(Disclaimer: all characters belong to shonda Rimes. Also loveinstantstar had some ideas as well. So thank you Shonda for creating these lovely characters and thank you loveinstantstar for the supportive ideas for the sequel.)

"Meredith please be careful." Derek had been very over protective since Meredith was arriving home from the hospital. She looked back and stuck her tongue out playfully at him "I am not challenged Derek." She snapped he looked down and muttered "Damn hormones." "I heard that." She said heading into the house. Alex opened the door and let her in and Izzie ran from the kitchen with flour all over her apron and embraced her. "This house isn't the same with out you." she squealed at her. Meredith smiled and hugged her friend back. George came running down the stairs and said "Meredith never almost die again ok?" she gave George a skeptical look "so you want me to actually die? Thanks George." "That's not what I meant." He defended. She smiled at him, patted him on the shoulder and headed up the stairs. She laid down on her bed and let out a sigh. I love this house it's the only thing in my life that never changed. Her thoughts were disturbed when she heard a knock on the door. "Mer? Can I come in." she got up and opened the door. George stood there with hot chocolate and walked over to the bed. "Thanks George." He sat down next to her. "You scared me to death." She sighed and hugged her beloved roommate. "I'm still here George I didn't die." Derek came in with some hot coco and Izzie was right behind him. "We know you're tired so we brought dessert to you." Mcdreamy exclaimed. She smiled and said "this baby will have the best family ever."