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At least 10 pairs of eyes were burning into my face. My very, very RED face.

My cheeks and neck were the color of strawberries as the usual suspects- Simon, Tori, and now Andrew- stared at me; add a few -or a bunch- of random strangers, and you have a pretty great reason to freeze. I ignored the strangers, pretending them to be the audience. The only problem was that I was the movie on the screen. Shaking the thought away, I took in my friends, or allies in some cases (Tori). Simon looked as if he had swallowed a dirty penny, the look of hurt and confusion bluring in his eyes. Tori was strangled between the urge to laugh or to puke, and Andrew just looked plain uncomfortable.

"U-Uhm... Hi?" I deadpanned. Laughter seemed to win with Tori as she burst into raquous giggles. Andrew's beat red face blotched his neck and ears as well at the sound.

I finally took in the strangers, my expression guarded. Their eyes were bouncing off Derek and gluing to me. A few were completely disgusted; I had to bite my tongue to hold in a sort of... Protectiveness I felt at their eyes burnt into mine. Some were surprised and their eyes were as big as golf balls. There was one person wholly fascinated by the ordeal. She had chestnut, bushy hair, and quick hazel eyes that seemed entranced with me. There was something about her that seemed so familiar...

Derek was behind me me suddenly, bringing me out of my mental fog and grunted at Andrew to do some Damage Control. I blanched slightly as I realized they could have heard the entire story, been watching the entire time as I had cried my eyes out. I felt violated and dirty. I gazed around, noticing that none of them even seemed slightly threatening. An older lady with silver hair that fell lower than her waist was cocking her head in shock at the even she had just seen. Some other looked just as harmless.

Derek nudged my shoulder gently, telling me to move and quit staring at the nice people. He cleared his throat again as Andrew did nothing but look around. He nodded at the noise and coughed himself. I heard a small giggle and my eyes connected with the bushy haired woman's eyes again. I walked towards the counter, noticing her on the other side. She just smiled at me with bright red lips and shining teeth. I could shake the feeling of knowing off my heart.

"She's kind of weird, isn't she?" Someone asked next to me. A girl with lighter brown hair, but just as bushy, took me in with sharper hazel-green eyes. She walked over to the counter I was leaning on, moving past the people as if this was HER house and they were the guests before jumping on the top. She swung her dangling feet, grin in place as we locked eyes. She was wearing a red polka-dotted sundress and slippers with fuzzy red balls on the toes. It was a cute sundress, but the slippers seemed a little unethical and out of place amongst the normal people in the room.

Ha. Normal. Right.

Obviously they were all supernaturals. You wouldn't suspect it, but maybe it was because they were all gathered in a supernatural safe house that gave it away...

Before I could say anything to the strange girl, watching the balls jiggle on the tips of her toes as she swung her feet forward and back, Andrew spoke. "Um, well, guys, these are a few names we (and by 'we', I mean me and the fellow house mates) drew up to help you prepare. This is Ashley, Morris, Tiffany..." He kept on as I watched the girll continue and wiggle her toes. Something I noticed: Not once did he point her way.

"What about her?" I asked before I thought it through. I motioned to the girl lightly, the movement bringing the girl to the peresent. She looked around, awakening from her trance and took in the situation. She looked at me with wide eyes and burst into laughter and giggles louder than Tori's. I was afraid at first I had offended her, but by the way she treated this as the funniest thing EVER, I couldn't help but become a little indignant.

I heard someone clear their throat and gazed up at the lady with the bushy hair who had moved closer to us. She pouted. "Don't be rude, Chelsea." She scolded in a serious voice. I turned away from them and gazed at Andre. He was looking uncomfortable again, his eyes darting around the room and his neck blotching up.

"I'm sorry; I hadn't realized there was anyone there, Chloe." He grumbled and scratched his temple before looking away in embarrassment. By then, though, I had already figured it out. Chelsea was the bushy haired lady's daughter; the resemblance was uncanny.

Chelsea was also dead.

