Age of Edward Contest Submission:

Title: Warrior

Your pen name: Vampgirl18

Type of Edward: GladiEdward- Ancient Greek Empire Edward

Time Period: Between 1300 BC and 1200 BC

Length: 8,488 words

Summary: Edward is a Greek army commanderthat has come upon the shores of Troy to fight in the Trojan War. Bella, a Trojan woman of royal descent, is captured and taken back to the Greek camp as a 'prize' for Edward. Age of Edward.

Disclaimer: Mwahahahaha!!I own Twilight, yes it's true! *notes glare from readers*…*grumbles* Alright fine I own nothing.

Authors Note: Hi guys! This is my first time entering a contest so I'm really excited! I wanted to tell you my inspiration and explain some things about my story…

First- I'm a huge fan of Greek Mythology and LOVE 'Troy'. And come on, who wouldn't want Edward to be all sexy and sweaty and warrior like…drool.

Second- I'm trying to find a nice middle ground between 'Troy' and my story, so bare with me. But in case you are wondering, Edward will be the Achilles type character, though not 100%.

Third- I tried to make it as interesting as possible. So, please try to read the whole thing and not just the lemon. Tee-hee, yeah I know all about that.

Happy reading!

Edward's POV-

Knock, Knock, Knock.

Knock, Knock, Knock, BANG!

"Edward, I know you're in there open the door. We need to talk."

No! I will not open the door. I thought to myself childishly, asI laid still and hoped the voice would go away.


"By the Gods, I will not leave until you open the door and talk to me!"

I rolled over and rose out of bed. Gold and pink light was streaming through the windows above my head. It couldn't have been more than six in the morning.

Damn it Jasper!

I shuffled to the door and threw it open. Glaring at the tall blonde man on the other side, I retreated back to my bed and sat down wishing I could get some more badly needed sleep. I motioned roughly towards a chair and Jasper sat down. He stared at me until I looked up into his blue eyes, my green were still narrowed in annoyance.

"I suppose you know why I'm here," he began still looking intently at me. I became uncomfortable and looked away. After all this time, I still felt as though he could see right through me.

Jasper and I had fought along side each other for years, but our relationship went much deeper than that. He is the leader of the Apennine army. We met when he was passing through Thebes- the area where I was from- and he needed to get to Aigai. Not being form the area he had no idea how to get there. So, I offered to lead his cavalry to Aigai. We've been friends ever since.

"Yes. I suppose I do," I mocked back at him.

He rubbed his temples and looked up at the ceiling, as if pleading with Zeus himself for me to cooperate.

"Edward, I did not come here to cause an argument. I'm here on orders, you know that brother. King Aro sent me to convince you to come and join the fight against Troy. You are a famed fighter, Edward; you need to be there along side your countrymen.

"Think of the spoils; the women, the gold, the fame Edward! You could be immortal, be remembered for generations to come as a great fighter who lead his men to victory. Think about it. What have you got to lose?"

I thought over his words.

I was a famed warrior in Greece and was a valuable asset to the Greek army, but did I really want to fight in a war against a country that had the best archers in the land and walls as high as mountains? Not only that, but a country who truly did no wrong, except for having a prince that was too horny for his own good. No.

I didn't want the women; there were plenty of willing bed warmers in Greece. My mother raised me to be respectful of women, not desecrate their bodies with rape.

I didn't need the gold; I had everything I could ever want.

"I have no reason to fight Jasper, especially for a king such as Aro."

"Then don't fight for him, fight for me. Fight for your men. Fight for your country!" He looked a bit more hopeful when he said the last part.

I thought over his words. "And, I wouldn't have to converse with Aro?"

Jasper grinned a bit- sensing a victory- smug bastard. "Only if you want to."

I huffed out of laugh. "Of course I don't want too you bastard that's why I'm agreeing to fight for you, not him."

Jasper grinned wildly. "I would expect nothing more from the great Edward Cullen," he replied as he stood and mocked bowed at me. I rose, pushing him towards the door as he chuckled.

"Get out of here you brute," I said with a grin of my own as he mounted his horse.

"Edward, remember- we sail for Troy in a three days. Be at the shore by sunrise," he called as he rode away.

I shook my head and mounted my horse; I had to ready my men.


Three days later. Mid morning.

Bella's POV-

"Alice! Slow down, you're going to make me fall," I exclaimed as the little black haired nymph rushed over the rugged terrain.

I hiked the skirt of my blue and white dress up as I ascended the stairs of the Temple of Apollo.

Alice - my cousin and very close friend - and I came here often to enjoy the peace of the sea air. The air was warm and dry in Troy, as it always was, but the sea breeze helped beat back the sweltering heat. The water was cool and calm, very refreshing in comparison to the rough landscape.

