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Best Of Friends

Chapter 1

"Not so loud…" A soft husky voice reminded the girl underneath him, his hot breath tickling the hairs on her ripe dripping core.

"Ahh…" She fisted her hand against her mouth as he delved deeper into her with his tongue, a wicked smile playing across his features. She arched off of the bed, and the male moved his hands under her to cup her ass, bringing her closer to him as he feasted upon his meal.

My name is Kagome Higurashi, currently at the tender age of sixteen…

"Don't tease me please…" Kagome whimpered, tears glistering over her blue orbs when the male moved away from her just before she climaxed. "Put it in already, Inuyasha…!" Her hushed shout made him smirk even wider while his sun-kissed eyes looked her form over, which was drenched with perspiration.

This guy here is Inuyasha Taisho; he's the biggest idiot in the world and also my best friend from as long as I could remember. He's also sixteen years old, my neighbor and classmate.

"You're such a nasty little girl Kagome." He cooed, holding her by her knees firmly to pull her closer to him, her legs now straddling his naked waist. "Where do you want me to put it?" He asked, pushing his cock between her ass, before sliding it upwards to her entrance only to pass over it where he grounded the head against her clit.

Kagome opened her mouth in a silent cry, her eyes rolling to the back of her head while she grinded her hips hurriedly against him. "I hate you so much Inu –…" Her sentence was cut off when she moaned loudly as he entered her to the brink in one swift movement, and the both of the groaned out loudly. Kagome hugged Inuyasha closer to her when he held her close to his body, grinding her hips wantonly against him as he continued his rhythmic thrusting deep within her.

Inuyasha loves to tease me on many occasions, and while I might act like I hate it… I'm always lying. The intensity of our sexual acts makes my climax reach such high that I sometimes pass out – but lately I've been handling myself quite alright.

"Stop moving." Inuyasha grabbed her waist firmly, and Kagome cursed at how strong he was once again. He smirked at her when she tried glaring at him. "You're so tight… it's hard to believe you're not a virgin."

Smirking, Kagome leaned up and kissed his lips softly and then leaned over to whisper in his ears in a raspy voice that she'd come all too accustom with when having sex with her best friend. "Maybe you're just too small…?" She teased.

Inuyasha quirked a brow, lifting her up off of him before slamming her down hard on him, which turned her giggle into a shocked scream filled with pleasure.

"I told you to be quiet!" He growled out, both of them freezing as a shadow became visible under his locked door.

"Inuyasha is everything alright in there?"

They quickly moved away from each other, moving around awkwardly to throw on their clothes as the door knob turned back and forth slowly.

"Yeah dad, Kags was just being a klutz." He rolled his eyes, even though his dad couldn't see him while he slowly eased some loose sweat pants over his erection.

"Is everything going to be alright?"

To be honest, Inuyasha and I are nothing more than best friends. Our actions are a secret only the walls of our homes and environment bare witness too. Ever since we were young, the sexual world has been pricking at our curiosity and we ventured into the world out of the blue as young as seven years old, playing secret sex games furtively.

"I'm cool Mr. T." Kagome spoke out, crossing her legs tightly where she sat, already fully clothes.

"Do you guys want a snack before I head out to work?" He asked, the door creaking slightly to indicate he was now leaning against it. "There's a problem at the office and I need to head in."

"Nar, we're cool – Kags' heading home in a bit anyways."

"Alright, don't stay up too late; the both of you."

"We won't." They said in union, and Mr. T chuckled lightly before his shadow disappeared.

Inuyasha looked over towards Kagome with a sly grin tugging his lips.

"You're squirming you horny lil whore." He laughed loudly when she flicked him off.

"I believe my finger has a best friend." She wiggled her middle finger in his direction, pointing below his waistline where his huge erection poked at the sweats that kept it captive. "Then do something about it." He walked towards her and nudged his erection in her face where she kissed it softly.

The front door slammed closed and they both grinned widely.

Our first time was when we were in middle school. I had no shame being exposed around him and neither did he to me. When we got home from school one day, right after our final midterms we were not surprise when we couldn't share the news with my mom and his dad, and it so happen that we ended up fooling around.

I couldn't take his teasing, and his tongue and fingers just wasn't going to cut it this time. I was really surprise when I found out how much it would hurt… a piercing pain that felt like it was ripping me to pieces.

Licking from the underside of his cock near his balls after he had rid himself of the sweats, Kagome made a wet, slow trail to the head of his dick where she took only the tip into her mouth and sucked hard on it.

Ever since that day, we've been having sex whenever we felt like it. I learned every inch of his body, the things that turned him on or off, what makes him go crazy, and vise versa... It's a wonderful and lust filled feeling when we're together.

She kneaded his balls, enjoying the noises that were growing in his throat as she took him in deeper inch by inch, slowly at first but faster with each additional inch she took in.

"Oh yeah, just like that…" Inuyasha grasp her hair that was in a loose ponytail, pushing his cock deeper into her mouth while she made soft gagging noises, but she never slowed down or showed any discomfort.

