Somehow, the situation was both a dream come true and Zuko's worst nightmare. He finally had the Avatar in his grasp and no one was there to stop him, but as luck would have it the rain had become so thick he could barely see a foot in front of him. Afraid Zhao or those Water Tribe kids would manage to catch him, Zuko had no choice but to retreat into a nearby cave.

So here he was, stuck in a cave with his country's worst enemy and no way to get him back to the Fire Nation. At least he'd managed to capture the boy while he was sleeping, Zuko thought, the last thing he wanted was to hear him complaining about being separated from those two Water Tribe kids.

"At least they'd welcome you back with open arms if they saw you again even if you were empty-handed," he grumbled. "At least they love you."

He saw the boy shiver just then, and scoffed. Your fault for not wearing anything warmer, Avatar. How did you even survive the South Pole in those meager robes anyway? But Aang shivered again, and without thinking Zuko pulled him closer, draping his cloak around him.

"Don't think I'm doing this because I care or anything," he muttered; after all, it wouldn't do to have him freeze to death. Zuko knew the story of how every time an Avatar died, a new one was born immediately to take his or her place. The last thing he wanted was to have to start his search all over again.

"Nn...? Where am I?" Aang mumbled, eyes blinking open. "Z-Zuko?!"

"Go back to sleep," Zuko said harshly, pulling the kid closer. "As soon as this storm's over I'm taking you home with me."

"No you're not," Aang muttered, but made no move to free himself from his captor's arms.

They stayed like that for the rest of the night, and when the storm subsided and morning came, Aang was gone, having left a small note atop Zuko's head.

Gone back to the village, you can't catch me that easily. Thanks for keeping me warm!

An angry blush spanned Zuko's face as he crumpled the note, tossing it into the remains of the fire.

S-stupid's not like I did it because I like you or anything!