Distractions Never Lasts

Chapter 9

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Inuyasha cursed loudly, clenching his fist in anger as he stalked passed Amanda, going straight into his room as he glowered menacingly at the ground. "I can't believe she let that fucking asshole kiss her!" Inuyasha screamed, fuming profusely as flashes of Kouga and Kagome came mockingly in front of him.

"Inuyasha…" Amanda softly called, her eyes drooping sorrowfully for her friend.

"You saw it 'Manda!" He growled, visibly shaking with suppressed anger. "I can't believe…" He voice broke as he narrowed his orbs while facing the wall.

Amanda hugged her body closely, looking at Inuyasha's back with evident sadness. When she got the text from Inuyasha she honestly thought that it was just a good day that they'd hang out and just eat some junks or something, but the moment she called him to get directions to his home, the sound of his voice dampened her enthusiasm instantly. To make matters worst, as soon as she reached, they had to witness Kagome and Kouga kissing – something that she knew would gravely affect her silver-haired friend.

"Maybe there's a good explanation…" She feebly whispered, brushing her hair behind both her ears with her hands before stepping forward and placing those same hands on Inuyasha's shoulder.

"What fucking explanation can make me think that they didn't kiss?" He barked, lifting his fist and connecting it painfully against the wall. "I didn't think…!" He gritted out, resting his tired head against the wall, near his pulsating fist. "I thought she was bluffing about not talking to me and moving on… But… Fuck! She's serious!"

Sighing helplessly, Amanda felt the sting of tears pricking at her eyes at witnessing the defeat radiating off of Inuyasha. Amanda never though that a guy like Inuyasha could crumble so shamelessly like this in anyone's presence. She gripped Inuyasha's bare shoulder in reassurance, easing around to the side and sliding a hand around his waist.

"Don't give up Inu…" She breathed, waiting for him to raise his troubled head before he placed it against her shoulder. She smiled slightly as she let him sag against her before hugging him closely. "You just have to be strong."

Exhaling loudly, Inuyasha's hot breath tickled Amanda's neck while he too snaked his good arm around her shoulder, letting her pained fist dangle at their side. "It's hard Amanda…" He breathed, inhaling her scent deeply.

Smiling painfully, Amanda gulped down the lump in her throat. The one thing that hurt the most at this very moment, was trying to comfort the guy she was so in love with, all because the person he love – who wasn't her – wasn't where he wanted her to be. Still, being the good friend she was, she found herself tightening her hold against him.

"I'm always here for you Inuyasha, I hope you know that." She mumbled, giving him a comforting squeeze with her petite arms.

Inuyasha just nodded in response, inhaling her scent once again while tightening his hold on her. "I just can't believe she threw that kiss so blatantly in my face you know?" Lifting his head off of her shoulders, he gazed at Amanda with half-closed orbs that seemed dead to the world. "It just really hurt."

"I know it does…" Shaking her head slowly while she wet her parched lips, she gazed into the golden orbs that was Inuyasha's, a soft smile in which she hope was reassuring, spreading across her lips. "But you have to remember that she loves you – no matter what you witnessed, she still loves you and is probably hurting just as much as you are…" Shrugging slightly she tilted her head to the side. "Maybe she's hurting more than you even."

He chuckled, biting his bottom lip with a loud sigh. "She doesn't look hurt to me." Stepping away from Amanda, he took a sat in a chair nearest to him, his body slouching in the chair with his bruised hand draped lazily over the chair's back. "When she's hurt she's always alone – doing things on the spur of the moment, even when it's not needed; like cleaning a spotless area." His eyes held a sudden faraway look as if thinking back to something. "She hates having people around her when she's hurting… unless I'm that person with her."

Brushing some strands of hair off of her caramel shoulders, Amanda pursed her lips with amusement. "It's sort of creepy how much you guys know each other, yet it's also amazing – it shows the undeniable closeness you both have." She took a seat on the floor with her legs underneath her, taking her long silky tresses and placing it over her shoulders and into her lap so it doesn't drag on the floor. "So the fact that you guys know each other so good – and is aware of that… Isn't it possible that she may be changing up the norm so you don't read her?"

It took a couple seconds for that thought to sink into Inuyasha's mind, and when it did he pushed out his lips in anger with his back erect and his hands clenched. "That sneaky bitch…" He seethed.

