Total Animation Island


Day 1 part 1 Meet the Cartoons!

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Chris stood at the infamous dock of shame overlooking the vast ocean

"Ah the ocean…" he said calmly not looking at the camera, but out to the ocean (surprisingly) "So peaceful, so serine, so……unlike anything that will take place here on this season of TOTAL…ANIMATION…ISLAND!!" he exclaimed turning to the camera flashing his perfect teeth and adjusting his long black hair.

"This year is going to be the best year ever. I mean last year when we had 22 teen campers was pretty fun and we had a lot of laughs and a lot of injuries, and the most important…a lot of dropped lawsuits! He he he." He said smiling slyly to the camera. "But this year will be the most exciting year ever, because…." He said smiling and building up tension "This year we have shaken things up…this year we actually got the contract rights, don't ask how, to have stars from the most popular shows on Cartoon Network…and uh…what was that other network?"

"Nickelodeon" the cameraman whispered to Chris who quickly bellowed "Nickelodeon! To compete on this show!" he exclaimed proudly as the cameraman rolled his eyes

"I can tell you're all excited…seeing all your favorite cartoon stars as they battle it out in all sorts of challenges. And his year for a lot more money, 1 million dollars worth!!" Chris exclaimed throwing his hands in the air for added effect "Alliances will be formed, rivalries will ensue and so much more…over all, this is going to be a great season!" he said rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

"Ok then…" he said straightening himself out "It's time for us to meet our contestants. We will start with the Cartoon Network stars first. Then we will show the stars to that other network…can't think of the name right now but It'll come to me" he said trailing off tapping his chin in thought as the cameraman sighed. The first boat arrived with an elderly blue man with a huge nose and long mustache, a white buttoned shirt, brown shorts and black shoes, a purple chubby cat raccoon rabbit thing wearing a purple shirt with a pointy hat that seemed to look like two big ears, but no pants, and a rock monster with a long neck and little smoothed out horns and a cook apron and no pants but underwear underneath the apron stepped of the boat. Chris snapped out of his thoughts as he put on a smile, but still trying to think of the name of the other network as it continued to elude him, even though the cameraman just told him it…..for the tenth time…in one day.

"Welcome, from the show Chowder…Mung Dal, Schnitzel, and Chowder!" he exclaimed happily as the three came down the dock and came next to Chris

"Mung…who's the old guy?" Chowder asked pointing at Chris as Mung's eyes widened in fear at Chowder's statement

Chris looked as if someone had shot him in the head "WHAT!? Old guy!? I'm in my late twenties dude. I'm not old!" he said angrily at the…whatever he is.

Schnitzel managed to suppress a snicker as he came beside Mung slowly, because of his weight, him being made of solid stone he was afraid that the flimsy dock would give out and he would sink like an anchor

"Now Chowder that is not the way to make a first impression with our gracious host" Mung said complimenting trying to get on Chris's good side. However it seemed the damage was done as Chris was burning a hole through Chowder's tiny skull, as Chowder was sucking on his fist oblivious.

Mung sighed "Come on Schnitzel…it's going to be a long season" the lady loving Chef said sadly as he trudged down the dock disappointed that he didn't duck tape Chowder's mouth like Schnitzel told him. He also wished Truffles were here but someone had to look after things back home and it was a coin flip between Schnitzel and her, and Schnitzel won. Now being the sore loser Truffles was, she wasn't happy about not being able to win the million, but after a few hours and a few repairs to the house she finally gave in, but swore that if one of them didn't win, there would be…consequences. As Mung thought of that…he gulped and prayed that if he didn't win, Chowder and Schnitzel would for his sake

"Rada rada" he said agreeing as they trudged to the end of the dock carefully as every time he stepped he heard the boards creak and he prayed that he would live to see the first competition and not spend it at the bottom of the sea

Chris was still fumed at Chowder's statement until he felt a shiver go down his spine; he turned around to see a girl (I think) with blonde hair done into devil horn fashion with a black headband, with a pink shirt that doubled as a blouse with a daisy on it with seemed out of character and black shoes and what seemed to be a permanent scowl on her face. Next to her was a boy with an oversized pink nose, which he was picking, beady black eyes, a little red cap and a white striped shirt with blue and orange stripes

"From The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy…Billy and Mandy" he said to the camera not as excited as Chowder killed his buzz

"Hiya Chris!!" Billy said loudly running around Chris like the idiot he is "This will be so much fun! I wonder if there any trees that haven't been marked yet!" he exclaimed happily, as Chris stared disgusted

"Billy…heel" Mandy said emotionless as Billy went over to Mandy, sat in a dog style position and started panting loudly, eyes crossed

"Come Billy" Mandy ordered obediently as Billy trotted down the dock barking. However before Mandy joined her dimwitted sidekick, she whispered something to Chris

"When I win this show and take over the world…you will be the first to be destroyed…along with this island" she said coldly as Chris stretched his neck collar a little, nervous by what she had said, only five of the 28 cartoons arrived and it already seemed like a fun season already

Billy was staring at chowder with wonderment "Mandy! Is that a cat, raccoon, rabbit, or dog?" He asked looking at chowder intensely trying to find an answer in his tiny mind

"I could care less Billy." She said coldly as she turned away

Billy continued to stare at Chowder "Hey cat rabbit raccoon thing!" he shouted getting Chowder's attention or lack there of

Chowder just looked still sucking on his fist, though he did seem to hear Billy as he turned in the big nosed fools direction

"Wanna be friends! Amigos! Compadres!? He asked excitedly, as Billy always wanted to make friends, except with girls for some reason, Mandy didn't really qualify as a girl as she never acted like one, and you would never see her act like one if she had anything to say about it. And Chowder wasn't a girl, credited he wasn't a human boy either, in fact Billy had no clue what Chowder was, but still. Billy thought he was cool looking and that was enough for him

Chowder took his fist out of his mouth to respond "Uh…okay!" he said happily as Mung looked surprised. Chowder never made friends with anyone, except kitchenware…which worried him. But for some reason…he wanted to be friends with this big nosed boy, he really didn't question it because he really wanted someone for Chowder to be friends with on this show so he wouldn't be lonely and it seemed the lady loving chef did right bringing him on the show

"Oh boy! Hey Mandy I made a new friend, and he's cool looking!!" he exclaimed happily waving his hands trying to get Mandy's attention Mandy just stared into space, seemingly annoyed

Chowder came over to Billy "So do you like to cook?" Chowder asked "That's what I wanna be, a master chef" he said proudly

"Oh yeah I'm a great cook. One time I made a dinner so good that everyone wanted to go tell the toilet about it!" Billy said proudly

"Really!?" Chowder said amazed "Usually Mung only tells the garbage can about it and he isn't much for conversation"

"Oh I hear you…toilets always have something cool to say!" Billy said happily

"Yeah and when you have to make a poo their always there" Chowder said agreeing

"Oh and they make such good homes for fish. I should know. My dad's always flushin em down there, it must be roomy" Billy said happily

