Hi, my peeps ^_^ I'm back with a whole new story with MAYBE less drama (emphasis on the maybe…. depends on my mood when I'm writing the chapter). It's an alternate universe songfic that is written around a song which greatly influenced me to write this story and I hope you all enjoy. Oh, and I do not own Sailor Moon or the song or the translation*.

-Rated M for situations involving drugs, alcohol and sex… period (although, this is NOT a hentai [but probably gets close, hehe]). I would strongly advise to click back now if any act or reference of engaging in drugs, alcohol, and sex offends or will corrupt.

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Each word you casually exchange with me
Is such a precious treasure to me

8:15 AM: the alarm clock blared out a fast-talking radio DJ rambling about the weather and traffic conditions: it was to be a nice sunny day with a high of eighty-two degrees Fahrenheit. Although, not much else was heard as he was immediately silenced by the flying hand of Usagi Tsukino smacking the snooze button. She snuggled back into the warm incubator that was her bed sheets and proceeded to drift back off to sleep.

But once again, her slumber was disturbed.

"Usagi!!" yelled her mother, formally named Ikuko, as she kicked her daughter's bedroom door open. "What are you doing still asleep?! It's already 8:15!"

The numbers: eight and fifteen were the magic words.

"OH MY GOD!!" The blonde odango-haired teenager shot out of bed and commenced on her much practiced two-minute dress-up for school. In less than thirty seconds, Usagi was already hopping on one foot trying to put on one of her socks while also trying to zip up her skirt and brush her teeth.

Ikuko rolled her eyes. "I'm going back downstairs to reheat your English muffin."

Usagi was already in front of her full-length mirror tying her blue bow on the shirt of her school uniform, though with toothbrush still in her mouth. "English muffin? What happened to my pop-tarts?" she managed to mumble.

"Well, honey, you're a growing girl and almost into womanhood. You need to start watching what you eat. It won't be long before all those junk food snacks you eat all the time will actually STAY on your hips," her mother protested.

Usagi sighed in exasperation as she was now in the middle of tying up her hair into her famous two buns atop her head. "Fine, fine, I'll be down in a minute."

"And in other news: the sensational pop group, Three Lights, will be experiencing their first day in a public high school today. Sources say that they wanted to transfer from a private high school to a public one because of "lack of inspiration." Apparently their record label hasn't been impressed with their material that they've been coming up with ever since their latest two singles only peaked at number three last year in both August and November. No news yet of where their school of choice is, but I hope they took some pepper spray wherever it may be…"

"What for?"

"Have you seen women being in the same room as a handsome man, or worse, THREE?! They transform into something inhuman. And then they attack!"

"Lack of inspiration my ass! I think that women are the exact reason why they transferred. All of them go through them like socks practically that they ran out of their one-night stands at their other private school. And now they've moved on to other targets, especially that Seiya one."

"Y'know he writes and produces over eighty percent of Three Lights music?"

"What?! How?! With how much that dude's in the papers always drinking and partying with some no-name groupie, I'm surprised he even has time to sleep."

"Hide, you're going to have to accept that there are people out there way younger, hotter, and more talented than you. No need to be bitter. It's a fact of life. Oh and he has dated several models… by the way."

"How old is this guy?"

"Uh… he'll be eighteen… in July…"

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sitting right by Three Light's oldest fan."

"Oh wait, this just in: the school of where the Three Lights are attending has leaked. Supposedly it's-!"

Ikuko enjoyed her morning cup of coffee for a few moments before the bell on the microwave oven had rang, signaling that Usagi's morning English muffin was toasty once again. Turning off the radio just before the name of the school was revealed by the two bickering DJs she retrieved the morning breakfast and wrapped it in foil. Her tardy daughter could be heard stumbling down the stairs in great haste.

"It's only 8:21, I can still make it on time," Usagi gasped through her hyperventilating, running into the kitchen to grab her breakfast.

Ikuko chuckled and then slightly eyed her daughter all around her face. "Usagi, dear, would it kill you to put on some mascara?"

