. Chapter 03 .

Calling all owners!

The sun at this point had completely set behind the horizon, it was getting darker by the minute. Kana had limited clothes and could not provide for all the 'ham-hams' so some of them were still naked for now. Kylie had already ran inside to find all the owners' house phones. June stayed with the ham-hams of course to make sure they did not do anything stupid.

June kept her eyes on everyone on the lawn, half of them still naked and all of them giving each other hugs. By this point she gotten use to it, of course it still sent her horrible shivers from her spine but that wasn't important at the moment. Everyone seemed to be chatting amongst themselves.
Some worried, some excited and one sleeping.

"Okay. Listen up guys."

Most of them turned their attention to June while the others, still too worried to notice much. Pashmina poked the smaller person beside her, who wore the green cap on his head. He was one of those worried ones and with that poke he gave his attention to the young girl up front.

"This is a long shot... I doubt most of these owners will answer our calls.. especially since there's a phsycopath on the loose." June began to explain.

"A... phsycopath?" The druggie looking kid wondered. His eyes encircled by dark grey rims, making him look like he lacked sleep for quiet a few days.

"Panda, Let the young lady talk would ya?" The boy with the sister as a freternal twin had nudged him lightly.

"O-Oh.. sorry.. Keep going..." The boy known as Panda acknoledged.

"I'll tell y'all what this, Sy-po-cat is!" This particular voice had a thick Texas accent to it.

"T-That's not funny Howdy!.." The sister of the other twin called out, sounding almost scared.

"These types of beings, only hunt us special critters.." He continued. "Us gorgeous critters, referring that one to myself... O'course."

The boy was sitting on one of the chairs just not too far from June. His red 'apron' or in a better description the red table cloth he stole, wrapped around his waist. Covered most of the areas that needed to be covered as he sat down, with legs open.

Most of the people in the group gasped lightly, filtering in only the word 'cat' from this man's words. He stood up and brushed his apron before elaborating more on his theory. Having both fists leaning against each side of his waist, being so sure of himself he stood up tall and proud at what he was about to speak.

"They're specially trained ninjur cats, tha-assasinates human hams!" He spoke coldly delivering the final blow to his exaggerated theory.

"Butch sized cats with massive guns on their backs.." He continued.

"Shootin' lazers out their eyes... we're done for. Ahee hee hee." He demonstrated with his hands how the lasers would beam out from his eyes, laughing menacingly.

"Y-You're just making that up H-Howdy, you don't even know what you're talking about..." The boy with the cap muttered with shaken words.

"Oookyu!" Penelope cried out, peering behind Pashmina who as well as her was scared.

"Damn it Howdy, Don't scare Penelope with your made up nonsense!" This bulky young man, roared his opinion right out his mouth in frustration.

"Y-Yes'm Boss.. Sorry about that Penelope. Buh I'm just saying ya'know?" Howdy shrugged. "Could be possible."

"Besides, y'all look so dead and gloomy.. just wanted to cheer up the atmosphere.. Sheesh."

"You made it completely dead now, you idiot!" Boss once again growled towards Howdy while pointing to the melancholic atmosphere looming over everyone. They all looked sad and worried and in addition now terrified.

"....." June kept quiet most of the time. In her mind she found their innocents really adorable, judging simple smile on her face she's struggling to hide.

"Cappy's right. Howdy, you don't even know what your saying... So let this lady talk, why don't cha?" Boss finalized, turning his attention back to June.

"Oh. Well.. Don't worry about it for now. We need to find out who's missing out you're group.."

"Hamtaro, That's for sure.. I don't see that little orange guy anywhere." Pashmina nodded. "Stan? Sandy? Who else are we missing?"

"Well, Im pretty sure this Stan is missing you in his life." Stan, the boy of the freternal twins cooed as he slid to Pashmina's side.

"No one really falls for that Stan! Enough, This is serious." Sandy had a firm grip on her brother and pulled him away. Being hauled away, Stan groaned uncomfortably.

"Besides... Maxwell's not here either...." She meant to mumble those words under her breathe, but with that daze she uttered it out.

"Pffft, Always with that guy. Of course you'd notice he's missing. Hah." Stan teased, laughing lightly.

"I never said Maxwell, though..." Sandy trying to cover up for herself.

"Who said anything about Maxwell, I just said that guy." Stan rebutted.