"Yeah same for my fish…maybe they have a little fish condo or something…" Chowder said thinking

Mung could now see why Chowder wanted to be Billy's friend…Chowder and Billy had that sort of connection, though there wasn't enough brainpower between both of them to light a bulb, if Chowder was happy he was happy, especially now that he had a friend that wasn't a spoon or fork but a living breathing person

Billy smiled goofily "Y'now Chowder…I think this is the beginning of a great friendship" Billy said happily

"Yeah we got a lot in common" Chowder said happily "…oh I almost forgot!" he took his hat off and took out some green gunk "Do you want some snack?" he asked happily. Mung looked surprised again; Chowder never offered his snacks to anyone, except him, and he really didn't want them, but to be polite he ate them. And when Chowder left the room he was free to tell the garbage can all about them

"Oh yeah that looks great!" Billy said beginning to chew on some of the gunk "Ooh it tastes like my cat" Billy said munching on it "My complements to the chef"

"I made it!" Chowder said proudly

"Wow you are a great cook!" Billy said happily as Chowder was happy that someone other then Mung ate his cooking

Mung for the third time in about a minute was shocked. Billy could stomach Chowders food and even compliment it? This Billy must have some strange eating habits, even Schnitzel was surprised

Chris began to get annoyed by the two and wanted the camera back on him, big shocker

"Okay enough of them!" Chris shouted angrily to the camera "They are cutting into my screen time here people" he said annoyed at the new friendship, as Chowder was on his list as of the moment

"Well it is good that Chowder has made a friend" Mung said smiling "It will make this a little better for him and maybe Billy too"

"/sigh/ Rada" Schnitzel said annoyed

The next boat arrived had no one on it to Chris's surprise

"Where are they?" Chris said annoyed looking for the passengers, but only saw the Captain

"Their taking another ride here" The captain of the boat said as Chris stared confused

"How? This is the only way to the island" Chris argued

As if on cue a big light blue whale surfaced in front of the dock, startling Chris and Mung as Mung lept behing Schnitzel for protection and Chowder and Billy didn't notice as they were still talking about stuff and Mandy and Schnitzel didn't even flinch.

It opened its mouth and a blue man with an overlarge neck and orange nose that seemed right in between his eyes which was long and pointed upward at the end, and was portly in size, sporting a red captain's hat and a red captain's vest with a faded white orange striped shirt, he had wooden legs and hands stepped out onto the dock, or I should say hobbled as his wooden legs didn't bend very well. He also seemed to be in a bad mood as he took a piece of candy out of his vest and ate it, which seemed to perk him up a little

As he hobbled out of the whales mouth, a little boy with blonde hair and an oversized head for his body and a little sailor hat and a white shirt with red stripes and blue pants that seemed to also double as shoes stepped happily out next, he seemed the exact opposite of the lazy captain as he seemed excited and enthusiastic

"I'm gonna miss you Bubby" the boy said hugging the whale goodbye

"Goodbye baby and good luck" Bubby replied happily hugging him back "Oh and Kanuckles…" she said turning her gaze to the lazy captain "If I find one scratch on my little Flapjack you'll be findin a new whale to sleep in!" she exclaimed in an angry warning

"Yeah yeah…don't worry you little tailfin. I'll watch him." He said waving his left wooden hand and grumbling and not even turning around

"You better!" she said in a serious tone as she didn't want Flapjack to get hurt and until he was eliminated, if he was, Kanuckles would be his responsibility until he was voted off. Bubby knew with Kanuckles people skills he wouldn't last long

"Bye Bubby!" Flapjack said happily waving as he went down the dock

"Have fun baby!" she said diving back into the water and disappearing from sight

"Yeah on this show I doubt it" Chris mumbled as they approached getting ready for their introduction

"From the show The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack…Flapjack, Captain Kanuckles, and… wait where's-?"

"I'm here! The stupid boat left me there hahaha!" a voice said cutting Chris off coming from a rowboat. He was out of breath as he reached the dock. He had an unusually long vertical length head with short brown hair and a double chin even though he was skinny, glasses, an upper lip that seemed to stick up in the air, dimpled red cheeks, a peppermint color suit with an apron similar to Schnitzels but smaller, he had brown long pants with black loafers as well.

"Peppermint Larry!" Chris finished smiling, Kanuckles however wasn't smiling

"What?!" Kanuckles exclaimed angrily. "This weirdo is on the show too?" Kanuckles and Larry never had the best relationship, as Kanuckles never paid Larry's steep candy prices, so he pretty much stole it from the candy clerk

"Ah hahahahahaha!" Peppermint Larry exclaimed waving his arms around frantically like two noodles "Did you actually think I'd miss this?! Wrong-O hahahaha! With that kind of money I could franchise the candy barrel all across the world. So if you think you going to with the money hahaha then you're sadly mistaken!" he said sternly to a steaming Kanuckles

"We'll see about that" Kanuckles warned Larry went to the end of the dock

"Flap…" he said whispering to Flapjack as they went down the dock "Whatever happens let's just make sure that whatever happens…we get rid of that idiot first" he said pointing to Larry

"Why captain? Peppermint Larry isn't so bad" Flapjack said happily as he liked everyone in Stormalong and possibly in general

"That isn't the point boy! This show is about strategy and tactics, and since I ain't the smartest one here it would be wise to get rid of people who pose a threat early, like Larry. I mean look at him, he's probably planning on getting rid of us right now!" Kanuckles exclaimed angrily

"Oh no! What do we do Captain?!" Flapjack said in a panic

"Calm down boy…all we need to do is vote him off when we get the chance, then he can't vote us off. Then…" his mouth starting to water "We are one step closer to a million dollars worth of candy!" He exclaimed happily drooling

"Yeah…candy" Flapjack said mouth also drooling

As they reached the dock end Flapjack saw a boy about his age and a…cat rabbit raccoon thing talking about random things, so he decided to go and talk to them, since they seemed to be the only ones his age here he thought he would try and make two friends, there was this one girl at the end of the dock, but she seemed to want to be left alone (smart boy)

"Hi I'm Flapjack!" he said happily to the two boys as they looked up from their conversation

"Hey I'm Chowder" the thing said happily

"And I'm Billy!" he said happily "Wanna be friends!?" he asked excitedly

"Okay!" Flapjack said happily and excitedly. He couldn't believe he had made a friend so easily

"Yeah I'll be your friend too" said chowder happily as Mung couldn't believe how inviting Chowder was being, what was it about these kids that made him more open?

"Wow I can't believe I already made two friends!" Flapjack said happily

"Why? Don't you have friends where you live?" Chowder asked confused

"Well I have Captain Kanuckles, he's the greatest adventurer in the world, and Bubby…but there aren't many friendly people in Stormalong harbor. It's mostly adventurers, not many kids to play with" he said putting his head down sadly

Billy went over and put a strangling hug on him and lifting him up in the air, Flapjack having a small body, it was easy to lift him up "Oh don't worry! We'll be your friends. Right Chowder?"