Today was different though. I could hear the men grunting and yelling from the shoreline, setting up turrets against the Greeks. Instead of cooling and calming me, the air felt oppressing and the waters unsettled. As if it knew what flowed towards the beaches.

I was filled with a deep sadness when I thought of the bloodshed that was about to take place, but also with a fierce anger. The Greeks had no right to threaten my homeland, no right to come here and demand our submission to a selfish king! They had enough land; they had enough riches, and more importantly the killed enough men.

"Sorry Bella, but hurry up! We have to get back to the city before the Greeks arrive." Alice exclaimed as she threw the temple doors wide and rushed inside.

I followed clumsily behind her and opened my leather sack. I rifled through the soft bag looking for the flowers and coins I brought for Alice and I as an offering for Apollo. I shifted the parchments and the fabric hair ties around and pulled out the coin bag and flowers- which I passed to Alice.

We greeted the high priest and laid our flowers and coins on the alter and prayed.

I prayed to Apollo that I, and my family, would live through the impending attack on our city and as little of my people be killed as possible. And, I -resentfully- prayed for the Greeks. I prayed that they would see the error of their ways and return to their families. It was a hopeless cause but if any God could make it happen it was our great protector Apollo.

I stood up and walked over to Alice, who was quietly conversing with one of the priestesses about her fears of the upcoming war.

"Pardon me," I said to the priestess as she took notice of me and curtsied respectively. Alice and I were a part of the royal court in Troy. Our parents, her father and my mother, are brother and sister to King- or uncle as we call him- Priam. I didn't like when people bowed or curtsied towards me, but it was a fact I had to live with. "Alice, we really should head back to the palace before the ships arrive."

She nodded her head, her grey eyes wide as she looped her arm through mine. We walked through the Temple and headed out into the sun.

We didn't even get twenty feet away when we heard the bell clang from the gates of our city. I turned towards Alice with a panicked expression. I looked back towards the sea with a sense of dread.

I gasped at the site. Hundreds of ships were sailing towards the shores. Colorful flags waved in the breeze for as far as our eyes could see.

"Bella! We have to get back to the city," Alice exclaimed as she turned to leave.

I caught her arm. "No. There's no time! Our soldiers are already advancing; there is no way plausible to get safely back inside the walls! We'll have to hide in the Temple," I hastily yelled to her as I pulled her back.

She nodded and we ran back towards the stairs. We ran to the doors and I turned my head slightly to steal another look at the ships; a few about to come ashore. Panic seized me and Alice had to pull me into the Temple.

"Bella, come on! We must hurry," she squeaked as pandemonium erupted all around us.

Priests, priestesses and hand servants raced around; the men towards the back and front entrances, daggers in hand: and the women were scampering around trying to hide.

Alice and I ducked behind one of the large stone columns that went in a circle around the interior. We sat there for what felt like days. I watched the sun move the shadows in the room as Apollo pulled the bright orb across the sky.

I was shaking as I heard the clashes of swords, yells of victory, and cries of pains.

I jumped when I heard the shouts of men so close to the Temple.

Surely they would not desecrate a sacred place?

I was wrong. They banged and thudded against the door until it broke open. Bright light streamed in as well as Greek warriors. I prayed they would not find our hiding place.

I heard horror stories of what the Greeks did to the women of the countries they conquered. They took the women to have as their spoils and killed them when they became tired of them. I let out a shiver; I would rather be dead than be a sex toy for a retched Greek.

Alice's breathing picked up as the fighting advanced toward the circle of columns we were hiding behind. Priests were dead at our feet; cut throats still spilling blood across the floor- even ones that were unarmed.

I looked around and spotted a large table about eight feet away from us. On it hung a yellow table cloth that dropped to the floor. I poked Alice in the side and she looked at me sharply. I inclined my head towards it and she shook her head pleading me with her eyes not to go. I looked at her pointedly and looked around to make sure there were no Greeks in our vicinity.

With the coast clear, I kissed Alice's cheek quickly and started to crawl towards the table. Almost there! I started to lift the hem of the table cloth when I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head, a warrior had found me.

I kicked and thrashed as his hand pulled me upward by my long, brown hair. I raked my nails into his arms. I had to fight. I wouldn't win, but if I could harm my captor I would be happy.

I felt a mouth near my ear and shivered in revulsion. "You feisty bitch! We'll see how much spirit you have left when I get done with you."

He turned me towards around and slapped me so hard I fell to the ground. I immediately brought my hand to my mouth and felt blood. A wave of nausea flowed through me, but I forced it down with intense hatred for the whole Greek armada. He latched back onto my hair and hauled me to my feet. "Check every nook and cranny; find every living thing you can!"

The blood-soaked and bronze-cover men nodded and went around column to column checking each one. I jerked forward and screamed when I saw a tall soldier, with blonde wisps of hair coming out of his helmet; roughly pull Alice out from behind her hiding place. She fought valiantly but her size was nothing compared to that of the soldier's.