"Inuyasha!" Amanda gasped, covering her mouth with a petite manicured hand.

Inuyasha's annoyance melted away instantly as he chuckled heartedly while scratching his bare abs openly and shaking his head at Amanda's way too innocent personality. "I have no idea how someone as naive as you became my friend!"

She pouted cutely, rolling her beautiful hazel orbs at him with a fold of her arms. "I'm not naïve!" She defended, suppressing the urge to giggle. "But I am happy."

"What for bighead?"

She stuck out her tongue immaturely at him which got another chuckle out of him.

"I got to hear your laugh." She grinned deviously at him when he blushed with a curse. "And that cute blush of yours – which is a huge bonus in my book coming from you."

"Oh shut up!" He blushed even deeper, mimicking her with a fold of his own hands. "Besides, I only did that because I know you were feeling down."

"I was not!" She shouted, narrowing her orbs at him.

"Yea you were – you're voice was even breaking!"

"Ugh – says the guy who picked a fight with the wall and bowed his head to hide the evident pain like a wuss."

Inuyasha cringed. "Touché Amanda… Touché."

She grinned victoriously, clasping her hands in delight. "You know…" She started to look around the spacious home of Inuyasha, amazed at how clean it was to say that two men were living her. "I always thought that the first time I was being invited to your home, it would be on a brighter note." Sneaking a glass at him, she grinned slightly when his smile fell in shame.

"I know… I'm sorry." He apologized.

"Naw is okay." She giggled when he shifted uncomfortably in the chair. "Besides, you can always make it up by fixing us a snack and then letting me whoop your ass in that Naruto fighting game you think I can't play."

Quirking a thick brow at her attitude, he eased back slightly as if she had just offended him. "Dude – you're a girl, which automatically means you can't play shit."

"Oh yea?" She barked, getting up into a standing position. "Well then I guess you won't mind us playing some games right?"

"Oh hell naw!" Inuyasha rose swiftly, hovering over Amanda's head with a huge smirk on his visage. "I'm not gonna go easy on you just because you're a girl you know."

"I wouldn't want you to either way." She started bouncing with enthusiasm. "That way, when I beat your ass – you'd know it was because you just couldn't beat me and that I'm the better player. Girl or no girl."

Inuyasha chuckled loudly at her child like antics, watching her as she bounced up and down, her hair moving gracefully against her. His eyes lingered on her bouncing pert breast before shaking his head and walking towards the kitchen to fetch some sodas and chips.

"I'm gonna feel sorry when I beat you." He took a glance at her. "I wouldn't want to be the one trying to stop your tears from falling."

"Dude… dude, come on… Do you really think I'm some push over?"

He eyed her from top to bottom where she wore simple red jeans that hugged her rear end snugly and ended just above her knees and a tight simple black tee that had on, "Aren't I Adorwable?" in red, with bubbly orbs under the words. His body started shaking with suppressed laughter as he held his lips captive to hold in his laugh. "Oh of course you aren't… You're a manly girl."

"Ugh – whatever Inuyasha!" She grabbed the chips from his hands and started walking down the halls in search of his room. "I'll let my actions speak for itself, and when I beat you – you're going to watch Easy A with me!"

"Hey, am not gonna go watch that chick flick with you!"

"You have to since I'm gonna win!" She barked from down the hall.

He found himself gazing at her with an appreciated smile stretching his lips. He was happy to know someone like her who could be there for him no matter what. Inuyasha knew that Amanda had feelings for him, but the fact that she was willing to stay by his side, knowing that his eyes watched another girl made him appreciate her eve more. She will always have a special place in his heart.

"Oh my gosh!" He heard her hiss, after rushing back towards him. "Can we pleeeaaase watch this movie after I beat you?"

He still had to quirk his brow at her, wondering why she was saying 'after I beat you', as if she was so positive of her win at a game that was made for men and only men. No one had ever achieve the goal in beating him in Naruto Ultimate Ninja – no one, and he wasn't about to let this bubbly, girly girl come and mess up that train. Both Inuyasha's brows rose considerably when he saw the DVD that was encased in her grip before looking at her excited expression.

"What kind of girl are you?" He gawked as he took another gaze at the DVD that read Slap Shot 1977. Inuyasha was the kind of guy who enjoyed the oldest films ever. Those shit were good to watch.