"Yeah!" Chowder exclaimed happily

Billy set Flapjack down. Flapjack was surprised how strong Billy was

"Oh boy I made two new friends! Hooray for friends!" Flapjack exclaimed happily

"Hooray for friends!" Billy exclaimed

"Hooray for food…oh and friends!" Chowder exclaimed lost in thought for a moment, which was easy for him

"Y'now we should form a club…" Billy said tapping his big nose in thought

"Hey yeah like an adventure club" Flapjack suggested as he loved adventures

"Or a food club" Chowder suggested drooling at the idea as he loved food "mmmm club sandwich…" he said completely off the subject again

"Oh…how about a friendship club?! Where we'll have adventures…and food!" Billy said as the lightbulb appeared over his head, though dimly lit

Chowder and Flapjack both liked the idea of a club like that so they both agreed. Mandy listening on the far end of the dock couldn't believe that Billy came up with such a smart idea

"Let's call it the Adventures of Food and Friendship Club or AFFC for short" Flapjack said happily

"Cool! I likes it" Billy said and Chowder nodded, it seemed like a good name

Mung watched happily as Kanuckles was beside him, since he was the only one his age here, he decided to strike up a conversation. "Well it's nice to see our boys getting along eh" Mung said to Kanuckles who looked in Mung's direction "Yeah I guess so" he mumbled as he didn't care that much

"So Mr. Kanuckles what exactly do you do?" Mung asked intrigued at the captains attire

Kanuckes turned to Mung's direction, knowing it was about him, he had no problem telling of his great exploits

"Well I a world renowned adventurer. Known across the seven seas as one of the best of all time" He said proudly, though that may have been a little bit of an exaggeration

Mung looked impressed. For someone to lose that many body parts in a lifetime had to have gone through some great adventures in his time, or have been really stupid

"So…uh what do you do exactly?" Kanuckles asked Mung, he thought it was only fair to ask him what he's done as well, even though he knew it was going to be boring probably

"Well I don't like to brag but I'm a world renowned chef" Mung said proudly

"Psssh it that all?" Kanuckes said bored already

"Well actually when you're a head chef in Marzipan City. Getting the right ingredients for your dishes can be dangerous and adventurous" Mung said slyly as Kanuckles seemed interested again

"Y'don't say" Kanuckles said intrigued

"Well…take this one time when I was trekking up the mountains of Mount Fudgi for a very rare ingredient. I was attacked by a giant winged monster!" Mung said throwing his hands in the air for effect.

"Really…" Kanuckes said fully listening now

"Oh my yes. It was so big that Mount Fudgi trembled in its presence; it had three heads that breathed fire, and long sharp talons. All I had was my fists and devilishly good looks. After a back and forth battle between me and the beast……I finally prevailed and got the ingredient that was needed for the dish, and was home in time for supper" Mung said proudly. Though that may have also been an exaggeration

"Wow I gotta hand it to ya Mung. You can spin a mean yarn when ya want" Kanuckles said having newfound respect for the lady loving chef

"Well thanks Kanuckles, I'd like to hear some of your stories as well" Mung said to Kanuckles still intrigued of his exploits

"And I just my tell some to ya" Kanuckles said to Mung as they shared a laugh

"Oh rada" Schnitzel said slapping his head annoyed at the new friendship

"Ok people I can see we are making friends and all but this is getting ridiculous!" Chris said forcefully turning the camera back to him as he put on a smile despite being annoyed. "We have the last members of your team coming to the dock now. From the hit show 6 Teen…Jen, Wyatt, Nikki, Jonesy, Caitlin, and Jude" Chris exclaimed as the six teens stepped of the boat one by one

Jen was first; she was pale in skin color, she had long orange hair and wore a white shirt with a sky blue hoodie over it, and a blue skirt with brown shoes

Wyatt was next, he was dark skinned, he had brown hair done into a dreadlock afro type of fashion, a red long sleeve shirt, and green pants, and a guitar slung over his back

Nikki was next as she reluctantly came off the boat, she had a pale skin color, she had purple dyed hair about down to her neck, an eye piercing and 4 silver ring piercings in her right ear and a nose piercing with a white shirt which was sleeveless and baggy dark green pants

Caitlin came next, she had short blonde hair done into a fashion style with a pink hair clip on the left side of her hair, and she had a pink sleeveless shirt and jean shorts with fashionably blue shoes

Jonesy was next, he was the tallest of the teens, and he was tanned in skin color, he had dark blue hair messy into where it was spiked in the front, he had a dark blue sleeveless shirt with a brown logo on it that had the number 88 inside of it and long jeans with brown shoes

Jude was the last of the teens, he was palest in skin color of all the teens, he wore a winter cap but some blonde hair stuck out of the sides of it, he wore an eggshell white shirt with a red sun logo in the middle and baggy jeans

"Welcome dudes to Total Drama Animation!" Chris said happily to the teens, happy that he could have some teens like old times to torture

"Glad to be here Chris my man" Jonesy said high fiving Chris

"Jonesy you are such a kissup" Nikki said annoyed

"Oh sorry Gwen I'll try to be a little nastier like you've been" Jonesy said slyly

"Will you stop calling me that!? I do not sound like Gwen, I think Jen sounds more like Gwen then I do" Nikki said trying to change the target

"What?! I do not sound like Gwen" Jen protested angrily, she had been getting enough of that at home since TDI came out so she was in no mood

"I think you both sound like Gwen" Caitlin chimed in happily

"Who asked you!?" Jen and Nikki said angrily in unison as Caitlin slinked away

"Wow you two and Gwen could be related" Jonesy said slyly as he enjoyed this

"Shut up Jonesy!!" they both said again angrily in unison as Jonesy snickered

"Hey dudes common we didn't come here to fight on the first day" Jude said lazily putting is arms around Jen and Nikki

"Yeah Jude's right guys, I mean we are on the same team. We have to get along for us and our other team members" Wyatt said calmly

Nikki grumbled still glaring at Jonesy while Jen, who was more understanding then Nikki, agreed for the sake of the team as long as Jonesy would behave, but knowing the tall teen as her stepbrother, it wouldn't last at all

"You know…" Jonesy said turning around to Chris "A lot more people say that Jude sounds a lot like you" Jonsey said grabbing Jude as the other four teens slapped their foreheads

"Really!?" Chris said leering as he went up to Jude

"Yeah bro…but I don't see it" Jude said calmly

Chris stood there for a moment tapping his chin "……Nah I don't see it either" Chris said going back to his spot on the dock as Jonesy and Jude continued to the dock end

"Told ya bro" Jude said mellow

"I don't care what you guys say, I say that Jude sounds like Chris and Jen and Nikki sound like Gwen, but hey it's an opinion" Jonesy said crossing his arms "You don't agree that's your problem. I thought it would be a compliment to sound like a celebrity" he said as he joined his fellow teens

