So...this would be my first foray into the world of smut. It's pretty vague smut coz I'm still finding my feet. But it's there none-the-less.

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She softly closes the door behind her. She knows there's no one else in her apartment and she knows the walls that border other people's apartments are solid and any sound made by her wouldn't carry. But she still feels the need to keep quiet. She feels relaxed after her long, hot bath and the scent of lavender follows her through her house to her lounge room where she sits with a cup of jasmine tea.

The silence engulfs her and although she enjoys the quiet, she finds it suddenly too much. Her eyes dart to her phone.

It's sitting on the coffee table, just out of her reach. The green light flashes twice; blinking seductively up at her, allowing her to know that it is fully charged and has full network coverage. She leans forward. One number in mind; one person in mind.

If she dials his number she knows what will happen tonight. She knows that it will all change. She knows he will come over. He'll bring wine. She knows the reason. If he drinks, he doesn't drive. Her couch becomes his bed and they become closer to that little domestic scene they both have in their heads.

She allows him to walk in, and even though this is her house, she doesn't complain when his hand touches the small of her back, guiding her to the kitchen where she can pull out some glasses for them both for a drink.

She'll lead them to the lounge where they'll sit in companionable silence. But it will be a happy silence, much less consuming than the silence she had endured before calling him.

He will ask her what's on her mind and she will tell him without fear of judgement. He will hold her close to his chest and she will be comforted by the sound of his beating heart, if nothing else. She will whisper about her irrational fear of losing him which in all honesty, isn't irrational. She's come so close so many times. He will reassure her that he's not leaving her.

She will believe him.

Because no matter what she calls it out loud, in her mind; in her heart, she knows what she has in Booth is faith.

She will look up at him as he looks down and there will be a moment. Something electric will pass between them and nothing will interrupt the moment.

The kiss will be tender and slow and she will moan at first contact, encouraging him the tip his head and go deeper. Drown in her. They will stay wrapped in this embrace for a long time, just testing the waters; tasting; getting to know the new terrain. They will taste the wine on each other's breath and know that they're not in their fully functional state of mind, but it won't matter. Finally Booth will pull Brennan onto his lap. She won't protest. Their hands will roam one another; pull each other closer until they can no longer tell who is who by just using their hands.

It will become frantic. Clothes will be scattered; it doesn't matter whether they were ripped in the process of removal, all that matters is that there is skin. Skin on skin. And they will moan together; lost in each other; lost in the moment.

Hands will dip and pull and push following body contours they had never discovered before now. Mouths will explore the miles of skin never shown to them before. Sensations will fill them both that they have never felt before until they both sit at the edge of oblivion.

The movement into her is subtle and gentle, but she will feel it. She doesn't believe in God, but in that moment, she will believe in Heaven. And they will move together; breaking the laws of physics; hurtling over the line and into each other.

They will lay together, sweaty, breathless and sated.

There will be no regrets. No 'sorrys'.

And tomorrow will start the new chapter to their lives.

All she has to do is dial his number.


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