They drug us outside and into the scorching heat. We were pushed against the Temple wall with the other women and appraised like animals. I heard a loud cheer of victory rise in to the air… I knew we had lost the beach.

"Jasper! Come here," One of the guards yelled to the tall, blonde soldier. He walked over with a smug swagger.

"What is it?" he asked the man. The soldier leaned in close and whispered in Jasper's ear. He motioned towards Alice and me, I swallowed heavily. At once I knew why. We were both wearing identical gold necklaces. They had the royal seal of Troy stamped on a pendant. We wore them whenever we were going into the town or beyond.

Jasper nodded his head slowly and stepped towards us, his ice blue eyes calculating and cold. "So, care to tell me why two royal girls aren't behind the walls?"

Alice spit in his face and he backhanded her across her left cheek. "You'll be coming with me then, little one." He hissed, as he wiped his face.

He grabbed my arm and pushed me towards another solider standing close by. "Take her to Edward of Thebes - he deserves a nice treat after fighting so hard today. Don't touch her. That's an order. Edward doesn't like loose women, and she's wearing a virgins robe." The men leered hungrily at me and I felt violated.

"Come on wench, let's move. And don't try any funny business or my dagger will be in your pretty throat," the large man laughed as he gripped my arms and lead me forward.

I ignored his threat and wiggled so I could look at Alice one last time, unsure if I would see her again.



I like to fight.

Plain and simple.

I enjoy the feeling of a sword in my one hand and a man's life in the other. But, I always hated how dirty I am after fighting. The blood, sweat, and dirt all caked together in a bad smelling paste on my skin. All I wanted to do was go back to my tent and wash up.

I walked the beach heading towards my tent. I passed groups of men, rows of tents, and piles of bodies. Men were yelling in joy, as they basked in the glow of taking Troy's beach in only a few hours. I couldn't help but feel confident we would over take Troy in no time.

"My Lord, I have joyous news."

I turned to look at the man who came up beside me. He had a dark hair, a deep tan, and kind- well, as kind as soldiers could be- brown eyes. His name is Jacob and he is my top adversary.

I took my helmet off and ran my fingers through my damp bronze hair. "What is it Jacob? Did Aro finally reach the boatman?"

"Ha no, I'm afraid it's not that good." He chuckled. "When we raided the Temple, we found two royal women… Lord Jasper kept one for him and saved the other for you."

Ah, of course he did. If there was one thing Jasper loved more than fighting- it was women.

"Royal? What were they doing in the Temple?" I inquired as we reached my tent. Royals should have been in the palace behind ten layers of guards…

"Who cares? The Gods are smiling on us today my friend. Take her; enjoy the spoils of war!"

He walked back the way he came and I shook my head at my friend.

I pulled back the heavy cloth and entered my tent.

It was brightly lit with the midday sun, but swatches of fabric could be pulled over the windows at night. There was a metal plate with rocks scattered around it in the center of the room. It had wood on it; for fire when it got cold. Hay, animal skins and linens had been strewn together as a bed in the back corner; a plate of food sat on a small table next to it. To the right of me there was a basin with water, towels, and oils to wash myself with.

With hands tied to a tent pole was the girl.

Her dirty blue dress swished and swirled around as she thrashed. Matted brown hair flowed over her delicate shoulders and towards her waist. Her skin was covered in a light sheen of sweat and dirt.

"What's your name," I asked as I took off my blood covered chest plate and arm sheaths. I threw them near my sword and shield and walked over to the basin. I splashed water on my dirty arms and face and used one of the rough towels to wash the sweat, dirt, and blood off me.

Her face whipped towards me as soon as I spoke to her. She noticed my state of undress, glared at me, and quickly whipped her head back around. I rolled my eyes at her and took off my leg armor and sandals. Briefly, I wiped down my bare legs and hips. I pulled a robe out of my bag and put it on.

"Can you not hear me? I asked 'what's your name'," I repeated.

Still no answer. I walked over and I kneeled down next to her. She refused to look at me. I sighed and looked at her wrists, they were caked in blood. I moved my hands to help the girl but she started yelling.

"Get away from me! You filthy GREEK! Killer! Murderer!" She wiggled and tried to move, but her legs were tied too securely.

I moved in front of her and forced her to look at me. The first thing I noticed when I looked at her face was the dried blood coming from a cut on her lower lip. She had a soft, heart- shaped face; big brown eyes - that were currently spitting fire at me - framed by dark lashes, a small-straight nose, and too plump lips. Together they had an innocent effect.

I spoke low and clear, "I am Edward of Thebes. I am not going to hurt you, but I will if you provoke me… well, let just say it's in your best interest if you didn't. I want to take off these ropes and treat your wounds," She didn't say anything, just glared. "If you are alright with that, say nothing and keep glaring at me." If it were at all possible her glare got worse - but she kept her mouth shut - I took that as a sign to continue.