Sandy eventually lets go of Stan and looked away for a slight moment. Everyone could tell by the angle of her face, that the usual pink shade was imprinted on her cheeks.

"W-Well!... He's missing anyway. Let's move on." After a short pause, Sandy turned to June and snapped back into a serious state.

"My lovely Bijou, Even with this many people in the crowd... She would be the first I'd look at..." Boss had a softer tone to his voice now, like he was in a daze.

"Oh, quit yu'r droolin Boss. We all know she aint yu'rs yet. Haa hee hee." Howdy jumped to his side and placed his arm around Boss's shoulders before laughing.

"Grrrr...." A low toned growl echoed from Boss' throat.

"H-Hey there partner... I said yet. Meaning not right now, but maybe later.. Ya know?" Howdy laughed sheepishly at this point.

"Bijou, Hamtaro, Oxnard and Maxwell are missing then.." June nodded to herself.

"Oxnard and Laura went to go find Hamtaro... At the club house apparently.." Kana spoke out, budding in the open discussion. She had a few more clothes with her in her hand as she came out the backyard door.

"Laura? What club house? and how long ago was that?" June intarogatted.

"...It was a while ago. Oxnard said something about a club house for hamsters..."

"Yeahh, The club house. Knowing Hamtaro.. That would be the first place he would go." Boss agreed.

"Im pretty sure he's looking for us there.." Pashmina backed up Boss's idea.

"Ohhhmmm.." Penelope hummed quietly.

"Guys! I couldn't get hold of everyone... I only got Noel.." Kylie stepped outside from the house and began to walk to June.

"Hmmm.. Im sure Noel can help us.. He's older than all of us." June nodded. "But are you serious that's it? Out of everyone?"

"Alright! At least my owner's coming to our rescue. Where's everyone else's?" Stan sounded so proud. While Stan spoke Kylie nodded to June's question.

"I tried to call Kip and Sue... but no answer." Kylie shook her head, worried.

"Kip and Sue..." Cappy mumbled.

"I also tried calling the local convenient store.. but the line was busy." Kylie continued.

"...I'm sure.... they're alright.. Pretty sure." That was all Howdy really had to say.

"Ohhh.. How is this a plan to call all owners when they aren't even picking up!" Around this point June was frustrated and just scratched the back of her head.

Everyone that saw her eventually got worried as well and started to scratched their forehead with the back of their hands.

"W-What are they doing...?" Kana whispered to Kylie.

"...I-I don't know.." She replied back.



x - - Laura, Hamtaro and Oxnard - - x



The three had been laying low for a while, ever since the streets got darker due to the night. Oxnard scared as ever stood close beside Hamtaro. Laura wanting to show no fear couldn't help but to follow behind Hamtaro.

They crawled along the bushes of the park that separate the street walks and the park. No one was out this late at night. No cars, No police not even a few joggers returning to their homes after a good run. It was complete silence.

The loud sound of Oxnard's chewing was the only thing that broke the silence. Laura and Hamtaro turned to look at Oxnard who was now chewing on a small sunflower seed. After finished with that one, he continued with another like an infinite chain of eating frenzy.

"...He.. get's hungry under pressure." Hamtaro turned to insure Laura that this was normal.

Light footsteps could be heard from the distance, this brought their attention back to staying on a low profile. Oxnard dry swallowed the whole seed once he got startled, he got too frustrated with taking the seed out it's shell.

"Do you hear that?" Laura whispered quietly to the two.

Both Hamtaro and Oxnard nodded agreeing that they indeed heard something.

Hamtaro peered over the bushes to look to the streets and locate where the footsteps are coming from. It was a young man, looking like one of those college students. He had barely any hair on his head, but was visible enough to see that he had black hair.

"Laura.. It's a boy.." He turned to announce.

Laura looked over the bushes herself to see who this boy was. Once she noticed the familiar face she immediately made her way around the bushes and to a crouching position.

"Noel! Over here!"

"Hmmm?" The boy's attention was caught and eventually made him stop walking.

A few minutes had passed as four of them began to walk towards their school. Everything was explain on their way there. Noel was sketchy about the idea of course. There was more convincing to do on his part, but he was at least willing to hear them out. Noel mentioned that Kylie had called, said to be important to meet at the school.