The teens observed their teammates, as did their teammates observe them

"Great that's just what we need, six teens all mad at each other" Kanuckles said annoyed to Mung

"I suppose it could be worse" Mung said to Kanuckles

"How?" Kanuckles asked

"My wife could be here" Mung said slyly as they both shared a laugh again, but Mung instantly regretted that as he knew when he got home he was going to die…painfully

Nikki walked away from her friends, who were still arguing with Jonesy, and went to the dock end by Mandy, who just glared in response

"I cannot stand my friends sometimes" Nikki said to herself

"I can relate" Mandy responded emotionless leering at Billy

"You have idiot friends too?" Nikki asked the evil little girl

"I may have the biggest idiot friends on this planet" Mandy said coldly

"That bad huh?" Nikki asked smiling

"Yes" Mandy said narrowing her eyes

"Well hey; look at it this way…there must be something that keeps you with them. Whether it be their idiotic ways, or they have grown on you in an irritating rash kind of way. That's how it was with my friends" Nikki said looking at her five teen friends as Jen had Jonesy in a headlock as he called her Gwen again and Wyatt was rubbing his temples and Caitlin was trying to break them up and Jude just watched not wanting to get involved

Mandy just stared, she never thought of that. She always had Billy around, even Erwin because they did anything she said, but since she also had Grim for that, why didn't she just dispose of them? Maybe because in a way…Nikki was right

"You may be the most tolerable person on this island Nikki" Mandy said in the nicest way she could, which pretty much sounded like she always did

"You aren't too bad yourself Shorty" Nikki said smiling and returning to her friends

"Just one thing Nikki…" Mandy said looking at Nikki

"What is it?" Nikki asked stopping and turning around

"Don't call me Shorty" she said in a low hiss

Nikki threw her hand up in surrender "Okay fair enough…Mandy" she said smiling as she returned to her bickering friends

Mandy looked at her a moment more before staring into space again, in her own way, she had gotten a friend, moreover an ally for this competition

"Well that does it for the Cartoon Network team" Chris said smiling "After the break we will have the…um what the name of it?

"Nick-el-odeon!" The camera man pronounced to Chris hoping it would get through his pretty skull

"Oh right…the Nickelodeon stars." Chris said straightening out his suit as the cameraman rolled his eyes again

"Join us after the break for the Nickelodeon stars and more friends, enemies, and of course…DRAMA!"

"ON TOTAL ANIMATION ISLAND!!" he exclaimed excitedly while throwing his hands into the air

"Overly dramatic much?" Nikki said annoyed

"Hey this is what I do, so until you're gone or win this game GET USED TO IT!!"

"Whatever…"Nikki grumbled "Just go to commercial already"

"Thanks…I will" Chris said as the screen went to black

"And were back" Chris said smiling to the camera

"Where did we go?" Nikki said annoyed as some of the campers also wondered what Chris meant

"Yeah Chris, you just stood there for about ten seconds and said that" Mung said confused

"Well it won't look that way on TV when the audience has to wait through three minutes of agonizing commercials" Chris said kind of happily, thinking about how that would build suspense

"Can we just get on with this dude?" Jonesy said also annoyed

"Fine fine whatever" Chris said "Anyway…the sooner we meet the Nickelodeon stars, the sooner we get to your first challenge" Chris said smiling slyly as some of the CN cartoons looked nervous

"Please…take your time" Jonesy said politely now

"Thank you" Chris said turning to the boat that was coming to the dock, out stepped four sea creatures, one was a yellow holey sponge, square in shape with square brown pants and black shoes. A pink starfish, portly in size with no shoes or shirt stepped off next, he had on what appeared to be swimming shorts, light green in color with purple flowers on them. A very annoyed bald headed blue squid stepped off next, all he wore as a brown shirt, no pants, two tentacles for arms and four tentacles for legs and a very big floppy nose. Next was a red crab, also a little portly, he wore a blue suit with jeans, big claws for hands, but also no shoes as his legs just looked like two red sticks.

"From one of Nick's biggest shows ever, Spongebob Squarepants…Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs!" Chris exclaimed to the camera

"Oh my gosh Patrick its Chris Maclean!" Spongebob said excitedly

"Oh boy…hey um can I have you autograph" Patrick asked holding out a pen and a picture of Chris

"Chris smiled "Anything for two adoring fans" Chris said happily signing the picture of himself and giving it to Patrick

"Oh uh it isn't for me…it's for Spongebob's snail" Patrick said giving it to Spongebob as Spongebob put it in one of his many pockets

"Oh…your snail is a fan of mine?" Chris asked confused

"Oh yeah Gary is a huge fan, your pictures are the only thing he goes to the bathroom on anymore" Spongebob said happily putting the picture in his pocket

Almost all the campers burst out laughing, except for Mandy and Nikki who didn't laugh often and the AFFC, who were too busy talking about their new club to hear it, as Chris grew red in the face with anger and annoyance at the two sea creatures seemed oblivious

"Just go to the dock end!" Chris exclaimed angrily

"Okay" Spongebob and Patrick said happily in unison as they went down the dock and Chris rubbed his temples calming down

Squidward passed by Chris and looked him in the eye intensely

"Now you know what I have to go through everyday" he said in an angry whisper

"I feel bad for you dude" Chris said leering at the chipper sponge and pink starfish as they continued down the dock

"This is why I need this money. When I win, I am going to move to the other side of the ocean away from those two dimwits" He said smiling now "No more 'daaaaaahh! daaaaaahhh!' and no more of his stupidity…I can see it now" Squidward said going to the dock end blissfully thinking of a world without Spongebob

Mr. Krabs was scoping out the competition as he scuttled down the dock, he came across Mung and Kanuckles and noticed Kanuckles in a captain's attire.

He scuttled over to them intrigued "So by the look of yar dressins I can deduce that yar a sailor" Mr. Krabs said to Kanuckles, who turned in his direction interested slightly

"Yeah I'm a sailor, one of the best that's ever lived" Kanuckles said proudly, though again, maybe an exaggeration

"I can see yave been in some scraps yarself. I've was a sailor one in me live before" said proudly as he observed Kanuckles missing limbs

Kanuckles looked intrigued "Really now, have you ever fought vicious monsters in yar adventuring days?" Kanuckles asked the greedy crab

"Aye! Only some of the biggest and most ugly yar eyes have ever beholded!" Mr. Krabs exclaimed proudly as Mung and Kanuckles seemed intrigued at the greedy crabs exploits

"Well then yar okay in my book then. Ya see here Mung and me have been in so tough fights of our own ya see" Kanuckles said getting Mr. Krabs interest

"Well even though were not on the same team doesn't mean we can see who's been in the best of them all" Mr. Krabs said heartily

"Yar on, when we can get some free time and if we're all here after the first challenge…I spin a couple yarns wit ya and Mung here" Kanuckles said smiling