I untied her legs first - from the side in case she wanted to kick me. I moved around to the back and very carefully untied the ropes around her wrists. The wounds looked terrible.

She pulled her one arm up to examine it. She looked livid as she slowly turned her wrist around. With a fast motion, she brought her hand up and slapped me as hard as she could across the face.

My head whipped to the side and stayed there as I tried to control my anger. This girl was lucky she was injured and couldn't hit the hard. When I spoke it was in a tight and controlled voice. "May I ask what that was for girl?"

"Apollo will have his vengeance! You spilled the blood of unarmed priests! May all the fury of the Gods rain down upon the Greek army!"

I barked out a laugh. "I have never killed a priest, girl. And if your God was so angry with my people- where is he? Where is this vengeance you speak of? You think I'm so bad; you're lucky I'm the one that got you. Other men would have whipped you for your insolence."

Standing up and moving over to the basin, I dipped another towel in. I walked back over to the glaring beauty I tossed the wet rag in her general direction and walked over to my bed. I sat down and pulled the plate of food on my lap. Just when I was about to bite into a grape I heard a small noise.

"Do you truly mean me no harm? Or is that just a ruse," she sneered. Fucking sneered. I've been nothing but civil to her and I get yelled at, slapped, and fucking sneered at.

"No girl, I truly mean you no harm. My mother taught me better than to force myself on a woman. You are the only Trojan who can say they are truly safe around me," I replied calmly.

There were a few beats of silence. I took that time to eat; it had been days since I had a proper meal.


"I'm sorry?" I asked a bit surprised she had spoken to me.

The girl looked at me and spoke in a feminine and clear voice. "Bella. My name is Bella."

I smiled gently at her and offered her the plate of food. Bella plucked off a piece of bread and picked at it quietly. I watched her for a few minutes, surprised that I did not notice that she was not a girl and indeed a woman.

From this angle I could see the curve of her breast and her small waist. Her hips were womanly, and where the skirt of her dress rode up I saw smooth slim legs. The dirt had been washed away and the blood cleaned off her face, what lie beneath was a smooth expanse of skin the color of ivory.

Bella was undeniably a woman; a beautiful woman at that. Aphrodite took her time with Bella.

Every now and then her head would peek up, notice me looking, turn a lovely shade of red, and drop back down.

I chuckled to myself when she did this- making her turn even redder.

After a while she finally spoke up. "Are the stories about you true," she inquired quietly as she picked an olive off the tray- still refusing to look at me.

"Which ones?"

"They say your father is Asclepius; God of healing. Your mother, a mortal he found injured in the woods. They say you're invincible, that you can't be killed."

"Yes, my father is Asclepius. Although my mother, Esme, calls him by his mortal name, Carlisle. And if I were invincible, I wouldn't be bothering with the sheild then, would I," I replied a lite smile on my lips.

"No I guess not," she replied laughing softly. I looked into her eyes. They were rich like cheery wood and deep as the Aegean.

She yawned and the contact was broken. I glanced towards the window and saw that it was nearly night fall. Rising, I stretched and walked towards the metal plate in the middle of the room and lit a small fire.

"Sleep Bella. You've had a long day. You can share my bed." She looked horrified and I quickly clarified. "Just for sleep. I swear on all the Gods."

She looked skeptical, but suffled over onto my bed anyway. Pulling the blankets up over her, she snuggled in deep.

I turned to go.

"Wait!" I stopped. "Edward, you- you won't let any of the men… have me, will you?"

I turned to look at her. Gone was the strong feirce tigress from before; now she looked so small and vulnerable with her wide brown eyes filled with fear… I could hardly deny her of anything. "No Bella, as long as you wait inside the tent when I'm away and stay by me when I'm here- that will never happened."

I left the tent without another word. I thought over what I said and a growl boiled up in my throat.

She was mine, I would never let another man have her.


Bella's POV-

It continued this way for the next month.

He would act too nice for a Greek soldier and I became more comfortable around him than I should have been.

It's impossible to hate someone that kind and that handsome.

And, oh Gods, was he handsome.

He looked like one of the Gods I pray to. Lean yet muscular- tall yet graceful. He had many scars covering his arms and torso, but none of them ugly. Instead they looked like badges of honor over his tanned skin.

His face was perfect too. Messy bronze colored hair that I wanted to run my fingers through, a storng jaw that was clean shaven, and of course high cheek bones. His lips were pink and full, and his nose slightly crooked from fighting. His eyes, though, were what really held your attention. They were a beautiful shade of green, reminding me of the forests to the north.

It was unsettling to be in the presence of him.

Many nights, we would stay in the tent and talk. About my life in Troy and his in Greece. About our families and friends. The attmosphere was always very calm and relaxing. He never pushed me into talking.