Hamtaro and Oxnard began to tell stories about Stan and what they mostly know about Noel as well, to help him understand the situation.
In his surprise, Noel didn't expect that these two complete strangers knew a thing or two about him and his hamster. Of course he wouldn't know exactly what his hamster's personality was, but the part about his life was mostly true.

"So.. You know that I got my hamster from the gymnist named Hillary?"

Hamtaro and Oxnard nodded excitedly.

"That's not all we know... You also have this cru-" Oxnard came to a quick pause once Hamtaro covered his mouth.

"...You also have this hamster of yours, named Stan." He continued for Oxnard.

"O-Oh?" Noel debating weither that was really what the other boy was really ganna say.

"The point is.. We need to find everyone.. It could be dangerous for them." Laura butted in.

"Well.. I did find this lovely girl around the neighbor hood. Strange as it was.. She was kind of Naked." Noel thought for a moment, speaking out loud.

"I wasn't intetionally looking or anything! I-I just noticed it.. It kind of stuck out." Noel shook his head and waved his hands as if erasing something.

"I-It's fine... It took me a while to get use to these two running around butt-naked." Laura confessed.

"She was trying to put on some blue ribbons in her hair... Odd thing considering she didn't mind not paying attention to anything else.."

"That sounds like Bijou!" Hamtaro blurted out.

"Maria's pet Hamster?" Laura asked.

Hamtaro nodded and turned to Noel. "Where was she heading? Did you know?"

"She was heading to probably one of the biggest houses I've seen in the neighbor hood."

Laura sounded like she chocked on her own spit for a second before speaking. "Bijou went home? The rich girl, Maria's pet? So you're telling me..
that a naked girl is going to appear at Maria's prestigious house?!"

"We have to save her!" Hamtaro had determination in his voice before running to the opposite direction of the school.

"Wait Hamtaro!" Laura shouted. "Noel, Take Oxnard with you to the school.. We'll meet everyone there."

"H-Hey!" Noel stuttered at first, just taking in what Laura said before she left and ran after Hamtaro.

A soft sigh came out Noel's lips before shaking off his worries. He turned to look at the boy, Oxnard then noticed his attire.

"... Are you comfortable with those clothes?"

"Doesn't matter.. I can feel the breeze better with these clothes." Oxnard smiled happily.

"Y-Yeah... Well you should have my Jacket.." Noel laughed sheepishly.



x - - Maria's home - - x



Maria had a long sad face on her, she didn't seem too happy. She stayed in her room and sat down beside the hamster cage, just staring at it.
After a few minutes had passed. She stood up and went to her piano and prepared herself to play a song. A gracious melancholic melody filled the air, the whole house for that matter.

"Maria seems so down... Do you really think It's a bad idea, Maxwell?" Although this young lady spoke english, her lovely french accent mingled with her words.

"It's ganna be hard for your owner to realize that you're her hamster. Let's come back some other time.." The boy named Maxwell concluded.

Both of them wore clothes, odd enough. Maxwell carried with him a book in his hand of course and a few extra clothings in his other. Bijou wore a long white shirt and a pair of jean shorts. Maxwell had the same attire, but had a pair of pants. It was safe to think that Maxwell was smart enough to bring extra clothes and that it was more proper now to use them in human form.

"I'm sure everyone else is scared... but I'm sure they're all together. Us on the other hand.. need to find them." Maxwell had the most sense out of all the hamsters, it was typical for him to use his wits for the better in this situation.

"Bijou!" A very loud yell was heard from the front gates of the house.

Bijou and Maxwell turned their attention towards the gates and saw only a dark figure trying to climb his way over the gates.

"W-Who could that be?"

"Hamtaro! Stop!" Laura could be seen behind the house gates, her hands holding on the the gate's bars.

Maxwell and Bijou's attention caught the name that Laura used to call out to the figure. There was a gleam in Bijou's eyes from the near by street lights, she had a contained smile on her face. Her saphire blue eyes looked towards the phantom figure running to the front of the house. Maxwell who was beside Bijou bolted forward, roughly bumped on Bijou's shoulder as he did so. This got Bijou off the slight excitment she had for a moment, realizing now what Hamtaro was doing.

"Hamtaro! Wait!" Maxwell shouted, hoping he would be heard.


