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Chapter 11

"Oh, I've almost forgotten," said the Doctor. He ran back to his TARDIS and reappeared a few moments later holding a book in his hand. "This belongs in the Panopticon Archives."

"Almost forgotten?" exclaimed Romana. "Doctor, you were supposed to return that book ages ago."

"Well, I'm doing it now, aren't I?" he said, handing it over to the Lord President.

"The Most Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey?" said President Spandrell. "Doctor, you didn't steal this, I hope?"

"Me?" said the Doctor. "Rubbish. Why would I steal one of the relics? But the person who did asked me to return it for him, so here it is."

"Well, thank you, Doctor," said Spandrell, unsure of what else to say.

"We best be off," said the Doctor, turning towards Romana.

"Funny how you ended up saving us all again," said Spandrell. "You're a great hero."

"Oh, I'm no hero."

"Well, Doctor," said Spandrell, with a slight smirk. "'If heroes don't exist, it is necessary to invent them. Good for public morale.'"

"Yes," said the Doctor. "But he also said that my part in all that was best forgotten. And the Time Lords viewing me as a hero has never quite caught on; they might even blame me for everything instead."

"Well," said Flavia. "None of this would have happened if you hadn't shown up in the first place."

"What did I say...?" he said to Spandrell. "Goodbye, Spandrell. Take care."

"Goodbye, Doctor."

The Doctor grabbed Romana's hand and led her towards the TARDIS. He made one final glance towards the crowd and waved before shutting the door behind him and dematerializing.

"What about us?" said the Brigadier. "He just left us here."

"That's nothing," said Vicki. "Once he left me stranded in a creepy, old building infested with Daleks who were on a mission to exterminate us."

"Somehow," said the Brigadier. "I don't doubt that. Still, wonderful chap."

"Come on, everybody," said Jenny. "I'll take you all back home." And just maybe afterward she wouldn't return back to Gallifrey quite so soon...

"So," said Romana once they were back in the TARDIS. "Where are we going?"

"Going?" asked the Doctor.

"Doctor," she said, sternly. "You have absolutely no sense of responsibility whatsoever. You're capricious, arrogant, self-opinionated, irrational, and you don't even know where we're going."

"Well, nobody's perfect!" he smiled.

"Doctor..." she sighed.

The Doctor moved to the console and startled fiddling with the controls. "That reminds me. Did I ever tell you about the time I met the Terrible Zodin..."

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