Usagi grabbed her foil-covered muffin. "Mom, would it kill you to realize I'm not you?" She walked up to her maternal figure and kissed her on the cheek and started running out the door.

"Honey, you're almost eighteen and I haven't seen you bring a boy over. You're so close to graduating. I just want to make sure you don't end up a nun!" Ikuko made her voice crescendo to reach her daughter's disappearing figure out of the house.

"Love you, mom!" Usagi quickly slipped on her shoes by the door, opened the barrier from the outside world, and was gone on the other side before one could blink.

"Oh God, my head's pounding," said a black-haired cutie as he ran his slender fingers through his shiny, soft raven forest atop his head. The brightness of the morning sun did not help and the plan to walk to school sounded like a good idea the day before, but he was not counting on having a horrid hangover at the time. Even his designer sunglasses looked better than they functioned.

"That's what you get for partying on a Sunday night. And I told you we have to make a good impression today for our first day of school," spat back a copper-headed giant from behind his pain-ridden comrade as if spiting his child for coloring on the walls.

"Oi, but what's the first day of school for if we can't celebrate the night before?" a silver-haired shorty defended. He, too, was feeling the after-effects of a night of partying, though he knew to pace himself a lot better and was in a hell of a lot better position than his pained black-haired friend.

"Well maybe if you gave me another aspirin, TAIKI, I would make a good impression…" the raven-headed boy turned toward the brunette taking his hurting out on him.

"Seiya, I wonder what you would do without me. I feel like you would be walking around naked right now looking for shoes that you already have on," Taiki rambled as he reached into his designer leather book bag and tossed his hung over friend a bottle of aspirin.

"Or more like shoes with a hot girl in them…" Seiya replied half-jokingly and smiled to himself. He popped open the bottle and dry-swallowed three pills. Though afterward, he took a better look at the pills left behind in the bottle and asked, "these ARE aspirin, right?" being a little late in asking.

"Yes, yes, they are. Believe me; I don't do the old switcheroo anymore," Taiki reassured.

Flashback to Taiki walking into the living room:

"Hey Yaten, how's your head?"

He walks further in to find the silver-haired boy on the couch, in his underwear, on all fours, barking like a dog at him.

Yaten blushed. "I still don't remember that. What was that again?"

"Doesn't matter, because we won't be having an incident like that again since we aren't going to dabble in any drugs anymore; you both remember what happened?" Taiki stuck his head in the middle of Seiya and Yaten as he put his arms around their shoulders.

"We all three tried to ride one bike to McDonald's at four in the morning?" Seiya spoke up.

"We kidnapped a lawn gnome to worship it and hid it in the closet, only to find out it was really a small child?" Yaten suggested.

"NOOOOO…" Taiki said glaring to the shortest one, telepathically telling him to never bring that story up again because it never happened. "Two of our singles consecutively peaked to only number three. We were too busy turning our brains into mush to come out with anything good. But now that we're putting ourselves in a new learning environment and going to clean up our act, we should have no problem being number one again, right guys?"

Slowly, they were approaching a busy intersection where their new school sat only a block away.

"Well since it worked for The Beatles, I figured we'd give it a shot," said Seiya.

"Apparently we don't have the skill to get high AND make hit records." Yaten accepted his defeat in cleaning up. "We're not magical… or British."

"Hey, why don't we celebrate cleaning up by having a party tonight?" Seiya busted out with the best idea EVER, taking the lead.

"Because that makes SO MUCH sense: drink to our sobering up." Taiki remarked sarcastically.

The black-haired leader of the Three Lights band turned around, now walking backwards. "Now you're just being a Bob Bummer."

"I think it's a GREAT idea," Yaten beamed.

"I might make myself dumber if I supported this idea," the brown-haired Light said rolling his eyes in snobbery.

The leader of the pack shrugged his shoulders. "Fine, I'll just keep all the ladies to myself-"


Next thing Seiya knew, he was on the ground and his head was not the only thing ailing him.

