Honey, I'm home! Yes, I'm at it again. For a while I had decided that I was going to focus on more productive writing, but you know what? Fanfiction is fun, and I miss it! So here I am, writing again.

I am, however, writing under a new pen name. My new account is Princess Corkey, and below you will find a list of stories that will be on that as well as a link.

New Profile: .net/u/3790840/Princess_Corkey

Lost In Another Time: This story was so much fun to write, and I reread it often for inspiration, but I recently realized how much I've grown as a writer since then, and it makes me wish I could rewrite it, and I realized, why don't I? So here it is, the remastering of Lost, now called Her Name Was Alexandra. Three chapters are already up. Not much different yet, but I am hoping to add to it. I want to explore the Lily/James relationship in it a little further, as well as add a few more supporting characters and straighten out the timeline. Suggestions? Love 'em! Link: .net/s/8151596/1/Her_Name_Was_Alexandra

My Other Half: MOH will be remastered much the same as Lost, under the name The Other Half. I would like Allyson to have a few personality changes, making her less unpredictable so to convey that she is more vulnerably than I initially showed. Also, I would like this story to be a little longer and completely change the last chapter for I look back and feel it is a terrible ending.

Kiss Me In The Rain, Fallen Angel, Look Into The Future, Delusions of Grandeur, : Existing chapters will remain mostly the same, possible minor tweaking, but the story will be reposted and continued on the new account.

Tension, Uncomfortable, A Forgotten Story: Will be tweaked slightly for typos, but otherwise will remain the same and simply reposted on the new account.

Never Alone, Meet The Family, All's Fair in Love and Friendship, Katie Bell: Socially Inept: Existing chapters will be rewritten and then story will be continued on the new account. (All's fair will be shortened to simply that. I don't like longer titles for most stories.)

My Star Chaser (To become simply Star Chaser), Not My Night, and Cinderella Masquerade, Lily Potter: Daughter, Sister, and Disappointment (To become Lily Potter: Disappointment): Possibly rewritten, but lower on the priority list. Saving for a rainy day or once all above projects are completed.