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He listened to the scamper of her tiny feet darting blindly around his home, and forced himself to stop perusing her and at the very least put on a bathrobe, so he would not end up running naked through the gardens in some kind of primal mating hunt… He must admit though, he was having trouble reigning in the beast below the surface that demanded that he hunt her down and claim her.

Pursue, Capture, Battle for Dominance, Take down, and Claim. – The five stages of the traditional InuYoukai ritual mating hunt… Practiced for thousands of years among his species, however, such ancient traditions had waned the more civilized his kind had become. By the time they had evolved to spend the majority of their time in the form of beautiful humanoids, the 'hunt' was more for fun and foreplay than it was about proving strength and dominance to a female, who in ancient times should show willingness to submit to any male strong enough to take her down, but that too had changed over time. By Sengoku Jidai era, a male dog demon need be more concerned with impressing her father, than impressing the bitch.

Sesshoumaru had no such concerns where Rin was concerned… He did not need to hunt her down, nor did he need to impress her father. Surely, Rin would not appreciate such harsh treatment, as a mating hunt, and and would never put up a 'fight' against his advances, even playfully. Rin would submit without a bit of resistance, because she was human and still viewed him as her Lord and Master, despite his assurances he was neither of those things anymore; now he was Husband and future Father to offspring.

Rin had no father, in fact, while he was not her father, he would have been the male any suitor need worry about impressing, should they have sought her hand. But no one, demon, human, or kami, save himself, was good enough for his little girl. He could never have given her to another. No one would be able to love her the way he could, no one would show her the tenderness he would when she gave herself to a man for the first time, and no one would adore her, cherish her, obsesses over her, and treasure her the way he planned to… No one would pamper her when she was pupped, tend to her when she were ill, make love to her when she wanted intimacy and take her when she were fertile, the way he would.

No one would teach her with the same firm hand, train her with the same patient mind, and seek to understand her with the same curious heart, as he would.

He was going to be the best mate a woman of any species could ask for, he vowed to himself. He was nothis father, and he would not forsake her, betray her, hurt her, or allow a fickle nature to destroy their bond, as his sire had done with his own mother.

Human noblemen were not expected to be monogamous in those times, but youkai were superior to humans… They were above such things as infidelity to ones mate, for nothing but the sake of foolish emotions, which could be easily swayed and were as changing as the seasons...

But, emotion was what had led Sesshoumaru to Rin… He certainly felt more for her than for any other in the entirety of his long life… The difference was, along with those emotions, came something as eternal as the moon, and as unchanging as the tides… Instinct.

His instincts called out to him, his Inu-Jyaki insisted… This was his lifemate. His one. His only. And once his heart was set, there was nothing in the heavens, on the earth, or in the hells that could sway him.

She would be forever his child, his little girl… But she would also be his beautiful woman, mother to his pups; and Sesshoumaru intended to breed with Rin. He would stud his bitch, liter after liter of beautiful little hanyou girls and strong hanyou boys of his and Rin's very own.

He wanted many children; as many as she would willingly give him… Her belly would be full and round with his children soon enough, he smirked at the thought and growled deeply in animalistic pleasure at the thought of his seed filling his bitch's belly, becoming full and round carrying his hanyou puppies; her pale breasts swelling, engorged with sweet milk and her hips widening in anticipation of whelping the offspring hehad put within her.

By all the gods did he ever want her right now! He was going to throw her down, tear off that flimsy towel, lick and suck and touch and taste and when her body was purring softly to him, "Touchme,tasteme,takemeFill me to the hiltDrill me to the core...Pump me full of come…" Then… Only then was he to sheathe himself inside his mate, and work his hips, spearing his cock inside her, using his body to stroke her inner walls until she could take no more of his pleasures, and she cleaved to him, clutching tight to his chest and her sex strangling his and milking him for all he was worth… And then, he was going to do it all over again, again and again, all night long… No, all weeklong… No! All lifelong!

Sesshoumaru's erection was throbbing between his legs, his testes aching and the tip of his mushroom head tingling… At this point, even his bathrobe brushing against his dick was making him want to thrust his hips forward.

He could barely contain himself!

Briefly, he thought that he should probably masturbate, or have Rin manually stimulate him to orgasm at least once before he entered her, because otherwise, he wasn't even sure he'd get it in, before he'd be cumming all over the top of her belly, instead of inside her belly,

You are not an animal.He reminded himself… Calm yourself!

