It had been about a year since Austin signed her contract and she and Shannon got together. He wasn't just the Prince of Punk, he was also her Prince Charming. They were in love, and he treated her like a real Princess.
They still hadn't told Jeff and Matt about them being together, but rumors were spreading around the internet and the tabloids. They had done pretty well keeping it a secret, too, they were always close and flirty to start with, so nothing changed to make Austin's brothers suspicious. She and Mickie were still friends, because Austin believed in giving everyone a second chance, but they weren't nearly as close as before. Mickie and Cody were still together, and according to Mickie, very much in love. She and Adam had patched things up and often talked or he would hang out with her and Shannon. As far as being WWE's newest Diva, she was living it up. Everyone had expected her to be great, seeing as how she was the younger sister of Matt and Jeff Hardy,
and she proved them right. She was one of the best high flyers the company had, and was always a fan favorite, even when she was a heel. She would often team up with her brothers for mix tagged team matches,
and her faveorite moment was when she was swinging a steel chair at Maryse's head, but accidently hit Matt in the chest because Maryse ducked. That caused laughs backstage and Matt teased her saying that she finally got her payback for him being so mean to her when she was a kid. She had won the Diva's championship belt twice that year and was pretty good at keeping it around her waist. Around February, right after Royal Rumble where she and Jeff teamed up to take down CM Punk and Nikki Bella, Austin had snuck out of Matt's house and ran down the drive to meet Shannon. They drove to his house where she was going to spend the night. They watched a movie and he tried to put the moves on her, licking her ear lobe and whispering the sexiest things to her, but she said she wasn't feeling good at all, and was cramping. He pouted but he, as always, didn't fuss. He just carried her upstairs to and tucked her in. He striiped to his boxers and climbed in next to her. She snuggled up to him and they fell asleep. Around three a.m. Shannon woke up to a loud scream and Austin clawing her nails into his arm.

"What the hell? Austin? Are you okay?!" he sat up, looking at his girlfriend

"No...somethings wrong....I'm hurting so bad!" she let out another scream, digging deeper in his arm.

Shannon jumped out of bed, dressed, and picked her up.

"Ow....ow...Shannon....whats wrong with me?" she said holding her stomach

"I dont know but we're going to the hospital." he carefully carried her downstairs and put her in his car.

They drove to the hospital, with her screaming in pain the entire way. When they got there, he ran to get a nurse, who came out with a wheelchair. Austin was screaming so loudly and crying that they rushed her back to a room in the E.R. As nurses started checking her vitals, one asked her questions like what she had ate, if she had any medical conditions, her family's medical history and if she could be pregnant. That was a definate No to the last question, since she had been on birth controll ever since they got back from Miami last year, and she weighed 125 lbs, her stomach as hard as a rock. The nurse put an order in for pain medication, which Austin refused due to her and Jeff's past drug problem, and an ultrasound. About ten mintues later, the US technician came in and started rubbing the controll over Austins stomach,checking her kidneys, appendix and other organs. Finally the US technician raised an eyebrow, looked at Austin and called for a doctor to come in immediatly. The doctor came in and looked at the computer screen then looked at Austin.

"Miss Hardy, there seems to be something wrong here."

"What?! What is it?!" Shannon asked

"It seems that Austin is 28 weeks pregnant and in labor."

"WHAT?!" Austin cried out. "Look at me! I cant be pregnant!"

"Ma'am....ultrasounds don't lie. And neither do contractions. Your about to have a baby."

"Holy fucking shit...." Shannon said. Austin told him to call her brothers, but not to tell them what was going on, just to tell them to get to the hospital. If they knew their sister was in labor, they would kill themselves trying to get there to kill Shannon.

The doctor and nurses said there wasn't enough time for medication and that they needed to prepare her for delivery, although nothing in the world could prepare her for having a baby right now. She had seen cases like this on t.v. where girls didn't know they were pregnant, but she thought it was rare and would never happen to her since she was on birth control and Shannon had always used a condom. She was in too much shock to notice the pain mentally, but physically she dug her hands into the sheets of the hospital bed and ground her teeth against each other. The nurses had her prepared for delivery, her legs spread, a sheet over her, and all the tools set out for the doctor when they heard shouting outside.

"Where is my sister? Whats going on?" She heard Matt saying and he burst into the room, followed closly by Jeff.

"Austin...whats wrong? Why weren't you at home? What the hell are you doing here Shannon?" Matt was about as frantic as Austin was right now. Shannon was just numb, he couldn't believe he was about to be a father, and knew once the Hardy boys found out, he was dead.

"AHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Austin screamed, throwing her head back on the pillow as another contraction hit. Shannon grabbed her hand, and Matt ran around to the other side of the bed to grab the other.

The doctor came in, then, and asked if she wanted all three of the men to stay in there and she nodded, breathing heavily.

"Whats wrong with her?" Jeff asked, knowing the answer, since he had gone through this with Beth a year ago.

"Shes pregnant and in premature labor. The baby is coming out any minute" the doctor positioned himself at Austin's feet, instructing her on how to push.

Matt stood there, in utter shock, and just stared at his sister and his best friend who were holding each others hands tightly.

