1Hey guys.

I enjoy writing these stories with Edward and Bella meeting after the break up.

So to satisfy my writing need, here's another break up/ make up story? Will they make up?

Read and find out!

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Bella's point of view.

Anything can change in six months. People can change over the period of six months. That statement has never be more true when it comes to me. I changed over six months. I was altered from being this happy seventeen year old girl with this amazing guy who she thought loved her to being a lifeless seventeen year old girl with a broken heart. They say that break ups are tough but did those people ever have their heart broken by their first and only true love that they had planned a whole life with? And After six months I gave up hope that he was coming back.

See, I was in love with this one guy. Just one. And I would do anything for him. And I thought he felt the same way for me.

I knew I wasn't good enough for him. But I still let myself believe that maybe he didn't care. Maybe he love me anyways. I knew he could never love someone as plain and normal as me, btu I believed he did. I can remember the day he left with perfect clarity. And when I unlock the door in my mind where that memory exist, I 'm left with nothing but pain. There's this hole in my chest. That's where my heart use to be. Before it was broken and taken away. And now without him I am not the same. I'm oblivious to the world around me. I don't notice the people near me or the colors of the sky. I feel like I am constantly trapped in a black room with no way of escaping or breaking free.

I started studying more and making sure my homework was perfect before even considering turning it in. Not because it mattered but because I didn't want any free time. I didn't want any time left for my ming d to unlock that door and unleash the worst memory that was burned inside my head. Because when I did think about my last memory of him, I was left with the same annoying question. What did I do to lose him? And every time I had the same answer come to me.

I was weak and fragile. He was strong...brave...gorgeous. The list goes on and on. He deserved the best. The one who could stand next to him and feel like she wasn't odd. And when he left I couldn't stop thinking what do I do now? He was my everything. My future. My life. What was I suppose to do without him? I had planned my whole life and how long I was going to be able to be with him. Forever. Until he left, of course. And I wanted to talk to someone about it. But I couldn't. Who would believe me if I told them that my ex-boyfriend was a vampire?

Eventually I had Harvard University looking At me for a scholarship thanks to all my studying and hard work. Charlie had insisted on me taking the scholarship. After hours of hearing him talk about all the great things I could experience and how excellent my education would be, I caved and agreed to take the scholarship. But I couldn't really make myself believe that I was going to Harvard University

just to get my father off my back. Some part of me wanted to go. It was like a new beginning waiting for me.

I stood infront of my bedroom window just staring at it. I knew it would be a long time before I could dream about him crawling through it again. "Bella," My father said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "I'm very proud of you. And I know...that these past couple of years have been hard. But I admire how you have changed your life around for the better." I want to snort at his words. Yeah, I changed for the better, alright. I was dead inside and was still in love with a guy that didn't love me. "I sure am going to miss you honey." He whispered in a hard voice. I looked over to my loving dad and saw that he was getting teary eyed.

I pulled him into hug and tried to cheer him up. "Ah, we're not even at the airport and you're already getting sad on me." I joked. Charlie let out a half cry/ half laugh. "Come, on. Renee and Phil. are waiting downstairs." He said as he grabbed my bags. My mother and Phil had flown out from Phoenix to help me get my dorm set up. I hated that they had to leave home just for me but my mom insisted that it was no big deal.

My mother rode in the back of the car with me while Phil and Charlie rode up front. It was kind of odd seeing the two of them talking to each other. I could still feel the tension in the air. My mother kept her eyes on me as we drove to the air port. When ever I would ask her what was wrong she would break down saying, "I'm just so proud of you, honey. I always dreamed of this day but I never thought it would be this hard!" That's when I pull her into a hug just like with Charlie and tell her how much I was going to miss her. "Mom, I'll visit you and Charlie every holiday." I tried. She nodded her head and wiped her eyes.

She stuck her hand in her purse and started searching for something. 'We got you a going away present. It's something to help keep us all in contact." She smiled as she pulled out a cell phone. I rolled my eyes at her. "You have unlimited text and talk. This way we can call you anytime!" She cheered. I held the little black slider in my hands. Great. They can call when ever they want. Not that I didn't love them all it's just that my mother can talk forever!

The plane ride wasn't so bad. I just looked out my window the whole flight while my mom prattled about college life and how much I was going to love it. I nodded and "mhm." at the right time so she knew I was listening. Charlie was getting the rental car while my mother took me to get something to eat. It had been at least four or five hours since breakfast and I was starving. Renee continued with her college stories as I ate. And like on the plane I nodded and agreed with whatever she was saying.

Charlie and Phil were talking about baseball when my mother brought up a conversation with me. "Honey, You've been quieter lately. I knew what happened a couple of years ago really upset you, but I promise it will get better." She said as she stroked my hair. I was really hoping to avoid this conversation. "Mom, I don't think it will. I loved him and...I don't know. I'm hoping College will be my fresh start." I forced a smile. She smiled back and kissed my forehead. I gasped as we pulled into the campus.

It was teeming with teenage life. Their were other students with a bunch of bags and forms in their hands. Charlie and Phil unloaded the car as Renee and I went to get my dorm key and information. I was kind of nervous about who my roommate would be. 'Um...can you tell me if my roommate has checked in?" I asked the lady standing behind he long desk. She flipped through some pages and typed on her keyboard and then Finally said, "Um...Looks like she hasn't came yet. She should arrive soon." She promised.

Charlie and Phil had a silent competition between the two of them to see who could carry the most up the stairs to my dorm. I giggled as I saw Charlie rub his back. Phil on the other hand was moving at a quick pace and kept throwing Charlie death glares. "Men will be men." My mother chuckled as she guided me toward my room. My heart was beating a little bit quicker than normal as I place the key in the hole. I slowly opened the door. My jaw dropped as I walked in. The dorm was in excellent shape. My room had two beds in it and two dressers. And there was a little desk positioned in the corner.

"Would you look at this view!" My mother called from the living area. I peeked out the window and saw a little water fountain and a tone of flowers. It was a garden. I had to admit that the view was absolutely amazing. Renee helped me set my things up while Phil and Charlie went and got dinner. We spent about an hour or two just talking and eating our dinner. Renee had bagged up all the trash and thrown it away before coming to say goodbye. "I'll miss you, Bells." My father sad as he hugged me. Phil lightly patted me on the head and hugged me and my mother...well, she just cried.

After my parents left, It was pretty quiet. I had got my shower and decided to read a little before bed. I was tucked underneath my covers and had my Whuthering Heights book in my hands. I was pretty calm until a loud crash came from the living area and made me jump.

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