First Snow

By Steph

The season had quickly passed in the city of Tranquillity, spring soon gave way to summer which had quickly changed to autumn. The autobot's were surprised at how fast the seasons inflicted their changes on the landscape as the tree's surrounding the city were shedding their very last leaves preparing for the encroaching hibernation that was winter.

The air was chilly as the wind whipped through the bare branches of the trees surrounding the autobot base, the sun was beginning to set just below the horizon. Sam looked up from his place on Bumblebee's lap, the two had earlier come to the autobot's temporary base which was close to Sam's home for a visit and for Bumblebee to his misfortune to have his routine medical check by Ratchet. The two were in the designated human area of the base in one of the many huge easily capable of holding several mech's at a time.

The base was located in an array of old warehouse buildings, in just a few weeks, the autobots with the help of the goverment would be moving over to their new perment base located in the West of Virgina, but until then, this would have to do.

The yellow scout had settled himself on the floor with his charge, Sam sat upon his lap, the yellow mech noticed his charge's stare, he turned his optics, gazing in the same direction, faintly wondering what Sam was looking at.

"Sam?" the yellow autobot inquired

"Is everything ok?" Bumblebee's voice conveyed slight concern.

Sam seemed to snap out of his trance and he quickly shook his head as if to return to normality and looked up at his guardian with a smile,

"Everything's fine, Bee, I was just wondering what time it was" Sam huffed,

Bumblebee dipped his metal head to one side, not entirely satisfied with his charge's excuse, but he didn't push him further.

"The time is 9:45 pm local" the yellow scout clarified, hoping to sooth some of the tension he felt coming off his human.

Sam quickly jumped up, losing his perch on the mech's lap, the teen tumbled backwards and landed with a thud onto the metal floor, he let out a groan

"Shit, shit, my parents are going to kill me" Sam cursed under his breath.

Bumblebee, shifted slightly and put a hand up behind the young human to steady him as he quickly got to his feet again.

"Sam are you all right?" the scout's voice was strained after seeing Sam take a nasty fall, all at once his guardianship instincts kicked in.

"Do you need checking by Ratchet?" rambled the young autobot as he ran a scan of Sam's body, his fingers poking into the teen's back, making sure he was not injured.

"I'm fine Bee" huffed the young human as he swatted one of the giant fingers checking over his body,

"I just fell, quit being such a mother hen" he sighed there was a slight twinge of annoyance to the teenager's voice.

Bumblebee moved his hand back away from Sam, he clicked in disapproval, his optics still monitoring the young human to ensure he didn't stumble. Sam quickly turned to face Bumblebee, worry clearly plastered across his face.

"I have to go home, if I'm late again my parents are going to ground me I know it"

Bumblebee's optics lit up slightly with amusement, the yellow scout found it quite entertaining when Judy grabbed Sam by the ear and hauled him into the house. Quickly he proceeded to transform into his alt mode, the down side of Sam being grounded was that they could not go sneaking off to explore. Sam raced forward and leapt into the waiting driver's seat, out of the window Sam shouted to the others.

"Bye Optimus, Ratchet , Hide" his voice muffled slightly by the glass,

Optimus let out a throaty laugh from his chest as he watched the yellow camero speed out of the base,

"Those two, they never slow down" mused the semi truck,

Ratchet looked on after the now yellow blob in the distance, sighing

"No they don't, the amount of dents I've had to bang out of that autobot," the medic's voice was gruff but there was no doubting the affection in his tone.

The roads were relatively deserted as Bumblebee drove in the direction of Sam's house, his engine quietly rumbling in the background, the two sat in a relative comforting silence, whilst Bumblebee proceeded to drive, Sam stared out of the window, ominous objects whizzed by as the yellow camero drove down the main road. Bumblebee turned his sensors inwards and once again found his charge staring blankly into space.

Gently, the autobot's voice filled the cab,

"Sam are you sure your ok?" the scout questioned, his tone more worried then curious.

Sam let out a breath of air, it steamed up the inside of the window slightly as it condensed in the now chilly night air.

"I'm fine Bee, honestly" Sam sighed becoming slightly annoyed at his guardian's persistence, Bumblebee fell silent once more, yet the scout could not help but keep wondering why his charge was constantly staring outside. The yellow scout knew that with Sam, persistence often paid off he pressed his queries further.