"Is it yours?" Matt asked as Austin pushed the first time

"Yeah....." Shannon said, squeezing his girlfriends hand

Jeff stood next to Shannon, placing his hand on his friends shoulder, watching as his sister pushed and screamed in pain. The doctor had broken her water already and he said that after a few more pushes she would have a baby. She pushed three more times, and the doctor pulled out a screaming baby, placing it on her stomach.
Shannon looked at the baby and said "its a boy, baby". Austin half smiled, but started crying her eyes out.
The nurse took the baby and cleaned him, as the doctor tried to deliver the after birth and clean Austin up.
He kept pushing on her stomach but the placenta wouldn't come out. He reached his hand inside of her and then looked up.

"What? Whats wrong?" Austin asked

"Theres another baby."

"WHAT?!" Austin, Shannon, Jeff and Matt all said

"Come on Austin...push one more big time, and it will be over" the doctor said to the now completly hysterical girl.

"I can't believe this. I didn't know." She kept saying over and over

"Push Austin, you can do it."

She did so, and the doctor pulled out another screaming baby, a girl. Austin collapsed on the bed, crying her eyes out, squeezing the life out of her boyfriend and brother's hands.

"How can this happen? She was skinny as a rail!" Jeff said

"Its a miracle, especially with her wrestling while being pregnant....these babies are tiny. We'll have to take them to NICU." the nurse said and rushed the hospital bassinets out the door and to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The doctor cleaned Austin up, then a nurse wheeled in a wheel chair for her to go up to the maternity ward to a room. The boys helped her into the chair and they walked behind the nurse.

"I will kill you, Shannon Moore." Matt whispered harshly

"I know....I know."

The nurse pushed Austin into a nicley decorated and rather large room, and the boys helped her into the bed.
Austin just fell into Matt's arms, crying.

"I'm sorry....I didn't know. What am I going to do? Shannon I'm sorry." she wailed

"Shhh.....its okay....its okay." Matt said, rubbing her hair and holding her as tightly as he could

She finally fell asleep, after a nurse brought her some pain killers that she desperatly needed. Jeff asked about the babies and the nurse said she would go down to NICU to see how they were and keep them updated.
Matt laid his sister down on the bed, covering her with a sheet, then motioned for Shannon and Jeff to go outside. When they left the room, Matt immediatly grabbed Shannon and pushed him against the wall.

"What the fuck, long have you been fucking my sister?"

"Matt....I can explain..."

"Answer me, Shannon."

"A year...when we were in Miami."

"I knew it. I fucking knew it!" Matt said as he started pacing up and down the hall

"Matt, calm down...right now we need to focus on Austin, and her babies." Jeff said

They went back into the room and sat in silence for about 45 minutes until the nurse cam in. Shannon nudged Austin awake and she sat up, grunting at the pain in her lower areas and back.

"How are they?" she asked weakly

"They are amazingly perfect, sweetie." The nurse said, checking Austin's blood pressure "They are tiny little things,
but they have a good set of lungs and they are healthy as can be. We will bring them up in a few moments."

"How much do they weigh?" Jeff asked

"The little girl is 5lbs and 4oz. The boy is 5lbs and 7oz."

"Wow....tiny." Shannon said

The nurse handed Austin some forms, the birth certificate information, and a pen. She said they needed to fill it out so they could bring the babies up. Jeff and Matt left the room, Jeff having to drag Matt out, to give the couple privacy to talk.

"What are we going to do?" Austin asked, tearing up again

"Do you want to keep the babies?" Shannon asked

"Do you?"

"Yes. I do."

"Then I do too. We don't have anything though."

"We'll get it. I'll go to Walmart or something in the 's going to be fine, Austin."

"I just...I can't believe it."

"I know baby. Lets fill this out." Shannon took the paper and pen and wrote his and her names on the 'parents'
line, then the date of births, the city and state, then asked Austin what to name them.

After discussing baby names for a few moments, they called for the nurse to come back in, and she was followed by Matt and Jeff. They handed the nurse the paper and she said the babies would be right up. They anxiously waited for what seemed like hours until the nurse finally wheeled in two bassinetts. She had index cards and a Sharpie, and she wrote something on them, then placed them inside the slots on the front of the small beds.

"Do you want to hold them?" she asked

"Yes." Austin said

"Okay....this is...." the nurse picked up the little girl "This is Nero Elizabeth." she handed the bundled up baby to Austin "and this little guy is Matthew Gilbert...." she handed the boy to Shannon who looked like he was about to cry.

"I love the names, Nero is interesting" the nurse commented

"They are named after my brothers and my parents....Nero is his middle name" Austin nodded to Jeff "Elizabeth was my mother's middle name. She died while giving birth to me. Matthew is his name and Gilbert's was my fathers. He died last year of a heart attack."

"That is sweet." the nurse smiled and excused herself

Austin looked down at her baby girl, who was sleeping.

"Nero....." Austin whispered "Your so beautiful"

Matt got up to sit on the edge of Austin's bed, and she handed him the baby. Shannon handed Jeff baby Matthew as a few tears slipped down all of their cheeks. This was a happy and confusing moment for all, but as Shannon held his girlfriend close, Austin knew it would be okay and that she would indeed live happily ever after.

The End.

((Austin moved in with Shannon, who later proposed to her. They got married, and Austin took a break from being in the WWE to be home with her babies, starting back after a couple of years. She had a wonderful family and was thankful for the two most important people in her life, Matthew and Jeffrey Hardy, who never gave up on her and loved her through everything, no matter what. Jeff was right, they never left her.))