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Also, please keep in mind that I'm using the Tenth Doctor. And Gallifrey and the Time Lords are restored from the Time War (just trust me on this).

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Wedding Bells, Cloister Bells

Chapter 1

Captain Jack was sitting at his desk when he heard a familiar whooshing sound. His eyes immediately glued themselves to the CCTV, expecting to see a blue police box. He was shocked to see quite a different image materialize, and so he instinctively ran to the location of the strange appearance.

He stood before a pillar similar to the others in the area; the only reason Jack was able to tell it apart was because it wasn't symmetrical with the rest of them. "Hello?" he said, unsure why he should actually be expecting a response. He paused as a young woman suddenly appeared before him, as though she had somehow emerged from the pillar. She was blonde, petite, and totally gorgeous, Jack observed. She looked at him, then down at a list she was holding in her hand, then back at him again.

"Are you Jack Harkness?" she asked.

"Captain Jack Harkness," said Jack, a broad grin forming on his face. "And who are you?"

"I'm Jenny," she said. "And I'm here to invite you to a wedding."

"Whose?" asked Jack, who was definitely not expecting this scenario.

"The Doctor's," Jenny said, as though it were perfectly obvious.

Jack nearly dropped dead from shock right there. "The Doctor's getting married?!" he gasped. "To whom? When? Where?"

"You're not the first one to ask that today," said Jenny. "I told everyone inside that I'd explain the details after I picked up all the people on my list. You're the last. So if you'll please step inside, you'll get all the answers to your questions."

Jack stepped silently inside, as there was nothing more he could say, anyway. He wasn't surprised by the size of the room he entered, but by the number of people inside. He surveyed the space to look for any familiar faces. "Jack!" he heard someone call. Martha was soon beside him, giving him a big hug.

"Martha Jones," he smiled. "My favorite UNIT employee. How are you?"

"I'm just great," she said. "But can you believe it, about the Doctor, I mean?"

"I won't believe it until I see it," Jack replied.

All conversation stopped when Jenny called for everyone's attention. All eyes were suddenly on her. She cleared her throat and began: "Hello. I'm Jenny. As all of you know by now, the Doctor is getting married, and all of his former Companions are invited. This is a surprise gift on behalf of the bride, so he doesn't actually know you're coming."

"But who's the bride? How did they meet?" asked Victoria.

"Her name is Romanadvoratrelundar, Romana for short. She's a fellow Time Lord who used to travel with the Doctor."

"Another Time Lord?" asked Mickey. "But the Doctor said they were all gone?"

"Well," said Jenny. "They're back. And Gallifrey. Long story. She and the Doctor were engaged before the war, and now they've picked up where they left off. Of course, they had to wait. Romana didn't feel comfortable resigning from the presidency before Gallifrey was stable enough to handle a change in power."

"Wait, so this woman is the leader of the Time Lords?" asked Harry.

"Not any more. She resigned yesterday."

"Wait a minute," said Nyssa, turning to Tegan, who was standing beside her. "Didn't Adric used to mention someone named Romana, who traveled with the Doctor when Adric first met him."

"Right!" said Tegan, suddenly remembering. "But then she decided to stay in E-Space."

"That's the one," said Jenny.

"Okay," said Grace. "Now that we've learned the validity of the bride, who are you? How do you know the Doctor?"

"I'm his daughter," Jenny said, rather grandly.

"His daughter?!" about a dozen or so people guffawed at once.

"It's true," she said. "If you don't believe me, ask Martha." Everyone suddenly turned to Martha.

"It's true," was all Martha could say. Really, what was she supposed to say? Surely she wasn't going to be the one talk about Messaline, and progenation machines, and the Source. She was confused enough as it was already and didn't need people looking to her for all the answers just now. She saw Jenny die without regenerating and now she's perfectly okay. Jenny explained about that when she located Martha, but it was still kind of weird to see her now.

"So does that make you Susan's aunt?" Barbara asked.

"Oh, you know Susan?" Jenny smiled. "Actually, it's funny. I may be her aunt, but she's several centuries older than me."

"And how is she?" asked Barbara.

"Oh, she's just fine. She's on Gallifrey already. She lives on Earth most of the time, though. Just in for the occasion."

Barbara turned to Ian. "Oh, I just can't wait to see her again."

"Me too," Ian agreed. He turned to Jenny and chuckled. "But will we? You haven't inherited the Doctor's steering skills, have you?"

"Well," said Jenny, a bit put-off by the remark. "You can't expect someone to be able to handle a broken ship to his fullest capacity. If I were him, I'd have at least waited to steal a TARDIS that was in perfect working condition. But that's the difference between he and I."

"Steal?" asked the Brigadier. "Do you mean to say that the Doctor stole his TARDIS?"

"He had his reasons," Jenny shrugged. She walked over to the control console and started pressing buttons. The engine moved, and everyone could feel it as the ship materialized a few moments later.

Jenny turned on the scanners. Outside was a small, simple room. There were a few seats, and a table, and some shelves against the wall. It seemed like some sort of waiting area. In the room were two women. One was tall, with long raven hair and green eyes. She was wearing a long white robe. The other was a brunette with blue eyes; she would have seemed really easy to get along with if not for the knife that she carried by her side. Jenny told everyone to hold on a moment, opened the doors, and walked out to greet them. She brought them both inside and introduced them. The one with the knife was Leela, the other was Romana.

"I'm so pleased you all could come," said Romana, smiling sweetly. "The Doctor's told me so much about all of you. I just know he'll be so surprised."

"Where is Dad, anyway?" asked Jenny.

"He and Susan had some business to take care of," Romana said, rather quickly.

"What business?"

Romana looked at her a little uneasily. "Well, the Doctor rarely ever returns here, and he's usually busy when he does. And this is Susan's first time back at all since she originally left."

"You mean...?" gasped Jenny.

"Yes, they went home," answered Romana.

End of chapter 1. Some of you might be wondering about Jack; I'm in denial about season 3, so I'm just not dealing with it in this story. No spoilers for those who haven't watched it yet. Also, some might be questioning why Ace wasn't standing beside Leela and Romana. Well... I've only seen one Ace story a while ago, so I didn't really know what to do with her. Also, I've never read any of the novelizations, so the only scenario I'm including from them is Romana's reign as Madam President.

Oh, and if anyone wants to request a character for me to focus on in a later chapter, I'll probably attempt it unless I'm not too familiar with them.