She ran and ran and ran. The heels of her black school shoes clicked loudly against the concrete pavement as she ignored the oncoming blister forming on the back of her foot. Usagi shoved the new and healthy breakfast into her mouth and masticated gracelessly while ignoring its subtle taste of cardboard. She continuously dodged the sauntering pedestrians that stood in her way of getting to school on time. The end of the block was near and it was barely 8:27 AM. She knew she could make it. Just after crossing this street, she would practically be at school. She thought about slowing down but immediately thought against it. Why stop now? Why not be three minutes early instead of three seconds? She felt today was a special day if she did that. The clicks of her heels became louder and quicker and her heart pounded faster in excitement. She was almost there, she was-!


In same second she took that last step off the sidewalk to cross the street, she was practically a step back flat on her bottom. It took her a couple of seconds to compute that she had run into something and that it was a boy…

…A very, VERY cute boy. Usagi could not help but turn red as two pairs of blue eyes locked for a moment. And she could not help but notice how his shiny black hair tied back into a long ponytail greatly complemented his deep blue eyes. But all physical attraction aside, she then realized that he, too, had fallen flat on his bottom. Though he was first to speak up and thus broke their momentary glance.

"Ah, fuck!" He yelled as he quickly retracted his right hand to his chest. The fall had caused Seiya to try to catch himself with his palm and the pavement paid him back by tearing off layers of skin to give him a bloody flesh wound.

Usagi gasped. "Oh my God, mister, I'm so sorry! Are you okay? I didn't mean to run into you, I'm just late for school and I wasn't watching where I was going and… oh God, your hand!" Her eyes widened when they landed on his bleeding palm.

The cute wounded boy just stared at her in astonishment… silently.

"Here!" the blonde odango-head rummaged through her book bag. Oh why did this have to happen to her? Literally running into someone and actually hurting them in the process when she could have been on time for school had she been paying attention. Yet she did not really have a scratch which made her feel even worse. Instantly, she pulled out a pink handkerchief.

"It's not much but it's all I have. You should try to clean up your scrape as soon as possible." She tactlessly grabbed Seiya's hurt hand to tie the temporary bandage around it. Though Usagi could not help but smile at her dressing job and tied a cute little bow to finish it off.

"There, all finished. I would try to help you find a place to clean it up, but I'm SO late for school. I'm sorry again, mister!" And with that, the blonde and her book bag were off again to school. She was in way too much of a hurry to notice that he had on her high school's male uniform.

Seiya just stared at her disappearing figure running across the street… silently.

"She had on our new school's uniform…" Taiki noticed.

"That's good since it gives you a chance to actually find her later since you couldn't even say a goddamn, "thank you." What's wrong with you?" Yaten demanded.

Seiya looked up to the other two Lights with the same astonished look. "She didn't know who I was…"

8:28 AM. Not bad for waking up late, running into a guy and dressing his wound. Usagi finished crossing the street and neared her destination of her high school. Although, something was odd; basically the whole high school population was crowded outside the entrance along with TV cameras and crews and Usagi could even spot a helicopter flying overhead. Two things ran through her mind: A. all that running to school did not even matter and she probably could have slept in a bit more and B. what the hell was going on?

The blonde odango-head pulled out her cell phone from her book bag to text her best friend.

"Mina whats going on??? Are u at the entrance?"

"Where r u?"

"Behind the crowd on the sidewalk by 35th st"

"Stay where u r!! Im coming to get u :)"

Usagi did not wait long before she saw her other golden-haired half emerge through the crowd of people with an extra bounce in her step. A big smile was plastered on her face and her eyes sparkled in excitement as she neared her confused friend. The plain red bow that usually styled her long, thick hair up halfway was looking extra glittery as well…

"Mina, what's going on?"

"The best thing in the world is happening: the Three Lights are coming to our school!" Minako could not help but yell.

"Three Lights…? Who are they again?" Usagi raised an eyebrow in thought.

"Three Lights! C'mon, Usagi, "Shooting Star," "Unrequited Love"…?" All Minako could list were the only two singles the band had come out with that were unfortunate enough to only peak to number three.

Usagi opened her mouth as if to say something, but quickly shook her head as the light bulb above her head shorted out.