"Why do you constantly keep looking outside?" Bumblebee asked, there was genuine curiosity in the mech's tone,

"It's like your waiting for something to happen" the yellow mech pointed out.

Sam slumped back against the leather seat, he knew he was fighting a losing battle,

"I'm just curious, lately we've been having lots of cold weather, it finally looks like it's finally going to snow" the excitement was very evident in the young human's tone, Sam eagerly pressed his face up against the glass and once more proceeded to stare out of the window at the darkened sky.

Bumblebee was genuinely confused, of all the time the scout had spent on earth, he had never come across the earth phenomena, now that Bumblebee thought, none of the autobot's had. Sure the yellow mech knew exactly was it was, having the entire internet at his disposal, yet he could not come to understand his charge's seemingly over excitement about it.

"What is the big excitement over this snow?" the scout inquired, Sam did a double take, the young teen let out an amused laugh,

"You'll see" the young human said simply as the yellow camero pulled into the Witwicky driveway, without another word Sam exited the cab, he patted the hood in farewell

"Night Bee" he said softly,

"Goodnight Sam" the autobot responded

With that Sam walked over to the door and disappeared into the house, Bumblebee shook slightly on his tyres as he powered down his systems and entered recharge…

The light of morning poured in through the open window in rays of bright white light, Sam groggily opened his eyes, he swung his feet over the side of his bed and gently padded over to his bedroom window. The young human absently rubbed the sleep from his eyes with his sleeve before finally opening his eyes, Sam gasped, as far as the eye could see the landscape was covered in a blanket of brilliant white. The rays of sunlight glittered upon the snow on the ground making it sparkle like stars in the night sky, Sam wasted no time, he scrambled for his coat and fumbled to quickly get his shoes on.

At a remarkable speed Sam raced down the stairs and tore open the door, the teen huffed as the freezing, cold morning air gripped his body, he wrapped his arms around himself rubbing them up and down his skin trying to create some kind of warmth. Sam looked around, the snow had gottern everywhere, even on top of Bumblebee, Sam crunched over to his guardian, the thick white powder coming up to his knees, Sam flinched slightly as he felt some of the snow melt against his skin, he shivered slightly. Shakily Sam rested a cool hand on top of Bumblebee's roof and gave it a gentle tap,

"Morning Bee" he said his voice shaking slightly as his teeth chattered together,

Bumblebee felt a familiar touch upon his roof, the yellow mech powered up his systems, they seem to take a little while longer to warm up to their optimum operating efficacy, his optical sensors finally came online, there was white, nothing else, were his optics malfunctioning? The yellow mech ran a quick diagnostic, everything was in there normal parameters, yet why was he only seeing white?

"Good morning Sam" the autobot replied, Sam half expected his guardian to open the door, yet the yellow camero did not move an inch, Sam dipped his head to one side in a confused squint,

"Err.. everything all right Bee?" Sam's voice conveyed slight concern it was very unlike Bumblebee to sit stock still, normally the yellow mech would be itching to go.

"Everything's fine Sam, My optical sensors appear to be malfunctioning, I cannot see anything accept, this band of white" the autobot's voice huffed with irritation,

Sam could not help himself, he began to laugh, and soon lost control lover his body, the young teen gripped the side of his guardian for support as he nearly lost his footing in the snow.

Bumblebee let out a gust of air from his vents with slight irritation,

"I fail to see the humour in this, Sam" he said in a mono tone. Sam stood still for a moment trying to catch his breath,

"You can't see Bee, cause your covered in snow" the young human's tone was amused, Bumblebee, shook on his wheels dislodging some of the white powder, the yellow scout's optical sensors screen cleared, giving the yellow mech a broad view of the now winter wonderland around them.

Never before had Bumblebee witnessed anything like this, Cybertron never had weather and this was the first time the scout had ever experienced it, his scans told him of the molecular structure and density of the substance, but it was through Sam, the yellow autobot really saw the beauty in the fluffy white powder all around them.

"So this is snow" mused the yellow mech, an amazed awe was clearly evident in the scout's voice.

Sam looked around him, his hazel eyes intently looking at the landscape, he nodded to the mech beside him.

"It sure is, wait have you never seen snow before" the teenagers voice was quite shocked though he tried not to show it.