Some nights we would lay outside on the sand and look at the stars.

If we were feeling up to it, on other nights he would walk me around the shore line I knew so well. True to his word, he always went with me no matter what. When I asked him why I couldn't walk right outside the tent, with him inside, he just grunted out a jumble of words- 'not safe… fragile… mine…'.

I would sometimes catch him looking at me strangely. He just stared at me and had a private smile on his face. Looking about myself, I asked him if anything was wrong; to that he would just sigh and turn his head the other way.

I had become accustomed to sleeping in his bed now also. On many days, when he did not fight, I would wake up lying on his bare chest with his strong arms around me. He would always be awake before me. Many times I had caught him looking down at me with a glorious crooked smile splitting his lips.

Over the past month, as the violence escalated, I had been developing a new habit…

When he would leave to go off fighting… I became severely worried about him.

If I heard the other men returning and did not see him very shortly after, I became frantic- almost leaving the tent and asking every soldier if they had seen him. Just when I bucked up the courage to walk out of the tent and actually ask he would walk in, face solmn.

I had to restrain myself from throwing my arms around his torso and examining every inch of him. I held back though… I still had some pride.

Today was one of those days. I could feel it.

The day had been a hazzard free one. He didn't fight and we walked around talking all day. It was extremely pleasant. He had this odd way of putting me at ease like none had before him. He didn't laugh when I tripped over the air or talk about the fighting- both of which I was grateful for. We went to bed in a relaxed mood.

He was gone when I woke up.

It was still night so I figured he was talking to some of the other soldiers or getting some fresh air. I smiled to myself and did something I would never admit to anyone; I rolled and layed in his side of the bed. Basking in his mansuline scent I fell back to sleep with a contented smile on my face.

I awoke what must have been a short time later to a comotion outside the tent.

I couldn't help but be nosy. I got up and poked my head through the opening. I wish I hadn't.

There were men yelling and rushing around every which way. Many men were being carried back to there respective places. Some badly ingured. Others dead.

Where's Edward!?

I wait for a short time, getting more anxious each second… still no sign of him.

Finally, I got tired of waiting and hurried out of the tent.

"Has anyone seen Edward? Edward of Thebes?" I asked, more like shouted, to the soldiers passing by. Some shook their heads others grunted.

I ran through the crowd yelling his name and looking for a flash of bronze hair.


Everywhere I went there were bodies lying on the ground… with little comfort I noted that none of them were Edward.

I my eyes started to tear. Was he dead? Was he hurt? Where's my Edward?

I didn't want to go too far away from the tent, so when I got three ships down I doubled back.

By the time I reached the tent I was crying.

I stumbled inside and was horrified at what I saw.

Edward was laying on the bed. He had a large bandage on his one side that bright red blood was seeping through.

Even more shocking was the man a short distance away from the bed… It was the cold blonde soldier that had my cousin- Jasper.

Unsure of what to address frist, my head whipped back and forth comicly.

"Bella…" Edwards voice was surprisingly strong for his fragile state. Though, I suppose, he was anything but fragile.

I rushed towards Edward and kneeled down.

He looked a bit pale. I picked up one of his hands in both of mine.

After a beat of silence the questions poured from my mouth.

"What happened Edward? What do you need? Is there anything I can get you-."

"Hush you silly girl. Its just a wound, I haven't lost a limb. I'm worried about you. Where did you go? When Jasper finally got me back here," he sent a noted glare towards Jasper, who responded with a highly mature eye roll. "I couldn't find you… and I- I-…He gazed off.

Jasper was getting uncomfortable. "Edward I'll come by later brother. I need to go check on Alice, she'll want to know I'm fine." He smiled a bit as he said her name. It made me hate him.

"Don't speak of her like she cares. She's glad your not back yet! She hates you- you-." He cut off my tirade.

"What- 'you bastard', 'you scum', 'you piece of filth'?" His upper lip curled as he spoke.

"I've heard it all… yet none of it from your cousin. I offered her safe passage back to Troy, do you know what she said? Do you slave girl?!" Out of the corner of my eye I saw Edward try to rise off the bed with an angry expression; his side made it impossible.

I looked to the floor instead of meeting his gaze.

"No? Well let me tell you," He continued. "She begged me not to send her back. Made me allow her stay. She's very stubborn. When she wants something she doesn't let anyone stand in her way. But, you already know that, don't you?"

I told myself what he was saying was lies.

I didn't believe myself.

"Tell me, slave, are you staying for the same reasons Alice is? Or did Edward not tell you what he has been telling me for the past month? That he-," He was interrupted by an angry roar.

"Jasper! That's enough! Leave. Now!" I whipped my head towards Edward who was leaning on his elbows.

I reverted my eyes back to Jasper. He looked solumn as he nodded and exited the tent.

