Author's Note:

What I thought was a simple project was not so, turns out my "short" twoshots are longer than more multi-chapters! lol well anyways here you go, I had a lot of trouble writing this cos I only had VAGUE ideas on what was going to happen so you guys better enjoy!

Oh and btw this was originally supposed to be funny but I realised I'm no good at humor, so I tried to eradicate any dry joke but I'm sure a few survived the screening and it's kinda incorporated with the plot, so you guys will havta try to ignore the bad attempts at humor.



'Normal Thoughts'

'Delusional Thoughts'

Those Luscious Lips

Version: S

'It's been a month since Natsuki and I, officially, started going out – a month that I can rightfully say to be the happiest month I have ever had, as of yet.

Our time together as a couple is a lot more… platonic and slow… than I would have liked - going to movies, restaurants, rides on her bike, each other's apartment and other places for our dates – it's all great, I mean, anytime spent with Natsuki is satisfying enough - it just that… we haven't really done anything. I know Natsuki is really a shy person, but I'm close to my limit.

Natsuki isn't the type to openly show affection, even though we've been going out for a month, so any display has been initiated by me, but I do not dare to push her boundaries past greeting and surprise hugs, and the occasional peck on the cheek because a part of me still fear her rejection; the sight of her shrinking away from me while shrieking "No!" is still burnt in my memory.

So, I have decided that I'll patiently wait until the time is right where we are both ready, no matter how painstakingly long it may be… but really, even though I promised myself that… my mind is playing against me…'

The breeze entered the room through the open window where Natsuki stood; gently lifting her beautiful midnight blue locks into the air, with a flick of those magnificent slender wrists her hair was swiftly flipped away. She stood with her back leaning against the open window sill, while her body, garb in her infamous leather body suit, twisted so that she could gaze outside to the reddening horizon.

Shizuru sat staring at the gorgeous goddess before her in awe; the setting sun shone upon her goddess' features, along with the light breeze sweeping at her hair.

'Look at her; she is just so perfect like the painting: 'The Birth of Venus', no even better than that! She is like the most magnificent masterpiece ever in existence! And most importantly those luscious, luscious lips… oh my beautiful goddess… they have such an allure to them' – an allure that calls to Shizuru like seducing sirens.

'Na-tsu-ki' still staring, paying absolutely no mind to the supposedly important work in front of her.

"Oi! Quit day-dreaming and keep working Shizuru! I want to get out of here already!"

The voice of her girlfriend snapped Shizuru's thoughts back to reality. She shook her head lightly, clearing up her clouded mind.

'Ara, ara, Natsuki's right I better finish my assignment.' Shizuru looked back down to the work in front of her.

They were in the Fuuka University Library, in the old library; the chairs and tables were wooden and the shelves seems like they were collecting up some dust, it was surprising that there was no one else in the area they were in, even if they were in the library nobody uses or that it was getting late in the afternoon, just the mere presence of a certain chestnut-haired, red-eyed girl should have made the room swarming with people – it must be due to a particular wolf-akin girl quipped with the sub-zero freezing gaze that made the place so peaceful and quiet.

Speaking of which, said girl returned her gaze outside to the horizon and once again waited patiently for Shizuru to finish her assignment so that they could leave together for dinner to celebrate their one month anniversary.

'Dinner at a fancy restaurant for our One Month Anniversary? Hmmm, I had never pegged Natsuki to be the celebrating type or even expected that she would keep note of dates like these… Well since Natsuki took the time to plan all this I will enjoy it all the same, though more than an hour's notice would have been appreciated, at least then I would have finished this assignment earlier.' Shizuru thought to her self as her eyes slowly drifting back to her goddess.