Maxwell didn't see the chopped tree stump, which resulted to him falling to the ground. He stretched his hands out to support his landing, his hands though had most of the damage as it skid on the harsh ground. After Maxwell ran, Bijou immediately followed. So where Maxwell failed, Bijou had noticed and jumped over the stump. Hamtaro rushed his way closer towards the large double door entrance. Bijou catching up speed, coming from the side of the large front lawn, just about to cross Hamtaro's path.

"Bijou! careful!" Maxwell warned as he pushed himself up, using his elbows.

The front porch lights were kept on. The closer Bijou got, the more she realized that this was going to end in a disaster. At the speed she and Hamtaro was on, they would eventually collide together. Hamtaro on the other hand, just mere inches away from the front porch had a glimpse of Bijou at the corner of his eye. He could only tell that there was a person beside him, with layered brunette hair. She wore a white shirt and jean shorts. Those were the only information he could sink to his head quick enough. Turning his head almost quarter of the way to her direction, Bijou was already but a step away and was unable to come to a stop.



In Maxwell and Laura's sight, they could see everything in detail. It was as if, they crashed into each other in slow motion. Bijou kept her arms open to the side and ended up tackling Hamtaro to the ground with great force. Hamtaro and Bijou flew a few inches away on the other side of the lawn. Maxwell stood up completely and began to walk towards their direction, but felt a pain on his leg. He then realized that he sprained it. Limping towards their direction now, Maxwell kept his eyes on Laura most of the time.

"H-Hamatro!" Laura eventually tried to climb slowly over the gate.

"Oohh..." Hamtaro let out a soft groan, a bit dizzy from the impact.

Bijou's head was up against his chest, hearing his heart beat at a fast rate. It was probably because of all the excitement. She could feel her arms around him tightly, and for a moment she didn't seem to mind. But after hearing him groan she pushed herself slowly away from him, but still laid on top of him. Her hair draping around her face. Hamtaro looked up at her and merely gave her a blank and confused look. Bijou kept quite, as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Bijou?" Hamtaro muttered after a short cough.

"Y-Yeah. It's me." She confirmed by nodding.

In her eyes, it seemed like time stood still... it felt like the silence between them was forever. In reality it was only for a few seconds. When she heard Maxwell's footsteps, shuffling through the dirt she quickly rolled off Hamtaro and sat beside him. She faced Maxwell who was limping their way. Hamtaro slowly sat up, but kept his eyes on Bijou most of the time. She on the other hand realized that he was still looking at her from the corner of her eyes.

"Hamtaro! Bijou! Are you both okay?" Maxwell was oblivious to the little momment Bijou had with Hamtaro. It wasn't like Hamtaro found anything out of the ordinary either.

"Mmhmm." Bijou nodded, her head lowered slightly covering her face.

"Maxwell! Is that you? Why are you limping?" Hamtaro had instantly noticed and jolted up as if nothing happened.

He ran to Maxwell's side and took his arm to hang over his own shoulders to help him walk. Laura from the distance had just arrived at the scene, her eyes switching from Hamtaro to the girl on the ground. A baffled look was imprinted on Laura's face. Her first impression was that the two, Maxwell and Bijou were after to harm Hamtaro. This didn't seem like it, it sunk to Laura that they were preventing him from knocking on Maria's doorstep.

"Here, Let me help." Laura whispered just enough for Bijou to hear.

She reached a hand out to help her up, and taking the offer Bijou took her hand to help herself stand up. Bijou walked over to Maxwell and took his other arm and placed it over her shoulders.
Maxwell groaned in pain once Bijou made his leg lean a certain way. Of course, she flinched slightly getting a heads up to be more careful.

"I got him... We need to get him to sit down." That flawless french accent of hers gracefully was spoken out her lips.

Bijou began to walk over to the bushes with Maxwell, Hamtaro didn't have a very good grip on Maxwell and had him slip off him. It didn't affect Maxwell, since the side Bijou supported was where his bad leg was. Hamtaro stood by Laura and watched Bijou take Maxwell behind the bushes. Both Laura and Hamtaro felt that Bijou was in a rush to get away from the lighted side of the lawn.

Once the two was away from ear's reach, Hamtaro walked over to Laura and looked at her confused. Laura caught Hamtaro's expression instantly and met him half way.

"...Is it normal for a human's cheeks to turn pink?" Hamtaro asked quietly.

