Contest: MissAlex's and Larin20's One-Shot Lurkers Challenge

A totally random idea by two BFFF'ers who want to get people's creative juices flowing. So come one, come all, and send us your one-shot. Rules inside.

The Rules:

MissAlex and Larin20 want to hear from you! We know you lurk and read the stories, and some of you don't review. It's okay, we love you and we appreciate your support, but we want you to come out of the shadows and write a one-shot. Whether you have posted stories already, are not a lurker and review like crazy, or have never written anything in your entire life, it doesn't matter. We want everyone to participate in this contest. We know there is a lot of talent out there! So here is the challenge:

-One shot
- must be at least 1k words with attention to proper grammar and spelling, of course!
-can be any pairing, we don't care.
-must have a proper ending, a resolution of sorts. We don't need to know every single detail about your characters, but don't leave us hanging as though we're waiting for a sequel.

-must include Carlisle, because he's hot and not used enough.

The deadline for this contest is: _______August 15th, 2009___Noon EST_______

Please PM through FF either MissAlex (author of 'Rebel Without a Cause') or Larin20 (author of 'Treading Water') and let us know if you will be participating in this contest.

Then, before or on the due date, PM us your one-shot link.

We will read through the entries and post the top five stories to our profile pages and provide links to them in our author's notes. The entries will be posted under one story entitled "Lurkers Contest Final Five". There will be six chapters to this story. The first chapter will be the rules of the contest and the other five chapters will be the final five stories chosen by MissAlex and Larin20. Once the top five stories are chosen, the voting will be open to the public. If you leave a review for a particular story (each story is an individual chapter), that is your vote. You cannot vote for more than one story. Voting dates are TBA.

If you have any questions, please contact either MissAlex or Larin20 and we will be happy to answer them.

Thank you for participating and we cannot wait to read what you come up with!