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Tony was in front of Abby's computer typing away when Gibbs and McGee came in. He was involved in what he was typing that he didn't hear them come in until McGee asked him something. He had told Abby that he could make her computer faster and make some of her programs run faster. That way they could quickly get the information that they needed faster. Abby had gone to get food for them and had left Tony to do his work on her computer. It kind of felt good to let someone else know his secret and he knew that she would never betray his trust.

"I don't think that Abby would like it that you are messing with her computer, Tony." Said McGee.

"It's okay, McGee she said that I could." Replied Tony not bothering to look towards McGee.

"I don't think that she would let you near her computer, Tony. Anyways, what are you doing?"

"Nothing, McNosy." Tony finally looked up and saw both McGee and his boss.

"Boss, do we have a case?" Tony asked Gibbs.

"No." Gibbs said as he transferred the Caf Pow in his hand to his other hand.

"Where's Abby?" Asked Gibbs

"She went to go get some food." Answered Tony.

Just then Abby came in with a pizza box. She stopped when she saw Gibbs and McGee and them looking at Tony. Tony was in front of the computer screen blocking them from seeing what was on the screen. She looked at McGee who was trying to see the screen, but had stopped when she entered the lab.

"Gibbs, McGee what are you doing down here? Did you get a case?"

"No, I wanted to give you a Caf Pow to say thank you for the work you did yesterday and McGee wanted to come with me."

"Oh, that's so sweet, Gibbs. Thank you." She set the pizza box down on the table and grabbed the caf pow out of Gibbs's hand. She bounced towards the pizza and to Tony.

"Is that sausage, pepperoni and extra cheese?" Asked Tony.

"It sure is." Answered Abby.

"That's my favorite." Tony smiled at Abby.

"I know." Abby replied as she turned towards McGee and Gibbs.

"Abby, Tony was on your computer when we came in." McGee told Abby when she turned towards them.

"I know McGee I told him it was okay." She smiled at him as she said that.

"Oh." McGee said not really knowing what to say after that. Why would Abby tell Tony that he could be on her computer? When he had gotten there and was a new agent she barely let him on her computer. Tony knew nothing about computers and yet he was on her computer.

"Why is Tony on your computer?"

"Because he was putting a game on my computer."

"What game is it?"

"A shooting game. Now you two out. We have to eat." Only she could shoo Gibbs away like that.

Gibbs and McGee had left and Tony stepped towards the pizza. "Thank you for helping me and for the pizza."

"You're welcome." Abby said as she watched as Tony grabbed a piece of pizza and eat a bite.

"Is it done?" asked Abby.

"Not yet. I am just about done." He said as he sat his piece of pizza on the napkin and grabbed another one to wipe his hands on. He then turned and walked towards the computer to finish the work he was doing.

"It's done, Abby."

"Thank you, Tony." Abby hugged Tony and then let him go.

"You're welcome, Abby." He smiled and then picked up his pizza and started eating. There was still pizza leftover, so Tony took it upstairs to let everyone else to eat if they wanted any.

"Thank you once again Tony. This will really help."

"You're welcome, Abby." He said as he walked out of the lab and towards the elevator that would take him to the bullpen.