The time long-awaited has finally come. This is it, ladies and gentlemen. This chapter here is the last I'll ever write on this site. It hurts me a lot to have to end such a popular fic after gaining and inspiring so many fans, but nothing lasts forever, people. And with that, I present to you, the FINAL CHAPTER of Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Teen Series!

The Eds zoom down the highway en rout back to Peach Creek, with Freddie and his remaining henchmen in pursuit. One of the henchmens' SUVs races up from the left to bump the Eds off-road. So Ed bumps back and forces the opposing SUV against the left side of the lanes. This blows out the opposing SUV's left wheels and immobilizes it while the rest continue after the Eds.

"THERE'S FREDDIE!" Double-D points at Freddie coming in from the right, and he forces the Eds' SUV against the left side of the lanes just like Ed did moments ago.

"WE GOTTA GET OUT!" Eddy shouts, so Ed grabs him and Double-D before going out the driver's window and jumping onto a henchmens' SUV riding behind. Eddy and Ed get rid of the men inside, with Ed throwing one at the windshield of another henchmens' SUV, making it lose control and cause a pile-up of cars behind it. Eddy takes control of their new SUV and drives it past Freddie, angering him more!

"You little shits think you can escape ME?" Freddie asks as he increases speed to catch up with the Eds. They pass a sign reading "PEACH CREEK: 3 MILES."

In Peach Creek, Lee drives Ursula's pickup truck around with her sisters and Ursula in the back. While the sisters fire Kanker Rubber Cement from their collected basters to immobilize any demolition vehicles and workers they pass, Ursula jumps out with her anchor and holds it up in mid-air.

"HAAAAAHHH!" Ursula slams her anchor down onto the arm of an excavator breaking a house apart, snapping the arm off and crushing it into the ground! She turns to whack the excavator's body, then sends it flying with another, stronger whack. She then swings her hook to snag a bulldozer: "BE GONE!"

Ursula swings the bulldozer around on her anchor and hurls it into a loader, destroying them both and their operators abandon them. But the operators are soon running from the spiked wheels of the Vorlik tractor, being driven by Noah. Ursula uses her grappling hooks to grab onto the tractor and sling herself onto it, riding with Noah.


Noah drives after fleeing workers while Ursula swings at a passing dump truck. Nearby, Rolf has Julian clash against a bulldozer, and they push each other back-&-forth repeatedly while Tabby, James, and Jenna's parents throw other demolition workers out from their vehicles so Roger, Peter and Paul's parents could destroy the vehicles. Ranger Jimmy checks out his basement by entering via the basement doors in his backyard, where Wendy is helping Laurie take care of baby Kenny.

"How's Kenny?" Jimmy asks, and Wendy answers while giving Laurie Kenny's bottle: "He's ok, dear! It's quiet down here. Are you hurt or anything?"

"I'm fine, Mom. Stop worrying so much." Jimmy tells Wendy. While feeding Kenny with the bottle, Laurie asks "How's Amy doing?"

"WHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!" Zoe laughs crazily as she swings the crane's wrecking ball at a dump truck, knocking it into an excavator and sending it rolling into one of the holes the Drupes blew through the street. Some Drupes are beating up workers knocked from their vehicles, while Mayor Berner enters the carnage:


"OUTTA MY WAY, BOY!" Nana's voice yells to Berner, who quickly jumps out of the way and onto the ground as Nana dashes by on her llama. She pulls off her wooden leg to wield as a weapon, and she yells a battle-cry as she rides her llama into battle! Kevin and Jenna ride up to Berner.

"Yo Mayor, I'm guessin you didn't hear about what Freddie did, did ya?" Kevin asks.

"Huh, is there somethin I wasn't told about?" Berner asks before Thomas' SUV zooms by with Ol' Chomps in tow!

"RELEASE HIM, SARAH!" Thomas instructs, and Sarah leaps out onto Ol' Chomps. Kyle stops pouring water onto Ol' Chomps and drops back inside Thomas' SUV as Sarah undoes the chains and shackles holding the huge fish in place. Ol' Chomps growls as he is freed, and he lashes out at Sarah as she jumps off the cart . Becky comes and helps Sarah up.

