Disclaimer: I don't own cats. I do own Blaise, Twinkie Brains, and Ding Dong.

Full summary: It's a week before the Jellicle ball, and Blaise has fallen ill. No one knows why she is sick, and she's not saying why. To add to the confusion, two mysterious cats show up seeking a place to stay for awhile. They prove to be more trouble than the cats have ever handled.

A/N: This is a sequel to "An Unexpected Life." I was sad when I finished that story, and I wanted to write more. Ideas kept playing around in my head, and finally, I knew I had to put them to writing. So, this is the result. Hope you enjoy!

Story title: To add to the confusion

Chapter 1

On a rare sunny day, despite it being fall, the queen was soaking up a few rays of sunshine. Most of the other Jellicles were off with their humans, which left the junkyard fairly quiet for once. It was an added bonus that she wanted to take advantage of. Though, she wished desparately for her mate to be by her side. He'd be enjoying this just as much, but unfortunately for her, he wouldn't be back until later on that night, and he would only be there for a little while. At least she'd be able to see him at all. He may not have been the most handsome of toms, but he had a certain charm. He was always so loyal and eager to be with her. It was innocent attention that this particular queen adored.

Rolling onto her back, her eyes slid closed, and a smile played on her lips as she began purring. The past year had been so quiet, but no moment forgotten. The queen wanted to stay where she was for a long time. Unfortunately for her, a shadow appearing over her blocked her sunlight, and interrupted her tranquil mood.

"Rare time to be taking a nap. If you're that bored I could give you better things to do." The queen opened one eye to find her on again-off again object of lust. He was standing above her, his thumbs looped around his belt. On his face was his typical cocky grin. With an annoyed sigh, she rolled onto her side, turning her back to him. He wasn't the tom she was thinking about or even wanted at the moment.

"The answer's still no, Tugs baby." Bombalurina muttered. "You know I'm mated." At the thought of her current mate, Bombalurina let out a contented purr. Pouncival. He was younger than her, but his affection and loyalty toward her made her feel warm and happy. While Tugger was willing to give her a moment of passion, Pouncival was willing to give her an intellectual conversation, and then dance for her. He always loved making her smile. Bombalurina was smitten. Unfortunately though, Pouncival had gotten sick by eating the wrong kind of human food on accident. He was recovering now, and was allowed to explore a bit more, he wasn't allowed out for long. He always got weak and would trudge back home. Bombalurina, being a stray, wasn't allowed into his human's house. She missed him terribly.

"Come on Bomba." Tugger pleaded. He knelt down next to her. "You know you want it. I can see the passion in your eyes. You want the Tugger-man, don't you?" He was smirking again.

"Okay, you obviously want something more than a moment of passion. What is it?" Bombalurina stretched and pulled herself to a sitting position. She was resisting the urge to flex her claws at him in a vain attempt to scare him off.

"Well, I've noticed that Quaxo and Blaise are near inseparable, and I thought it would be nice to try and make our relationship the same." Tugger flicked one of her ears. Bombalurina drew back instinctively, and fought back a hiss.

"Blaise was nearly killed a year ago, and now she's sick. She won't come out of her den, and Quaxo won't tell anyone how she's doing. Of course they're going to be inseparable." Bombalurina paused. "Except for right now. Cassandra's with her, while Quaxo's with his new humans."

"New humans, huh? That's his third family in what, six months? What do they do, throw him out when he changes his fur?" Tugger chuckled, but pulled back. He was oblivious to the queen's disinterest, but at the same time, for the moment, Tugger was losing interest himself. He was starting to get the urge to wander around and find his little fanclub. But as oblivious as Tugger was to most things, he did notice that the junkyard was nearly empty of any cats.

"Don't gossip about Quaxo." Bombalurina snapped. "You can ask him yourself when he comes home." Bombalurina wanted to lay back down to continue her nap, but felt obligated to continue talking to the self centered tomcat.

"Uh huh, sure things Bombs. Look, Tugs baby has things to do. I'll catch you later, you sexy queen you." Tugger winked and bounded off, to do what, Bombalurina didn't know. But she let loose a belated hiss and lay back down. By this point though, she was far too annoyed with how that conversation turned out, and wasn't able to continue her nap.

Now that she had nothing better to do, she decided to see how Blaise was doing. The poor human-gone-cat had been ill the past few days, which had the tribe worried about her. Of course, Quaxo and even Cassandra were keeping silent on how Blaise was doing. It was as if there was a secret they were keeping. Bombalurina at first hadn't questioned it, assuming that Blaise would recover soon, but she was starting to wonder what was up with all the secrecy.

Bombalurina stood up and walked over to the den that Blaise and Quaxo shared. As per usual, there was a cat waiting just at the entrance. This time, it was Alonzo. He gave Bombalurina a smile, but it was one of warning.

"No one can see Blaise right now. Not until Quaxo comes back." Alonzo explained. Bombalurina returned a smile. She hoped hers was friendly.

"I just wanted to see how she was doing. No one's seen her for a few days. The kittens are quite concerned."

"I'm aware of that. But Quaxo and Cassandra insisted that Blaise rest, and no one disturb her. She's really not well at the moment. Quaxo will be back tomorrow morning, and he'll probably let her up and about then, but for now Cassandra and I are under strict orders to keep her in her den." Bombalurina nodded, and turned away. There was no use pushing it, Alonzo took any guard duty very seriously.

With a sigh, Bombalurina turned away. She missed Pouncival very much at this moment. Heading back to her nap-spot, she wondered what he was up to at the moment, and once more wished for him to be laying next to her. Hell, even Tugger would have been better company than none. But even Tugger was missing. He'd probably gone back to his own humans. Bombalurina lay back down, wishing for some company. Not even Demeter and Munkustrap were around.

"Hello? Anyone around?" It was a voice behind her. Jumping up, Bombalurina let out an instinctive hiss and flexed her claws. At the entrance of the junkyard, which was nothing more than a locked gate with a hole in it, were two grungy and gray cats. Both of them were hunched over, looking old and near decrepit. Much like Grizabella before she'd been picked to go to the Heavyside Layer.

"I'm here, what is it?" Bombalurina asked hesitantly. There was something to be pitied yet not to be trusted about these two.

"We're looking for a place to stay for the night." One of the cats spoke. Bombalurina couldn't tell if they were male or female. They sounded almost the same. Bombalurina wasn't sure what to do, and the only cat that had any answers was Alonzo, and he probably wouldn't leave his current post. But Bombalurina was at a loss.

"Alonzo!" She called out. She stayed right where she was and stared suspiciously at these two cats. It was almost as if they had planned showing up. "Alonzo!" She called again. A few moments later, he came crawling to her, looking fairly irritated.

"What? I was busy." He snapped. Bombalurina only pointed at the two strangers. The irritated look on his face turned to an expression that mirrored how she felt. "Who are you two, and why are you here?" If only Munkustrap were around.

"We're cats."

"Of the cat variety." The second one added. Bombalurina and Alonzo shared a look, then turned their heads back to the two cats.

"I'm Ding Dong." The first one said. Its voice was a bit lower than the second cat's, which told Alonzo and Bombalurina he was male.

"I'm Twinkie Brains." The second cat spoke up. "She" looked proud of herself.

Far from sensing any humor, Bombalurina just groaned, lay down, and put her paws over her head. This was just too perfect.