"Are you kidding me?" She barked, shaking the DVD in her vice-like grip. "This film is awesome!" Her eyes were wide with excitement as she fidgeted with anticipation. She cleared her throat with a wide grin on her face, straightening up and then letting all emotions drop from her visage. "I may be bald, but at least I'm not chickenshit."

Amanda burst out laughing at the classic line from the movie, leaning backwards a little as her laughter increased when she saw the incredulous look on Inuyasha's visage.

"You quote lines…" He whispered, clearly amused. He has never met a girl who enjoyed the same movies he loved so much. "You're the first girl who I know that loves this movie. Are you sure you're not some dude, disguise as a girl?" He poked her face playfully.

"Stop it." She swatted his invading hand away from his face. "This movie is the shit! Don't even start with me." She shook the DVD firmly as she gazed at it. "Remember the scene where Michael Ontkean stripped tease on ice? That was hilarious!"

Inuyasha found himself chuckling at remembering that specific scene, but was mostly amazed that Amanda know of that movie. Most people hated it, and all the girls he knew despised it, yet this girl was someone of a 'dude'. "Most people think I suck for having these kinds of old movies." He started, pulling the DVD out of her hands and following her back to his room with the sodas in his other hand.

"Oh, don't fret too much. You do suck…" She giggled when he cased her a dry look. "But not for your taste in movies." She rushed out; still giggling at the look he gave her.

"I saw a new side of you today Amanda Matsumoto." He spoke seriously. "You showed that the term 'looks are deceiving' can be quite possible and true."

"Glad I can help you in that department." Again, she stuck out her tongue at him, flopping down on the floor in front of the television where the gaming systems lay haphazardly in front of her. "What's your favourite movie off the top of your head right now?"

Inuyasha threw down the DVD and went to sit beside Amanda after turning on the television. "Off the top of my head? Hmmm…. I'd say Dazed and Confused, that 1993 movie with Ben Affleck."

"I don't fancy that very much, but it's good." She suddenly grinned when the previews on the game started showing up. "Beside, Ben Affleck being it in makes it that much enjoyable."

Inuyasha watched with humour as Amanda licked her lips salaciously at the thought of said actors. "You gotta be kidding me." He then rolled his eyes with a smirk. "My favourite line in that now is…"

"Oh wait – let me guess!" She placed an index finger against her thinned lips that were pursed, as if thinking hard when she furrowed her brows together. "Since you are a guy, typically it would be that part where they talked about highschool girls…Um it was something about – "That's what I love about these school girls…", um wait – it was…"

Inuyasha nodded his head slowly, a huge grin overtaking his face as he cut her off. "I keep getting older, and they stay the same age." He found his cheeks hurting him from grinning so much and so widely. "That's the million dollar line there."

"Ugh – men are so disgusting!" Amanda leaned over to Inuyasha, resting a hand on his thighs to keep her up while she snatched the big back of chips. "How would they like if some old geezer took an interest in their highschool daughter?"

"You just don't get it…" He shook his head. "You and Kagome are just alike. You know she said the same thing to me?"

Amanda nodded her head with a roll of her eyes as she stuffed some chips in her mouth. "Great minds think alike…." She paused when he didn't reply, looking over at him to see the sad expression consuming his once happy one.

"Hey, didn't you call me here to distract you?" She smiled at him, goading him to do the same while placing the bag of chips in his face. "Let's just have some fun and then we can gradually figure things out."


"Hey idiot!" She tried again, shoving the chips right in his face this time. "I'm here because you wanted to use me as a distraction and I'm letting you use me so do good and do what you set out to do from the beginning."

"Use you?" He whispered with a quirk of his brows. "You know I would never –…"

"Yea I know that." She smiled. "Now let's play some game and let me kick that ass of yours."

She winked at him playfully.

"You know what?" Inuyasha asked, grabbing the chips out of hands and taking a handful and stuffing it in his mouth. He threw the bag of chips in Amanda's laps, eating nastily while brushing off his hands and taking up his control. "I am going to enjoy beating your cocky ass!" He bended his knees with his heels touching the ground alone and his elbows on his knees while gripping the control. "No mercy will be coming your way!"

