Harry woke up the next morning. Sirius was lying behind him, spooning him, one arm holding Harry back against his chest. Harry smiled and yawned. Harry pulled away and stood.

Sirius mumbled, "What'r you do'n." His voice was deeply laced in sleep.

Harry whispered, "Go back to sleep. I need to piss."

"Mmhm," Sirius said. Harry went to the bathroom and came out. Sirius sighed, "Its early. Get your ass back under here. I'm cold."

Harry did so, pressing against his chest. "The bleeding has stopped."

"Mmm," Sirius muttered, burying his face in the crook of Harry's neck.

Harry stroked his hair. "You're very warm, you know."

"You're very talkative very early in the morning."

Harry went quiet, but then got another idea and rolled on top of Sirius, sliding under the sheet, moving down until his face brushed the hair around his cock. Harry pulled the cock into his mouth and started sucking, rolling the head around with his tongue until it was hard, and Sirius was very much awake.

In the mid-afternoon, around the time Sirius actually got out of bed, there was a knock on the door. Harry was in his underwear, making some coffee in the kitchen, so Sirius answered it.

Remus gasped, "Um, Sirius, hello old friend. Nice to see you so... well, and... self-confident."

Sirius shrugged, "I must tell you something though, since you're visiting."

"What?" Remus set his bags down, and Sirius shut the door.

"Harry and I shagged and snogged all day yesterday, a good part of the night, and this morning."

Remus raised an eyebrow, "You and Harry are together?"


"Oh, well that's good, if you're both happy."

"Yes. I figured. Well, come along. Harry's making breakfast."

"Its like three o'clock."

"Right. So? People don't eat breakfast at three o'clock?"

Remus sighed, "Lead the way."

Harry perked up. "Oh, good morning Remus. I didn't know you were coming by. I'd be wearing more clothes."

Sirius smacked Harry's ass, "Don't. I like you that way. Have a seat, Remus."

Harry turned to him, "Do you want coffee, orange juice or milk, Remus?"

"Coffee!" Sirius shouted.

"I said Remus."

"Mm, well, speak up," Sirius muttered.

"Orange juice would be fine," Remus said. "But I'm going to go unpack first. Check that off the list."

Sirius sipped his coffee, "You need a list to remember to unpack?"

"Whose the one who forgot to put clothes on this morning?" Remus left the room.

Sirius sighed, "Harry, your arse is best, but I have to say, his is pretty bloody nice."

Harry smiled. "I'm gonna bring him his orange juice. Be right back." Harry walked up to the room Remus was in and entered.

"Ah, thank you," Remus took the drink. "So this thing between you two..."

"We just started talking about what turns us on..."

"And things elevated from there?"

"Our two answers were you, and each other."


Harry smiled a little. Remus starred at him. Harry stood, and pushed his underwear off. "Unpack, then take your clothes off, and meet us in the kitchen."

He left the room, and Remus stood and stared. He sighed to himself, "Great arse."