A/N- Hey everyone, for some reason the reality show Big Brother is like one of the only reality shows that I am addicted to. I know, some people think it's a dumb show, but I love the drama of it! They just started season 11, so I thought this might be the perfect time to write this with SWAC characters. I think it's going to be a lot of fun!

I tried to simply explain how the game works for those who have never watched the show before, but you should get the hang of it once the story actually begins. This is just a little intro/trailer sort of thing.

As of the moment, it's Rated K+ but if I feel the need to bump it up, it may change to T eventually. And yes, this is a CHANNY story too!

Sorry for the insanely long Author's Note... there's another short one at the end :)

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Sonny With a Chance, Big Brother, or Julie Chen.

Big Brother- Teen Celebrity Edition

Ever heard of Big Brother? That silly, but addictive reality show that has run for 11 seasons?

Well this is Big Brother- Teen Celebrity Edition.

14 Teen Celebrities… No Adults… and a house to themselves… all on camera!

Some people will be aligned, others will be enemies.

Who can make it until the end?


Santiago Geraldo (Julie Chen wasn't available)


These teens will be in for an adventurous 13 weeks. They will be living in the Big Brother house with other teen celebrities. (Poor Zora wasn't old enough to participate.)

Competitors will participate in weekly challenges including food, luxury, and more.

Every week there will be a head of household (HOH). This person has the power in the house and will nominate two people for eviction. They also get a private luxury room for the week.

Each week the HOH, Eviction Nominees, and 3 randomly drawn house guests will participate in the Veto Competition. The winner may use the 'Power of Veto' to take someone off of the Eviction Block, or choose not to use it.

At the end of each week, votes will be cast and someone will leave the Big Brother house.


The winner will receive $500,000 donated to the charity of their choosing, and a starring role in a blockbuster movie with a major label.

The runner-up will receive $250,000 donated to their charity of choice.


Who will be the last left standing?

Who will align and who will go against each other?

Romances will form…

Confessions will be made…

It's a game full of many twists and turns…




Sonny Munroe

Tawni Hart

Nico Harris

Grady Mitchell

Chad Dylan Cooper

Portlyn Murray

James Conroy

Selena Gomez

AND… 6 more Teen stars!

A/N- Please review and let me know who else YOU would like to see in the game… I may make it happen!