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So, okay. Here we go.

"Kahl, Kaaahhhl, Kahl!"

Eric Cartman was trying to get his 'friend' Kyle Broflovski to pay attention to him. So far Eric had tried poking, pinching, and even punching Kyle, but the boy wouldn't turn around and acknowledge him.

"Come on, Kahl." Eric hated whining, but the redheaded Jewish boy normally gave into it. "What's the answer? Come ooonnn."

They were in first block, their math class, taking a test. Kyle knew most of the answers but he knew for a fact that the lard ass sitting behind him hadn't studied at all. And who was paying for it? Kyle. It was the teacher's fault as well as Eric's for having a seating chart and making Cartman sit behind him.

"A." Kyle finally gave in, sighing. "The answer is A. Now leave me alone."

"Well, thank you, Kahl. You're not such a stingy Jew after all." Eric smirked slightly, proud that his plan to annoy Kyle and get the answer out of him had worked. Now only if he could get the last two answers to the test out of him, he'd be fine…"Oh, Kahl-"

Kyle sighed again. He was used to this-it was an everyday occurrence now. He had every class with Cartman. Every single class. He used to love school. Now that he had every single class with Eric Cartman and NONE with his other friends, he thought of school as a hell-one he couldn't escape.

"Leave me alone, Fat Ass. I mean it. I'm almost done and I don't need you distracting me."

"Well, Kahl! I'm offended you would say such things to me! I-"

"Cartman! Broflovski!" The voice of their teacher rang out, startling them. "Caught cheating! No surprise there!"

Kyle blinked. Cheating? He'd never! He knew it was of no use to argue with the teacher though. He got caught talking during tests often now because of Cartman. Damn fat ass. He got him in more trouble now then he did when they were kids. He really hated the bastard.

"But Sir! Kahl was just-"

"I don't want to hear it, Mr. Cartman. You and Broflovski are nothing but trouble! Trouble! It's the same thing every day!"

Kyle had to hold back a sigh. The teacher was right. Almost every day they got caught talking because lard-ass won't keep his mouth shut or study when he was suppose to.

Cartman had changed a lot over the years. He had stopped wearing his red jacket when the boys had hit middle school. He had still kept the hat though. Eric's brown hair would sometimes peek out from under it, but that was the only time Kyle would ever get to see it.

The way he had dressed wasn't the only thing that had changed about the boy though. Cartman really was big boned under all of that fat. He was the tallest out of Kyle, Stan, and Kenny and he often made fun of them for being shorter than him. Eric Cartman was tall, had chestnut brown eyes, and had muscles-lots of them. No wonder most of the female population-and now some of the male population, though Kyle wouldn't name any certain blonds-was after him.

Kyle himself wasn't bad looking. Like Cartman, he had also gotten rid of his jacket. He had also ditched the hat though, letting his red curls free to occasionally fall in his face. He didn't mind though-even IF Cartman called him a 'dirty Jew fag' for his hair. Kyle's eyes were an amazing green; not just any green, but the kind that makes people want to stare into them. He had a clear complexion-one that made all of the girls jealous. His skin was as smooth as it was clear. Like Cartman, he had both girls and boys after him.

"Sir, Broflovski was just-"

The sound of Cartman's voice cut Kyle out of his thoughts.

"I don't want to hear it, Eric. Both of you have after school detention. Now, turn in your papers. You'll be graded on what ever you have finished."

Kyle got up and handed in his paper. As he was passing Cartman, he swore he heard "Thanks, you dirty Jew." Kyle just rolled his eyes and sat back down in his seat. He was used to Cartman's behavior by now.

"Um, pardon me, but do you happen to have the time?"

Kyle looked over at the sound of Pip Pirrup's voice. The British kid hadn't changed much over the years. His blond hair was down to his shoulder blades and his voice was a little deeper, but that was pretty much all that had changed. His clothes were even the same; same hat and same outfit, but larger to fit his high school body.

"It's nine."

Kyle blinked. That was Damien's deep voice. Kyle turned his head to the side slightly to get a better look at the boy. Kyle hadn't noticed Damien had switched seats to sit by Pip. Damien was lucky-the teacher hadn't noticed either. Not that it would matter-Damien would just roll his eyes and pretend he didn't hear the teacher while Pip begged him to move back to his seat so they wouldn't get in trouble. It didn't matter though. The only person that didn't realize Damien was in love with Pip…was Pip himself. Kyle almost felt bad for the spawn of Satan. Almost.

"Oh, well, thank you, Damien."

"Watching the fags, Kalh?"

Kyle shuddered at Cartman's warm breath as the teen whispered in his ear. He was far to close for comfort.

"Fuck off Cartman!"

The bell rang before Cartman could reply.

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