Hermione sat on the steps in front of Hogwarts. It was too nice a day to coop herself up in the Common Room studying, so she'd brought her books outside so as to enjoy the fresh air while she studied. It was proving to be more difficult than she'd expected, as everyone seemed to want to chat as they passed her. She gave up entirely when she saw Dean and Seamus approaching, laughing hysterically as they came.

"Oh, I don't think I've ever seen Ron so mad!" wheezed Seamus. "He was about to gob-smack that boy!"

Dean was laughing too hard to comment, clutching his middle. Hermione leapt to her feet. "What? Ron? Was it Malfoy again?"

Dean finally recovered enough to speak. "No, Hermione, it's nothing to do with Malfoy. It's…" but he was unable to continue as he was seized by another fit of the giggles.

"Hermione, it's Harry he's mad at," finished Seamus. Hermione goggled at him.

"Oh, you'd never believe it. We were down at the pitch, talking about Quiddich, the last match specifically." Seamus stopped to wipe his eyes. "Harry was going on at length about the move he'd used to win the match, when Ginny walked by. She waved and called out 'hi, boys' as she went. Well, you know Harry, he's pretty obvious about things, isn't he?"

"Ron got upset because Harry was paying attention to Ginny?" Hermione was ready to kill Ron. It was hard enough for Ginny to get to spend any time with Harry, and Ron was making it harder! She started to head over to the pitch herself to try to salvage the situation.

Dean stopped her before she got far. "It wasn't that Ron was upset with Harry for paying her any attention, Hermione. He didn't seem to notice that Harry was following her with his eyes. At least, he didn't until Harry tripped over his tongue." Dean's smile widened and he visibly fought another fit of laughter.

Before Dean recovered, Seamus took over. "Dean's right. Ron would never have cottoned to Harry if he'd not slipped and said something about catching…catching…" Giggles nearly overtook him. Dean resumed speaking. "Catching the Golden Snatch!" Once it had been said again, Dean literally fell over, clutching his midsection, rolling around in mirth, while Seamus had to grab the railing of the stairs to keep himself upright. "Once he'd said that, Ron put two and two together in a right hurry!"

Hermione blushed bright red. Much was explained.