"Suck me like the real bitch you are."

His dirty talks always made her wet and horny and it showed in the way she was fondling herself now while she deep throat him, pulling him out and letting him slap his dick against her face lightly, the wetness from his pre-cum and her saliva coating her visage.

I fear that I'm a nasty girl…

I'm probably even too tainted to find someone decent in my life when Inuyasha and I grow out of our childish antics…

Kagome pumped his bud slowly, tilting her glistering face to the side so she could look at his screwed up expression as he pumped faster in her talented hand.

She continued pumping him, keeping her eyes on him as she moved forward to take one of his balls into her mouth, and then the other, sucking them as if they were candy.

Inuyasha's head lolled backwards in sheer pleasure, grasping her head more tightly with both of his hands, his dick rubbing roughly against Kagome's smooth face. "You're too good at this." He forced out, groaning loudly when she finally took him into her mouth.

"I'm…" Inuyasha thrust abundantly into Kagome's eager mouth three more times before emptying himself in her mouth. "I'm going to fill your mouth with cum." He thrust leisurely, his pulsing member filling Kagome's mouth to the brink as she swallowed hungrily.

She couldn't express how much she loved giving him heads, knowing that she was the one getting him off powerfully. Kagome licked her glistering lips when Inuyasha had finally emptied all of his liquid into her welcoming mouth, grinning proudly when he sagged against her.

His weight made her fall backwards on the bed with him on top as he tried to calm down and catch his breath at the same time.

The small problem is that I'm secretly crushing on him. Inuyasha was always a handsome guy and I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything. More importantly I wouldn't want to ruin that special relationship we have going on… A best friend who completely understands me, better than myself wouldn't be possible to obtain unless it was Inuyasha Taisho.

"You're so amazing Kagome." He kissed the underside of her chin and grinned softly when she leaned into it. "I love you bighead."

He doesn't know how much that small sentence thrills me and pains me all at the same time.

"I love you too, jackass."

She poked him painfully before getting up to fix herself. "Well… It seems that I'm leaving without being satisfied once again." She pouted cutely, folding her arms as she made her way towards the door.

Inuyasha looked on silently, fiddling with something in his hands. "The wind could be real strong… and you're wearing a skirt."

Kagome turned her head around sharply, putting out a hand and dropping an invisible object dramatically. "Oops…" She squealed out girlishly and then bent over fully with her back facing Inuyasha, who got a good view of her naked ass.

Before Kagome could even think to stand up straight, she had to brace herself against the door with a hand gripping the doorknob when something, or rather someone slammed against her, naked and sweaty against her.

"He aims…." Inuyasha grounded his hips against Kagome while her lips spread into a slow smile. "He shoots…" He gripped his already throbbing erection and placed it at the entrance of his moaning best friend. "He scores…!"

Kagome saw stars when he rammed into her, fucking her wild and fast – just the way she loved it.

In all actuality, I'm a really really nasty girl…


"Kouga, would you stop kicking her chair?" Inuyasha asked irksomely, twisting his body to glare heatedly at him where he sat behind Kagome, who sat across from him.

Kagome smiled slightly, brushing off Inuyasha with a wave of her hand. "It's okay; I'm good at ignoring people." She turned around to face Kouga whose eyes bulged open when she blew him a kiss. "I'm still not interested." She pouted with her eyes closed. "I'm so sowwy…"

"It's not even like you're in a relationship Kagome." He accused. "You're my woman dammit!"

"Over my dead body!" Inuyasha shouted, annoyed at the fact that Kouga kept troubling Kagome, no matter how much she refused his advances.

"I would gladly arrange that, dickward."

"Screw you!"

"I know you'd love that, but I don't swing that way." Kouga flipped him off, getting into a standing position to walk up to Kagome, a hand on the back of the chair when the other rested on her desk.

"What's up now?" She asked cheerfully not at all bothered by Kouga's action. He after all was a cutie, but the most prominent thing she hated about him was his possessiveness. That was a huge turn off overall.

"I'm going to the movies this weekend." He started, glaring hotly at Inuyasha who was cranking his neck to listen. So, Kouga leaned forward towards her ear, his hot breath tickling her. "Please consider coming." He huffed out a breath, smiling when her lips turned upwards slightly. "I really do you like, all jokes aside." When he kissed her ears slightly, she couldn't help the redness that crept up her face.

Her ears were one of the few weak points she possessed.

"I'll…" She pushed herself forward on the desk, covering her heated face. "I'll give you and answer before tomorrow." A date wouldn't kill her right? Sure he was possessive, but she wasn't going to go off and get married.

She shrugged slightly, already making a decision.

"What did he ask you?!" Inuyasha growled out hatefully, his cognac orbs burning wholes into Kouga's smug face.

"That's none of your business, shithead." He rolled his eyes and took his seat once again. "I don't know why you act like her boyfriend when you're label is simply 'best friend', which I hate for that matter." He leaned back his chair off of its two feet, balancing on the back feet.