"LET'S BACK UP!" Becky leads Sarah to safety as Ol' Chomps ROARS and uses his pectoral fins to leap off Thomas' cart and down through a Drupe-made hole into the sewer waters. Paul and Dave quickly climb out of the sewer before Ol' Chomps reaches them. Ol' Chomps passes the manhole they went up through, but another Drupe is less fortunate. He loses his butt to Ol' Chomps before making it out.

"Shit, man." the Drupe curses upon looking at his chomped butt. Ol' Chomps then lunges out through another hole blown through the street to CHOMP onto an excavator's tracks, terrifying its bug-eyed operator and he runs out SCREAMING like a girl! Nearby workers also run screaming as Ol' Chomps pulls the doomed excavator down into the sewers!

"OH MY GOD! THAT IS A DEINOGNATHUS!" Jenna screams in terror, and a freaked-out Kevin tells Berner to "Hop on! We'll tell ya about Freddie at a safer spot!"

Meanwhile, the Eds are almost at Peach Creek. Eddy tells Ed to "Call somebody to have em tell everyone we're comin."

Ed takes out his cellphone to call May: "May! may, can you hear me?"

"Yeah!" May answers as she rides in the back of the pickup truck with Marie.

"We're comin off the highway right now! Freddie's right behind us!" Ed explains as the Eds turn onto the Peach Creek exit, Freddie and his remaining two henchmen SUVs following them.

"Ok! I'll tell Lee to get over there!" May replies, and she tells Lee "THE EDS ARE GETTIN OFF THE HIGHWAY RIGHT NOW!"

Eddy steers through the streets, avoiding Drupe-made holes and Urban Rangers popping up everywhere: "Jesus Christ! May could've at least told us what everyone was planning!"

"It seems Rolf rallied Urban Rangers from towns far and wide to our cause!" Double-D analyzes. A Drupe jumps out of their way, to which Ed comments "The Drupes are here, too!"

Freddie bumps the Eds from behind, then again. He cackles sinisterly, but then he looks to his left to see his three nieces turn onto the street and catch up to him!

"HIYA, UNCLE FREDDIE!" May waves as she and her sisters catch up. She and Marie then shoot rubber-cement at the two henchmen SUVs' wheels to clog them and make the SUVs spin out. Freddie sees them crash into houses via his rear-view mirror, and as Lee drives up to Freddie to parallel him and allow her sisters to clog his wheels...

"YOU AIN'T STOPPIN ME, GIRLS!" Freddie bumps Ursula's truck before his neices can shoot his wheels.

"AGH!" Lee regains control of the truck, only to get bumped again by Freddie, and May & Marie fall off. Lee growls angrily.

"He's going to bump Lee off the road!" Double-D tells his fellow Eds.

"Take this, Sockhead." Eddy gives the copied history pages to Double-D before putting him on the wheel. Eddy climbs atop their SUV and leaps onto the hood of Ursula's truck as it gets bumped again.

"EDDY!" Lee shouts in surprise. Eddy tells her to "GIMME YER SQUIRT-GUN!"

Lee gives her squirt-gun to Eddy just as Freddie bumps them off the street, but the moment after he does so, Eddy hangs onto the truck's side to fire rubber-cement in slow-motion into Freddie's left-front wheel!

"No, NOOO!" Freddie screams as he loses control of his car. It hits a fire hydrant and goes airborne, flipping over Roger and James, bouncing off a loader, flying through a tree, and barreling past Tabby & Nikki. Freddie's car then rolls through a few houses before finally coming to rest on Main Street, in front of the firehouse.

"Oh, my aching..." Freddie utters before seeing Noah's tractor dropping down towards his car like a monster truck, having gotten airborne somehow.

"YAAAAAAHHH!" Noah and Ursula yell as the tractor drops down, and Freddie squeezes his way out of his totaled car before it gets completely crushed under the tractor's spiked wheels!

"Hey, that's the foul businessman Frederick!" Noah recognizes Freddie, and Ursula gives him a cold glare.

"Ursula?" Freddie recognizes Ursula as he tries getting up.

"And to think you had the nerve to call ME the black sheep of our family when we were kids." Ursula leaps off the tractor and approaches Freddie as he slowly gets up. "Your ass is mine, big bro."