Amanda watched Inuyasha with half lidded orbs, giving him her palm to talk to before taking up her control and going into her 'game mode.' "I think this will be my best win ever." She breathed excitedly, clicking on the character that goes by the name of Hinata.

"With you choosing Hinata – there's no way you can possibly win." He gloated, choosing his character that goes by the name of Kakashi. "This dude is the best."

"It's amazing how you still end up downgrading the female species." Amanda's voice was cool, collective as she let Inuyasha choose the place for their showdown.

"Are you ready?" He questioned with a smile, looking at the way she sat with her legs apart and bended up right with her arm on her raised knees.

"In 3…"

"Ask yourself that question bighead." She grinned when the game system continued counting down. "Oh and you're also buying the movie tickets and the snacks."

There was a loud computer voice that shouted 'fight!', and both teens eased forward a little, all ready focused on winning the game at hand.


"I didn't really want to call you…" Kagome nervously twirled a strand of hair around her finger, gnawing at her lips as she listened to the person on the other end of her call. "I know that you don't mind but it's just that… I feel like I'm using you."

I cringed at the reply I got from Kouga. He knew I was using him to take my mind off of Inuyasha and now off of Inuyasha and Amanda. I had to roll my eyes in disgust. The thought of Amanda and Inuyasha fucking, just five feet from my room made me coil in disgust.

I tried not to even think of them together, but somehow my feet always seem to take me to my bedroom, right in front of my closed window.

I needed to get out.

"Are you sure, Kouga?" Kagome nibbled on her nails while nodding her head every few second. "You can come get me at ten thirty." She replied after a few seconds, looking at her clock that now read 9:30pm.

Kouga is something special. I know he'd make a wonderful companion – and I hope that I'd grow to love him the way I love Inuyasha, or even close. I feel like the worst though, getting ready to go out with a guy who's not even in my heart just so I can take my mind off of the one who was in my heart, yet refuse to be in my life the way I wanted him to be.

It was just a fucked up situation that I never thought I'd be in.

"What should I wear…?" Placing her hands on her hips, Kagome stood in front of her double door opened closet as she scanned in search for the wear of the night. With a purse of her lips in thought, Kagome couldn't help wondering if she should wear something casual or go all out to impress Kouga.

I didn't want to lead on Kouga to much. I know he's not the type of guy to fall over someone based on how slutty they choose to dress. But then again, taming things down is so fucking boring and I find if I do that, a certain bastard would invade my mind!

"Stop it Inuyasha!" Kagome heard a female voice screamed, followed by some shuffle and then Inuyasha's manly chuckle while telling her to calm down.

Okay, there's no way I'm dressing tame now. That fucking is openly displaying that shit, knowing that I can most likely hear them? What was his fucking plan?

At that very moment of my angered rambling, my blue orbs had caught site of a little black dress, and I smirked in delight before grabbing some red and purple Pastry shoes and putting them next to my bed, where the dress now lay upon.

All I needed now was a good hair do, and some nice purple accessories – then I'll sure have some fucking fun!

Kagome gave one final glare at her closed windows before stomping off into her master bathroom to take a shower. She wanted to make sure she didn't keep Kouga waited, and with her mother gone for the week she knew that she didn't really have to worry about parental control.

"I'm so sorry Kouga." She found herself whispering to the air, stripping down to nothing while she let the cold water run off before getting into the shower.

The cool water ran down her curvy form in a soothing manner, as if giving her the calm that she needed to end off the shitty day. She found herself replying the time in the little room, shuddering from the memory washing over her. There was no denying that Inuyasha was something special – that he was someone who was here for her, yet for some reason, it was just not happening.

Somehow, I feel like I've made a wrong decisions and thinking like that is making my heart clench painfully. I know I'm just a young teen, but feeling so strongly for this one guy has to be real. When I look to the future all I see is that silver haired dude with me in his arms. It's all I see!

I still think that giving him space with show him how lonely it is with my by his side, but then all I keep seeing is Amanda – or even Kikyou replacing me and he's happy. The laughter across from my window is giving me doubts.

The fucking doubts are only increasing by the second!


Kagome lifted her head to the water, her eyes close to block out the water rushing down from her shower. She ran her hands through her hair, her tears mixing silently with the water trickling down her face. "How do I go on living when Inuyasha is my life?"