Minako rolled her eyes but nothing could damper her day. She just smiled even more. "They're nothing but the hottest boys in music ever!"

"Oh, they're celebrities?!" Light bulb on again.

"Usagi, you're hopeless. C'mon, everyone's in the crowd waiting! The Three Lights haven't shown up yet and I don't want to miss it when they come!" Minako did not want to waste another minute mindlessly chatting with her friend and grabbed her hand to drag her through the crowd to meet the other members of their group of friends.

Usagi's arm was almost ripped off by Minako slowly dragging her through the heavy crowd of people. Ignoring snide remarks from avid Three Lights fans for pushing them, the two friends finally made it to where their two other friends were waiting.

"Usagi, you made it! Are you excited?! I can't believe the Three Lights are attending our school!" beamed Makoto, the brown-haired six-foot tall beauty of the group. Usagi could point out the same sparkle in her eyes as Minako.

"Wow, you're into them too, Makoto?" Usagi could not believe that she missed out on their fandom or just simply missed it.

"Oi, Usagi, I'm surprised YOU'RE not into them. They're all so cute." Came a calm, soft voice from behind.

"You too, Ami?" Now the odango-head was just disappointed in her self. And Ami being such a fan was a surprise. The quiet and intelligent girl with the short blue hair was thought more likely to be found with her nose in a book at all times than listening to mainstream music.

"ESPECIALLY Ami, she's number twenty-five in their fan club!" Minako enviously stated.

"I like Taiki the best…" Ami continued with a blushing face.

"Ah… Seiya is my favorite…" Makoto was soon staring off into space with a bit of drool dripping from her mouth.

"Yaten is the one for me." Minako sighed, forgetting her jealousy of the timeliness of her smart friend.

Usagi could not help but feel smothered by such fanaticism and way out of place. She really just wanted to get a good look at them. Quickly, she made a mental note to look them up on the internet after school in case she would ever run into one of them in the future and would not look stupid not knowing their respective names and such. Usagi blushed at the thought of talking to one. They would definitely have to be cute if they could cause this much of a fuss.

But then again, she already had an object of affection so her curiosity was purely platonic.


The three boys finished crossing the street as they slowly approached their new place of education. Taiki and Yaten were both dusting each other off and fixing their appearances while Seiya was busy focusing on his bandaged hand… and her.

"I mean, I thought being ranked number one in the whole country as the male singer you would want as a lover would be enough. But she STILL didn't know-"

"Seiya, concentrate! Right now we have to make our entrance." Taiki stated as he then started a last-minute primping on the leader of the band.

"Oh, fine." Seiya admitted. He straightened his jacket and ran his hand through his hair a bit trying to forget about the girl who knocked him down, but mission: failed. For some reason, he just could not get his mind off it. Beside the fact she was cute, it was just inconceivable to him that a girl his age would not know of him; and she plagued his thoughts.

"Three Lights, you're finally here!" A large man in a suit—a bodyguard—said as he approached the three teenage boys. "What took you guys so long? The principal's not happy that you've caused such a commotion and made him have to start school three minutes late."

"Sorry, Roger, it was my fault. I had trouble waking up." Seiya confessed half-lying.

"That's fine, just make your entrance. We have the crowd blocked off and tight security. Hurry!"

The three boys walked closer to the entrance only to be welcomed with a loud screech by the many female fans in the crowd. Miscellaneous items such as flowers, bras, and torn papers with names and cell phone numbers suddenly littered the walkway. Each Light basked in the attention and smiled and gestured to their fanatic soon-to-be fellow schoolmates. As he grinned and waved his hand, Seiya immediately looked around at each woman and sized up the girls who would be good contenders for him to sleep with in his head, but he also tried to look for the peculiar girl who ran into him on the street. Yet he could not pick out the just as peculiar hairstyle that he noticed she donned out of the huge riot.

"Ah, I can't see!! Stop pushing me! Ow, that was my foot!! I can't breathe!" Usagi yelled as she felt the effects of an overexcited crowd.