"Count us in too, sista." Gladys says, cracking her knuckles as she and Angela join Ursula. Ursula swings her anchor like a ball-&-chain and flings it at Freddie, but he dodges to the side and ducks to avoid Angela's fists and throw her back. He dodges again to avoid Gladys' stomp and her subsequent punches, only to get kicked hard in the nuts by Angela, then he's flung into the air by Ursula's grappling hooks and slammed down hard. Ursula, Angela and Gladys all jump into the air and down towards him.

"GYAAH!" Freddie rolls to avoid the three angry womens' simultaneous attack, which creates a huge explosion of dust, smoke and debris. Freddie gets up and runs down Main Street to escape them, dodging Roger's arms while doing so. what he sees next horrifies him...

Ed and Double-D reached Mayor Berner, with Kevin and Jenna, in front of the candy shop!

"Here they are, Mayor sir." Double-D gives Berner the copied history pages, then Jenna points Kevin to Freddie. Freddie then sees Roger, Gladys, Angela, Ursula, Nikki, Rachel & the goths, Rolf, the Vorliks, some Urban Rangers, Zoe (still inside the wrecking crane), Thomas, Laurie (holding Kenny), Jimmy & his parents, Stan, Sarah, Kyle, Becky, Peter, Tabby, Jenna's parents, Paul & his parents, Dave & some Drupes, Captain Melonhead, Honey Dew & the Ludgates, the Kanker Sisters, and Eddy, ALL approaching him from different directions while Berner reads the pages. He finishes reading...

"Freddie Kanker, I cannot believe that you, of all people, would sink so low as to alter history to achieve false ownership of this town."

"Wait, Mayor Berner! You must let me explain the whole story!" Freddie begs, starting to sweat.

"There's nothing left to be explained." Nikki says. "My husband called the federal police, and they're on their way here right now."

"YEAH, GAME OVER!" Dean (yes, DEAN) shouts, surprising everybody! Rolf asks "Did the strong silent goth boy just speak?"

"Yeah, and I agree with him. IT'S MELON TIME!" Melonhead aims his Splinter staff at Freddie, and he along with everyone else starts moving towards Freddie. Zoe giggles as she moves the wrecking crane towards Freddie with everyone. Freddie starts backing away while sweating!

"W-Wait, everyone! Please! let me explain! I... I've been framed and- WHOA!" Freddie almost falls into another Drupe-made hole in the street while backing away. And thanks to the hole, he's cornered, so he finallly yells: "ALRIGHT, YOU GOT ME! I ADMIT IT! I TRIED TURNING THIS LAND BACK INTO KANKER-OWNED PROPERTY SO I CAN ACHIEVE MY OWN SELF-GRATIFICATION! SO I CAN BECOME RICH OFF THE WOULD-BE NEW ECONO INDUSTRIAL FACILITY! THAT WAS MY PLAN!" Freddie then looks at the Eds: "AND I WOULD'VE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT TOO IF IT WEREN'T FOR YOU MEDDLING-"

Ol' Chomps pops up from the hole behind Freddie and RRROOOAAARRRSSS! Freddie turns around, sees Ol' Chomps, and SCREAMS as Ol' Chomps slams his jaws down onto him and through the concrete he was standing on!

"WHOA, I did NOT see that one coming!" Eddy shouts in surprise, and Ursula yells "I'M COMIN, FREDDIE!"


"HE MAY BE A HORRIBLE MAN, BUT HE'S STILL MY BROTHER!" Ursula answers before diving into the sewers.

"Ok, while Ms. Kanker goes to get Freddie, LET'S CHEER FOR ED, EDD N EDDY FOR BRINGIN HIM DOWN AND SAVING PEACH CREEK! WHOOOO!" Honey Dew cheers.

"YEAH, WWWHHHOOOOOOOO!" everyone starts cheering for the Eds and throw them up-&-down.

Later, we see newspaper pictures of the Eds being thrown up-&-down by everyone, the Eds receiving medals, Ol' Chomps being re-captured by the adults and put back into Thomas' cart, Ursula emerging from Ol' Chomps' mouth with Freddie whose clothes were partially digested by the fish's stomach acids, Freddie's butt being shown to have been bitten off by Ol' Chomps (like the Drupe earlier), Double-D reuniting with his parents as the federal police arrive to arrest Freddie, Freddie being handcuffed by the federal police while the teens & adults watch, and Freddie being taken away in one of the police cars.