Before Inuyasha could recover from his silence, Kagome whispered quietly for them to be quiet as their first teacher for the morning walked in.

"Wake me up when it's over." Inuyasha smiled widely at Kagome and she stuck out her tongue at him. They stared at each other for a little too long, but no one seemed noticed them.

The morning classes flew by sluggishly, butt it was simply joy when the bell for lunch broke, signaling their short freedom before resuming classes.

"Why did you even let Kouga get so close to you?" His whining and grumbling made Kagome paused in her lunch selection with a quirk of her brow. "He's so… Kouga!"

Kagome nodded her head slowly, watching him mutely as he slammed down random trays of junk food as he babbled on hatefully.

"He's not good for you, and certainly not your type." He finished, paying the lady for both Kagome's and his lunch while Kagome walked off slowly.

Rolling her eyes, she took a seat in the corner of the cafeteria, with her back leaning against the wall on her left side to face Inuyasha as he sat next to her, fries already stuffed in his mouth.

"I don't see why I can't have a simple outing with him." She shrugged slightly before sipping on her water and eying her veggie burger distastefully. It was as if the cafeteria food was only getting more unappealing by the day.

"Ah-ha, you are planning to tell him yes!" Chewed up food spluttered all over the table and Kagome wrinkled her face in disgust, pushing her food away from her friend slightly with a slight smile on her face.

She was use to him acting like this, all overprotective. She would have been pleased to say a brotherly protection, but the actions they indulge in were definitely not sibling actions, and it was just disgusting to think of him in that way.

She shuddered openly while easing up to sit forward to eat her lunch since her belly was demanding by growls to be fed at the moment.

"Why did you shudder?" Inuyasha leaned over and picked at her lettuce, wrapping some fries in it and drowning it with ketchup before biting off piece of it.

"I just imagined us being siblings, and doing what we do." She shrugged. "It's just nasty."

Inuyasha smirked wickedly and leaned over so his lips were touching her ears before whispering breathlessly against her hot skin. "I'd still want to fuck you senseless, and yes it was have been nasty, but you'd become so addicted to it that you'd be begging to be fucked even when our parents are in the house."

He extracted his tongue and licked the lobe of her ears, but before he could suck on it, Kagome pushed him forcefully away from her, her heated face angry as she shifted uncomfortably.

To this day, I still wonder why I get so wet from the way he talks to me, why his actions are so alluring and enticing. I get angry at the mere lack of answer to that fact, but deep down am crying out for him to just fuck me and take away the ache and release me from the sexual bondage that he ties me in.

Inuyasha burst out laughing, grasping the bench while his long silky mane made a veil over his face. He always enjoyed making her angry and he knew for a fact that she was probably in the corner milking unwilling.

"There you are Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha looked up quizzically and then smiled widely after spotting a female with bone straight midnight locks and smoky chocolate orbs.

"Hey, what's up?" He pushed his food aside and leaned forward on the table facing her where she now sat opposite him. "I didn't see you for the whole morning."

"I know, I just got to school, I had to watch my little brother because he got sick." She smiled sadly as she gazed into Inuyasha's eyes before Kagome caught her attention while she shifted back into her comfortable position, facing Inuyasha. "Oh hey Kags."

"Hey Kiki… I'm sorry to hear 'bout your brother."

"It's nothing serious, but thanks."

Turning back to Inuyasha, they both started chatting away which instantly made Kagome feel like the third wheel.

Ah, Kikyou… The innocent beauty that got caught in the devil's web, notably known as Inuyasha. She's smart, athletic and a wonderful person to hang around. Kikyou is the type of girl every guy wanted and sadly, that included Inuyasha. The most irksome part of it all was that the only guy she wanted was my Inuyasha.

Ugh, I secretly hated her…

"Well, I'm going to get going." Kagome looked expectantly at both of them but they didn't even stop chatting. "Well fuck me backwards." She mumbled, getting up with a roll of her eyes.

Another infuriating part was Inuyasha always seem to forget about my existence. It honestly pains me. I mean, if I was simply just a best friend I wouldn't get as mad with him as I am now.

He better not venture over to my house today.

Kagome watched absentmindedly as Kouga came into view and walked in her direction as she neared the exist to get as far away as she could from Inuyasha and his girlfriend.

Each step she took, it was like hearing her fragile heart break from the force of each step.

"So Kags…"

I knew what he wanted to ask before he breathed it, and my answer was just as quick.

If Inuyasha had his girl who happened to not be me, then Kouga was as lucky as he could get. At least I got to be with him in a way I'd only dream of if we were just young innocent best friends – the right way of life…

"Yea, I guess you got yourself a date huh?'

Kouga laughed heartedly while Kagome shook her head, her wavy midnight mane dancing around her.

I knew Inuyasha was watching me at the moment, I could practically feel his pricking gaze gnawing at my mind, trying to decipher why me and Kouga was currently talking.

Funny thing is, I'm always watching him.


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