Desperate not to think too deeply about the words that were just exchanged, I rushed over to the water basin and dipped a towel in. I grabbed another one and made my way back over to Edward, who was still up on his elbows and had a worried looked on his gorgeous face.

I pushed on his shoulder lightly and he layed back down.

I gently peeled off his red stained bandages and gasped at what lied beneath them.

I long gash cut up the side of his torso. It cut up his ribs and looked painfully deep. Blood as dark as rubies raced down his body and towards the bed. Although it was gruesome, that's not what made me start.

It was healing itself. The gash was getting smaller and in some areas, already turning pink. My eyes widened at the sight. I looked towards Edwards face and he nodded, offering me a small sad smile.

Unsure of what to do, I gently ran the wet rag over the deeper parts that were still in the process of fixing itself. He hissed and I flinched back, afraid I had hurt him. A tear escaped me and I quickly brought my hand up to brush it away. This was too much.

"Bella…" His voice craked half way through my name.

I shook my head at him and offered a small watery smile as I resumed cleansing his wound. I could feel his eyes on me as I washed and dried his side. I reached into the bag of cloth strips and pulled out a handful. Very carefully, I place a layer of cloth over the gash. Edward arched his back so I could wrap a top layer all the way around his torso; I tried not to notice the way his muscles bulged when he moved.

"There, you're all clean." I stood up and dropped the towels next to the basin.

I sat down a short distance away from Edward, who was still staring at me with an unfathomable expression.

I curled my knees against my chest and wrapped my arms around them; I looked at the wall ahead of me, not at the man who was next to me.

"What did Jasper mean, Edward?" I didn't want to ask it, but I desperately wanted to know.

"He was just trying to get a rise out of you."

"No. About what you've been telling him and why I can't leave." He had the decency to look guilty.

"I was just telling him that, I was here to keep you safe and that I want to keep you with me. Is it so bad for me to want to protect you and keep you in my company for a little while?" His face was sincere, his eyes pleading.

"No. But, you should have given me the choice."

"You're right Bella, I should have."

We sat in silence for a while; each silently in our minds.

"Why did you come looking for me Bella?" Edward questioned in a rough and husky voice after some time.

I turned my head a fraction of an inch towards him. "Would you rather I had not cared whether you lived or died?"

"I would always want you to care, Bella. But putting yourself in danger to go searching for me was stupid."

I was angry now. "Stupid?" I barked out a laugh. "You're right. I was stupid enough to care about you."

"Bella, that's not what I meant and you know it!" He raked his hands angrily through his hair and glared at me. Me. He wasn't allowed to be mad at me.

I stood up angrily and marched towards the door. "I'm leaving. When you're done being a brute; come find me."

"Bella! If you walk out that door I won't come after you!" With his side self healing, he was able to rise off the bed and glower at me menacingly at me. I'm sure he would have scared any warrior right off the battle field, but I was too riled up to let him effect me.

"Good. I'd rather be alone than have the man I…" The man I what? Love? Is that what these strange feelings are? I know what it feels like; I love my family. But, what I feel towards Edward is so much stronger then any feelings I have towards my brother.

He was smirking at me. Bastard. "What Bella? Finish it. The man you 'love' Bella? Is that what you were going to say?" He lazily moved towards me like he owned the world.

"Yes, Edward I was. I can see now that those feelings were misplaced." I turned and fled the tent. I could hear him yelling behind me, but I refused to turn back.

I wiped my tears as I ran down the beach. I swerved around people, before ducking behind a large ship. I leaned against the side and sobbed into my hands.

Stupid selfish brute.

I tried to control my emotions, and when I was finally calm enough I looked around at my surroundings. There were men in groups huddled around fires. Some were eating-others were staring at me. My face flushed and I looked down at the sand, until I felt a sharp tug at the back of my head. I gasped as my head was jerked upwards and I came face to face with the man from the temple.

"Well, well, hello again doll. How's Edward been treatin' you?" His rancid breath curled around me. I wanted to vomit. I didn't reply. I was too busy calling myself ten kinds of stupid for running off.

"Not talkin', aye? That's fine. What we're going to do doesn't require many words." He leaned in close and licked my neck. "Or clothes."

I tried to get away but he was too quick and caught me by my waist. "Still a feisty bitch I see."

He drug me over to a group of men sitting near by. I continued to trash wildly, but it was of no use. I started to sob and wished for Edward's kind words and soft touches.

Some of the men rose with hungry looks on their faces. Others were contented to sit back and watch the goings on. I felt sick, like I was going to retch. I tamped down the urge; I wasn't going to get sick in front of a group of animals.

The soldier threw me on the ground; I cried harder.

"I get the bitch first. I've had my eyes on her since the first time I saw her."

I couldn't believe this was going to happen. I willed myself to wake up from this nightmare. I didn't.