"Mako, what do you see?" Minako asked the tall one, also trying to push off other fan girls.

Even Makoto had to crane her neck to get a good look over the hundreds of heads that stood between her and the Three Lights. "Uh… I see… I see a brown smudge!"

Ami gasped, "That must be Taiki!" Guessing that was the top of his head Makoto was describing.

"Guys, what's the use? They're going to school with us for the whole year. You have plenty of time to get a better look at them," Usagi reasoned. The crowd seemed to be getting more anxious as the pushing started to get overbearing and now all she wanted to do was just go home.

As if her prayers were answered, the school principal came out with a bullhorn.

"All right, students. The Three Lights have entered the school and you should too. If you are not in your designated classrooms seated in your desks in five minutes, you will be counted tardy and be given a Saturday detention."

Suddenly, the crowd started pushing the four girls toward the school and there was nothing they could do but be swept up in the direction of it.

"Don't worry, Usagi, I'll make sure by the end of the day you'll see how cute they are." Minako said sympathetically smiling at her distressed friend.

Usagi sighed in relief as she fell into her assigned seat in her homeroom. She had never felt so violated in her life as to be pushed and jumped all over. But it at least saved her from a detention for being late and so she considered the Three Lights' attendance a blessing. Still, she could not believe that three boys could cause such a fuss with the whole school. It better be worth it.

She closed her eyes for just a couple of seconds to get in some sleep that she sacrificed only to be trampled all over. And it indeed was only a couple of seconds; for Minako ran over to Usagi's desk panting like a sick dog and scared her awake.

"Usagi, word on the street says that the Three Lights are going to be IN OUR HOMEROOM! AHH!" The odango-head saw a gleam in her friend's eye that she had never witnessed before.

Yet, Usagi's ears perked. "Really? You think it's true?"

Minako nodded furiously. "Yes! Risa says so and she's usually over ninety percent correct with her gossip."

"Over ninety percent correct? How did you manage to calculate that?"

"Ami did, actually, when she heard about it." Minako said, cocking her head in the direction of Ami's desk. Usagi looked over to her short-haired friend to see her giving a thumbs-up.

Minako let out a little squeal. "I don't know what I'd do if it were true…"

Suddenly, the first period teacher walked into the classroom clapping her hands to get the attention of the students. "All right, ladies and gentlemen, in your seats! In your seats, please!"

All the students reluctantly paused in current conversations with their classmates to find their assigned desk, complying with the teacher's request.

"In case some of you haven't heard the rumor, the Three Lights are supposed be students here in this classroom. So, I'm here to clear up any confusion and say that…" the teacher held onto the complementizer just for the sake of dramatic effect. All of the students leaned over their desks as they waited for the teacher to finish her sentence.

"…it's true."

As if on cue, every girl screeched to their heart's content while the boys covered their ears in annoyance and ultimately jealousy. Though, Usagi joined the boys in covering her figurative bleeding ears.

"All right, class, please quiet down…" the teacher softly commanded, trying to compose her class. Unfortunately her request of silence was lost within the loud babbling of the excited fan girls.

"BE QUIET, NOWWWWWWWW!!" she finally yelled. Fear now washed over the students' faces as they sat silently at attention so as to not feel the wrath of their teacher once again.

She smiled at her success. "Thank you. Please welcome your new classmates." She said before turning toward the doorway and motioning for them to enter.

With Seiya in the lead, followed by Taiki and Yaten, the Three Lights strolled in the classroom taking in the lovesick stares. Chatter and giggles filled the air as Seiya took the liberty to scan the row of students for cute girls until his eyes rested on one in the second row…

It was her.

For some reason, Usagi's heart started to pound as if she had just ran a mile. She had never known of these boys before but it was the hype that got her body in such excitement and she could not help it. She waited earnestly for them to file inside the room until seeing the first boy in line made her face completely drop…

It was him.

Just like in the street, their blue eyes locked in place. Seiya's eyes were a bit more playful as Usagi's held a sort of distraught emotion; not really for the fact that she did not know who he was when she ran into him on the street but that she pushed him down and made him bleed. And it was not just any ordinary cute boy; it was a FAMOUS cute boy. Her fear was that he was mad at her and would somehow make her last year in high school hell.