Besides, he wanted to wait until she found the little love nest he'd prepared, all for her… Just then, his sensitive ears picked up the sound that was cue – Rin had found the sliding shoji door which led out into the gardens… Out to the place he'd made into a private sanctuary, a place where Rin could hide away from the modern world; and it was also the place he intended to claim her.

He heard her step out onto the wooded walkway; Sesshoumaru had known for certain that, given enough time to explore, Rin would inevitably find her way outside; the girl had always been the most comfortable out of doors, and she would wish for him to follow her there, and claim her in the crisp night air beneath the stars…

Sesshoumaru however, did not intend to take his intended on a sex romp through the dirt, with grass and insects and the kami knew what else, and thus, he'd come up with a rather ingenious compromise: in the middle of the garden was a traditional Japanese style building, as though he'd taken the Lord's bed chambers from a Shogun's shiro and plopped it into the middle of his gardens, it was furnished with lavish trappings, all for her… He wanted her comfortable and in familiar surroundings, and his western style furniture in the main house would not allow for that, nor would the television and other modern conveniences that would leave her surrounded by unfamiliar technologies.

Sure enough, he slowly made his way toward her, and stalked behind the girl, following her out into the crisp air and onto the lantern-lit path which would lead to what he knew would become her private paradise, where she could feel completely at ease.

Rin scurried along the wooded walkway, following the lanterns, somehow knowing that this path would lead her some place that Sesshoumaru-sama wanted her to go… She must be on the right track, because he had not yet "captured" her, and there could be no other explanation for his waiting… The idea that she was capableof outrunning him for any length of time was simply ludicrous.

Suddenly, to her right she saw a small house, nestled in the middle of the gardens and surrounded by sakura and ginko trees. Slowly she approached and slid the shoji door to this small building open with one hand, the other holding still her bath towel up and closed.

Suddenly, Rin nearly yelped in surprised when two large, strong hands came over her shoulders and draped a bathrobe over her from behind, before finally settling around her waist. Rin felt herself jerked back into a warm, hard body, her own going stiff. "Se… Sesshoumaru-sama?" She asked in wonder… Wasallthisforher?

"Do you like it?" He leaned down and nuzzled her neck, whispering in her ear darkly and smirking when she allowed him to pull the towel from around her, in favor of wearing only the robe, and the backs of his hands brushed briefly against the swell of her breasts.

Rin could only nod at the scene set out before her.

A lavish futon stacked with mountains of pillows and cushions, resting on silken sheets, burning incense, extravagance expressed in the few intricately painted chests that were found on either side of the room, and lushly decorated surroundings, complete with beautifully painted shoji screens, the back wall screen filled with delicately painted images of her Lord as she knew him… In full battle armor, dress kimono and hakama, wielding two swords, hair and youki whipping around him as he floated above the clouds… A vision of power, beauty, and royal lineage.

Rin giggled, regarding the painted shoji screen that so clearly held idealized images of Sesshoumaru-sama, "My Lord is vain."

"Oh?" He suddenly swept her off of her feet and carried her across the threshold of the small single room dwelling, the shoji snapping shut behind them with a flex of his youki, and he walked around her, sauntering to the futon and lying back, "Come here, Rin."

Rin stared reluctantly at her Lord, sprawled out on the futon before her, in nothing more than white bathrobe, draped precariously over his frame, barely hiding anything at all… It was so very hard not to stare though, when he so very obviously wanted her to look.

Rin was quick to notice that his member was hard and tenting the material of his robe, nearly poking out between the fold. Quickly, her face burning, Rin looked away.

She knew exactly what would happen on that futon, and truth be told… Rin was just a little bit… scaredto join him.

Sesshoumaru-sama was… how best to put it… intimidating on the best of days, and, when he was annoyed, he could be downright terrifying. She had seen him rip strong youkai to pieces right before her; had seen him murder weak youkai simply for their fangs… And what she knew him capable of when he let even the slightestbit of his emotional control slip… He was, quite literally, capable of leveling all of Edo in a single moment of rage… What might happen to her, if he were in an excited state and she did something wrong… Or didn't do something right?

What might happen tonight? Could she withstand such… carnal attentions from a being so powerful as he, and survive to morning? What if he accidentally hurt her? What if his claws got long and he scratched her flesh, rending her in two? She'd seen him rip demons to shreds with his bare hands, and here those hands were about to be smoothing over her body unchecked. What if his fangs grew and he went to kiss her and tore her lips off?

