at the liquid.

"I'll make us something to eat if you're hungry," Oishi set his cup on his desk.

"If you're not feeling well, you should be resting."

"I'm fine, Tezuka."

Tezuka placed the cup to the side and the two of them sat there together in silence.

"…Tezuka…" Oishi sat down on his bed and bit his lower lip. I don't want to keep this inside any longer.

"What is it?" Tezuka looked up at the boy with sternness.

"We're friends, right?"


"Tezuka…I…" Oishi turned his head to the side. "I have these feelings…and they're deeper than friendship."

"What are you saying?"

"I like you, Tezuka…not just as a friend."

Tezuka stood up. "I think I should be going."


"Oishi, you're a good friend, and I am glad for that. I do not think of you as anything other than that."


"I'll see you tomorrow at practice," Tezuka grabbed his bag and left the room.

"How can you…how can you just walk away like that?" tears began to form in Oishi's eyes as he began to shake. "Tezuka…how can you just leave me here after I confessed my feelings? A good friend…I don't want to just be friends anymore…"

That night, Oishi ignored the phone calls he received from Eiji. He didn't even go downstairs to eat dinner. He just sat on his bed trying to figure out how Tezuka could turn away so easily from him. It wasn't the rejection that shocked him; it was the fact that Tezuka seemed so cold when he left. The sight of Tezuka just walking away wasn't something Oishi could push away easily. It was too painful.

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