"Fuck my life…" Usagi whispered to herself as she tried to avert her gaze and cover her face with her hand.

Mission: accomplished. He had found the odango-headed culprit of his bleeding hand. And it was no secret that she was feeling uncomfortable; the blush on her cheeks was the same color as the stripe on the sailor collar of her uniform. He might have found his first flirt target. Quickly, he waved to her with his bandaged hand and gave her a playful wink just to watch her writhe in her seat. Public school was going to be more fun than he thought.

"Class, these are our new students: Seiya, Taiki and Yaten," the teacher introduced them in order of their standing position. "If you will, gentlemen, please help yourselves to any empty seats. And class, please help them feel welcomed."

"Hi! Hi, Yaten! This is vacant!" Minako yelled as she rapped on the empty desk next to her and waved her hand like a hyper child.

"I think she's a fan, don't you?" chided Yaten to his two other band mates as he chuckled and took the seat Minako had so desperately offered.

Taiki started in the direction of an empty desk in front of a familiar tall brunette when Seiya got an idea and quickly acted on it.

"Ms. Shiido?"


"I kind of had an accident on the way over here," he showed his bandaged bloody palm to the teacher, "and I think I need to have in cleaned since I didn't have time to do it beforehand. Would you mind if I went to the nurse's office?"

"Oh my," Ms. Shiido exclaimed as she took a look at the wound. "Please go ahead. I'll have someone show you to the nurse's office."

Every single girl (and give or take a few boys) raised their hands in a frantic attempt to be the lucky tour guide. Well, every single girl except Usagi, who was still trying to hide her existence with her long bangs.

"Actually, Ms. Shiido, would it be okay if she took me?" Seiya asked as he pointed out the uncomfortable blonde in the second row.

All glaring eyes turned to Usagi as she looked like a deer in the headlights while all the blood rushed to her face.

The teacher looked to who he was pointing to, "Usagi Tsukino?" she asked very surprised. She could recall her students' bad grades, odd behavior and habit of overeating which she thought would not even attract the most desperate of boys.

"Ah, yes. We actually go way back," Seiya continued.

The room filled with a dull murmur as a hit on Usagi's life was being planned.

"All right then. Miss Tsukino, please show Seiya to the nurse's office."

"Actually, Ms. Shiido…" Usagi started to say, acting on impulse, "I hurt my ankle yesterday and I don't think I should be walking around as much as I can help." She gave her teacher an unconvincing smile.

"Well if you hurt your ankle, then the nurse's office is where you need to go. Which is perfect since you can show Seiya where it is." It puzzled Ms. Shiido that Usagi would not take the opportunity to show a celebrity around.

God damn it that was the dumbest excuse in the book. At this point, Usagi fed HERSELF to the wolves. She reluctantly stood up while looking to Minako for help, as if she could just by looking at her. But all she saw was her jaw dropped to the floor in astonishment. Usagi Tsukino was shit out of luck.

The two teenagers walked out the classroom silently into the empty hallway. Usagi tried to avoid all eye contact and even just looking in his direction. Her heart was pounding hard enough to explode out of her chest and her stomach was practically doing somersaults out of her throat.

"Listen," Seiya began to say, "I wanted to thank you for helping me out earlier."

Usagi looked up at the young musician. "Oh… uh, no problem; it was nothing. I'm sorry again running into you and then running off like that. I couldn't get another detention for being late."

Seiya chuckled. "You're welcome."

The blonde slightly smiled. For being famous, this guy seemed down-to-earth. "Well, the nurse's office is this way…" she said as she started walking down the hall to lead the way. Seiya positioned himself to walk beside her.

"It looks like your ankle's doing better…" The Light noticed.

Usagi blushed slightly. "The pain… comes and goes… So you're Seiya, right?" She really wanted to take the focus off of her and her poor excuse for a lie.

The raven-headed boy's face dropped. "Really, you don't know who I am?"

