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After a long pause, the silence in Eric Cartman's living room was broken.

"A-ah...I-I'll do it, Eric."

Everyone turned to look at Butters, the person who had spoken.

"I-I'm tired of bein' single, you guys. A-and besides," His eyes moved to Eric's. A blush was beginning to form on his face. "I-I like you, Eric."

Kyle looked at Butters, his face full of disbelief, a sense of de ja vu coming over him. It took him a moment to realize why, but he finally figured it out.

Butters had said almost the same exact thing when they had first come up with the bet.

After another moment's pause, this one shorter than the others, Kenny shrugged. "I'll do it too." Sharing his best friend was better than not having the boy at all.

"Oh, come on!" Kyle stood up, not wanting to sit by the other two boys. "I can't believe you two! What is wrong with you?!"

Cartman placed his hands on Kyle's hips from behind. He had been bluffing earlier; He really would agree to take the other two. Kyle didn't need to know that though. He was the only one left that hadn't agreed.

"Nothing is wrong with them, Kahl. They've just realized what a catch I am."

Kyle jerked away from the boy. He spun around to face him, his eyes wide once again. Slowly, a look of determination appeared on his face.

'Fuck it.'

A sound resembling a growl escaped his throat and he lunged at Cartman, trying not to think about the fact that he was about to agree to sharing the boy with two-three, if he was still with Wendy-other people.

Kyle pressed his lips against Eric Cartman's for the second time in his life. The kiss wasn't as soft or as gentle as the first one that they had shared, but this one lasted longer and was much deeper. Moments passed before Kyle actually relaxed into the kiss, and when he was just starting to, Eric pulled away, a smirk still on the lips that Kyle had just kissed.

"Well, well, well, Kahl. Now that we know how everyone feels..."

Kyle wasn't sure what he expected to happen. Still, it came to a surprise to him when Cartman actually picked him upand carried him all the way up to his bedroom. Kyle screamed Cartman's name, afraid he would drop him going up the stairs, but the boy didn't listen. Finally giving up about being put down before they reached their location, Kyle clung to the larger boy carrying him. Finally though, after what seemed to be forever for the redheaded boy, Cartman did drop him-right onto his bed.

Butters and Kenny had followed them up to Eric's room. They were standing in the doorway, watching them. Butters looked curious but Kenny looked agitated.

Kyle hoped to God that Cartman didn't want them to touch each other.

"Okay. Here's how it's going to work. Kahl, I'm going to fuck you," The boy said it as if there wasn't anything uncommon at all. There was no stutter in his sentence or blush on his face. Kyle had a blush on his own though, and his hands were gripping Cartman's blankets. "While you two" He turned to look at the two blonds in his doorway. "Can fool around and do whatever you want with each other."

Kyle was scared-he was a virgin, and being with a boy would hurt more than it would with a girl-but a small part of him was excited, and that part was beginning to grow and take him over. His grip on Cartman's blankets slowly started to relax as he told himself that he could do it-he could have sex with Eric Theodore Cartman. He swallowed, still scared, but he laid back on the bed, ready for whatever the brunet would give him.

"W-why do me a-and Kenny have ta fool ar-around with ea-each other?"

Eric let out a loud sigh and turned to look at the blonds. He had an expression on his face that was saying that whatever was about to come out of his mouth should have been obvious.

"Because, Butters, I can't have sex with all three of you. We have school tomorrow, dumb-ass."

In truth it was because Eric had barely any sexual experience-he didn't think he could last long enough to screw all three of the boys.


Butters moved over to Eric's chair. He sat down in it, his eyes staying on Kenny. Like Kyle, the boy was scared. He trusted Eric, but would Kenny hurt him?

Butters didn't need to worry though. Sensing the blonde's blue eyes on him, Kenny turned his own gaze towards the Stotch boy. The taller boy shrugged before walking over to the boy in the chair. His irritation had almost completely disappeared. Their gazes were still connected and Kenny could tell that the smaller boy was scared.

Kenny, having the most experience with sex out of all of the boy's in the room, knew that he needed to get Butters to relax before he tried anything. He placed his hands on Butters' shoulders and began to massage them, trying to get the boy to calm down. Finally, it began to work; Butters was relaxing under his hands.