A few days after Freddie's arrest, Peach Creek returns to normal business. That means that the Eds and their friends are finally graduating from high school!

In the PCH auditorium, we hear the song "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts playing in the background as the PCH seniors take their seats. The boys are wearing blue while the girls wear orange. We see the teens' families all in attendance, including Nazz's father Gerald. He has a mop-top of blond hair (which Nazz inherited), and he wears a blue-&-white-lined button shirt with long sleeves. Erin and Marian are also among Nazz's attending relatives.

We see a montage of people taking pictures of Nazz during her salutation, Principal Antonucci's and Mayor Berner's congratulatory speeches, a few more speeches, and Double-D's valediction.

After the speeches, we see the school choir singing the choral lyrics of "My Wish," their graduation song. The choir includes Nazz, Jenna, Rachel and Sean. The choir's singing continues to be heard in the background during a montage of the seniors, though only the main teens and some recurring minor ones are shown, being called up for their diplomas in alphabetical order of their surnames:

"Edwin Horace Christensen." Ed is called up and he takes his diploma. His friends and family cheer. Double-D, Eddy and May SCREAM his name, and Sarah screams "WHOOO! BIG BROTHER!"

"Kevin William Dorn." Kevin is called up and he takes his diploma. His friends cheer wildly, especially Jenna who repeatedly screams "KEVVIE," and Peter cheers along with Kevin's few attending relatives.

"Christine Erickson." Christine is called up and takes her diploma. Her family isn't shown, but they and her friends are heard cheering. Nazz, Jenna, the other cheerleader girls, and Steve cheer especially loud!

"William Fisher III." Bill is called up and takes his diploma. His family isn't shown, but they and his friends are heard cheering.

"Jennifer Marcela Flores." Jenna is called up and takes her diploma. Her family and friends cheer wildly, and Nazz & Kevin SCREAM her name!

"Eddward Marian Hart." Double-D is called up and takes his diploma. His family and friends cheer wildly, especially his fellow Eds and Marie who scream "DOUBLE-DEEEEEE!"

"Sheranne Letoya Johnson." Sheranne is called up and takes her diploma. Her family isn't shown, but they and her friends are heard cheering, especially Nazz, Jenna, the other cheerleaders, and Paul!

"Leah Belle Kanker-Hughes." Lee is called up and takes her diploma. Eddy, Rachel, her sisters, and Ursula cheer wildly!

"Marie Nicole Kanker-Robbins." Marie is called up and takes her diploma. Double-D, Rachel, her maternal sisters, her paternal siblings from "My Ed For You," and Ursula cheer wildly!

"May Elizabeth Kanker-Turner." May is called up and takes her diploma. Ed, Rachel, her sisters, and Ursula cheer wildly!

"Jonathan Ludgate." Jonny is called up and takes his diploma. His family and friends cheer wildly, especially Nazz!

"Eddy Skipper McGee." Eddy is called up and takes his diploma. His friends and family cheer, especially his fellow Eds and Lee!

"Rachel Ann Owens." Rachel, wearing pink lipstick, is called up and takes her diploma. Her friends, family and Ursula cheer, and Paul shouts "RAY RAAAYYY!"

"Dean Petillo." Dean is called up and takes his diploma. His family isn't shown, but they and his friends are heard cheering.

"Tracy Raymond." Tracy is called up and takes her diploma. Her family isn't shown, but they and her friends are heard cheering, including Paul since they used to date.

"Steven Sandersen Jr." Steve is called up and takes his diploma. His family isn't shown, bu they and his friends are heard cheering, especially Kevin, the other jocks, and Christine!

"Paul Elijah Stewart." Paul is called up and takes his diploma. His friends and family cheer wildly, and Rachel is shown smiling!

"Sean Bartholomew Sullivan." Sean is called up and takes his diploma. His family isn't shown, but they and his friends are heard cheering.

"Nazzarine Arielle Van Bartonshmeer." Nazz is called up and takes her diploma. Her family and friends cheer wildly, especially Jonny and Jenna! Gerald honks an air-horn repeatedly as he cheers for his daughter!