"I'm gonna hold ya to it Kanuckles" said smiling

"Hey don't forget about me" Mung chimed in "I've been in some fierce fights too, and I'd be happy to share them"

"We'll see Mung old boy, but I doubt their better than mine" Kanuckles said

"Don't forget old Krabs" Mr. Krabs chimed in as they all shared a laugh

Meanwhile, Spongebob and Patrick went over to Flapjack, Billy, and Chowder who were still talking about the club they formed

"Hi I'm Spongebob!" the chipper sponge said happily

"And I'm Patrick" the pink starfish said happily

"Oh you guys are cool looking" Billy said observing Spongebob and looking inside his holes

"Oh I'm just a talking sponge, nothing special" Spongebob said shyly

"Oooh do you guy want to be in our secret club?" Billy asked. Both Chowder and Flapjack nodded as they seemed to want to make more friends, it seemed to be becoming a trend

"Oooooo…a secret club?" Spongebob and Patrick said in unison happily as they loved secret clubs

"It's called the Adventures of Friendship and Food Club of AFFC for short" Flapjack said happily

"Yeah it's really cool" Billy said happily as he created the club name

"The more the better" Chowder said happily though not in the best vocabulary

"Well Patrick what do you think, should we join the AFFC?" Spongebob asked his big pink buddy who began to think, which was very rare

"Hmmm…" Patrick said in thought as Billy Chowder and Flapjack waited anxiously for the answer

Patrick came to a decision after a minute or two; you could see the smoke coming out of the sides of his head. "After much thought…I have decided that I will join you club" Patrick said happily and in the smartest tone he could muster

"Which means that I'm in too" Spongebob chimed in happily as the AFFC were happy to welcome two new club members

"Hooray for more friends!" Flapjack said happily

"And more food" Billy and Chowder chimed in as Chowder drooled again happily thinking of food

"And…uh…what's left? Patrick asked thinking

"FUN!" Spongebob said happily

"Ooh good one buddy" Patrick said patting his square friend on the back

"This is so cooool" Billy said excitedly "Our club is growing so fast!"

"Yeah at this rate we'll have so many friends" Flapjack said happily

"And so much food" Chowder said drooling

"And a lot of FUN" Spongebob and Patrick said happily as the others agreed

Squidward observed Spongebob and Patrick as they talked about the new club with a look of relief on his face

"At least those two barnacle heads found some more idiots like them to bug." Squidward said relieved

"Rada rada rada" Schnitzel said agreeing while pointing to Chowder

"You have an idiot too?" Squidward asked the rock monster

"Oh rada! Radar ra radaaaa" Schnitzel said rubbing his temples

"I feel your pain my rocky friend. Day in and day out I'm tormented by those idiots when all I want is peace!" Squidward said angrily

"Rada! Rada rada raaaaada" Schnitzel said agreeing

Squidward actually looked happy, he actually found someone who had the same pest problem as him

"Schnitzel my long necked rock monster friend, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship and maybe an alliance to rid us of our fellow pests?" he asked quirking an eyebrow

"Rada rada" Schnitzel said agreeing, wanting at least someone to talk to

"And with your help…we can take everyone in this competition down and then we battle it out for that cool million, especially those two barnacle heads and that chubby, whatever he is" Squidward said strategically as he looked at Chowder wondering just what the heck he was

"Rada!" Schnitzel said shaking Squidwards tentacle in agreement, he was happy to make an alliance and even happier to form an alliance to get rid of their pests

"Ok people" Chris said getting the attention on him again as it was getting old "It's time for the next contestants. From the show Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius…Jimmy, Carl and Sheen!"

Jimmy stepped of first, he had a very big head and sported a swirly style brown hair style, he wore a red shirt with a yellow atom on it, blue shorts, and brown shoes

Carl was next, he nervously stepped off the dock, he was portly, he had freckles on his face and red glasses for his beady black eyes and an interesting spiked hairstyle where the spiked seemed to be smoothed out into ovals at the end. He wore a light red shirt with darker red vertical stripes and dark green overalls with brown shoes

Sheen was next; he had black short spiky hair and an oddly shaped head similar to Peppermint Larry's. He had a light blue shirt with Ultralord on it, black jeans and black shoes

"This place is…AWSOME!!" Sheen said crazy eyed looking at the island

"Yeah I guess its okay" Carl said taking a breath from his inhaler "Are there any llamas Chris?" Carl asked looking at Chris hoping

"Nope. But there are bears and wolves, and…Sasquatchanaqwua!" Chris said frighteningly as Carl was frozen in fear and may have needed a new change in pants

"Don't listen to him Carl" Jimmy said putting a hand on his chubby friends shoulder, snapping him out of his shocked state "There is no such thing as Sasquatchanaqwa" Jimmy said confidently

"Y-you think s-so Jimmy" Carl said nervously looking around

"Well it is logical for bears and other native animals like wolves to exist in this habitatual Biome. But trust me… there is no such thing as Sasquatchinaqua" Jimmy said logically to his friend, however Carl was still scared of the wolves and bears so Jimmy's little consoling talk didn't ease Carl's mind like he thought

"Carl just remember, their more afraid of you then you are of them" Jimmy said reassuringly

"Well then they must be terrified f us because right now I'm having heart palpitations" Carl said still nervously wheezing as he took out his inhaler again for another breathe

Jimmy noticed that some of the fellow cartoons were talking in a circle, three from CN, but two from Nick. Curiosity was getting the better of the boy genius

"Wonder what their up to over there. Better check it out" Jimmy said going over to the AFFC members to see what the commotion was about

Billy looked up and saw Jimmy approaching

"Oh cool! Your head looks like chocolate ice cream" Billy said excitedly

"Thrice cream!?" Chowder said drooling and looking around frantically until he saw Jimmy's hair. Being how small Chowder's brain was…he thought it was thrice cream and made a dash to eat it

"No Chowder" Patrick said holding the chubby thing back "Hair does not taste as good as ice cream. Trust me…I've tried it"

Chowder calmed down and looked at Jimmy. Despite Patrick's words of wisdom, looking at Jimmy's head made him want thrice cream really bad

"Want to join our secret club ice cream head!?" Billy said excitedly

"My name is Jimmy" Jimmy said bluntly as Sheen popped over the boy genius's shoulder, surprising him

"Secret club you say" Sheen said whispering and, intrigued. What would one have to do to gain access into this…club?" the overexcited Ultralord fan asked eyes narrowing intensely

"Do you like adventures?" Flapjack asked eagerly

"Oh yeah! Ultralord is the number 1 in galactic adventures, and I Sheen Estevez is his sworn apprentice" Sheen said proudly as Jimmy slapped his large forehead

"Wow, galactic adventures. I'll have to ask Captain Kanuckles to take me on one of those" Flapjack said eagerly

"Oh and I can do this!" Sheen said doing his trademark putting his leg behind his head in a yoga pose

"That's so cool!" Billy said "Could you teach me how to do that?" Billy asked eagerly

"Perhaps with time and practice…" Sheen said lifting his leg down

"Well I think we all agree that Sheen is Adventures of Food and Friendship and…FUN material" Billy said happily

"Cool now the club has FUN in it" Flapjack said excitedly

"So Sheen we welcome you into the AFFFC" Billy said proudly

"Can I join too?" Carl said quietly as he came down the dock end shyly

"I don't know…" Billy said narrowing his eyes in thought as Sheen tapped his shoulder

"Trust me Billy, Carl love's food as much as the next guy, plus he's my bud." Sheen said trying to persuade Billy

Billy thought it over and looked at his fellow club mates; they all nodded, willing to accept the llama lover into the club

"Okay then Carl…since your Sheens buddy we'll make an exception." Billy said happily

"Alright, I've never been in a club before, except the Llama Love Society" Carl said happily

"Oh you like llamas too?" Billy said happily "Why didn't ya say so?!"