She felt herself sinking to the ground, her arms wrapping around her bended knees as she curled into a bawl. "Why do I feel like I made a fucking mistake?" She shouted, praying that someone would answer her query.

This is what one would call being pathetic, wouldn't you say the same?


"You are such a cheat Inuyasha!" Amanda's luscious lips were parted in shock, now on her knees as she faced Inuyasha who held her control away from her while he beat her player to a pulp.

Inuyasha only chuckled, using a lean leg to keep her away from him while he pressed combos on he control crazily, irritating Amanda even more when the gaming system shouted 'Game Over.' He knew he was cheating, and he also knew that little innocent Amanda hated that fact. But what could he have done when the irritating chick was kicking his ass so badly that he felt every virtual move striking his pride directly.

"I can't fu –…"

"Oh? Oh?" Inuyasha's mouth opened in a wide 'O' as he paused the game, slanting his gaze towards Amanda. "Is that a curse word I hear coming out of your mouth?" He looked at Amanda who now had an irate scowl on her face with her arms folded tightly over her chest. "I had no idea my dear Amanda had such a dirty mouth."

Inuyasha shook his head at her while she pouted with evident annoyance. He has never met a girl who was so competitive in his entire life. When she was kicking his ass so easily, he could have swore that she was some football groupie as she cheered and woo'ed loudly each time she delivered a powerful combo that he failed to dodge in time. Though he beat her some times, he was ashamed to admit that her wins out numbered his greatly…. Like maybe some 30 – 12… and that just doesn't settle for someone like him, or for any guy in particular. Even though she only lost a little compared to him, the girl would get pissed and not talk to him until she beat him. Seriously – where have she been all his life?

"I so hate you right now!" She slapped his foot painfully, making him wince a little but never stopping him from cheating so openly. "You're still going to take me to the movies when we get the time you know."

He scoffed a little at her. "That'll be the day…" He mumbled under his breath, delivering another combo which took all of Amanda's player life instantly. "Oooooh! Game ooooveeer!" He shouted, jumping to his feet with his hands in the air. "And the winner goes to…. Kakashi!" He shouted in an octave voice, speaking in sync with the game.

Amanda huffed as she rose to her feet slowly, resting her hands on her narrow waist. "I can't believe you…" She gawked. "Here I thought you were a man…" She started, stalking towards him slowly. "Do you even have all the ingredient of a man, or are you just the type who can't use it too well."

Inuyasha's laughter died down as he glared at her. "What the fuck are you getting at bighead?" He shifted his body to face her short form, taking a closer step towards her.

"Oh? Did I hit a sensitive spot there?" Amanda giggled, poking his naked pecks playfully which got a twitch out of him each time.

"Yo, stop that…" He twitched again when she poked his peck, crossing his arms across his chest and using his palms to hide his pecks from her prying fingers.

With her lips being held captive between her teeth, she started shaking her head at the imagine Inuyasha was posing at that moment. He looked like a girl who had lost her top and had to hide her boobs with her hands. The look was a classic, especially with Inuyasha's long mane all messed up from his cheating antics.

"Okay, I'll stop alright… Jeez, don't get that panty in a bunch now."

"Panty?" He scoffed. "Miss…!" He paused when Amanda held up her ands to silence him.

"Hey… no judgments… You are what you are."

Turning her back on him, she hid her huge grin just in time at seeing such an annoy expression on his visage. He was so easy to rile up that she couldn't help but be tempted – and he so deserve it for what he did! The dude was a complete cheat!

Amanda moved forward to get the DVD from where Inuyasha had placed it, but she was suddenly stopped by the force of someone grasping her long tresses.

"Inuyasha!" She gasped, her hands instantly going to her head. "Let go of my hair dammit!"

"Or what?" He brazenly asked, tugging slightly on her hair for good measures. Again, Amanda was actually the first girl he'd met whose hair was a good length longer than his, and her hair's beauty also challenged his. He knew how much she love her hair, and that's exactly why he always found himself going for the hair so he could make a clear point.

"So God help me…" She gritted out, turning around to face him, but stopped with a small whimper when he tugged in the opposite direction of where she was going.

Inuyasha laughed.

Amanda mocked his laughter as she saluted him with her middle finger.