If something happened, and he scarred her face or body… Well, even after she healed, she could never present her Lord such unappealing flesh, and he certainly would not want a wife who was disfigured.

But… he was to be her husband, and a wife's duty was to allow her husband to have sex with her. Rin had heard various stories from the married women in the village over the years… Not all of which were tales of romance and pleasure; sometimes, they'd said, men could do it and it would hurt.

"He likes to pound so hard!", "Can you believe it? He says he doesn't want more children, so instead of the usual way, he puts it youknowwhere! It's awful! So dirty!", "Its so big! It hurts so bad when he just shoves it in without it being… ready… down there! You girls knowwhatImean!"

No. Rin didn't know 'where'…? What was 'dirty'? Or whatever everyone always did 'mean' when they said she should 'know'.

Kagome-sama had always told Rin that making love was a beautiful, wonderful and sacred act between two people in love with each other… She'd also said that despite some of the women's complaints, "the bigger, the better, trust me."

Rin stood now before the man she was going to give herself to, rolling around the bits of gleaned information she had picked up over the years… And Rin had a feeling she didn't know how much she didn't know, and… She felt nervous and stupid, immature and rather lost, and like a child playing a grown up game she didn't know the rules to.

"Rin, what's wrong?" Sesshoumaru saw and smelled clear apprehension emanating from her… Surely, she was not… would not… reject him?

Rin's face went fire-rat red, and she looked down shyly, "My Lord…Rin doesn't know how to… do anything….And Rin is scared," the girl bit her lip, mumbling on, "Sesshoumaru-sama may be disappointed with Rin, and get angry, and then he might forget to be… careful... maybe?"

Rin's words, her childlike manner, so unsure and innocent sent his demon blood back from the edge, and his whole body relaxed, his face and eyes becoming soft with almost fatherly concern for his little girl. The great dog Lord rose from the bed, giving up his seductive pose and letting that feral grin melt away. Instead he moved to stand before his precious Rin, and reach for both her hands, cradling them in his own large ones, "Oh, little one…" He sighed, calling her the familiar pet name from childhood, and giving a squeeze to her palms "Rin, my girl… My precious, innocent, little girl…" He moved slightly forward, and stroked her face with the backs of his knuckles, then leaned down and kissed her forehead.

Rin blushed even harder at his gentle treatment. The Sesshoumaru-sama sheknew would nevertreat her in such a manner… He had changed so much and yet, Rin was almost beginning to like this new, softer side her Lord had developed over the last five centuries.

"This Sesshoumaru could not harm his Rin." He quietly confessed.

"But…" Rin began to argue back, but he shushed her softly, his lips brushing her own for a moment, before he pulled back to stare into her hazey gaze.

"No buts." Sesshoumaru stated simply, wading his way toward a very confused looking Rin. When he got close to her, he reached out and touched her bare shoulder, then curled his strong grip, his fingers wrapping around that smooth, soft, rounded shoulder and dragged her closer to his body, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close. Her body pressed to his, and he could feel her nipples tighten beneath the robe she wore, and hear her heart rate increase, while her breathing became shallow and anxiety coursed through her scent, making her body rigid.

"Hush, little one," he soothed, nuzzling into her neck and breathing her deep into his lungs; each breath was like that of cool, fresh air, revitalizing him and making him feel more awake and alive than he had ever felt in these past five centuries, "just let me hold you for a moment, just like this."

Slowly, ever so slowly, with each moment that passed where all he did was hold her against his large, warm body… The safer and safer Rin felt in this familiar stranger's embrace, and her body relaxed under his firm but gentle hold. She went from feeling trapped, to feeling… safely nestled away from the frightening changes all around her, shielded now from scary surroundings by the only thing she knew, anymore… Sesshoumaru-sama.

"Sesshoumaru-sama…" She breathed, inhaling deeply, and then exhaling with an exaggerated sigh of relief. Her small hands found his tapered waistline, and followed the cut of musculature around to his lower back, clawing at the sensitive skin there, desperate to hold on to him.

If he were to leave her now – in this alien world – she'd be doomed. She didn't even think she could surviveon her own, for any length of time… "Sesshoumaru-sama…" Rin whispered again, clutching him tighter, as though he might get away from her, "Rin is scared!" The young girl admitted as salty tears slowly formed along her lower lash line.

Back in Warring States Era, Sesshoumaru-sama had – from her perspective – left her, quite suddenly and for no reason she could understand.