"You like llamas?" Carl asked surprised

"Oh yeah they look so cool, it's like a horse mixed with a giraffe" Billy said happily

"That's what I always said" Carl said agreeing

"Hey what about me, aren't I allowed into this little association?" Jimmy asked feeling left out

"Well…you could join, but I'd watch out for Chowder, he thinks your head is ice cream" Billy said pointing to Chowder who looked hungry and the more he looked at Jimmy's hair, the more he thought it looked morew and more like thrice cream

Jimmy took a few steps away from the hungry Chowder who was again being told by Patrick that hair wasn't for eating, it was for styling

"I'll join as long as Chowder doesn't chew on my head" Jimmy said still eyeing Chowder suspiciously

"Can you promise that Chowder?" Billy asked the chubby thing

Chowder looked into space for a moment in thought "Okay. I won't eat Jimmy's hair" Chowder said putting a hand up to swear he wouldn't, but still eyed Jimmy's hair, but put it out of his tiny mind for now

"Ok then" Jimmy said "I'm in" as he would still however be careful of Chowder

"Cool were all in a club!" Sheen said half crazy half excited

"Wow there are so many people in this club" Flapjack said "How many people do we have so far?"

"According to my math approximately eight people" Jimmy said counting heads

"Wow that's a lot of friends" Flapjack said excitedly

"And maybe more to come" Spongebob said eagerly

"OOOH I can't wait!" Flapjack said happily

"Me neither!" Spongebob said excitedly bouncing

"Ok then guys…here comes the next boat" Chris said pointing to the boat approaching

As the next boat approached the dock, Flapjack and Spongebob were holding their breath in anticipation

"From Nickelodeons Rugrats all Growed up…Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Dil, and Angelica!"

Tommy stepped of the boat; he had spiked purple hair, a purple shirt with a green stripe running horizontal through the middle, green pants and red shoes. He also was carrying a camera.

Chuckie nervously stepped off the boat; he had messy orange hair, and freckles on his pale cheeks, braces, and square blue glasses. He wore a violet long sleeve shirt under a red button short sleeved shirt, army green pants and white and red shoes

Phil and Lil stepped off simultaneously, Phil had curly brown hair slick back, and he wore a red baggy shirt with blue open shirt over it with a yellow stripe. He had dark blue baggy pants with red and white shoes

Lil was a little different; her hair as in the same style, but a strand of it was dyed pink and she wore a pink short sleeve shirt and cut jeans with dark blue and white shoes

Dil walked off the boat next; his orange hair was covered by an orange and white striped beanie with two floppy ears and tassels with two fluff balls at the end of the floppy ears, also attached on the top of the beanie were chattering teeth, which made the beanies top droop. He had a light green sweater on with an orange tank top with two horizontal green zig zag lines parallel to each other on it. He wore white shorts and white and brown shoes. Also to everyone's surprise, except his friends and brother, he walked down the dock on his hands

Angelica was last, but in her mind, definitely not least. She had long blonde hair with a butterfly hairclip on the left side of her head a red long sleeve shirt and a light blue tank top; she also had dark blue shorts and red sandals

"Great another big group of teens" Kanuckles grumbled under his breath as Krabs agreed as he never could click with the hip young people of today's crowd

"This is so cool isn't it Chuckie?" Tommy said filming the campsite with the camcorder he brought with him

"Well…I guess I've been to worse summer camps" Chuckie said looking around nervously

"Bet you won't be saying that after the first challenge" Chris said under his breath as they passed by him, though they didn't hear him Chuckie felt a chill run down his spine

"Well I know who's going to win this" Phil said slyly

"Please Phil, everyone knows that I'm the smart one, and if anyone's winning that million dollars, it will be me" Lil said proudly

"Oh yeah?" Phil asked crossing his arms

"Yeah" Lil said proudly

"Ok then let's make a bet. Whoever makes it longer on this show gets fifty bucks from the loser" Phil said confidently

"Fine, I'll be 1,000,050 dollars richer then" Lil said smiling slyly as Phil scowled

"We'll see about that sis" Phil said warningly as they shook hands to secure the bet

Angelica was scoping out the competition "This is who I have to compete against?!" she said looking at everyone not impressed. "You might as well give me the check now, I mean it's not like anyone here is going to be any competition" she said smiling evilly

Every single contestant, even the AFFFC, glared at Angelica angrily as Tommy slapped his forehead. He knew bringing Angelica would have been a bad idea, but she won the coin flip and Kimmy lost it so despite some arguing, he had to be fair

"Angelica, that isn't the best choice of words you've said in your lifetime" Tommy said to his Princess Cousin who didn't seem to care what she had said

"Whatever, it won't matter when I win" she said slyly

"Well it will matter when we vote you off first princess" Nikki said angrily as some of the campers snickered

Angelica just scoffed and went to the dock end, ignoring the snickering caused by the punks comment. Not realizing that Mandy was giving her a death glare

"She may be a tough competitor" she said to herself "Question is…do I get rid of her quickly, or put her evil to good use?"