Bumblebee scanned the neighbourhood to ensure no one was around, he quickly transformed into his bipedal robot form, masses of snow fell from the yellow mech as the metal twisted and rotated before finally settling down. Bumblebee gazed down at his charge, his blue optics wide with wonder,

"No, we never had weather back on Cybertron, this is one of my first winters this far north since arriving on this planet" stated the scout,

Sam nodded in understanding, he gazed up at his guardian a smile very evident on his face,

"Well, your first snow," Sam said quietly, Bumblebee gazed down at his charge, and nodded,

"Its beautiful" mused the yellow mech, Sam nodded, and before Bumblebee could ask, the young human had made his way over to the lawn and to the yellow mech's surprise had begun fondling around with the frozen water. Bumblebee watched in fascination as his charge, rolled up the white powder into what looked like a ball, curiously Bumblebee bent down to inspect the object in the young human's hands.

Before the yellow scout could react, Sam had thrown his arm back and hurdled the snowball at Bumblebee's head, the snowball flew in the air, before it hit it's target with a satisfying thud, snow slide down the yellow paint. Sam let out an amused laugh, Bumblebee stood still with a puzzled expression on his face. Sam stopped in mid way through his laugher, the young human sigh,

"That was a snowball, you throw them at each other, for fun" patience rung out from the young human's words.

Bumblebee nodded his head in understanding, his optics lit up suddenly with an idea, then an evil grin etched across the mech's face plating, Sam gazed up at his guardian, his eyes widened when he saw the expression on the yellow mech's face. Quickly the young human took a few steps back almost losing his footing in the process,

"Oh no… your not.." before Sam could finish, the yellow mech had scooped up a huge pile of snow and had moulded into one of the biggest snow balls Sam had ever seen, it made Sam's snow ball look like a pitiful gum drop next to the monster in his guardian's hands. Bumblebee looked down at Sam, then the yellow mech tossed the huge mass of snow into the air. Sam looked up at the oncoming mass of white, he let out a uncharacterized squeak and before he could take three steps, the pile of snow landed on top of the teen completely burring the helpless human.

Bumblebee let out an amused chuckle as he watched his charge dislodge his head from the pile of white now encased around his body, the teen ruffled his hair as bits of white powder fell from on top of his head. Sam stared up at Bumblebee with a serious expression, the yellow scout turned his gaze towards Sam noticing his intense stare, at once Bumblebee's face became serious, believing he had crossed an invisible line. Sam then begun to laugh hysterically, more snow fell from around the human as his laughter shook his body. Bumblebee let out an amused chuckle before wordlessly offering a hand to his charge, Sam looked up and tried to move,

"Err, Bee could you help me out? I think I'm stuck" the teen's expression was amused,

The yellow scout laughed out loud, "Of course Sam, I apologise I believe I went a little overboard with the amount of snow" the yellow mech let out an amused chuckle.

Sam huffed good naturedly, "A little huh" Bumblebee just smiled, as he wiped the snow from around his charge's body with ease, he then processed to scoop the human up, Sam held onto to the yellow metal thumb for support as the scout gently set the human on top of his shoulder, Sam shivered slightly at the change in height, it was slightly cooler on his guardian's shoulder. Bumblebee turned his head towards Sam,

"Come on you, lets get you dried off and warm, I doubt Ratchet would be very happy with me if you got sick from been out in the cold" the yellow mech's voice was affectionate and soft,

Sam let out a laugh, "All right, I'm going" he huffed now used to Bumblebee being over protective. Bumblebee chuckled in his chest at his human's tone, he brought a hand up and cupped the boy's back as he walked on over to the window leaving huge footprints embedded in the snow. He scooped up the human from his shoulder and gingerly placed him into his bedroom,.

"Thanks Bee" Sam sighed, Bumblebee nodded,

"I'll wait for you out front" a smile clearly etched across the mech's face, he then proceeded to fold into his yellow camero, as he waited for his charge out on the drive way.

Sam smiled, and begun to dig out his winter gear from in his wardrobe, quickly the young teenager emerged from the house and ran to the waiting car. The first snow of the year, and ironically the first ever for some, yet Sam knew deep inside it would defiantly not be their last, like the changes of the seasons the snow would bring some new experiences for mech and human alike. This one would however would forever be, their first snow together.