Chelsea's mother smiled at me again, causing Chelsea to smile. She walked over to me and held out her hand. "I'm Sarah." She smiled brightly, her breath smelling lightly of cigarettes and apples. I gave her a weak smile back, shaking her hand, my face tomato red.

"Chloe." I choked. The people around us seemed to disappear as I looked at her hazel eyes. I was shaken awake by Andrew's voice again.

"I guess you guys should just meet today, but... There is one problem. Derek, considering the fact we're still in New York, I couldn't find another werewolf who would come into the territory." His eyes were apologetic as he looked at him. Derek just shrugged as if to say 'hey, it doesn't matter', but I knew it did. "So, I was going to contact the Pack itself." That caught his attention.

"But-" He started, only to be cut off by me.

"Andrew, you can't! They'll... They'll..." I found myself the center of attention by the ones who hadn't drifted from the kitchen yet.

Derek sent me a look that told me to shut up and gazed calmly at Andrew. "You were?"

Andrew nodded. "I still am." Derek didn't panic as much as widen his eyes. "They will help you. They're good people; just a little... Guarded." He seemed to feel comfortable with the word, but I could see the uncertainty in his eyes. Derek could too, I guessed, because he shrugged again. With one last nod, he exited the kitchen, finding no reason to stay.

I watched him go, his black hair disappearing from my view. With a huff of air, I leaned back against the counter. I rubbed my face roughly and tried to think of what situation I needed to deal with first: Derek's werewolves, the strange people who were watching me break down slightly with amazement, the split-personified ghost upstairs who was no doubt homicidal, or any internal battles I was having, mostly revolving around Derek and Simon.

Something told me to go with the strange people.

I pulled my hands away and peeked up at the lady and the girl. They were watching me with bright and curious eyes. Sarah had a kind and soft smile on her face while Chelsea was just watching me in confusion. She squinted her eyes at me, wrinkling her nose, almost as if she was focusing too hard to look through a wall. With a small sigh, I pushed off and looked at them awkwardly. "So, where do you want do to this thing?" I asked finally, my voice rough.

Chelsae shook her head and gazed at the lights. Her head went back to rest on the extended counter and her feet continued to bounce. She watched the lights with fascination. "It's interesting." Sarah stated, bringing my eyes to hers. "What you and your boyfriend have."

I turned a flaming red and shook my head. "He's n-not my b-boyfriend." I rushed and continued shaking my head. She laughed and winked.

"Needless to say, I was convinced otherwise. Continuing that train of thought, I'd like to press it out there that it would be frowned upon. This wouldn't be the first case," She rambled, posing her finger on her chin in thought; her eyes traveled upward like they were looking for an answer on the ceiling. "But it's definitely the latest. Most wolves mate on humans, if not other wolves. Very rarely to we have a case such as yours. Especially since the last poor child who had mated with another supernatural..." It took me a second to realize she was referring to the werewolf as the "last poor child". Her voice was soft and gentle. It made me glad that she had no such prejudice.

"What happened to them?" I asked, my curiosity poking through.

Sarah's eyes were leveled with my own once again. "He killed her on his first Change." Her voice was dark in grief. "It was the saddest thing I'd ever seen." Tears came to her eyes as they connected to mine.

Something upstairs cracked lightly and my head whipped up in sheer horror. Derek had heard. I gave Sarah a fierce look, begging her to fight with me about it. "I'm sure she wouldn't have wanted to leave him in such a... Um... Position." I was defensive, like she had accused ME of doing such.

Sarah just sighed. "He was a rough one; he had severe problems. A natural antigen against the virus of lycanthropy. It threw off the natural balance of the disease's course and he was thrown into early Changes." I swallowed, knowing Derek was still listening in.

"Stop it." I whispered in a pleading tone. I looked up at the ceiling. I could practically hear his thoughts swirling with self-loathing and decision I was highly against. "I don't care what happens; I'm still going to be there." I promised, not to Sarah, but to the straggler above.