Quickly Hamtaro thought of Bijou's face when she sat down on the ground beside him. Her face lowered trying to cover it. As much as she hoped that it wasn't visible, Hamtaro fully saw her pink rosy cheeks. Her breathing a light and soft pace and clearly obvious through the breathes she took from her mouth. The unstable look she gave to the ground as if she was also looking at Hamtaro from the corner of her eye, but blinked and looked back at the ground.

Laura unsure to what Hamtaro meant merely nodded her head to agree and began to walk to Maxwell and Bijou's location. "Come."

Maxwell turned to look at Bijou, who was oddly in a strange mood after meeting up with Hamtaro. His eyes caught the look on her face, and he simply smiled at this. Bijou's hair was hanging loosely over her cheeks, but regardless of this it was obvious that her face was still flushed. Her lips breathing out air quietly, trying to catch her breathe.

"You're blushing." Maxwell pointed out with a large grin on his face.

"Is that what it's called? When you're heart is beating really fast?..." Bijou helped Maxwell down to sit on the ground. Her voice still, as still as she tried to keep it.

"No you're tired.." Maxwell's expression shortly cut down to a simple smile. His assumption changing from what Bijou said.

"Mmm Mmm.." She hummed as she shook her head. "My heart's beating fast.. but... I don't think It's because of the running..."

The same large grin Maxwell had resurfaced from his lips.

"..Is that normal for a human to do?"

"Both normal.. and unexplainable... but an amazing feeling." Maxwell left it at that and turned to look at Laura. "So I've read..."



x - - The school - -x



"They'll live with us then! So that's the plan! Until we get to the bottom of this!" June's demanding voice had filled the school grounds.

"June! Not too loud..." Kylie reminded her friend.

"Technically impossible... There are some hamsters here, that said they don't even have owners..." Noel shook his head at June's idea.

In one section of the field in front of the school there were the owners, and on the other were the recently transformed human hamsters. All four owners were having a little meeting on what exactly to do about the situation. Ideas so far weren't as realistic and carefully thought out. It's been almost half an hour since they got to the school grounds and yet no good ideas.

Most of the ham-hams at the other side of the field were running around trying to catch each other. Some were tired and looked worn out and hungry. The few remaining who was Boss, Panda and Stan sat in a circle as if they were in a meeting them selves.

Fifteen minutes earlier...

Noel and Oxnard had reached the the gates of the school, and on the instant the ham-ham group immediately saw Oxnard. Rushing to him they all held him in their arms in a large group hug. It seemed that the more familiar faces the group saw the more at ease they were, the more happier they became. Noel inched his way away from the group huddling beside him and walked towards June, Kylie and Kana who kept their distance. Kana especially. After the way she acted in front of Oxnard she felt that she had to keep her distance, not from fear but from guilt. She should have believed Laura and helped her out, but instead she was too scared to.

June and Kylie explained all they could about the situation, everything they knew about it. Which really wasn't that much just mostly what Hamtaro, Oxnard and Laura tried to tell Noel earlier. The more people Noel had to hear this from the more he was convinced, but not fully. The idea of hamsters turning to human was way too bizarre to really take in, but it was understandable. Although he wasn't sure about what he was getting himself into, he was willing to help in any way he could.

"There must be a place where these people can stay..." Noel pondered.

A delightful melody quickly filled the air, as quick as it came it disappeared. A few seconds later a different tune was heard, like a different chord played on a guitar. The hamsters quickly turned their attention to the direction of the gate. The owners stopped talking and looked around as well.

"I hear music don't you? Like a guitar..." Kylie whimpered. "I'm scared..."

"I heard it too." Noel nodded.

Kana and Kylie got closer to each other and held each other, to feel comfort since both seemed to be getting quiet scared over the music. Noel and June walked to the direction of the ham-hams, Kana and Kylie followed behind. Boss stood up and turned to look on the stone fence around the school. There stood a mysterious figure, holding what looked like a guitar.

A strum of the guitar was heard once more just before the person cleared his throat. Noel and June looked up at the direction Boss and the ham-hams were facing, to see the same thing. A young man with spiky hair a more dark shade of brown to it and emerald green eyes gleaming with the street light. He was bare naked and held a classical guitar, luckily positioned low enough to cover most of his pelvis.
His eyes looked down at the group below him, he had a soft smile to his face.

