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Author's Note: I had wanted to do a pretender crossover for a while. I thought that wouldn't it be interesting if Tony was actually a genius and was a pretender, but had to put on his childish act to hide the fact that he is smart. In case if you have never seen the pretender I will try to tell you about it. The Pretender is about Jarod who was kidnapped when he was four and brought to the Centre because he is a natural pretender, a genius who can become anyone he wants to be. He escaped the Centre when he was around his 30's when he found out that his simulations were used to hurt and kill people. He had thought that his simulations were being used for good. When he escaped he had a childish outlook on the outside world. He had never eaten ice cream and fell in love with it. He also started pretending to be different people to help the little people. His childhood friend, Miss Parker was put on the hunt for him to being him back to the Centre. His mentor, and jailer Sydney and a computer tech were also put on the hunt for Jarod.


Tony got out of his car and walked towards his apartment building with his favorite pizza in his hand. He unlocked the door and then relocked it. He put the pizza box on the table, got the paper plates out and then opened the box to get a couple of slices out. He went towards the living room and turned on the T.V. and DVD player. He put in one of his favorite movies in and started to watch it only pausing it only to get something to drink and get more pizza.

When the movie was over he put away the rest of the pizza away in the refrigerator. Then went to his bedroom to get dressed for bed. He sometimes hated putting up his childhood and immature front. He wondered what McGee and Abby would say if they knew that he was actually smart and knew what they were talking about when they were in their elements, but he pretended not to know what they were saying.



He walked down the hallway watching as they led an older boy out of the sim lab. He looked up to his handler and asked.

"Who is that?"

"He is another pretender like you, Anthony."

"Can I do a sim with him?"

"Maybe if you finish this simulation today. I will talk to his handler"

The next day he was let out of his little cell and was led to the sim lab where the other boy was.

"My name is Anthony." The young pretender said to the older boy.

"My name is Jarod." The older boy replied also clasping the younger boy's hand.

They finished the sim and were allowed to talk for a minute after it. He was then taken to his room where he sat on his chair and looked though a book that was left there. He was sleeping when the door opened again when a woman came in.

"Anthony, wake up."

"Who is it?"

"Mrs. Parker, honey. I need you to wake up. I'm getting you out of here."

"What about Jarod?" The young pretender said not wanting to leave his friend behind.

"I am going to get him out later, but first I have to get you out."

The boy got out of his bed and quickly got dressed. The woman quickly looked out the door and looked both ways down the corridor before she led the boy away.

He sat in the passenger seat and watched the world go by.

"You have to listen to me Anthony. I am going to send you to someone who will take good care of you. You will have to hide that you are smart, Anthony because if you don't the Centre will find you again and take you back."

"I don't want to go back there."

"I know you don't, honey. That is why you need to hide that you are a genius."

"I can do that." He smiled at the woman.

"I know you can, honey." She smiled back at the boy. He was so smart. He was smart as Jarod and he was also a natural pretender like Jarod.

She parked in front of the mansion and turned to the boy. "This is where the DiNozzo's live, honey. They want to adopt you and they don't know that you are a genius, or a pretender."

"I won't let them know that I'm a genius."

"I know, Anthony."

Mrs. Parker got out of the car and walked towards the passenger side and let Anthony out. She grabbed his hand and led him towards the door. She knocked and watched the boy and then looked up as the door opened. The couple, Vivian and Antonio DiNozzo, greeted them.

"Mr. and Mrs. DiNozzo, this is Anthony. Anthony this is Vivian and Antonio DiNozzo. They are going to be taking care of you." She kneeled beside the young boy and hugged him. "I want you to be a good boy."

"I will." Tony hugged the woman and watched her go. It would be the last time eight-year-old Anthony DiNozzo would see her again.


Tony woke up with a start and looked around. This was not the first time that he had that dream. He wondered what had happened to Mrs. Parker and Jarod. Did she ever rescue Jarod? Tony got dressed and drove towards headquarters. When he got in he turned on the computer and quickly typed his report that needed to be done. He then got out a cold case file and quickly finished that one. He then turned off the computer and went back home. He went back to sleep, but before he did so he set his alarm to wake him up in the morning.

He came into the bullpen and saw that McGee and Ziva were already at their desks. He wasn't late, so he wasn't worried. He too sat down and turned on his computer. Gibbs walked in and sat down his coffee cup and then sat down.

When they got a call he quickly logged off and took out his gun and got his backpack. When they were done that day he went back to his apartment. When he was about to pop in a movie the doorbell rang. When he opened it a man with dark hair, brown eyes dressed in a black coat, black jeans and a blue top.

"Hi. My name is Jarod. We met a long time ago. You were around eight years old and I was older. Both of us were at the Centre and I know that you are a pretender because I am one too."

"Jarod? I remember you. Please come in." Tony said as he opened the door wider as he let Jarod in.

They sat down in the living room.

"I often wondered what had happened to you and Mrs. Parker." Tony said and then added. "I sometimes I have dreams about the Centre."

"So do I." Replied Jarod.

"Were you rescued like Mrs. Parker said she would?"

"No. I escaped from the Centre when I found out that my Sims was used to hurt and kill people. Mrs. Parker was killed before she could get me, Angelo and her daughter Miss Parker out."

"I'm sorry, Jarod."

They talked for a little bit more. Jarod told him about what he had been doing, the pretends that he had done, his family and that he was being chased by Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots. He then left, but not before saying.

"Goodbye Tony. I'm glad that you were taken from the Centre before it did damage to you. Remember don't let anybody know that you are a pretender and you're a genius."

"I won't." Replied Tony making the same promise he did to Mrs. Parker.

The End