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Warnings: Slash: male homosexual relationships, violence, adult language.

Pairings: Various Slash Pairings including DMHP, FGRL, TMRSS


The S Saga


Tom Riddle/Severus Snape

The burning of the mark on their arms, the call of their master, the desire to rush to his side. All resulting from Lord Voldemort pushing one finger to a dark mark. Severus Snape snorted softly as he watched the other members of the Inner Circle arrive, bowing and grovelling before their Lords feet. He watched as they begged and pleaded in forgiveness for whatever task they failed at.

But as Severus Snape watched, he also saw.

He saw how Tom practically cringed away from the hands pulling at his robes, hating the reverent looks on their faces. He saw how Tom flinched slightly as he ordered the destruction of a village. He saw how Tom's eyes darted over to him constantly, a slight pleading look hidden to anyone but Severus.

And as soon as the Inner Circle left, Severus saw Lord Voldemort become Tom Riddle.

Slumping to the floor before his ornate throne, Tom drew his knees up to his chest. He rested his head against them for a moment, dropping the glamours that hid his long black hair and attractive face. Tom had returned to the looks he held in his seventh year of Hogwarts. Looks that he said he liked the most.

After watching Tom for a moment Severus crossed to him. He sat down next to him, not saying a word. He didn't need to. They remained in silence for a good ten minutes before Tom finally looked up at Severus. Then the questions began. Always the same.

"What am I doing, Sev?"

"What you have to."

"Why? Why do I have to?"

"Because you've started this. You need to keep going until you've finished it."

"I don't want to. Why can't I stop this all now?"
"Because then we would have a number of insane Death Eaters running around slaughtering. You need them under your control, until the treaty is finished."

"How long?"

"A little longer. Dumbledore is hesitant about your change of heart, understandably, and Harry Potter is flat out terrified that you will be allowed near him freely."

"Poor little Harry… why did I do that, Sev?"

"You were scared. You didn't want to be the Dark Lord from the prophecy."

"I'm so tired, Sev… when can I rest?"

"Soon, Tom. Very soon."

And then Tom would nod, letting his legs slid in front of him. He would fall to the side, leaning his head on Severus's shoulder in a very gentle gesture.

Severus stroked the hair on his shoulder softly, his face still expressionless. Tom's eyelids fluttered before closing, a soft sigh escaping his lips. Severus allowed a small smile to creep onto his face at that. He loved making Tom feel relaxed and normal.

As his legs began to cramp, Severus stretched them out. At the movement Tom straightened, looking up at Severus with a slight amount of hope in his eyes. Severus rose, stretching as he met his Lord's eyes.

This was the moment that always set Tom on edge. Severus knew it did. He would cross to the door, as he was doing now, and either leave without a word or pause, looking back at Tom.

Severus stopped at the door, looking over his shoulder. Tom's eyes widened and he rose gracefully to his feet, walking briskly to the door. Severus didn't have to worry tonight. There were no Death Eaters left in the manor, just Tom and him.

As Tom reached him Severus took his hand tenderly. He led the man who held the appearance of a seventeen year old down the hall, cherishing the time he could spend with his lover.

And Tom followed easily. After all, he had been summoned.

Uh.... yeah... I had no idea how it ended up with a Bottom!Tom... it wasn't supposed to be like that, but meh. It works.