"Wow… This new side of you is quite intriguing." His laughter only increased. This new part of Amanda made him extra comfortable around her and he was glad for the circumstances – even though they were not to his favour – that caused Amanda to come over so they could hang out; something they never really did unless it was during school times.

"I'm glad I entertain you." She smiled stiffly, even though he couldn't see her. Amanda eased back slowly towards him, to get closer to him and before he could make a move, she punched in right in his jewels. "How's the entertainment coming along?"

When he released her hair in favour of cupping his bruised balls, she found her self giggling like some crazed bitch as she massaged her scalp in the process.

"You're such a bitch!"

She only giggled more, amused at the high pitched voice that escaped his lips. "Yea… I know." She sighed and walked off after patting him lovingly on the head. "It takes one to know one…" Her giggle faded as she moved further away from her friend.


Kagome brushed her hair back into a high pony-tail, adding a purple clip on butterfly on the tail of her hair. She grinned in the mirror, fixing her boobs more in the dress before easing down and lacing up her shoes.

I looked damn good, if I do say so myself. I couldn't help the grin that stretched my glossy lips as I fixed my shoes. Man, I had such a huge love for Pastry and Apple Bottom shoes that I just never could help myself with the amount of shoes I bought.

I guess have a successful mom who barely finds time to come home does have its perks.

Getting up, Kagome looked at the clock that read 10:10pm, knowing that Kouga would be on his way soon. So as not to keep him waiting, she sprayed some perfume on her and some between her legs with a light giggle before heading outside to wait for him.

As soon as she came outside though, she saw Amanda leaving Inuyasha's house, and she couldn't help the shocked look that was being displayed so openly on her face.

I'd expect her to stay the night – this is a first.

But then again she was such an innocent bitch that she possibly can't say she's sleeping out – her dear daddy might have a heart attack if he knew what his little princess was doing.

"Kagome!" Amanda called with an enthusiastic wave of her hand. "Wow…" She gasped, looking Kagome up and down as she made her way over to her. "You look hot…"

Kagome rolled her eyes blatantly at her, turning her head from her as not to talk to her. She didn't want to even smell the familiar scent that would probably be wafting off of her.

"So…" Amanda started, rocking back and forth on her heels with a grin on her face. "Going out tonight?"

"And what's it to you?" Kagome rudely asked, still not looking at her. Kagome couldn't stomach to look at Amanda with that ridiculous expression on her face, since every time a girl was with Inuyasha – they're face spoke high volumes of their sinful actions.

"Wow… I never knew you took the term bitch to such level."

What the fuck did she just say to me?

Hearing Amanda speak like this… It was a first, especially since she portrayed such an innocent image.

This time Kagome slowly turn her head to face Amanda, a twitch in her orbs. "Oh, so the little hussy found the balls to talk dirty just 'cause she just got some bud?"

Kagome was perplexed as to why Amanda was currently laughing. Did she find it amusing? Well Kagome had to admit that most girls don't give a fuck about being called names – as long as they got what they wanted, which was Inuyasha himself.

"You know I never really liked you to begin with." Amanda sighed loudly, drowning out Kagome's annoyed profanity as she stretched towards the sky. "Hey, do you remember the first time we met?"

Kagome sure as hell didn't answer her; she just glared hotly at her with a twitch in her mouth, just itching to verbally abuse this bitch, maybe even physically if she pushed her buttons too much.

"There was this party…" Amanda started, ignoring the hatred radiating off of Kagome. "I was new back then, but my cousin – Rushka; she's a senior at school – dragged me with her, saying that it would be good to try and get to know some people before my first day at school." A sigh left her plush lips as she thought back to that night. "I have never seen so many drunken young teens cramped up in such a small house before." Looking over at the silent Kagome she pursed her lips. "I didn't want to 'follow the crowd'… So I refused a drink from a really drunk girl." Shaking her head with a slight smile on her face she continued to rock back and forth on her heels. "The moment I refuse that drink was the start of a humiliating night…."

I have no fucking idea why this bitch is talking to me – and I wish she would disappear, go home or even go back to Inuyasha.

As long as she leave me the fuck alone!

