First Snow

Epilogue: Changes

By Steph

New Year, perhaps the most significant event of the calendar, a time to mark when the earth had completed a circle of the sun, indicating the seasons of change were on their way. The snow was still here; over Christmas there had been a few more snow flurries, giving the inhabitants of Tranquillity a white Christmas, the first one in quite a few years. This gave the town's decorations a very wintry appearance, as snow clung to the branches of the Christmas trees. Some even hanging on the town square's lights. All the excitement of the holidays had died down, and the streets were deserted as people favoured the warmth of the roaring fires inside, safe from the bitter cold.

That was to say most people did.

Overlooking the city, under the familiar oak tree, a yellow figure sat upright against the rough bark, his metal armour shining in the low light of the sun. Blue optics glowed brightly, gazing at the white city below. Upon the mech's lap, a much smaller form was reclining against his yellow metal.

"Sure looks different this time of year." Sam sighed, happily huddling closer to Bumblebee's armour.

The yellow scout hummed happily. Rearranging the blanked that was wrapped around Sam's shoulders, before laying a hand upon the soft fabric.

"It does." He agreed. "It is far quieter then usual, normally I can hear the traffic from here, but today not a sound. It is very peaceful."

Sam made a small nose, nodding. "Thanks for putting up with my mum, Bee. I know she can be a little fussy."

Bumblebee laughed, Sam opened his eyes smiling as he felt himself being bobbed up and down from his spot on Bumblebee's chest. "I appreciate her concern and her acceptance; I am honoured to be even considered a member of the family. Though, if she was autobot size I think she would be capable of scaring even Ironhide."

Sam laughed remembering his mother's attempts of forcing Bumblebee into the garage.

After returning home on Christmas Eve, Judy Witwicky, after fussing over her son making sure he was comfortable, had gone outside and just short of physically forcing Bumblebee, and had ordered the yellow mech into the family's garage. Immediately turning on the heating full blast, stating she was not having a member of her family being left out in the cold at Christmas. Sam who had watched the entire display from the window was left laughing at Bumblebee's attempts of protest, watching as Bumblebee had conceded, heading into the open door out of sight with a determined Judy following.

"My mum can be quite the dictator when she wants to be."

Bumblebee chuckled, idly turning his attention to the scene in front of the pair. Sam smiled, letting his own eyes wonder. In front of the oak tree, the ground was actually quite free of snow, the giant tree having both survived the snowstorm and sheltered the floor from most of the snowfall. Trailing his eyes along the bear ground, something usual caught Sam's attention, small green shoots… At this time of year?

Curious, Sam pulled himself free of the fluffy blanket, standing up on Bumblebee's lap, Sam began to slide down the side of Bumblebee's massive leg. Sam's movements caught the attention of Bumblebee who glanced down at his charge puzzled, giving a soft questioning chirp.

Sam smiled, looking over his shoulder. "I think I've just seen something, I'm going to go check it out. Don't worry I'll be right back."

Bumblebee watched curiously as Sam made his way over to whatever it was he had seen, several feet in front of where Bumblebee was currently sat.

Sam edged closer and to his utter shock; three small white flowers were protruding from behind the stalks of the grass.

Bumblebee, who had stood, carefully paced over to where Sam was looking. Lowering himself slowly to a crouch, his optics scanned the white flower, cross referencing the image online.

"What is it?" Sam asked, reaching out and touching one of the white petals with his finger. Bumblebee glanced at Sam, having completed his search.

"The flowers scientific name is Galanthus."

Removing his hand from the flower, Sam threw a ludicrous look at his guardian.

"Or as it is more commonly known as, the snowdrop." Bumblebee clarified.


Bumblebee nodded, pointing his hand at the ground. Watching, Sam followed Bumblebee's palm, glancing down at the soil, at first he couldn't see anything, but as he looked closer he spotted more green shoots. "There are more of them? I don't understand, it's still winter, yet there are flowers growing under this tree. What gives?"

"Yes." Bumblebee replied. "Snowdrops usually bloom at this time of year, they are commonly regarded as the first sign that spring is on its way."

Sam regarded the white flower for a moment. It meant winter was almost over, which of course meant the return of spring.

"Wow, I can't believe that spring is nearly here already, feels like just two minutes ago we were playing around in the snow."

Bumblebee hummed in agreement, gently wrapping his hand around Sam's body, lifting him off the ground. Sam gripped Bumblebee's thumb for balance as he was deposited on the mech's shoulder, Sam shifted dangling his feet over Bumblebee's chest getting comfortable, feeling as the mech's amour adjust to fit his body.

Bumblebee turned his head, lightly cupping Sam's back. "True, winter is nearly over, but we have the spring and the rest of the seasons to look forward to."

Sam laughed, "Your right, I bet this year, it's going to get interesting."

Bumblebee clicked in agreement turning his head to gaze at Sam on his shoulder. "Winter will be here once more, sooner then you might think, but for now, let us look forward to the changes ahead."

Sam nodded, smiling he gazed out at the bright orange lit sky. Bumblebee turned his optics to join his charge just as the sunlight seemed to glow a little brighter. Signaling this side of the world that spring truly was on its way…

The End

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