'The breeze is lifting her hair again. I have my fair share of compliments to my hair, but mine is nothing compared to my dear Natsuki's. Hers' are not only silky and have that brilliant shine to it, it's also soft and healthy, I would know since every time she fell asleep in the Student Council Room I had the opportunity to admire those beautiful locks… and that beautiful face… and those lips… Oh my, I'm going off track again, it might be best to leave this assignment for another day, when I'm not so… distracted'

"Natsuki, let's go." She stood up, while her hands were busy packing away all the papers and pens that laid neatly on the desk Shizuru was working on.

"Are you done already?" Natsuki asked curiously, pushing herself off the window sill, and slowly making her way to her girlfriend.

"No, but I can finish it later. Natsuki said she made reservations, for what time?"

"Oh, erm, dinner is at seven."

"Hm, its five-thirty now; there should be enough time if we hurry a little."

The two walked out of the old building side by side, not too close and not too far apart, although they have made their relationship together known to their close friends they have yet to make it known to public, this is due to: one; the majority of the public may frown upon their relationship and two; the majority of Shizuru's fan club would most probably fall into a murderous frenzy that even the all-powerful freezing aura and gaze by the ice princess combined may not be able to defend against. No, the two have not officially announce their exclusive relationship but those whom had witness the two interact can easily see that the atmosphere between them cannot be penetrated by anyone, not even an angry-yelling-till-she's-purple-in-the-face Haruka – when the two are together it's like they are in a world of their own.

"Neh, Shizuru." Natsuki's husky and calming voice broke through the tranquil silence between them as they strolled on the path to the entrance of the campus, surrounded by budding sakura trees.

"Yes, Natsuki?" Shizuru glanced at the girl beside her, not getting a good view since they were side by side – only making out a slight blush had formed on those pale cheeks.

"E-erm, here let me hold that for you." The blushing girl, quickly snatched away the school bag Shizuru was holding in between them, and swapped it to the one on her other side, away from Shizuru's unsuspecting and now empty hands.

Before Shizuru could formulate a protest, tease or even a word of gratitude, she was struck speechless and a blush rapidly growing on her face - both caused by the warmth that was encasing her limb, the limb in which was forcibly emptied a second ago and is now filled with the warm and slightly sweaty hands of her beloved.

"Shi-Shizuru, I was thinking that since -" Natsuki continued speaking while they maintained their steady pace to their destination, unfortunately her word were being conveyed to deaf ears, as Shizuru was still very much speechless, in fact her mind hasn't even registered that Natsuki was talking.

'Her hands are so soft, and warm. I wonder if she is nervous because I am. Should I hold her hand tighter? Would she find it uncomfortable? But what if she thinks I'm not squeezing back because I don't like it? Then-'

They came to a stop, arriving at the front gate where Natsuki's bike was parked by the side; they turned to look at one another. Natsuki's head was turned down; looking at the hand she was holding, her thumb gently stroking the soft skin that didn't belong to her, she slowly raised her head – her emerald eyes timidly looked into the red ones in front of her.

'Ara! Why is Natsuki using her 'I'm a mayo puppy' look? Oh dear this isn't good. It's like she practically grew puppy ears and tail! That-that look… it's like it screams: 'Take me home and show me love and affection'! I can't stand these vulnerable emerald eyes, no matter what her demand is, I can't help but give in. What is it that you want my Natsuki? Do you wish for me to cuddle with you? Keep you warm at night? Or do you wish for me to claim those soft tantalizingly luscious lips of yours? NO!' Shizuru jerked her face just a few centimetres away from the puppy-girl's face, blinking rapidly to clear her dazed mind.

"Shizuru?" Shizuru noted how her voice was laced with concern and how absolutely defenceless it was.

'Natsuki will be in danger if she keeps this up, I better just give in to her request quickly. Hmm, she only ever use that look for mayo. What was she saying before? Was it something about dinner?'

"Mou, it's not fair when Natsuki uses that look." Shizuru pretended to complain and pout, while keeping a watchful eye on Natsuki's expression which was gradually changing.

