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Ashley looked around as she exited the cabin. The rain continued to pour, making it hard to see where she was going. The fact that it was the middle of the night didn't help much.

She desperately wanted to rest, but Ashley knew she wasn't safe there and kept moving. A large wooden wall with two gates loomed before her. Her amber eyes focused on a lever between them.

This must be what opens the gates.

Gripping the metal rod in her hands, Ashley jerked it as hard as she could. It moved with surprising ease, and the blonde girl heard a slow creaking as one of the gates opened.

The gate on the right had opened, and she moved cautiously through it. A pair of metal doors stood in front of her. Ashley shivered as she slowly pushed open the doors. They appeared to be truly reenforced, which wasn't a good sign.

The president's daughter found herself standing in a narrow canyon. It was about several hundred yards long with large boulders placed along the top edge.

A large wooden gate with a doorway, probably an exit, was visible at the other side.

What's with this place? The villagers must really be trying to keep something out.

Ashley holstered her handgun and pulled the shotgun from the backpack. Gripping it until her hands turned white, she tried to work up enough courage to move forward.

Walking as quickly as she dared, which wasn't very fast, she stopped in the middle of the canyon.

Her shuddering breath and pounding heart were the only sound she could hear. It was unnaturally quiet.

Or maybe . . . they're trying to keep something in.


Ashley became mute with pure terror as a giant crashed down into the canyon, El Gigante, to be exact.

Ashley couldn't move as the monster moved toward her with loud, crashing footsteps. Letting out a loud roar which nearly split her skull, it raised a giant fist into the air.

The president's daughter dropped to the ground, hands covering her head, and waited to be turned into pulp.


Ashley opened her eyes to see a canine with long, white fur leap into the canyon.

"A dog?"

Woof! Woof! Woof!

El Gigante turned and stumbled after the dog, who dodged and leaped as the monster swung giant fists at it. Ashley took the opportunity to get up, placing the shotgun to her shoulder.

Shaking with fear, she squeezed the trigger. Then again, and again.

Suddenly, the monster dropped to one knee, clutching at it's back. Ashley watched as a large Las Plagas tentacle came bursting from it's back. Dropping the weapon, she pulled the knife of the sheath on her chest.

She remembered what Leon had told her about killing this kind of monster.

Breaking into a run, she leaped onto his broad back. El Gigante roared with rage, but was unable to reach the girl as she scrambled toward the Las Plagas tentacle.

Gripping the knife in her delicate hand as hard as she could, she slashed desperately. An audible snap could be heard as the knife completely severed the tentacle.

El Gigante got back to his feet and Ashley lost her footing. Falling onto a pile of loose dirt, which broke her fall, Ashley had the breath completely knocked out of her.

Her eyes went wide with terror as the dead El Gigante began to fall forward. In a moment, she would be crushed.


The next few heartbeats were all a blur. Ashley felt herself be pushed aside, and a loud crash as the dead monster hit the ground. Getting to her feet, Ashley squinted through the pouring rain.

She saw the dog had pushed her out of the way, resulting in his back legs being pinned beneath the body.

"No!" Ashley stepped over to where the dog lay trapped.

It let out a small whine as Ashley stroked his head. The dog was completely stuck. He couldn't move.

"I'll be right back. I'm going to get you out."

The dog watched as Ashley picked up a broken spar of wood, propping it as near to the canine as she could.

Ashley gripped the stick firmly, "you need to move quickly. I can only hold it for a second."

Wether the dog understood her words or not, it seemed to understand what Ashley was trying to do. As the president's daughter put all her weight onto the branch, the dog was just able to pull himself free.

The freed dog let out a happy bark and jumped on Ashley, covering her face in licks. His legs didn't seem damaged.

Ashley noticed his ice-blue eyes were strikingly similar to Leon's. She gently pushed her new friend off and picked up the backpack.

"Come on, let's get moving."

The dog let out a bark of approval and followed Ashley into the darkness.

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