A/N: This is the teaser. We're going back in time after this, and this is a weird story. Claire was like "I love you but you are a crazy mofo for thinking of this."

It's always darkest before the dawn. Proverb.

I felt like my almost-step-sister, turning to her worst enemy in her darkest hour.

Only I didn't have a dawn in sight.

I slammed the car door and ran up to the Cullen house, sobbing.

"Rosalie," I whispered, "Please."

She was on the porch instantly, light beaming out of the door behind her. She looked like a fucking guardian angel. Even through the driving rain, I could see the tiny braids woven through her loose hair. She glared at me, impassive.

"Rosalie," I cried out, trembling, "I'm scared. I'm alone. You---you've got to know what that's like." I swayed and fell to my knees. CAREFUL, my body shrieked at me.

She just stared at me, wavering. Confused and compassionate warring with hated and disdainful.

"I need your help," I murmured, the world fading to nothing but mud puddles and agony.