"A-ah, gee, Kenny.." A blush was beginning to form on Butters' face. "Th-that feels re-real good.."

Kenny held back a smirk; it would be no good if he scared the boy. He moved one of his hands to the smaller boy's neck while the other one moved up to cup one of his cheeks-the one that wasn't bruised-in his hand. Butters' eyes widened and his lips parted slightly, but he didn't look away.


Kenny bent down, placing a kiss to Butters' warm lips. They were softer than his own pair-they were softer than most of the girls Kenny had kissed, and that was a lot-and they tasted good. Kenny deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue in the other boy's mouth. It was just as good on the inside as it had been on the outside. Kenny broke away from the kiss when he heard Butters moan.

"Wh-why'd ya s-stop?"

This time Kenny did smirk. He removed his hands from Butters' neck and face, letting them run down the boy's flat chest. When he reached the end of the boy's shirt, he tugged on it. It took Butters a moment for him to realize what Kenny wanted, but when he did, he quickly pulled off his shirt.

Butters didn't have any muscles, but he wasn't fat either. Kenny couldn't complain; they both were probably underweight. Kenny ran his fingers down Butters' chest, this time no cloth coming between the contact, and let them slip into the boy's navel. The boy shivered beneath his fingers, making Kenny want more of a reaction from the blond; this time, instead of his fingers traveling over Butters' smooth skin, he let his lips kiss their way down to the blonde's stomach.

Butters moaned again. He was beginning to squirm in his seat, not being used to being touched on his stomach. He ran his fingers through Kenny's hair, tugging on it.


Kenny looked up from the boy's stomach, blue meeting blue. Not breaking their eye contact, Kenny slowly began to unzip the boy's zipper, causing him to squirm in the seat more. Kenny didn't stop though; he pulled Butters' too-tight jeans off, thankful that he was coherent enough to raise his hips, helping Kenny pull the things off.

There Butters Stotch, possibly the gayest kid in their school, sat. The only thing left that he had on was a pair of white briefs. Kenny placed his hands on the boy's thighs, rubbing them. Butters let out a small whimper, spurring Kenny on. The McCormick boy placed a kiss on both of the boy's thighs before pulling Butters' briefs off.

The boy wasn't as large as Kenny or Eric was, but he wasn't unattractive. Kenny looked Butters' cock over, inspecting it, before he took it into his mouth, swallowing half of it down; it wasn't the first time that Kenny McCormick had given someone a blow job, and he wasn't bad at it. The boy he was sucking off let out a loud cry of pleasure, but Kenny didn't look over to see if the other two boys in the room had noticed. He was sure that they had though; it would have been hard to not hear.

Kenny could hear Kyle letting out small cries of his own, along with panting sounds, but he didn't look over at the other two boys to see exactly what they were doing. Instead, he took more of Butters into his mouth, and it wasn't long before the boy was thrusting into his mouth and then finishing.

Kenny swallowed then pulled away. He looked up at Butters' face; the boy looked like he was going to collapse. Kenny sighed, thinking that the boy above him would be unable to finish him off. Kenny was surprised though, because Butters sunk down to his knees beside the boy.


The boy didn't say anything else. He simply moved closer to Kenny before he pressed their lips together once again. Kenny placed one of his hands back onto Butters' unbruised cheek while he wrapped one of his arms around the other boy's waist. Butters didn't hesitate as he slipped his hands into Kenny's ratty jeans. The boy wasn't wearing underwear under them-he rarely ever did in hopes that he would get laid-and Butters wrapped his small hand around the larger boy's cock.

They stayed like that, Butters kissing and jacking Kenny off on Eric Cartman's floor, until Kenny came in the blonde's hand. It took a while, and when Kenny was finally finished he slumped against the other blond, exhausted.

Kenny was going to close his eyes, but he felt Butters withdraw his hands from his jeans. He watched the boy as he brought his own hand up to his face and began to lick Kenny's cum off.

"Fuck, Butters."

