Abby wandered in the darkness. It was like walking on stilts while on acid. Dark colors in the moonlight swirled and swayed as her body did on her unsteady feet. She didn't know where she was or where she was going. All she could cearly feel at the moment was a desperate need for help...and escape. And, of course, she could feel the invisible bowling ball on top of her head. Fatigue gradually made her footsteps even wobblier - worse than her attempts at walking in high heels. It had been a long night, or at least that's what it seemed. Her body slowly started to ache.

Eventually, a few of her other senses came back to muted life. The light breeze made Abby shake and hug herself tightly. Some of the colors became brighter, possibly because of the streetlights; she recoiled and shuddered more at the bright sparks that made her head throb even more. She became aware of a faint metallic scent mixed with smoke fading away with every step she took. Something else metallic and rather rotten tickled her taste buds and nearly made her gag - blood.

Help me - help me, she thought. But she couldn't open her mouth without pain. She thought she saw shadowy, human figures amidst the colors. Her vision got even blurrier before she could decipher them. A new taste entered the corners of her mouth... Salty. Tears.

Somehow there was always flat ground under her feet. Abby wanted to fall - long, down, and hard - if she had to go through anymore of this dark haze. A fragment of a memory entered her mind and just confused her even more. all... Her thoughts were becoming fused into a melted goop in her brain, and she still didn't know where she was headed.

Abby stumbled on something - steps leading upward. She kept stumbling forward until she hit a wall. She groped around the blackness and found a knob. A door? The rusty taste had turned into a poison, a sickening perfume. There was so much blood now, there couldn't possibly be anymore in her system. Panicking, she started hitting the door. When nothing happened, she balled her fingers into weak fists and banged harder.

The barrier suddenly swung open. Heart pounding, Abby kept hitting a softer surface before falling against it. Warm arms caught her. A heartbeat. . .

He couldn't believe who was standing in front of him. Blood everywhere - her hands, her shirt, her nose and mouth - he almost didn't recognize her, if it weren't for her bubbling green eyes.

"Abby?" he asked incredulously.

Gibbs! she wheezed. The words couldn't reach her mouth. The darkness consumed her.