"The girl started blabbering on and on – calling me names as if she knew me!" She laughed, but the laughter was pained. "She had almost everyone as the audience, humility me because of my mixed race… because of the way I was built." This time Amanda's voice broke. "I don't have a doubt in my mind that I'm pretty, but even so, it hurt me a lot – especially since I was new. I kept asking myself 'is this the life I want to experience – to live with and always be cautious if I refuse something?', and then it happened." Her brows knitted together. "Next thing I knew – my whole body was drenched in liquor – ice-cold smelly liquor – and everyone just stood their laughing at me – just laughing…."

I felt an ounce of sadness for Amanda. Seeing that she went through that, on her first night out was really something to feel for. But still – I didn't like her any less.

Kagome found eyes being held captive with Amanda's hazel orbs that held a hint of sadness. "That girl who humiliated me that night… Was you, Kagome."

No… No fucking way would I do something so cruel! I know at times I can get a little wild when I'm drunk, but I would never humiliate someone….

I just….

I wouldn't!

"It's okay if you don't remember or believe me." She shrugged. "You were pretty messed up that night. All I could do was run outside in shame, crying my eyes out at the mean people." Amanda's gaze drifted towards Inuyasha's house. "The only person who cared enough to bring me towels and apologize for your rudeness, was Inuyasha." She smiled widely. "I think that's when I started to believe love at first site was possible." Amanda started to giggle like a true teen that was crazily in love with a guy.

I envied her pureness and honesty, but at the same time that was what really angered me and pushed me to hate her – even if it was just a little.

But the more she spoke of that night, the more I remember Inuyasha chewing off my aching head the next day about my rudeness – though he never specifically told me what went down and I didn't really pry.

Parties were always fucked up and I tend to get that way depending on the mood.

Kagome was suddenly pulled out of her train of thoughts when Amanda's laughter died down, though she still giggled a little.

"After that day though, he never really spoke to me." She sighed sadly. "He never remembered me, but I did – I could never forget him…"

"Look your little walk down memory lane is cute and all…" Kagome started with a shake of her head. "But I don't care, alright?"

"I know you don't." Amanda then looked angrily at her, but then sighed as the anger died down. She couldn't really waste her energy on feeling angry at Kagome. If she was to look at the situation at Kagome's point of view she could very well understand her, but at the same time Amanda might be the stupid one to stay by Inuyasha's side still. Her way of dealing with the situation is by being close to him to ward of some girls while at the same time making him hurt by being with other guys.

Amanda shrugged again. "I just wanted to tell you that Inuyasha and I didn't do anything." She smiled sadly. "I should be telling you the opposite to make you angry – and rub a lie in your face but I know how Inuyasha feels about you." When Kagome turned her face stubbornly from her she couldn't help but smile a little wider. "Inuyasha has eyes only for you – I've notice that for a long time now and don't plan on messing up anything – I'm not that kind of person."

When Kagome didn't reply to her, or even look her way, Amanda found herself fiddling with her hands.

"I hope Inuyasha and you get together." She started walking off, heading towards her car. "I'd hate him to be with someone else, knowing that I gave up my love just so you guys can be happy."

That girl is fuckedin the head.

Yet, I still couldn't help the slight smile that touched my lips.

I didn't want to ponder much on this, right now I was trying to get Inuyasha out of my head – for the night at least, (though how can I when I was bursting with joy inside, knowing that Inuyasha and Amanda didn't have sex?).

I exhaled loudly, silently watching as Amanda sped down the road in her car and seconds after I was smiling widely as Kouga's ride neared me.

Just let go Kagome…. Let go and forget about that idiot Inuyasha – even if it's just for one night.

Kagome grinned when Kouga got out of his ride to open her door for her, feeling like a princess out of a fairy-tale movie.

"You're dressed for clubbing." Kouga noted with a smirk that showed a hint of his dazzling teeth. "Are you up for it?"

Looking him over hungrily, Kagome licked her lips at his choice of wear. Though it was simple he pulled it off in the sexiest way possible. He wore a dark blue dress shirt with three of the top buttons undone and a pair of black faded jeans that hugged him in all the right places. "You look delicious Kouga…" Kagome giggled when he blushed.

"You don't look so bad yourself."

"Oh really?" She laughed, waiting for him to come around in the driver's seat.

They both gazed at each other as their laughter died down.

"Let's have some fun and leave the problems behind." He whispered, grasping her small hand in his while he started up the car.

My only response was to squeeze his hand in reply with a content smile on my visage.

Yes Kouga, let's enjoy the night and have endless fun.


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