Kenny was going to kiss Butters, but a moan coming from the other side of the room caught his attention. He turned his head around, still leaning against Butters, to look at the other two people in the room.

Kyle was on Cartman's bed, being fucked by the larger boy. Kyle's skinny arms were around Eric's neck, his legs around the larger boy's hips. The redhead had his eyes closed, but Eric's were open, and they were watching the boy beneath him. Kyle's mouth was open and he was still panting and letting out loud moans, while Eric was letting out the occasional grunt. Kenny felt a pang of jealousy, but he let it go, smirking to himself; Eric was giving it to Kyle hard and the blond knew that the Jew would be in pain the next day.

Kenny watched until they were both finished, cumming with each other, before he stood up. He grabbed Butters' hand and led him over to the bed, where he collapsed on it.

They moved around until Eric was between Butters and Kenny, Kyle resting on the boy's chest. They were quiet for a while, all four of them panting and tired, until Kyle broke the sentence.

"Hey Butters? How did you get that bruise?"

Eric sighed, wrapping his arm around his Jew's waist. He loved the boy-though he would never admit it-but Kyle was being stupid.

"Isn't it obvious, Jew? His bastard father did it."

Butters blinked, having realized that he had never corrected Eric before.

"H-huh? N-no he didn't. Clyde di-did it."

There was another pause in the room, before...

"..I'll fucking kill him."

Butters tried to hide a smile by burying his face in Eric's arm. Sometimes the boy was too overprotective of him, but it was nice.

Stan and Cartman were sitting at their lunch room table alone; Kenny, Butters, and Kyle were still in the lunch line.

"I'm glad things are back to normal, dude. It felt weird without you at the table."

Stan didn't know about anything that had happened the day before, obviously.

"...Normal?" Eric raised an eyebrow at his friend. "Right."

Sensing that something was off about the way Cartman was acting, Stan was about to ask what was going on. Butters reached their table before he could though. When he sat down at their table, he ignored his food to wrap an arm around Cartman's. Stan didn't find it odd, knowing that Butters was touchy with the football player, until the blond let out a giggle and...

"Stan? You owe me f-fifty bucks."

Stan's eyes widened as what Butters said sunk in. They were...together? But Kenny chose that moment to come up to their table. It didn't take Stan long to notice that the blond was sitting as close to Cartman as Butters was.

"Fifty bucks, please."

Kenny held out a hand, waiting for his money.

'No way. BOTH of them? Maybe Cartman's in on it. Maybe they're playing a trick on me and he gets part of their money. We'll see who's falling for THAT when Kyle gets here. There's no way he would go along with this.'

But when Kyle showed up, he didn't sit by Cartman; he sat in the boy's lap.

"...Kyle, what the hell are you doing?"

Kyle looked uncomfortable. He shifted around on Cartman's lap, knowing that people were staring at him. They were getting the whole lunch room's attention. It wouldn't surprise him if the lunch room monitor came over soon to tell him to move off of the boy he was sitting on. Kyle looked around, looking for the teacher on duty, but even he was staring.


Seeing that Kyle didn't know how to say whatever it was he was trying to say, Eric pipped in.

"My Jew-toy wants his fifty bucks."

After they had fooled around, the boys had told Cartman about what they had bet on.

"...Dude. No way. No fucking way."

No one knew what to say to Stan; it would take a while to make him believe that they were serious. None of them got a chance to say anything to the raven haired boy though because Wendy chose that moment to come up.

"Eric! What are you doing?!"

Eric looked irritated. He had forgotten all about his girlfriend.

"Sitting with my hoes."

Wendy looked upset. Eric rolled his eyes; the boy loved attention, but he didn't want to put up with her to get it. It didn't matter though; screwing around with three different boys would get him enough attention for the time being.

"WHAT?! Eric, I'm breaking up with you!"

She stormed away from him, not looking back.

'Dumb bitch probably thinks I'll follow her. Whateva, I do what I want.'

Eric began to eat, ignoring the stares of everyone in the room. There was a smirk on his face, that only grew as people finally spoke, beginning to gossip with each other.

Lunch went on that way, Eric sitting there with his three hoes curled up around him.

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