He kneeled next to me and reached for my robes. Unable to do anything else, I curled my hand into a fist and hit the man as hard as I could. He screamed as blood flowed out of his nose. I took this opportunity to scramble to my feet and try to get away.

It didn't work.

Two of the other men grabbed my arms and held me still. I kicked out and screamed, but it had no effect.

"You stupid cunt! Put the brander in the fire! I'll show this bitch who she belongs to!" He screamed towards some other soldiers. I fought harder than ever and managed to get one arm free. Using the free hand I clawed at the other set holding me; he wouldn't release. The man I got free of, slapped me hard across the face, staggering me, and took my arm back in his.

As the first man approached me; now with a red hot brand in his left hand I screamed the only thing I could think of in that second. "Edward! EDWARD!"

A few men laughed including the man with the iron. "He doesn't care. You're a Greek whore now." He descended with the iron and I closed my eyes and braced myself for unimaginable pain, when I heard gasps and cries of pain.

My eyes flew open to reveal Edward in all his terrifying glory, carving a bloody path to where I stood.

He slit the throats of the men who tried to get in his way. He looked livid; but still beautiful in the fire light. He was the closest thing to Ares I had ever seen.

The men holding me pushed me forward onto the ground and ran backed towards a tent. I didn't try to get up.

Edward approached the man who was going to brand me slowly, a light smirk playing on his lips, as if he were going to enjoy killing this man. I wasn't going to admit it, but I was happy as well.

Edward lunged and plunged it into his stomach to the hilt. The man gasped and fell to the ground clutching the wound. Edward retracted his weapon and sheathed it before turning toward me.

He bent down and scooped me up into his warm arms. I twined my arms around his neck and buried my face in his chest as he carried me back towards our tent.

He ducked in and placed me gently on the bed. I was grateful he didn't speak, I was ashamed that I had ran out of the tent the way I did.

I wiped the sand out of my hair and off of my robes. Standing up, I quickly walked over the basin and dampened a rag. I wasn't sure if I was bleeding, but I couldn't think of anything else to do.

"Now do you see?" Edwards question startled me and I turned to face him. He never changed out of his robe, even while fighting; which surprised me.

"See what?"

"Why you shouldn't leave the tent without my protection." He walked over and cupped my face gently; his intense eyes stared into mine. "These men haven't had the touch of a woman in weeks. You are so pure and perfect and lovely, that any man would kill to posses you."

"Would you?" I needed to know that my feelings weren't unrequited.

"Kill to possess you?" I nodded. He flashed me a crooked smile and chuckled. "Oh, my Bella, I would be a fool not too."

I looked up into his eyes. He leaned in slowly and kissed my forehead lightly. Then my left cheek. Then my right.

Then my lips.

A bolt of electricity tingled through my lips as we kissed. It raced down my spine and made my toes curl; I couldn't get enough of the feelings he brought out in me.

He released my face and slowly wrapped his arms around my waist; crushing me into his hard body.

In response I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck. His tongue snaked out and ran along the seam of my lips. I gasped as he slipped it in and twisted with my own.

I ran my fingers through his hair and tangled them in his messy locks. A groan rose up in his throat and I smile slightly in satisfaction.

He broke away from me panting and rested his forehead against mine. We locked eyes and smiled wildly at one another. He ducked his head and kissed my ear.

"I've been wanting to do that since the moment I saw you." He kissed back down my jaw and rained heated kisses down the column of my neck. I gasped and arched my neck back; yearning for more of his delicious torture.

I felt his chuckle against my throat and tugged on his hair slightly. This time it was him who moaned. His head popped back up and I pouted. He smirked and pulled on my lower lip with his teeth.

"You are sent straight from Hades to drive me crazy, aren't you?"

I mock pondered and nodded.

"Well, I'll have to do something about that."



I spun us around and lightly dropped Bella on the bed. Her face was aglow with happiness and her hair fanned out around her as she bounced lightly and giggled. I couldn't remember Bella looking lovelier than she did now.

I crawled onto the bed and hovered over her, my arms coming on either side of her head; trapping her. She was my prisoner.

I dipped my head and recaptured her lips. I couldn't get enough of her luscious lips. They tasted like the sweetest fruit.

She rewrapped her hands in my hair and I bit back a groan. This woman had no idea how much she drove me crazy.

Our lips crushed together in a heated frenzy. I never wanted to lose this feeling with her; this completeness. I wanted to show Bella how much she meant to me and how much I loved her. Tonight.

I pulled back to gaze into her beautiful brown eyes. "Bella, are you sure you want this?"

Her stare hardened and a look of determination swept across her features. "Edward, I've never wanted anything more."

Those words were all it took. I started to kiss her soft neck again and she let out a low moan. It was the best sound I'd ever heard.

I kissed my way down to her chest, only to be stopped by her robes. I sat up on my knees and located the tie that held the sides together. Looking into her eyes, ready to stop whenever she was uncomfortable, I slowly loosened the knot and pulled it apart.