A shuffle was a response, mocking me with its defiance. 'Not if I can stop you', it sang. I turned back to Sarah and ripped my furious eyes from the ceiling. She was looking up in complete fascination again. "You knew he was listening in." She said in a shocked voice.

My glare weakened and I tried not to gulp. "H-How did you know he was?"

She simply smiled. "He has to know the dangers he will put his mate through."

"I don't even know what that means!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air. "Can we just ditch this topic? I thought we were supposed to be talking about candles and skulls and why I can raise the dead in my sleep; NOT my bo... Werewolf problems." I corrected quickly. "Boy problems" would refer to dating certain boys and dating certain boys was certainly not happening at the moment.

Did I want it to be?

Sarah's eyes were wide as she took me in with new interest. Chelsea's attention was snapped back like a rubber band as she stared at me too. "You can do WHAT now?" They asked at the same time.


I dragged my feet up the stairs slowly, wanting more than anything to crash in my little white bed and sleep for the rest of my life. I never knew telling my entire life story could be so intensely draining as it had been. In every good movie, you have the background to help you not be too lost, but then, there's always one part after the director shows you loose ends that they tie them together like shoelaces. I slowly wondered how the actors felt when they had to go through the revelations in a movie. Did it inflict on them as it did on me? (a/n: It's two a.m. Forgive me if that doesn't make any sense, because it totally doesn't...)

Then again, this was actually MY LIFE.

I stumbled into my room, grabbing clothes and moving down the drafty hallway again. When I arrived at the bathroom, I knocked before entering and locking the door. Yanking my shirt over my head, I turned on the water and dropped myself in. The warmth spread through me like fire and I could feel myself relax. A hum was on my lips as I scrubbed down. The soap smelled something like... Raspberries, if I wasn't mistaken.

My thoughts droned in my mind like a monotone whining. I thought over Sarah and Chelsea's excited expression as I spelled my life out for them. I thought of Aunt Lauren's light shirt as she moved quickly through the forest. I thought of Simon's eyes in the kitchen. I thought of the dragon statue near the door to the round room. I thougth of sitting under the tree and countimg the stars. I thought of the woman upstairs who carried around bird seed and muttered to herself about "nasty demons" that haunted every corner of the house. I wondered if the bird seed actually did anything...

I jumped out of the shower and pulled on my clothes. As soon as my foot exited the bathroom, I saw Simon coming up the stairs. He had a strange perplexed look on his face and his eyes lit when they met mine. He grinned. "Hey, Chloe. I was thinking; do you want to do some more of that comic?" I blinked, wanting to refuse, but my mouth had other plans.

My lips turned up in a grin. "Yeah, let's go."

I started off towards Tori's and my room, only to have Simon grip my arm. He chuckled and turned me around. "We're this way." Sliding his hand to mine, he interlaced our fingers. My cheeks flamed up and I tried to think of how to pull away nicely. I didn't know why. It's not like it meant anything. It was a hand-hold. Brothers and sister did this all the time. That's all it was; a brother-sister hold.

He took me to a door and let go of my hand to open the door for me. I rolled my eyes at his chivalry and stepped inside. There were two dark beds pressed against opposite walls. Simon's sketch book was thrown on the floor, paper littering around it in balls and colored pencils giving the dark blue carpet variety. The window in between the beds showed out on the dark woods. It had rained today, and water still dripped against the sill.

Simon moved past me and sank onto the floor gracefully. He pulled the sketchbook to him, snatching up the pencils and placing them together. "Sorry. I forgot what a mess I left in here." He sounded bashful and I laughed.

"Please. I've seen worse in my own room." I stated and sat across from him.

We sank into easy conversation about everything that had happened today; what scenes and people would look best in the story. He even put up an image of Travis/Louis and his spikey tongue, strangely resembling him as if Simon had seen him too. We had reached the topic of the bird seed lady, laughing and teasing, as the door swung open. Derek froze and I was suddenly very aware how close I had gotten to Simon. My hand was on the edge of the sketch book and my left shoulder was brushed against his.