'Awww! Now she looks like a puppy anticipating a treat! I could just wrap her in my arms and never ever let go! She's so adorable I could just eat her up, figuratively speaki– Eh??? My, my… Natsuki is indeed quite formidable opponent, with just one look at her expression I was momentarily rendered useless. I'm glad Natsuki rarely ever show this face to anyone if not she may quite as well establish a fan club of her very own, quite possibly one that is larger than mine. And I can't have that now; I just don't think my pride would be able to handle it. Best to take control of the situation before it's too late.' Shizuru thought, her rational and tactical mind finally kicking in.

"If Natsuki would go as far as using that 'Mayo-Puppy' look, of course she can order mayo at dinner." the ex-kaichou said cheerfully as she happily skipped away to the navy-blue bike completely missing out on the confusion then utter shock and disbelief that displayed on Natsuki's face.

"Mou! Shizuru! You weren't listening were you?!" Natsuki childishly bellow while she stomped her way behind her.

"Nani? Natsuki doesn't want mayo at dinner?"

"I-I do… it just I w-was wondering…" she was starting to mumble as she focused her attention on the seat box of her bike, trying to dig out the two helmets that has been expertly fitted in with - what Shizuru could make out – articles of clothes.

Having extracted their helmets, she handed Shizuru's hers and proceeded to pack her school bag into the cramp space.

'How does Natsuki do that? What is she Mary Poppins? No, Mary Poppins doesn't have such nice, soft, delicate hands – hands that were so warm and-'

"Oi-oi!" snapping fingers appeared in front of Shizuru's face "Mou, how many times are you going to make me repeat myself?"

"Huh? Kannina, Natsuki. What did you just say?"

Natsuki still have her mild glare fixated on the brunette, which soon soften, a blush reappearing on her face as she cast her sights onto the ground, she fidgeted with the gloves.

"I said: 'Do you mind if I stay over tonight?'"

'S-stay over?! No, no she can't! It's a bad idea, but if I say no to her she'll bring out that dejected look and I'm no where near any form of immunity to that expression of hers! No-no I need to come up with an excuse-'

"SHI-ZU-RU! Don't tell me you aren't listening again! What is up with you today?!"

"N-no, I was listening. Of course Natsuki is welcome to stay the night! Natsuki is welcome any night."

'What am I doing?'

'She's a secret agent, on a mission to infiltrate the enemy base. Disguised as a lady of the night, she plans to approach her target with the intention to make "special" relations and then proceed to investigate the location of enemy base once her target's guard is down. But unbeknown to her, her mission had been compromised; information had been leaked and her target knows full well of the agent's plans.

Unfortunately for the target however, even knowing the agent's objective, she has already been captivated by the agent' beauty, already enticed by the agent's midnight blue hair, emerald green eyes, the devil-may-care smile and those glossy pink lips…'

"So, what are you thinking of getting?" Natsuki said from behind her menu, slowly bringing it down while tearing away her attention from list of gourmet food and shifting it to the one she is speaking with.

"I think I'll order the seafood main." Shizuru replied having recomposing herself just in time before Natsuki caught her staring at her hazily.

"Hmm… Should I get the steak?" Natsuki asked herself, returning her attention back to the menu.

Shizuru let out a silent sigh, closing her eyes and raising her hand to her face, she gently rubbing the bridge of her nose.

'I think I've been watching a bit too many spy movies with Natsuki lately, but…' opening her eyes to look at the girl in front of her 'I wonder why Natsuki is going all out tonight?'

They were in the best restaurant in Fuuka; the place has a nice ambience lighting, live violin players and very proper staff and patrons, most tables are two seaters with a plain white table cloth and a flickering tealight candle and a lone rose in a glass vase of water sat on top of each and every table –all in all the restaurant screamed romantic dinner for two.