"Owners or Hamsters you shouldn't exclude, Idea's together, would be just cool." The mysterious young boy sung to them.

"Jingle! What are you doing up there? put some clothes on!" Boss shouted.

"Clothes my friend? I guess It'd be easier for me to blend..." Jingle spoke to himself. "I wouldn't mind, Alright. I won't put up a fight."

Jingle jumped down the fence and stretched his hands out to the side as if he was waiting to be clothed. Luck seemed to be on his side since Kana brought a pair of shorts, she walked up to him and held them out.

"Why thank you lovely, This should be enough for me." Jingle once more sung a calm melody as he replied.

"I see you're still singing whatever you say." Pashmina let out a light giggle.

"He needs to learn to blend in... We don't see humans do that every day." Stan shook his head turning away from Jingle as he changed.

"Why, what's wrong with me?" Jingle spoke normally, but still ended up rhyming. "Isn't it okay to let me be?"

"That... actually is getting annoying..." Stan growled lightly.

"Quit it. I don't think he's doing it on purpose." Sandy stood by Stan and poked him lightly.

"It's okay. I'll help him get that rhyming thing out his system." Noel nodded. "First we have to figure out where you guys should stay..."

"We already planned that." Boss turned to Noel. "We could just remodel the Club House, with Panda's help it won't be a problem."

"Yeah, I can make things easily... We just need to know what things we need." Panda uttered.

"This is perfect then. We'll help you out on your needs.. and you all can stay in that Club house." June nodded, seeing that this was actually a good idea.

"See what I mean? Two good idea's now are seen." Jingle smiled before strumming once more on his guitar.

"...You really need to stop that. Is it normal to feel this annoyed?" Stan growled once more scratching his forehead.

"Im not really sure the difference between hamster emotions to human emotions..." June butted in walking up to stan. "I'm sure there's a huge difference.."

"We humans probably have twice the amount of feelings Hamsters have..." Kana agreeed.

"I've never been this annoyed before... like I wanna punch him in the face. Is that normal?" Stan muttered glaring at Jingle who was still smiling.

Noel and June nodded to reassure Stan it indeed was normal.

"I'm guessing all the emotions you all use to have is now doubled in a new body." Noel nodded once more, pondering about what he said.

"Like, If Howdy and Dexter met up... They would both be more annoyed with each other than usual?" Sandy groaned kind of upset herself. "Ughhh..."

"I heard ma name!" Howdy hollered from all the way across the field.

"I guess so. We'll have to see."Kylie sighed.

"What about my sis? Would she feel anything if she saw Maxwell?" Stan turned around and gave June a rather intense glare.

"H-Hey, I wouldn't know. Sandy gets annoyed with Maxwell?" June shrugged it off.

Sandy, hearing Stan's comment marched her way up to him and pulled his ear. Her facial expression a blank yet intimidating look to it. Pashmina, Boss and Panda who was near by stepped aside and inched their way away from the two siblings. Sandy pulled Stan's ear lower and lower, Stan forced to follow where ever Sandy pulled his ear was screaming in pain.

"O-Oww! Ooow! Okay, Okay!" Stan shook his head lightly to try to get out of her grasp.

Just by reading Sandy's body language the owners figured out what Stan meant when he spoke about Sandy. A gentle smile came to their faces finding the situation actually cute, they didn't expect that their pets even start liking each other. Kana giggled lightly putting a hand to her mouth to try to muffle her laughter.

"Well... It's hard to explain what it feels to like someone..." Noel had a soft tone of voice with a smile placed on his lips. "You feel weird around them... and your heart beat gives an off beat tune, that you can't really explain."

Kylie, June and Kana still had a smile on their faces, it was faint but still there... But now they could tell that Noel really knew how it felt like. Sandy took her hand off Stan and looked at Noel then shifted to look at the ground. Stan stepped back from Sandy and started rubbing his ear, trying to keep his whimpering to a minimun. Pashmina stepped to Sandy's side and tapped her on the shoulder, she turned and Pashmina smiled lightly.

"It sounds like a nice feeling. Don't be scared." She insured.

"Mm'kay." Sandy hummed.

Pashmina turned to look at Stan and gave him a light smile as well, Penelope noticing this she smiled at Stan too. Stan stood up properly from his bent position and saw a glimpse of that smile. He had a blank look to his face, but clearly kept his eyes on Pashmina. Trying to make it look obvious he turned to look at Penelope through the holes that show her eyes from the yellow table cloth.

