Chapter 1

At a customs booth inside the Middleton Airport's international terminal the young man's passport was validated by the customs agent as was the paperwork concerning the sixteen-month-old child with him.

"Welcome to America, Hana," the young man said quietly to the sleeping baby girl he held as his passport was returned to him, as was the paperwork declaring her legally his. While she wore baby clothes suitable for a partly sunny, Colorado summer, in addition to his attire his accessories included dark sunglasses and a bamboo staff the length of a cane.

The customs agent then called for a relief before personally escorting the pair to a terminal passenger car that would carry them to baggage and then they would be assisted to the main entrance.

Once at the main entrance a cab was hailed. Luggage, a large suitcase and a carryon, was placed in the trunk but the bamboo cane stayed with the young man. Once he and the baby girl were inside the cab he directed the driver to head towards downtown Middleton to Bueno Nacho.

After the cab pulled away from the curb and was on its way towards the young man's destination there was a period of silence. Frequently the driver glanced from the road to his passengers in the rearview mirror. The young man held the baby girl while she continued sleeping. His gaze seemed to be on her, but his sunglasses made it difficult for the driver to be sure. The driver determined, though, that the young man was not asleep.

"She your daughter?" the cabbie decided to ask. His voice was soft so as not to wake the baby. At that the young man's head tilted up in the direction of the driver.

"Yes, she is," the young man answered equally soft.

To the cabbie the baby looked too Japanese to be the daughter of a Caucasian American.

"I adopted her a couple of months ago even though she was actually in my custody for almost a year before that," the young man added.

"Ah," the driver said with a nod in understanding. "So what is the reason for your visit to Middleton, Colorado?"

"I'm actually returning to Middleton, for a reunion."

"Oh, a class reunion?"

"Actually it's more of a family reunion. I spent the last six years in Japan."

"Studying overseas, were you?" the cabbie asked, supposing his passenger was a college student.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," the young man answered. "Although, I actually didn't finish high school."

After a while the cab pulled up to Bueno Nacho. The young man paid the fare and gathered up his luggage. He stood outside the restaurant for a bit, even after the cab drove off. He thought about how much he missed the scent of the food here. The food in Japan was good, he had grown accustomed to it during his stay there, but he loved this smell most of all.

With the bamboo cane in his free hand he tapped the sidewalk he stood on and the grass to both sides. He knew where the entrance was from where he stood. Strapping his carryon bag over his shoulder and securing his cane atop his mobile suitcase, he wheeled his luggage behind him towards the door.

In he walked and then headed for his long-missed booth – their booth – with ease. It was empty. He set the suitcase and carryon bag under the table. He turned around, but did not head for the counter to place an order. Instead he said out loud, "Excuse me."

All patrons and employees looked at him.

"Can anyone tell me if Kim Possible still resides here in Middleton?" he asked.

"She actually lives in Los Angeles now attending college," a woman answered, "but she is back in Middleton for the summer."

"Does she still have her web site?"

"Yes," the woman answered.

"I don't have a computer. Does anyone have one with them?"

Of the number of people who answered that they had, the young man approached the closest one to him and asked the fellow to bring up Kim's web site. "Sir, I'll trust you," he said pulling down his sunglasses briefly, revealing sightless brown eyes. "As you can see, well… I can't see anymore.

"I need you to type in, 'Ms. Possible, you're needed urgently at Bueno Nacho. Signed, A Client.'" He didn't want to address her as KP yet. That would ruin the surprise.

When the fellow told him that the message was sent, he thanked him and decided to go place an order. But before he could a familiar odor filled his nostrils.

Going back to the booth he knelt down to pick up the carryon bag. To the baby he said, "Let's get you changed, Hana," and took her with him to the restroom. He also took with him his cane. Like the baby, it was the one thing among all he possessed he would not leave unattended.

As all seemed to return to normal, employees servicing customers and the latter tending to their meals, three rough looking young men entered the restaurant packing handguns. Single shots were fired at the ceiling.

"You know the routine, people!" one of them shouted. "Get down on the floor, take your wallets from your pockets, carefully, and pass them and purses our way! And if we see one person even reach for a phone…" he added in a dangerous tone. To the employees at the counter he ordered, "Empty your registers!"

To one of his partners he said, "Check the bathrooms and bring anyone out." When that one left, to the other he said, gesturing towards the cash registers, "Get the money," before he began gathering up the piling wallets and purses.

The thug checking the restrooms looked in the women's lavatory first. It was empty. Next he entered the men's lavatory. Everyone outside the restrooms heard him shouting at someone. Threats were added before the unexpected sounds of a scuffle were heard. It suddenly went quiet inside.

When no one came out, the apparent head of the thugs called out, "Hey Rick, what's going on in there?" He became defensive when he received no answer. "Whoever's in there, you'd better come out right now before I blast someone!" That threat was followed by the whimpering of trembling hostages.

The restroom door opened slowly. Both thugs watched cautiously as out stepped a young man, wearing sunglasses and carrying a baby girl. He tapped the floor with a walking stick.

"Dude, he's blind," observed the thug charged with gathering the money from the Bueno Nacho employees.

Rather than responding to that the leader demanded, "What did you do to Rick?"

From their speaking, the blind man noted mentally where they both stood and had a very good idea of their approximate height. "I knocked him out," he answered plainly. Silence from the robbers could only mean they were stupefied. "Hey, a guy comes in and tries to force me out while I'm changing my daughter's diaper… not gonna happen."

"Well don't think you're a hero," said the leader. "You got a lucky shot at someone up close, but we're standing far enough away from you. And we got guns."

He knew he was at a disadvantage, but counted on the likelihood that their robbery attempt was stalled long enough for Kim Possible to get here. "Alright," said the blind man. "Just don't shoot my daughter or me." He knelt down on the floor near a table with Hana, setting her down on a booth bench.

His trained ears heard a shuffling noise from above. From behind his sunglasses his eyes moved upwards. The sound of a burst was immediately followed by the sound of feet hitting the floor. It was just like her, he remembered, to make this kind of entrance.

"Kim Possible!" he heard both robbers cry. He was confident that Kim's entrance confused the robbers enough that their guard was down. Their voices again gave away their positions. Choosing the thug near the counter, he adjusted his grip on his cane and threw it like a spear. It connected with the thug's head, threw the man off balance and against the counter, knocking him out. Thankfully a shot never went off.

Unfortunately for the leader, who at first had Kim helpless at gunpoint, this drew his attention to his suddenly fallen partner. He was downed instantly and bound by the world famous hero.

Kim, who had seen the hostage who took down the guy near the counter before she tackled the leader, saw that same person crawling along the floor towards the counter. She looked and saw the bamboo cane and, ever the one to help people, went and picked it up. Going over to him, Kim then knelt down and took his hand to help him up.

"Here," she said handing the cane to him. "That was a lucky shot, Mister."

"It wasn't luck, KP," he said as he lifted his head up as if to look at her. "It was skill. Dumb skill." He then smiled.

Kim's eyes widened, her jaw dropped, and her breath quickened when she got a good look at him. The one before her… it could not be him! But there was only one person in the world who called her "KP."

She stammered just tying to get out the words "Oh my," certain this was an illusion but wanting so much for him to be him.

"I guess I still got your back, KP," he said, still smiling.

Kim knew, now, she was not imagining this. He truly was… still alive!

"RON!" she cried, throwing her arms around him, hugging him fiercely.