The university student also assessed the younger's attire; Natsuki had her hair tied up in a tight pony tail with two strands left out in the front and tucked behind either ear, she wore a black satin halter neck dress with a pair of black stiletto heels. The dress was quite simple; it had a modest V-neckline and the length of the dress stops just below the knees, but it had a split on one side that was a bit high reaching her upper thigh.

'Dangerously high. It's at a height easy enough to pull out the gun that is strapped- …really no more James Bond movies'

"Natsuki, that's a really nice dress, why haven't I seen it before?" After the waiter took their orders Shizuru started a conversation.

"It was Nao's idea!" Natsuki suddenly blurted out a reply. "A-ah, I mean I got it the other day when I went shopping with Mai and then Nao tagged along and suggested this, Mai agreed so-so I got it."

"Well, Yuuki-han has good taste - the dress is very flattering on Natsuki"

"Y-yeah, well you look nice tonight too" Hiding behind the orange flickering glow of the candles the two blushed.

Shizuru herself wore a red, spaghetti strap dress - the bottom of the dress was slanted on one side it ended above Shizuru's knee and on the other it stopped just above her ankle and she wore matching stiletto heels. Her hair was up in a loose bun, many stray strands flowed down at the back of her neck.

"So, how is Yuuki-han doing lately?" and the light conversation resumed until their dinner was brought.

After eating they stayed at the restaurant a little longer – joking, chatting and just sitting peacefully to enjoy the atmosphere. Shizuru noticed that, throughout the night, Natsuki was fidgeting and had occasionally glanced up to her but quickly looking away in embarrassment, sometimes muttering to herself with a scowl.

'Is Natsuki okay? She seems uncomfortable… Probably from wearing that dress and receiving all the attention… did she catch me staring? Well she can't possibly expect me- I mean others not to admire her if she's wearing something like that. But anyways we should leave soon so she can get out of that. Yeah, I think there's a hotel nearby, we can get a room and- wait why a hotel? My apartment is close enough. Either or, we need to get Natsuki out of that dress and into the bed-'

Shizuru let out a deep sigh and brought both her hands up to rub her temples.

"Shizuru? Are you alright?" Natsuki asked, and tentatively reached over the small table to place her hand on Shizuru's arm.

"Yes, I think I'm just a bit tired from school today." 'to the point that I'm talking to my delusional self' The brunette's shoulders slumped a bit more.

"Then we should get going I'll take care of the bill. We can relax at your place; I borrowed a movie I think we would both like." She waved over a waiter who seemed more than eager to serve to two and who quickly left to retrieve their bill for the table.

"Is it another Edo period horror film?" Shizuru smiled at the fond memory.

The blunette grinned sheepishly "Eheh, no this one is a romance-action, I think it was about some spy falling for the enemy or something…"

They arrived back at Shizuru's apartment, having previously stopped there earlier so that the two could get changed before dinner, the apartment was a little messy, well in by Shizuru's standards it was; Natsuki's bike suit and the pyjamas she brought over was littered all over the living room couch; Shizuru's bed was covered in outfits and dresses – having an impromptu dinner thrown upon her, she was quite unprepared and the bathroom was cluttered with make up that Shizuru used for herself and, forcibly, on Natsuki.

"Natsuki, come to the bathroom and I'll take that make up off for you"

Standing by the basin, Shizuru lightly swiped the damp cotton pad across Natsuki's cheek taking off the miniscule amount of make up she had previously put on.

'Natsuki's skin is so nice, I didn't even need to put much makeup on her before, just a few light touches here and there to highlight these beautiful cheeks' unconsciously her thumb began to gently caressed the blunette's check bone 'bring out those gorgeous eyes' loosing herself in those deep pools 'and make her lips simply irresistible' gradually minimizing the distance between them, closer and closer, their shallow breath grazing pass one another.

"Ne, Natsuki…"


Shizuru wrapped her arms around Natsuki's neck not once taking her eyes off the emerald-eyed girl's lips. Creeping even closer, our brunette parted her lips and then… dropped her complete weight onto Natsuki and burying her face into her exposed neck - earning a small yelp.