Young Rin had tried so hard to be a good girl, a perfect little lady, and not to bother him or trouble him with her 'human' things, and still… Her best was not good enough. One day a few weeks after defeating Naraku, when Rin was finally ready to go about a somewhat normal life traveling with her beloved Lord… He'd commanded her away and she soon found that tears and begging would do nothing to sway his decision.

That act… That seeming abandonment and the resulting loss of Rin's trust, for the only man she deemed worthy of said trust since her very own father… It had hit her even harder than the death of her parents; her parents had not chosen to be killed by bandits and leave her all alone, but Sesshoumaru-sama had most certainly chosen to simply get rid of her when he decided he was fed-up or bored with her.

She had never been able to decide which it was.

True… He did come to visit with her, brought her gifts of fine clothing and trinkets of exquisite craftsmanship that were obviously very expensive… But Rin did not want his 'gifts'; Rin wanted him… His time and attention and, even dare she admit only to herself… His affection and his love.

As she grew older, she'd done the best she could to garner such things from her Lord, parading herself around as much as decency would allow; she wore her finest layered kimono, her brightest obi tied intricately and stiffened with boards and roped with bright cordage, her most attention-grabbing kanazashi combs dangled from her ebon hair, styled ornately, and she brought out her most beautiful fans, and once Rin worn lip color, lined her eyes, and used shadow on her lids, in hopes that he might find her beautiful but instead…

He had told her she needed a good dunk in a pond to get that 'crap' off her face, and to stop dressing like a common tea-house whore.

Rin had been… crushed. She sobbed for days afterward, feeling stupid, ashamed, embarrassed, and, certain that he now knew of her attraction to him and his remark had been his way of telling her in no uncertain terms how disgusting he found her and her lustful inclinations toward him, and she needed to forget such foolish notions.

After that visit Rin simply kept her head bowed and rarely dared to even look at him when he came calling.

What Rin didn't know was that Sesshoumaru was unaware she'd been dressing up specifically for him and himalone and the thought that Rin wandered around, dressed so finely and looking so beautiful on a daily basis in a village full of young, robust human boys and men… He was terrified that she may garner the attentions of another whilst he was away.

Like a schoolyard boy who pulls the hair of the girl he has a 'crush' on… Sesshoumaru immaturely hurt the young woman he had so come to care for. How childish

As soon as the words left his mouth though, he'd instantly regretted them, scenting more than simple embarrassment in her reaction; no, that day, for the first time… Rin had smelt distinctly of shame.

The girl had instantly excused herself from his presence and, thinking he had left once again, he watched as she'd packed up all the beautiful gifts he had given her, and then saw her pull on plain linen clothing, wash her face, pull her hair from its ornate style merely to tie it back, and wander out into the forest where she'd cried until she exhausted herself and fell asleep under the goshinboku.

He gently lifted her and took her back to old miko's hut, instructing the old obaasan that, were she to inquire upon waking, everyone was to tell Rin that it was his brother who had found and returned her to the hut.

He really was a completely heartless bastard… And, Rin deserved so much more than he could provide her with; not material things, for he was certainly wealthy enough to see that there was no thing she would ever want for… But there was more to life and being mated than material possessions, and he was unsuited for the intangibles of such relationships.

He loved her… But he had no idea how to love her properly. He couldn't even keep her from sobbing her heart out alone, in the middle of the forest.

Sesshoumaru's brow furrowed, and, nude or not, he pulled the girl to the bed with her small hands to sit down on the futon, before he unceremoniously pulled the girl into his lap, this time,not doing whatever he could to avoid her making contact with the most intimate part of his body… He let her brush against him, but also, he let her witness his control, because Sesshoumaru-sama did not, and would not, turn into a feral lust crazed beast… He had controlled his amorous desires and mating instincts for five centuries, indulging only in the occasional pornographic materials and his own hand pumping himself to completion, his head full of thoughts of his beloved…

The sole exception were the prostitutes; those women and girls he could find who bore enough of a resemblance to Rin that they could soothe his lonely heart for a few hours, in exchange for quite a handsome financial pay off… He was danna to many over the years, caring for their financial needs, paying their rent, their debts, for their clothing and food, their medical care, and that of the children they bore other men… Their daughters grew to be his Geisha, his Tea House Hostesses, or his platonic prostitutes as well; their mothers happy they had found such a 'kind' man to take care of their daughters as he had cared for them as well… A 'kind' man, because, while he may have patronized their whore houses, their tea houses, and later, their own homes as such venues fell out of popular use… He never touched them.