"Rolf Vorlik." Rolf is called up and takes his diploma. His family and friends cheer wildly, including Nell (Rolf's fiance from "Betroth-Ed") who came with his family to watch the ceremony!

"Wait, what are we here for, again?" Nano asks after forgetting why he, the other Vorliks, and Nell are attending. Then, after the last few graduates get their diplomas, Antonucci steps up to the podium again:

"Ladies and gentlemen, give a round of applause to the Peach Creek High School Class of 2010!"

Everybody CHEERS, and the graduates throw their caps (and Plank) into the air! They then march out of the auditorium and into the school's entrance hall.

"WE MADE IT!" the Eds exclaim simultaneously in a group-hug, and all the graduates start hugging as their families come out of the auditorium as well.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S OVER EITHER, BUDDY!" Jonny replies to Plank, and Nazz hugs him from behind. Kevin hugs Jenna.

"CLASS OF O' TEN, DAWGS!" Rolf exclaims. Nazz and Jenna hug each other, the Kankers hug the Eds, the boys are doing all sorts of handshakes and body-bumps, and Paul gets grabbed by the wrist from behind by Rachel's arm.

"Come here, Paulie!" Rachel pulls Paul in, and plants a big fat KISS on his cheek! Paul's eyes bug out as Rachel kisses him, and when she finishes, Paul loses his ability to stand and falls back onto the floor with a wide smile, heart-shaped eyes, and a pink kiss mark on his cheek!

"You ok, man?" Kevin asks Paul, who dreamily answers "I'm cool, cuz an angel kissed me and I'm in heaven right now!"

Rachel giggles at Paul, then gets hugged from behind by the Kankers. They go to hug and kiss their families along with all the other graduates. Nell kisses Rolf, Sarah kisses Ed, then all the main teens gather for a picture together.

"Say 'o-ten!'" Erin tells them. They shout "O' TEN," and Erin takes the photo!

Double-D is holding a copy of this picture the next evening at his bedroom desk. Marie enters: "Hey, pumpkin! Why ain't cha at Eddy's grad party yet?"

"Sorry, I got carried away with reminiscing." Double-D answers, slipping the photo he's holding into a photo album, which contains numerous pictures of him with his friends. "It's difficult for me to fathom how quickly the years flew by."

"I know. Remember when ya always used to run from me?" Marie asks with a giggle.

"Yeah, but now... we're soulmates!" Double-D looks through his album of his pictures with Marie. The pics include them embracing in the falling autumn leaves shortly after "My Ed For You," Double-D having dinner with the Kankers, Double-D and Marie holding each other in her living room during Christmas morning, Double-D and Marie running together on treadmills during phys-ed class (Double-D is falling off due to his scrawniness), Double-D showing Marie his lab, their dance pics from "Lovey Dovey Lugaboo," Double-D giving Marie her first cheek kiss in the lane during springtime, Marie cuddling on Double-D on his sofa, a tanktop-wearing Double-D nervously being grinded on by a hooded Marie (whose hoodie was also open to reveal a black belly-shirt and undone pants) at the nightclub, their pic with Rachel at Nazz's party during "Here Today, Ed Tomorrow," several pics of them with the others at Mondo-A-GoGo during "Nine to Ed," and lastly their senior prom pics, in which Double-D wore a black-&-purple tux while Marie wore a purple dress with her hair undyed (meaning she had her original brown hair) and done into an exqquisite bun.

"Let's add another pic to this album: my new bellybutton ring!" Marie shows her new bellybutton ring. It resembles her old one in being heart-shaped, but it also has a stylized "E & M" (representing her and Double-D's names) etched into it. She explains "I got it to symbolize our love."

"It's, very nice!" Double-D takes a pic of Marie's bellybutton ring. "Another memory added... Oh boy, I'm... I'm gonna miss you, Marie, once I start college."

"Ohh, I'll miss you too." Marie lifts Double-D to hug him. He hugs her back: "That's why I selected a song for you to remember me by once I go."

"Really?" Marie asks. Double-D answers "Yes" and puts an i-pod into her ears.