"Even though I'm really tired, Natsuki should still bathe first since she's the guest. I'll draw the bath and you go get your clothes ready okay?" With that, Shizuru pealed her unwilling and limp body off of Natsuki and went to the bath tub to prepare it, while Natsuki exited the bathroom to return to the living room to retrieve her pyjamas.

"Natsuki, the bath is ready!"

"Oh ah thanks" Natsuki replied as she re-entered the bathroom clutching her clothes tightly in her hands.

"Well I need to tidy my room so Natsuki can take her time okay?" She smiled, walking pass the fidgeting girl and out of the bathroom, but not a step pass the door frame she was stopped by the call of her name.

"Shi-Shizuru! Um eto… ano…" The blunette squeaked, hers hands still clutching her clothes tightly and still fidgeting – threatening to tear them to shreds. Her gaze shifted from left to right on the floor and her face was graced with a faint blush, tying to convey a message that seems reluctant to escape those beautiful lips.

Shizuru looked at Natsuki inquisitively; a thought soon comes to mind as to the reason for the blunette's behaviour.

"Fufufu, Natsuki shouldn't worry. There's a perfectly functioning lock on the door. See" Demonstrating the functioning lock "As long as Natsuki close the door and lock it, she should be fine… probably" With a parting wink and a mischievous smile Shizuru closed the door behind her and walked off to her room.

By the time Shizuru came out of her bath, Natsuki was sitting on the two-seater couch bundled up with a warm fleece blanket – a determined look on her face.

"Ara, Natsuki is all comfy and ready I see. Excuse me for making you wait."

"No, no it's fine. Come and sit down I have the remote here, so we're set to go." Natsuki said with a childish grin. She raised an arm inviting Shizuru into the warm little nest she had made herself. Shizuru sat down beside her –shoulders touching, she wrapped the offered end of the blanket around herself, then signalled to Natsuki that she could start the movie.

The movie had been like torture to Shizuru. The brunette's mind kept on slipping into her own fantasy world while she watched scenes from the film – frequently imagining the two main characters to be Natsuki and herself, in addition around the middle of the film Natsuki decided to cuddle even closer to Shizuru and going as far as wrapping her arm around red-eyed girl's waist. So when the credits started to roll Shizuru had little to no idea as to what the movie was about, only aware that the arm around her waist and the warm weight on her side is causing her to loose her grip on her rational mind.

'This is bad, if Natsuki keeps this up; she's going to be in trouble. Mou, Natsuki do you even know how much danger you're in right now? I need to get away from her before I do anything regrettable.'

"Natsuki, the movie has ended. Do you want something to drink?" the brunette offered, moving slightly to make a break for the kitchen but only to be stopped by the tightening arms of the younger girl beside her.

"No, lets just sit here a little longer." Her body shifted a bit to adapt to the small change in position Shizuru had made in her attempt to escape.

"Neh, Shizuru."

"Hm?" A short reply from one who is in a fierce mental battle with one self.

"Happy Anniversary" With that the notorious ice princess moved closer and closer to Fuuka university's graceful idol, while Shizuru having registered the blunette's comment just as their face was but a small distance apart.

"That reminds me Natsuki, I haven't given you your present yet. Just one moment" Shizuru abruptly moved away and stood up, turning and walking away to her bedroom quickly to hide the blush on her face.

Closing the door behind her, she left out a deep sigh of relief.

'I've been doing that a lot today… Just now… Natsuki was…' Thoughts of the events occurring moments ago re-entered her mind, lightly touching her own lips 'Why did I run away? Isn't this what I want? Natsuki seems ready, right? I mean she even took the initiative… maybe I was just thrown off by her sudden change in behaviour… yes that must be it, if it happens again I'll know what to do.'

