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Pt. 3


The phone rings.

He leans forward immediately and checks the caller ID.


He is at the door way when he answers, already pulling on a jacket over his t-shirt. He quickly darts back inside the apartment grabbing a bottle of wine before saying he'll be there in ten. He smiles to himself picturing the red liquid sliding easily into her mouth and down her throat. He shakes his head, making sure to keep his mind clear while driving.

He needs to survive to be able to fantasise after all.

He said he'd be ten; he gets there in six and the knock at Brennan's door startles her. She lets him in without questioning how fast he must have been driving. She knows he uses the sirens for personal gain sometimes. And right now, she's grateful. She grins to herself when she sees the wine bottle in his hand and leads them to the kitchen to get some glasses. Her grin widens when she feels his palm on the small of her back. There's something very intimate about the setting they've found themselves in and it comforts her.

They move to the couch after some small talk and Booth finds that his arm wants to be around his partner tonight as it seems to be moving of its own volition. As they sit down his arm remains stably behind her. He watches as she looks down at his hand poking out at her side; watches as she evaluates its purpose; watches as she shrugs and then watches as, to his surprise, she curls into him without question. Feeling bold, he pulls her tighter against him, moving his hand up and down her ribs; soothing her.

There is no talking as they take in this new phase of their relationship. It's not a giant paradigm shift in the greater history of things, but to them, this shift marks something new and different. He welcomes the sensation of being able to touch her more intimately; being able to smell the gentle lavender scent that clings to her hair. He finds that she's welcoming these changes too as he feels her hand crawl up from his stomach to his chest and rest against his heart beat.

Finally he has to know. He asks her what's wrong.

She doesn't respond at first and he worries that he was too blunt. He knows she needs easing into these things sometimes.

Eventually she lifts her head to meet his worried gaze and whispers two words, "I'm scared."

He nods and understands.

There needs to be no more words as he engulfs her in a tight hug. Something to let her know that she's not alone and he will never leave her. He knows she hasn't had stability; she hasn't had a constant, but he wants to be what she hasn't had. Max and Russ, they came back, sure. But he has never left her and he never will. Not even when it all becomes different for them. He will never budge.

She holds him tighter, knowing and appreciating everything he is conveying to her. Her mind suddenly takes the back seat and her heart kicks into overdrive as her lips land softly on his neck. He hardly dares believe it, but the evidence is there. As her head moves slowly away from his skin he feels a chill. A longing for more contact. He looks to her eyes for a long moment and there's nothing but them. No world around them; no crime, no betrayal, no hurt, no sadness; just them.

And he kisses her.

She feels her heart ignite. She needs him and she's too far gone now. She moans and arches into him, aching to feel more. She wants him to show her what love is. For once in her life she wants to be proven wrong.

He responds. His mind still catching up as he grasps at her singlet, pulling it over her head. He wonders why he wasted time with a jacket as he has to painfully take his hands from her body to extricate himself from it. His hands return with force though and she feels excited shivers run through her as he touches her all over; her mind not even registering the fact that these are endorphins at work. If anyone asked her at this moment, she couldn't even say the word 'endorphin'.

His lips move down the column of her throat; tasting. She arches again, longing for more contact. Without a second thought, he lifts her from the lounge and walks toward her bedroom, pausing on the way several times just to savour the moment and kiss her again. Somewhere new each time. He wants memories of this night to linger everywhere. He wants to be imprinted on her mind; every time she sees the crooked picture frame on the wall he wants her to think of him nibbling at her ear. When she sees the crack in the mirror, he wants her to remember him running a trail of kisses down her shoulder. And one day, when she's moving in with him perhaps, she'll move that little cabinet in her hallway and find her bra and remember the way she felt when their bodies touched, skin to skin.

Tangled, their bodies fall to her bed. They move in time with each other's motions, grasping at the one another; pulling and dipping to get access to everything they have wanted for years.

He takes a breath and just looks at her; her lips swollen from his kisses; her heart beating steadily and strongly beneath her skin. His hand runs down her frame, barely touching her, but yet, enough contact to set her skin alight. He feels her hand moving up his body also and they take a moment to admire where they've come from to get to here. They both have traumatic pasts; they both have had to deal with big issues in their lives. And tonight, they both have each other.

He leans forward and kisses her on the lips. It's chaste yet tender. Her eyes flutter closed at the contact. His lips now at her ear utter the words she's been craving all night; the words she'll believe until her dying day.

"I'll never leave you"

His touch is gentle as he enters her. She can hardly breathe. They find their pace together and her eyes open to see him looking at her. The intensity of the moment brings then crashing over the edge and into each other.

Their breathing steadies eventually and they roll over to face each other. Her hand finds his face and he rolls his head to kiss her palm. She smiles warmly at him, and he at her. Neither aware of how much the other wanted this before this night, but somehow both acutely aware that nothing will drive a wedge between them now.

This is real.

Sometimes all it takes is a phone call.


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