She looked comfortable. You can do this, Edward. She WANTS you to do this!

I took the sides in my hands and moved them apart. Inch by creamy inch her pale skin was exposed to me. Her robe fell on either side of her naked body and she arched her back to get it out from underneath.

I was stunned. She was a vision. Aphrodite herself wasn't as beautiful as my Bella. Delicate feet leading in to slim legs, womanly hips, and a soft stomach. Small waist leading up to high, full, breasts, topped with small pink nipples that my mouth ached to suckle. Her lips were swollen from my kisses; her face flushed, eyes wild. She was the single most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

She most have gotten nervous from my staring and moved to cover her breasts. I caught her wrists and held them above her head. I had waited too long to see this beautiful sight.

I peppered her face with kisses. "You," kiss "Are," kiss "Stunning. Don't hide from me."

Kneeling back up I quickly shed my robe and once more marveled at the Goddess before me. She laughed and grabbed my shoulders forcing me back on top of her; not that I minded. "Alright, warrior. You've seen enough."

I nuzzled my head into her neck and groaned back a response. "I'll never get enough of looking at you, love."

I kissed my way down her body. Still, badly wanting to suckle on her breasts.

I kissed and nipped my way to her left breast. Bella's hand's tugging and scratching at my hair the whole way. Enveloping her tight, pink, peak in to my mouth, I sucked deeply and a loud groan clawed its way from deep in her throat. I gently massaged the right one, before switching sides.

"Edward!" She moaned rubbing her legs together and clawing her one hand down my back. I loved hearing her say my name; I vowed to all the Gods, that I would make her scream it until she was hoarse by the end of the night.

My hands moved sensually down her body before reaching her hips. I wound them around and latched onto her fleshy buttocks. I lifted her hips and urged her to twine her legs around my hips.

When the tip of my penis came in contact with her wet folds, she froze.

I quickly brought my hands up to her face and urged her to look at me.

"Bella, it's alright. I'll go slow. I promise. I could never hurt you. I love you too much." Her eyes widened and she stared at me with an unfathomable expression.

"You love me?" Her voice was small and fragile; like my answer would crush her at any moment. I couldn't believe that my strong, fierce tigress could turn into a scared little girl so quickly.

"Yes, my Bella. I love you more than I can say."

"Oh, Edward I love you too." She grinned wildly and kissed me. I loved the feeling of her lips on mine.

She tentatively ran her small hands down my chest. She scratched my nipples lightly and I broke away to groan in her ear. I laved attention on her neck as she continued her path downward. Her hands toyed with the hair on the base of my stomach and tops of my thighs.

I ground my teeth together as she tentatively stroked my shaft; it felt amazing. Her soft hands worked on my length for a few minutes before I couldn't take it anymore.

"Bella, you need to stop." My voice was husky and rough, even to my own ears. She retracted her hands and wound them up into my hair.

I moved my arm so ours body were tight together. I positioned my length so I was right outside of her cunt, ready to enter.

"Are you ready, Bella?"

She nodded and I leaned down to kiss her, trying to distract her from the pain I knew virgins went through.

I thrust forward.

She was so tight and warm. Ungh. I thrust some more of my length into her and intensified my kisses when I reached her barrier and broke through.

She shuddered in my arms and I held her tighter. When she pulled back and nodded at me to continue, I almost cried with joy.

Pulling back I thrust my hips flush against hers and she gave a little moan of appreciation.

"Gods, Bella." She felt so good.

I sped up my rutting over time and she started to call out my name. I felt like a God when she did that.

Never stopping my thrusts, I unwrapped my hand from her back and reached down to rub the spot I knew she would feel the most pleasure from.

"Edward!" Her back arched and pushed my breast up higher for me. Unable to resist I took a peak into my mouth.

I could tell she was close to the brink of pleasure, I was too but Bella came first. So, I sped up my thrusts and rubbed her spot more fiercely. She groaned as I lightly bit her nipple.

Bringing my head back up, I brought my mouth close to he ear and ground out. "You are mine Bella; no other man will have you like this. Your body belongs to me."

That did it. She threw her head back and screamed my name into the night. Her cunt squeezed me like a vice and I came as well, spilling my seed deep inside my writhing Goddess.

Panting, I dropped my head onto her shoulder and kissed the delicate skin there. I have never cum that hard in my life. I have never felt this way with a woman. I never will again, Bella is my other half.

I wanted her to come back to Greece with me. If she says yes, we would leave before the week is out.

I rolled us so we were side by side staring at each other. I brushed a tendril out of her eyes and kissed her softly. "I love you."

She closed her eyes. "I love you too."

Not wanting to spoil tonight, I will ask her tomorrow.

I fell asleep with my love wrapped tightly in my arms.