His current prostitute was a fifteen year old enkou girl (a nice way of saying schoolgirl age prostitute – she was legal at age fifteen, but only just barely) by the name of Yuri, and she bore a striking resemblance to Rin, not only in looks, but also scent; still, he never touched her… He did however, as he had done with the others, provide her with a certain red and white (or orange and cream, depending on his mood) checkered kimono, and ask her to tie her hair in a side ponytail, and call him, "My Lord", while she danced for him, sang for him, and told him that she was waiting… And she didn't mind when he called her by a name not her own and pleasured himself to her whispered words of love; he paid her handsomely for her silence, as she bore witness to his most shameful moments of desperate loneliness and need.

But he never touched her.

InuYoukai could mate without it being a lifelong commitment, his father was proof of that… However, once a male inuyoukai found his lifemate, his inumochi,he would take no other bitch to his bed… And Rin was to be Sesshoumaru's lifemate, his mochi, his most honored bitch.

Sesshoumaru's soul was captured by Rin five centuries ago and time had no effect on his loyalty to the girl… He was going to have to tell her about Yuri and tell Yuri he no longer had need of her time or services, although, he would be certain to pay her a very nice severance package, so she could go to any school she got in to, and not have to worry about tuition; it was the least he could do after her years of service (she has been spending time with him since she was only eight, although there was no sexual component until she'd become legal at age 14), as well as her mother's lifetime of devotion to allowing him to escape to his fantasies.

He'd lived lifetime after lifetime with Rin at his side, thanks to those cherished women who kept him from falling into depravity and isolation, and, while they were not Rin, they were cherished friends and each had held a place in his heart, for their kindness.

But now, he really had her His beloved. No more fantasies, no more pathetic nights watching women dance around in her kimono while he drank himself into believing just long enough to ease the suffering of his soul… Now he had his precious little girl, and he wanted to make love to her… But not while she scented of fear and apprehension.

"Shhhh…" Sesshoumaru stroked his mate soothingly, planting small kisses on the top of her head and brushing the tip of his nose along her earlobe, nuzzling her the way his canine instincts informed him, and whining softly in the back of his throat, before he lapped at her cheek, stroking her face again and again with his long tongue.

Still, the small girl trembled in his arms, albeit, less so the longer he lapped at her face and rubbed her back.

He slowly ran his hands over her back, her arms, her sides and hips, but only as gestures of comfort, not titillation. "Why are you still afraid, Rin?"

"Rin is afraid Sesshoumaru-sama will… get bored or annoyed with Rin again, like he did when she was still little; or…" The girl paused and heaved a deep sigh, "Sesshoumaru-sama has undoubtedly had many concubines, all trained in the art of pleasing men." The girl trembled, "Rin is not skilled in the erotic arts, and has not been trained in the art of men's pleasure." The young girl's face went aflame as she quietly confessed, "Rin has never even kissed a boy…" She buried her face against his chest, speaking against his heart beat, "Sesshoumaru-sama will definitely be disappointed with Rin." Rin took a deep breath in, slowly exhaling out, to stave off any unbecoming displays of emotion on her part, "Sesshoumaru-sama will not want a wife who cannot please him, and if he sends Rin away, again… This time, Rin has nowhere to go; Rin does not know how to live on her own in this scary world… Rin will be alone again, but… worse, this time."

Sesshoumaru pulled back, falling to his knees to look up directly into her troubled brown eyes, "Rin… My Rin…" He reached up to tuck her hair behind her ear, "Tonight, we will mate and I will mark you as belonging to me and only me and…" He brought his lips to lightly rest against her own, "You will never be alone again."

He tugged her close, crushed his mouth to her own, and fell backward onto the futon, Rin's body naturally coming down on top of him. Quickly, he rolled over, reversing their positions and laying half over her while he continued to taste her mouth with soul-deep hunger, and his hand slid down the curve of her waist to pull open her robe and expose her charms to the fresh night air.

"Se…Sesshoumaru-sama…" Rin moaned, when his hand found her breast and began to massage softly.

"Shhhhh… Just lay back…Relax…" He whispered between heated kisses, "and give yourself to me…" Rin moaned when his fangs found her ear and nibbled gently, "O…Okay…" Rin hazily agreed, allowing him to open her robe entirely, and slipping her arms out of the sleeves.

He was going to lay her back, completely naked, and pleasure her senseless for the rest of the night… By the time he was done with her, she wouldn't be able to see straight.

Sesshoumaru smirked against her heated flesh, "You will not regret it." He vowed, and he meant it.