Author Note:

These are just bits of humour that popped up when I was reading and editing my chapters. Nothing special just thought that I would share

Ref: Library scene in Version: N

"That's right folks, Natsuki can now come fully equip with lazar eye beams – useful for those pesky and hard to deal with fan girls or fan boys! If you already have one at home you can bring it in today to have it installed for a low, low price of-"

Natsuki: What the hell is this? Some stupid advertisement for buying me? It's just plain stupid. First of all – I'm NOT for sale, and second of all – you don't "install" these *point to her own eyes as she glares* they're honed through hours and hours of training and practice! Right Shizuru? *looks at the brunette beside her*

Shizuru: *murmurs to herself* … I wonder… how much money would I need to buy out the whole Natsuki chain?

Ref: Dinner in Version: S

*Shizuru walks up to Natsuki with a gleeful grin and items behind her back*

Natsuki: What do you have there?

*Shizuru's smile broadens, whipping Natsuki's dress and a metallic object on a leather strap from behind her back, she shoves the items into Natsuki's hands*

Shizuru: Wear these for me won't you? *Puppy eyes look*

Natsuki: Do I have to? This dress makes me uncomfortable and… *looks at the black dress, then her attention shifts to the other object in her other hand* What's this gun for? It isn't real is it? *looking back at Shizuru, Natsuki suddenly feels like a trapped rabbit in front of a very hungry wolf*