Dil, who was still walking on his hands, went over to the AFFFC in curiosity

"Ohh that's so cool" Billy said trying to stand on his hands but fell over repeatedly…and repeatedly

Dil smiled at his determination "Do not worry little dude, with practice, I could teach you how to do this" Dil said to the big nosed boy

"Really? You mean it?" Billy said happily, eyes full of hope

"Sure, all you need is balance" Dil said as he flipped up to his feet

"Hey you want to join our club?" Billy asked happily

"What club is that my big nosed friend" Dil asked calmly, though intrigued

"The Adventures of Friends Food and FUN" everyone in the club said together in unison

"It sounds like a tempting offer…" Dil said tapping his chin in thought

Billy had to think of something to win Dil over, then he remembered Sheen's move

"Sheen try and win him over" Billy said to his just as equally insane friend

"Ok, watch and be amazed" Sheen said mysteriously

Sheen put his leg behind his head as Dil stared wide eyed impressed, he didn't think anyone was that flexible

"That is so cool" he said staring at Sheen's amazing flexibility

"If you join the AFFFC, Sheen will teach you how to do that like he's going to teach me" Billy said trying to get Dil in the AFFFC

"Well…okay you have forced my hand" Dil said, really wanting to learn how to do that move, and the club seemed to be cool too so he wanted to join

"Hooray another club member" Spongebob said happily

"And another friend" Flapjack said happily

"And another food group" Chowder said off subject again as it seemed to become a pattern

"Welcome to the AFFFC Dil" Billy said happily shaking Dil's hand

"Glad to be here my man" Dil said joining the group

The rest of the Rugrats stood by the six teens

"Oh cool you play guitar?" Tommy said observing Wyatt's guitar

"Oh Wyatt's a great musician "Jen said complementing

"Oh I'm okay I guess" Wyatt said shrugging

"Well if you want sometime I could film you singing" Tommy said holding the camera

"Well I-" Wyatt said until he was interrupted by Jonsey whispering in his ear

"Do it man, we can sell the copies online for some douahhhh!!" Jonesy said being pulled away by Nikki by the collar

"Are all your friends like that?" Chuckie asked observing Nikki dragging Jonesy away

"Nah, once you get to know my friends they ain't so bad" Wyatt said smiling

Phil was already meeting one of the six

"So Jude my man you skate?" Phil asked intrigued

"Yeah bro, I'm pretty good I guess. You skate?" he asked mellow

"Well I don't like to brag but…I did win a regional competition" Phil said proudly

"Aw-some bro, I haven't really tried competition. I just like to ride for the sake of ridin"

"Yeah I usually just ride too, but hey sometimes I like to see how I stack up" Phil said calmly

"Yeah bro I can see that I guess" Jude said shrugging

"You're alright man" Phil said to Jude

"Yeah when this is all finito, we should skate together, see which one is radder" Jude offered

"Yeah that would be cool" Phil said as he knuckle bumped his new buddy

Lil was busy with another one of the six

"Oh I love your hair Lil" Caitlyn said happily

"You do? cause I really love that eye shadow, Midnight Rain?" Lil asked

"No Ravens Kiss" Caitlin said (I made those up)

"Oh I would have to try that" Lil said happily

"If we both survive this challenge, I'll see how it looks on you, luckily I came with all my makeup so if it isn't your shade I have like fifteen other shades." Katelyn said getting her makeup bag, which was almost as big as her

"Really?" Lil said excitedly

"Sure, I don't mind. We can both like totally makeover each other" Caitlin said excitedly as she loved makeovers

"Ok Caitlin, you are totally like my new BFF" Lil said happily

"Oh I so totally agree" Caitlin said happily

And they both hugged each other giggling happily as Nikki wanted to rip her hair out and explode at their girly rambling as she got enough of that at the Kacky Barn as Jonesy and Phil watched the two new BFF's with their arms crossed

"Man she's like Caitlin's twin" Jonesy said to Phil with a little fear in his voice

"Well…that's how she is; I should know I am her twin"

"Well at least you aren't like that right?" Jonesy said elbowing Phil in the shoulder

"Yeah I may look like her but we are totally different. I definitely don't like girly stuff" Phil said crossing his arms

"Amen to that my man" Jonesy said high fiving Phil and earning a glare from Nikki, which made him cower a little

"Ok people we are almost done" Chris said smiling "Our last camper is about to arrive"

"Finally! Next time I ever sign up far a game show, I'm comin last" Kanuckles said annoyed as he flexed his wooden legs so they wouldn't stiffen up

"I hear you" Mung said agreeing "I arrived first, my legs feel like green swelliton

"Ah you two are too soft" Mr. Krabs said toughly "One time I was forced to stand for a whole week without even whining once" He said proudly

"How'd you do that?" Mung asked intrigued

"I was frozen solid and couldn't sit down or talk" Mr. Krabs said

"That would be the only way I would stand far a week" Kanuckles said though cringing at the thought of being frozen

"I hear you, sometimes when I'm cooking a long dish I just want to fall over" Mung said admitting

"What keeps ya goin?" Mr. Krabs asked

"My wife Truffles" Mung said happily

"Wow yar wife's enough to keep ya goin like that?" Mr. Krabs asked surprised

"No, it's just when every time I slack off just a little. She threatens to rip my nose off and I have new life in me" Mung said surprisingly calm

"Sounds like a real prize" Kanuckles said sarcastically

"I know she is great" Mung said not hearing the sarcasm

"Wow he's really committed" Mr. Krabs said surprised to Kanuckles

"More liked whipped if ya ask me" Kanuckles said narrowing his eyes

"Ok it's time to meet the last of the cartoons. From the Nickelodeon TV show The Mighty B…Bessie Higgenbottom!"

Bessie stepped off the boat happily. She had blonde hair done into two long braided pigtails with a brown girl scout hat on her head, she also wore big glasses, her yellow shirt also doubled as a blouse as it covered her up to her knees adorned with a brown sash displaying some of her many honeybee badges. She also wore black shoes and high socks that went up to her shins, she smiled revealing the gap in her teeth as she came off the boat and to Chris

"Hiya Chrish" Bessie lisped "It is sho great to be here. I hope I can do my besht and hopefully I can get my 'I won a game show' badgsh" she said pointing to her bare spot where she would out the badge if she won it

"All in good time Bessie" Chris said to the honeybee "As far as I see it you're the biggest underdog here" Chris said slyly

"Why itsh that Chrish" she asked cocking her head to the side

"Well seeing as everyone but you came with an ally or at least someone but you, I think that leaves you with the short end of the stick" Chris said slyly

"We'll shee about that Chrish" she said spitting a little in Chris's face, making him cry in terror as he quickly rubbed it off

"Makeup! I need makeup people!" he said frantically waving his arms in the air as Bessie walked down the dock taking no notice

Bessie walked over to a group of kids, the AFFFC to be exact

"Hey guysh, whatsh up?" she asked as Billy turned around, usually happy and carefree, no one expected Billy to leer at the honeybee scout

"Hi I'm flapjack!" Flapjack said happily

"I'm Beshie Higgenbottom, honeybee scout" she said happily

"Hey do you want to join our cl-" he was stopped when Billy put a hand over the excited adventurer's mouth

"Flap, I don't think we want a girl in the AFFFC" Billy said kind of coldly

"Why not?" Carl asked confused

"Well the AFFFC is an all boys club, well boy animal club" Billy said bluntly

"Why is it an all boys club?" Jimmy asked, surprisingly confused

"Because boys are better than girls are" Billy stated crossing his arms

"What!?" everyone heard Jen and Nikki chant in unison

"Not this stupid pride thing again…" Mandy said rubbing her temples as she knew how Billy thought how girls were bad at sports and how guys were smarter as well. It was stupid even for him and she was even surprised at how he thought it was right

"Why would you think that?" Jimmy asked "According to science and statistics, some of the smartest people in the world are girls"

"Thank you!" all of the women campers said as Billy was being outnumbered by the girls as he felt like he really shouldn't have said that, Mandy told him that girls weren't as helpless as he thought they were, but his pride told him different.

