This has been sitting on my computer for a while now. It's short. Sorry. It's also been a loooong time since I've read Cantarella. I should read it again. =3 (Not that, y'know, the series actually ends....)

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No matter how devoted Volpe is to Cesare now, he will never be Cesare's angel.

Volpe is not the one Cesare trusts to guard his back. He is not the one with whom Cesare can act his own age, instead of playing conqueror for the rest of the world. He has never laughed with Cesare over something inconsequential. He never kept vigil through a fever filled night in the man's younger years. He never listened patiently to Cesare's whining and ranting, nor did he scold the cardinal for letting the aristocracy's games get to him. He has never held Cesare through the tremors that the demons inflict upon his body, granting him temporary, blissful reprieve. He has never woken Cesare from one of his nightmares. He has never comforted Cesare in the aftermath, or blushed at Cesare's mumbled thanks as he slips back into sleep. He has never kept guard over his leige while he bathes, never mind that the gesture is completely unnecessary, nor has he ever been told with a knowing wink that his presence makes the cardinal feel secure. He has never turned his head to avoid temptation, only to be shown, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is no need to resist; the feelings are more than mutual.

He has never been a lover, only a replacement.