Retrieving the promised gift from her room, Shizuru arrived back in the living room with a large wrapped box. She placed the box onto the coffee table and said:

"Happy Anniversary, Natsuki. You can open it while I go make some tea."

Shizuru walked away from Natsuki again, hoping that the distance and the tea will help calm her nerves.

She entered the kitchen which is behind the couch they were sitting on, is separated from the living room only by a breakfast bar so Shizuru had the full view of Natsuki opening her present.

After a few moments of rustling of paper, Natsuki ripped off the green and blue wrapping paper to reveal a brand new console.

"Does Natsuki like it? But Natsuki has to keep it here, so she has a reason to come visit me more often and so you don't complain about having nothing to do when you come over to play." She directed a teasing yet caring smile to the back of Natsuki's head waiting for her reply.

The blunette quietly stood, whipping her hair around to look into her girlfriend's eyes, a sweet and loving smile on her face causing the red-eyed girl to blush and focus on the cup of tea cradled in her hands.

"Yeah, it's great Shizuru. Thanks." Natsuki walked over to the chestnut-haired girl and gently slipped her arms around her waist with her head rested on her shoulder - hugging Shizuru the way she always surprise Natsuki with. "And did you enjoy tonight? Did you like my present?"

"Y-yes, the whole evening was very nice. Thank you, Natsuki, for planning tonight." The blush on her face deepened even further.

'Did I just stutter?! Please tell me that Natsuki didn't notice that! Okay, wait, I need to calm down, just take a moment to think … it's Natsuki if she wants to do anything it's probably not going to be too explicit, so there's nothing to worry about, she's ready, I'm ready so-'

"Shizuru" Natsuki whispered in Shizuru's ear, breaking her chain of thought, with one hand, that was previously wrapped around her waist, raised to the brunette's chin tilting it so they faced each other. The blunette closed in once again.

"Does Natsuki want to try the console out?" Shizuru squeaked, she unwrapped the blunette's arms from her waist while hastily walking back to the couch.

'Alright so maybe I'm not completely ready, but I'm definitely thrown off by Natsuki's forwardness, I just need some time to think this over and clear my head a little.'

Before Shizuru even get past the breakfast bar, her wrist was snatched, forcefully swung around, a hand clasped the back of her head cushioning it as she was pushed against the wall. The ex-kaichou was at a loss of her surroundings when her vision was soon blurred by a certain girlfriend's face being extraordinarily close and a pair of lips being crushed onto hers.

'A-Ara, maybe I don't need to think at all…' The last coherent thought of the famous Fuuka kaichou before all her concentration, if any, went to the invading tongue that was wrestling with hers for dominance. Her arms somehow found its way to wrap itself around the blunette's neck, while her hands instinctively caressed that silky midnight blue mane.

By the time Shizuru mind was cleared from its haziness she was lying on the couch fully clothed with Natsuki on top of her, who had; one arm wrapped around her waist, the other beside her head, and occasionally she kissed the corners of Shizuru's lips and rested her face in the crook of the brunette's neck to deeply inhaling her scent.

Natsuki raised her body up, rustling the wrapping paper that the two were laying on, all her weight on one arm as the other moved up to stroke away the stray chestnut strands that obscured her view of her girlfriend, a gentle and sweet smile appeared on the emerald-eyed girl causing the below her to blush a little and smile back.

To Shizuru's surprise Natsuki looked up for a moment and returned with a devilish smile on her face, filling Shizuru with an uneasy feeling.

Author's Note:

Version: N should come out soonish, from the title u MAY have guess that...



its a chapter that runs parallel to the event of this one but in Natsuki's POV, it sud kinda of explain Natsuki's OoCness near the end.

As for Shizuru's OoCness at the end... well it's hard to put her into character when she's in a out of character situation! But my lame attempt to explain, is that: Shizuru is so fixated on the idea that Natsuki is too scared to do anything of that 'genre' she was completely thrown back by the sudden change in the wolf-girl.