With Bijou

While Hamtaro and Dexter helped Maxwell walk in front of her she kept her head lowered. A hand close to her chest, palm up against where she felt her heart gave a satisfying burn. She could feel the heat all over her body, mostly on her cheeks. Bijou looked over to Hamtaro, then shifted to Laura who could tell now what was happening to her.

As Bijou, Hamtaro, Maxwell and Laura walked towards the School they met up with Dexter who seemed lost in the streets. Dexter explained everything and where he was for the past hour or so. He escaped June's house and got his way away from her parents. Although it seemed that June was going to get in trouble for this, Laura merely smiled and introduced herself. Dexter wore some baggy and worn out clothes, he had dark grey hair that looked combed back. Thin rimmed square glasses sat on his nose, making his unique grey colored eyes stand out.

Although the feeling was new, Bijou didn't mind it but she kept her distance from everyone even Laura. She walked slower than the others trying to figure out what had happened, and if that was a good thing or bad. There was one thing she knew for sure... It felt great to have him in her arms.



x - - The school, minutes later - - x



Finally, Laura and the ham-hams she was with arrived at the school. Once they arrived they noticed June, Kylie and Kana had fallen asleep on each other on the grassy field. Just beside them, Penelope, Cappy, Jingle, Stan and Sandy were dead asleep too. Snoozer, who was asleep the whole time was crawled up under a blanket shared by everyone else. The remaining ham-hams were wide awake and were able to run and greet Laura, Hamtaro, Maxwell and Bijou.

Howdy tried his best to stay awake, only wanting to have the feeling Noel said he might get once seeing Dexter. Eagerly expecting any form of feeling, Howdy gave Dexter a cold stare from the distance. Dexter noticing Howdy's behavior couldn't help but laugh at this. Howdy still expecting something from his body stayed still and stared at Dexter. Eventually feeling annoyed Dexter walked up to Howdy and began to provoke him with witty comments about his apron. Finally frustrated Howdy jumped rejoicing, the confused Dexter merely stepped back and kept his distance.

Boss had immediately rushed to Bijou's side, there was a gleam in his eye once he was just inches away from her. Boss cleared his throat and held a fist out to her.

"I-I kept these for you..." Boss mumbled most of the words. He opened his hand to reveal two separate strands of blue ribbons.

"Oh, Boss! You found my ribbons." Bijou smiled brightly and took the ribbons from Boss.

Pashmina slowly made his way to the group, looking over at Boss and Bijou she slightly laughed at all this. She seemed happier now that everyone was back together. Her attention turned to Dexter who was now trying to help out Maxwell as he sat on the field.

"Oh right, we forgot to get Dexter!" Pashmina giggled.

Dexter turned to her and scratched his cheek, letting out a sheepish laugh. "Y-Yeah... you did."

"I'm sorry... We got kind of distracted on things." Pashmina smiled and walked to where Maxwell and Dexter sat.

"It doesn't matter. Anything for you, my dear." Dexter stood up and bowed to her, completely forgetting about Maxwell.

"Ummm.. hello?" Maxwell flailed his arms in the air trying to get their attention.

Pashmina did not see anything special about how Dexter's gentleman like gestures greeted her. Obliviously did not say anything back. She turned to look at Maxwell and kneed down to his level, trying to aid him.

Noel explained everything to Laura, their plans and what they would do. Conversations were exchanged and the hours passed by. Once most of them laid down on the comfortable grassy feild, they couldn't keep up staying awake. One by one eventually everyone fell asleep in a large group on a feild, huddled up together for warmth. Even Noel had fallen asleep from all the work they did.

Completely forgetting, that they were all asleep on school grounds. Knocked out completely because of such comfort when they slept. Not realizing, that the next day was a school day. Within five more hours, school was about to begin having students coming in, to find a large group of people sleeping on the feild.

"Sleep..." There was a voice in the distance, just by the trees.

A hooded figure, black attire and a black scarf over his mouth only having his eyes visible stood on a tree branch. A special form of grenade held in his hand, The grenade already opened looking like it's been set off a few hours ago. From where he stood above everyone else, the green fog over the school grounds was visible from his position. He looked down on the the humans who had fallen asleep from the fog.








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