Face flaming, I pulled away like I had been shocked. I felt like a criminal, doing something dirty and being caught. Not unlike a child snatching a cookie from the cookie jar and having his mother in the kitchen. Derek just scanned over the scene, his eyes guarded and his shoulders squared. I could feel the guilt swelling inside me like a balloon.

"Derek." Simon said, shock not really in his voice as much as something I couldn't identify. "Um, hey, Chloe, that reminds me. I need to talk to Derek. Do you mind if we do this later?" He asked in a strange voice. He glanced over at me, but my eyes were still on Derek's strange bitter and tough expression.

"Y-Yeah." I started, shaking my head, and pushed myself up. I walked out the door, in breathing distance of Derek. My skin prickled as I walked past him, my heart hammering. I could feel my blush intensify, more so then when Simon had gripped my hand.

"Goodnight, Chloe." Derek breathed lightly, his eyes staring straight ahead. I froze in the door way and gave him another look before nodding my head. I couldn't stop the feeling of warmth that skimmed through my veins like the blood that lived there. With a hammering heart, I heard the door shut behind me. I was a few feet away, pausing with a curiousity I couldn't slap down.

No one was speaking, which made me even more suspicious. Surely they wouldn't mind me hearing...

Yet no one spoke. Not a word. I couldn't hear a sound.

They're waiting for me to leave...I told myself and pushed away from the banister I had been leaning on. I tried to think of anything that Derek and Simon might not want to discus in front of me. Was something wrong? Was someone hurt? Did they know something I didn't? I found myself pushing towards the stairs towards the third floor. I walked up, taking a left without even glancing at the side of the round room. I walked over to the tapestry Louis had showed me.

"This one leads right to the second floor. You can hear every word in the northern bedrooms." Louis had said. Quickly drawing a compass in my mind, referring to the sun's rising and setting, I realized that the set of Derek's and Simon's room was just under the tapestry tunnel. My heart pounding in my head and my conscience screaming for me to leave them alone -it was their business after all, I brushed back the tapestry and climbed in.

The voices were muffled, but as I moved closer, they took on a defining tone.

"Derek, just answer the question." Simon snapped in an angry and annoyed tone.

"I just did." Derek's own voice was just muffled naturally. I scooted closer to hear its tremor, only to hear another. The wood beneath me moaned lightly at my weight, and I held my breath. Derek continued like he hadn't heard. "She's better off with you." He grumbled and cleared his throat in an angry fashion.

My heart started pounding again, all safety that came with hearing Derek's voice, gone. I couldn't help wonder who "she" was. Did they know something I didn't? Did they find Aunt Lauren or were hiding something from me?

I shook my head inwardly. They weren't like that; especially not Derek. He'd tell you anything as long as you asked.

"The question was if you were INTERESTED in her, not who you think SHE should be with." Simon sounded extremely put out. I bit my lip and found myself anticipating Derek's answer.

Derek grumbled something and Simon huffed for him to speak louder. Derek's voice was weak and weary. "Chloe's an interesting person..." He muttered.

"You know what I mean, Derek."

"And I've told you; you're the better choice if there is one."

"Is there one? Do you want her?"

Derek was silent. "No, I want you to have her." He barely breathed. My heart had been throbbing and burst into plain fiery pain. Somewhere inside of me I was angry at them for talking about me like a possession, but I couldn't keep it up. I was hurt, bruised, and felt like I was bleeding in the dark tunnel.

Simon sounded resigned as he spoke. "Alright. Well... Um... Great, I suppose."

"Yeah. Great." Derek's voice was even more muffled as he walked out the door. It shut quickly and I found myself curling up in a ball. I rested my head on the wood and let silent tears sink over my cheeks. Just when I decide that I don't NOT want him, he doesn't want me. My heart was aching in a way that reminded me of my mother's funeral. I felt like I had lost another part of me, something I could never replace. The hole was bleeding, spilling through my eyes and onto the musty floor that rubbed in my hair.

The boards groaned again, and I was falling, my only thought being that I always had bad luck with tiny, closed in dark places.

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