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"How'd you end up in a place like this?"

"The last girl quit, can you believe it?"

-Customer, Wanda

"That's the problem with kids these days. Want a free ride in everything. No work discipline! "

Brent rolled his eyes as he tried to ignore his dad's ranting as he sat by the cash register. "Uh, huh. Yeah..."

"Complete lack of respect. Well little miss daisy won't be so happy when she's living in a box on the side of the street. Let's see her come back for her job then!"

"Sure." Brent's stupor was lifted as the door to the station opened causing Oscar to break out of his rant as he looked over.


"Oh look dad, it's Wanda. Hi Wanda!" Brent tried to quickly shift the focus away from the previous topic.

"Uh...hi?" Wanda walked over to the counter.

"Wanda and were just going to go get some lunch now. Weren't we Wanda?" Brent tipped his head towards his dad trying to get Wanda realize what was going on.

"What? I just wanted mil-"

"See, Wanda didn't forget. Well we'd better go now. See ya dad." Going around the counter Brent pulled the confused Wanda along until they reached the connecting diner.


"Okay, what was that about?" Wanda demanded as they walked through the door.

"Oh it's just dad." Brent rolled his eyes as he let go of her arm. "The cashier girl quit and now he's going on about it."

"Ah.." Wanda nodded as they sat down in one of the booths. "Did he send her one of those letters about how she's going to be living in a box for the rest of her life?"

"Nah, Davis told him he's not allowed to do that anymore. The last guy tried to press charges. So now I get to hear it all. Until we hire a new person that is."

Wanda scoffed. "Good luck with that. No one in their right mind would want to work with your dad."

"Hey, I work there."

"And that proves what?"

"Ha ha."


"So what'll you two be having." Their attention was caught as Ruby stood at the end of their table.

"Chile cheese dog." Brent said at the same time as Wanda replied. "I'm not having anything."

Brent looked over at her. "Come on Wanda if you don't get something dad's going to know I lied to him."

Rolling her eyes Wanda sighed. "Fine, but you're paying for it."


"Club sandwich then."

"Alright." Ruby was soon gone with their orders.


"So." Brent started. "How's feel to be back in Dog River?"

Wanda shrugged. "Same as when I left."

"Yeah..." Brent nodded then stopped as he thought of something. "Hey...you don't have a job yet do you?"


Brent leaned forwards."Well then how would you-"

Wanda shook her head. "No, I meant No as in no I'm not working as a cashier."

"Come on."



Wanda sighed. "Why would I want to work at a gas station?"


"I mean no offense Brent, but your dad's not the easiest person to work for."

"Come on..."

A couple of minutes later...

"Come on....."

"What are you four?" Wanda was trying to resist throwing the salt shaker at him but that wouldn't really make her look any better.

"Come on...."

"He's never going to stop that." Ruby said as she placed their food in front of them.

"Oh believe me. I know." Wanda replied with a shake of her head as Ruby walked away.


"So will you take the job?" Brent asked before picking up a hot dog.

Wanda sighed as she thought. She did have her eye on a house... and she didn't have a job yet. And she was good at drowning out idiots...

"Oh alright."

"Awesome!" Brent managed to say between mouthfuls of the hot dog. "You're the greatest!"

"Yeah, yeah.." Wanda rolled her eyes and picked up her own food. "So they tell me."

Just a random one shot as to how Wanda might have come to work at Corner Gas. Written for kicks.