He sounded legitimately upset. It took Usagi back a bit but she decided to answer him the best way she could to control the fire, "I do now."

Seiya sighed. "That's okay. I guess I'm not as famous as I thought."

Usagi snorted. "What did you expect: me to drool all over you?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact."

The odango-head stopped in her tracks. "Are you for real?

Seiya detected her halt and stopped as well to answer Usagi's question. "What do you mean?"

"That's a very confident thing to say."

He smiled. "Well I'm just a confident kind of guy."

Usagi shook her head in disbelief; this guy was one of a kind. She had never dealt with anyone on this level of arrogance before. She guessed it just came with the job of being a celebrity. Not wanting to deal with it anymore, she shut her mouth and started walking again.

Seiya joined her once she sauntered right by him. "So what's your name again? It's Odango, right?"

Steam started to blow out of her ears. "Excuse you?!" This guy had some nerve.

He laughed at his handy work of making her mad and coming up with a perfect nickname. "Odango, it fits your perfectly!" He patted one of her soft blonde buns atop her head.

"For your information, my name is Usagi! Tsukino Usagi!"

"Tsukimi Odango?"

"Don't call me that! My name is Usagi!"

Seiya could have sworn he saw smoke coming out of her nose as well. This was getting more fun by the moment. Once again, he touched one of the two buns in her hair. "I don't know why you're so angry. It's a perfect name for you."

"Don't touch me!" Usagi yelled as she swiped Seiya's head off her head.

"Ow… why did you do that?" Seiya asked, as he held his slapped hand that happened to be the one Usagi bandaged up earlier that morning.

"I just don't like it when assholes touch me!"

He shook his hand fervently trying to air out the pain. "That's never happened to me before. Usually girls always let me touch them."

"Oh my God, you're unbelievable." Usagi then started walking in the other direction, back toward her classroom.

"Oi, where are you going?"

The blonde stopped and turned to talk to her teaser. "The nurse's office is right there." She pointed down the hall to a door that had a sign outside with a Red Cross on it. "I'm sure your big head is smart enough to find IT and your way back to class."

The raven-haired musician smiled to himself. "Well if you're going to leave me, I think you'll need this back." He untied Usagi's pink handkerchief that helped to put pressure on the bleeding on his palm and threw it in her direction.

Usagi slightly dodged it and watched it land on the floor. "Ew, that's gross!! I don't want that back now! You need to clean it before you give it back! That's gross!"

"Well it's not like I asked for you to tie up my hand."

"You douchebag, I was being nice. Of course I didn't HAVE to but I WANTED to because I'm nice!"

"You know, many girls would feel lucky to have their handkerchiefs stained with my blood… Give it some time and maybe you'll be thankful I gave it back to you like that." Seiya winked and turned to start on his way to the nurse.

If one put anything in Usagi's hands, she would have torn it apart she had so much rage. Now she was regretting ever thinking he was a nice guy earlier. "I hope you get an infection, Yaten!"

"I'm Seiya." He yelled back.

"Whatever!" Feeling like she should not be wasting her time on such a jerk, she despondently picked up her blood-stained handkerchief at the parts where it was still clean and stomped her way back to class. She burst back into the classroom as mad as a hornet as all the students and teacher quietly watched her stamp to her desk and sit down. She looked too angry for Ms. Shiido to question why she had returned without Seiya as she resumed to her teachings.

Only about ten minutes later did Seiya arrive back from the nurse with a newly bandaged and clean palm, "All better," he said as she showed off his hand.

"Ah, wonderful, please take a seat, Seiya." Ms. Shiido smiled.

He looked around until he saw Usagi again, purposely looking down at her notes to not make any eye contact. But he also noticed that there conveniently laid an empty desk behind her calling his name.

Usagi just sighed. This was going to be a long year.

So what do you guys think of the intro? I know it's a bit long and believe it or not, I'm breaking it into two parts. Apparently, it takes me a while to establish character and story. I'm trying to work on condensing… hehe I hope you all enjoyed and I'll be back! ^_^

*credit to masa and Divine Ayu for translation and lyrics.