"I selected this song for you... darling!" Double-D plays the song "Smile" by Uncle Kracker! As Marie listens to it, she smiles and hugs Double-D.

"You make me smile! Thank you... darling!" she thanks while calling Double-D the same thing he called her. They kiss, and tell each other...

"I love you!"

Eddy's graduation party is taking place in his backyard, and all the main teens & kids are there. Kyle is playing his guitar while sitting on the porch railing while Sarah listens from the porch table. Rolf serves himself some barbecued food while Rachel and Paul talk to each other at one of the yard's corners. And while Nazz & Jonny, Eddy & Lee, Jimmy & Zoe, and Kevin & Jenna dance, May sits on the porch, looking depressed. Ed comes and asks her "You ok?"

"Yeah. I just wish Daddy was still alive to see me graduate." May says, shedding a tear.

"Don't worry. I think he would be proud you came this far!" Ed comforts May, who hugs and kisses him.

"Thank you for telling me that!" May thanks Ed, who replies "Of course, it's my job as your boyfriend! Hehe! Rest in peace, whatever your dad's name was."

A tired Kevin crawls to Eddy and Rolf as they eat barbecue. Eddy jokingly asks "What's wrong? Is Jenn too much for ya?"

"She just... doesn't... run out of steam, dude." Kevin answers while sweating in exhaustion, but Jenna's arm reaches for and grabs him by his hat.

"Get your ass back here and dance with me, boy!" Jenna pulls Kevin back to her so she can have her way with him.

"Have fun with Jenn girl, Kevin!" Rolf shouts.

"You havin fun, Jimmy? Cuz I'm havin fun! How bout you?" Zoe asks Jimmy, who answers "Yes, but can we please stop dancing now? You had us dance since we came here."

"Nonsense. Become one with your inner freak like me, and you'll be dancin all night!" Zoe tells Jimmy as she twirls him. Eddy and Lee watch Zoe spin Jimmy around cartoon-style.

"Boy are they havin a good time!" Lee comments.

"Yeah, and they better enjoy every moment of their youth like that til they graduate from high school." Eddy says. "Speakin of which, I can't even picture how crazy Zoe will be when she hits her teens."

"I wished we got crazy like that as kids." Lee laments, but Eddy reminds her "That's you and your sisters' faults for scarin the shit outta me and the boys back then. But still... I'm glad I got to know you a little better."

"A 'little' better?" Lee knees Eddy's face in, making him correct himself after fixing his face: "Ok, a LOT better! Happy now?"

"Hey hey, look who finally decided to come!" Rachel looks at Double-D and Marie coming. Zoe yells "MOST WICKED! EVERYONE'S HERE!"

"And just in time for the closing number!" Sarah adds.

"Closing number?" Jonny asks, and Nazz answers "Yeah, because this is the end of the series!"

"Yes, I'd really enjoy a good closing number after twenty episodes, three specials and an hour-long finale!" Double-D exclaims.

"Alrighty, then!" Kyle starts playing the EEnE theme on his guitar, and starts whistling. Sarah starts whistling, then May and Ed.

"Altogether, ya'll!" Paul rallies everyone to whistle as he starts doing it. One by one, everyone starts whistling to the lengthened EEnE theme as they gather together in the middle of Eddy's backyard. From there, they whistle out onto the street.

"EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS!" Ed yells, and everyone except Kyle (due to playing his guitar) starts clapping their hands as they whistle and march down the street, with the Eds up front. They continue whistling and clapping to Kyle's EEnE beat as they march through the neighborhood, and as they do so, we hear the Eds' voices:

"Well, this is it. Our final remaining months with each other begin now." Double-D's voice says.

"Yep, our last summer together." Ed's voice says in a sad tone. "I'm gonna miss you guys."

"Me too." Eddy's voice says. "And that's why we gotta make this last summer before we split the BEST SUMMER EVER!"

"YEAH!" Ed's and Double-D's voices shout excitedly...

And as the Eds and their friends disappear into the sunset over the horizon, they finally finish the EEnE beat with...


The End!

And there you have it, folks. Ed, Edd n Eddy: The Teen Series has officially come to a bittersweet end. In your final reviews, I want to hear EVERYTHING you liked about the series, from its aspects, to what you learned from it, and what you think of it as a whole!

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