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Oh and by the way this is just an introduction. Longer chapters will come later.

"Come on, Mace. We've been best friends for eons. Why can't you just tell me what's going on?" Stella was standing in her friend's room, watching the girl slowly dismantle her closet as she packed her belongings into a pair of paisley suitcases.

"I already told you. My dad just got a house in Mexico and he wants me to move in with him," Macy replied, trying to sound nonchalant about the situation as she attempted to close one particularly overstuffed suitcase.

"He hasn't bothered to come see you in ten years, Macy. Why would you want to all of sudden move to the other side of the U.S. just to be with him? What about your mom? What about all your sports at school? What about JONAS? What about me?" Stella crossed her arms and pouted. In most cases that puppy dog look was unusually effective (especially with Joe Lucas), but not this time.

"I kinda have to, Stella," Macy said, sighing dejectedly.

"Wait, are you telling me you're being forced into this?" Stella asked. She had never had much respect for Macy's practically nonexistent father before. There was something fishy about this, and she wanted to know the truth.

"You said it first," Macy said mysteriously, heaving her suitcases off the bed.

"Wait! You're just going to leave all of your JONAS memorabilia?" Stella asked, waving at the posters plastered over the walls, door, and ceiling alike.

Macy shrugged, barely giving her most prized possessions a second glance. "They're not that important. At least, not anymore." With that she left the room dragging her luggage behind her, leaving Stella in a wake of shock.

"Oh something is most definitely up," Stella decided.