"Dude" Dil said putting his arm around Billy "I would be careful about what you say about girls. The last guy on this show that badmouthed girls, was sent home first and hated by everyone" Dil said to Billy, who was having second thoughts immediately. He really didn't want to go home first, so what he had to do was swallow his pride

Billy saw all the girl contestants leering at him. He didn't want to be hated and by everyone so he decided to change his view so that he wouldn't look like a bad guy, but seroisly, Billy is about as bad as Mandy is good

"Okay, girls aren't so bad I guess" Billy said giving in as the AFFFC and the other campers were relieved as they knew Billy was nice, he just had to choose his words more carefully. They really didn't want him to end up like Ezekiel from last season

Most of the girls looked away but Mandy, Angelica, Nikki and Jen still angrily glared as they weren't completely convinced

"There ya go dude." Dil said smiling "Just never badmouth girls, because it will end up wonking you in the end" Dil said to Billy patting him on the back

"So is Bessie aloud in the AFFFC?" Spongebob asked getting back on subject

"Yeah is she Billy?" Flapjack asked eagerly

Billy tapped his chin in thought, if he said no he would be hated by the girls and the AFFFC again for being discriminate towards girls, and that's something that even his tiny brain could understand was something he didn't want so he thought it best for him and maybe even the AFFFC to allow her in the club

"Oh ok, as long as you don't slow us down" Billy said as Bessie beamed at Billy giving her a chance to prove herself

"Oh thank you Billy! I won't letch you down" she said saluting him, deep down he knew he knew he made the right choice

"You did the right thing dude, the girls a Girl Scout, she has to have skills and drive that could help the club" Dil said calmly

"Yeah I guess your right" Billy said returning to his normal stupid self and walking over to Bessie

"Bessie…" Billy said extending his hand "Welcome to the AFFFC" Billy said smiling as he was willing to give the honeybee scout a chance

Bessie shook his hand hard, in turn shaking him "I shwear by honeybee code that I will not let you down" Bessie said releasing her iron grip as Billy shook the cobwebs from his head and regained his composure

Nikki and Jen seemed convinced but would keep an eye on Billy. Angelica and Mandy still didn't look convinced, Mandy especially. She knew Billy and how he acted toward girls. It would take time to see if he was really legit about liking Bessie or not. So she would keep a close eye on how he and Bessie would coexist

"Ok then campers…" Chris said getting the cartoons and cameras attention "This is your home until you are voted off or you win this show" Chris said pointing to Camp Wawanaqwa in all it's glory "If you need to vent or get something out of you that's juicy…" Chris said rubbing his hands togeather and hoping as he loved juicy confessions "You can use the ever popular Confessional Cam" Chris said pointing to the outhouse known as the Confessional Cam. The campers could see stink coming out of the never cleaned wooden outhouse.

"That is so gross!" Caitlin said disgusted eying the outhouse

"Dude, have you ever cleaned that piece of crap?" Jonesy said as he saw mold on the edges of it and nearly barfed

"I meant to last season, but hey, thing slipped my mind" Chris said smiling as the campers wondered if it slipped his mind or he just wanted them to suffer

"Oh that's nothing! You should see my bathroom!!" Billy said proudly as the campers looked at Billy and wondered how bad his bathroom was

"I have a good feeling that I don't" Nikki said disgusted

"Oh you should, one time I saw mold crawling around in the shower" Billy said getting Dil's and Sheen's interest first

"Moving mold you say" Dil said rubbing his chin "A gross mutation brought on by gamma radiation perhaps…" Dil said thinking

"Or the mold men from planet Zackzon!" Sheen said crazy eyed as Jimmy looked at him and cocked an eyebrow, he may have been watching too much Ultralord lately

"You guys are complete weirdosh" Bessie said arms crossed "It wash obioushly the shwamp creature from the black lagoon's offshpring" she said confidently

It seemed all the AFFFC had some sort of inkling of what the creature in Billy's shower could be, and finally Chris had enough

"Okay enough of Billy's gross shower monsters!" Chris said grossed out and trying to get the attention and the show back to him for now

The AFFFC turned their attention back to their host putting that in the back of their minds for now

"Ok then…" Chris said continuing "Before the first challenge begins we will be assigning you your cabins and…lunch with Chef!" Chris said smiling as most of the campers would have rather eaten dirt

"Okay before the cabin layout…feel free to confess anything. Please, it really helps ratings" Chris said pointing to the Confessional hoping that he would get some juicy info from the campers

Confessional Cam- Now 25 percent more gross

Caitlin- Oh it is so gross in here /covers her nose/ Anyway…so far so good I guess and Lil seems nice. I'm glad I made at least one friend on this island; it will make this experience a little more bearable

Phil- Lil is totally goin down! There is no way she is going to outlast me in this game. Everyone knows that I'm the competitor in the family sis, and you…well let's just say brains will only get so far…I think

Kanuckles- /takes a piece of candy out of his vest and eats it/ I could do without all them teens but hey, thar better then that weirdo candy clerk. I really want to win this and that million, but if I don't, I at least want Larry gone first

Mung- Well it's good that chowder has made so many new friends because he really isn't good at it. Maybe he just needed the friends he could relate to. As for Krabs and Kanuckles…they seem ok in my book. Oh and Truffles if you watching this from the shop /outs on a sly smile/ I miss you baby

Chowder- /chewing on the toilet seat cover and completely oblivious to the camera/

Jonesy- If I win this thing I'll never have to work again. I'll never hear the words 'Jonesy your fired!' every day. I can retire and move to a condo by the beach. Because of the view and…between you and me…the gorgeous babes!

Jimmy- My plan is strategy, and with this club that we have formed, we can really watch each other's backs. If I win the money I can completely upgrade my lab with the finest technology. And since we all promised, if I, Carl, or Sheen win we will split the money three ways. But that is still a lot of money so it doesn't matter to me

Sheen- This club is awesome! I mean who thought we could all be like a league of justice or something! If I win the money I will spend it on Ultralord merchandise that I don't have yet and possibly…a hot tub filled with guacamole!! /stares cross eyed at the camera intensely/

Mandy- /looks at the camera emotionless/ I could care less about Billy's stupid club…in time like the rest of these idiots, they will fall. However I am contemplating on whether to destroy Nikki or Angelica last…I believe only time will tell

Nikki- So far this whole camp experience has stunk. If I do not win this million for all the stuff I'm going to go through on this island from hell then I will have to be committed because I will go insane!

Jude- I guess the island is okay, the people are ok I guess. I don't know how far I'll make it on the show but I just hope that I don't go first. That would totally harsh my mellow dudes.

Spongebob- This club is going to be so FUN! I wonder who will make it further of the four of us. I hope if I don't that Patrick does cause he's my best friend. Who knows, it could be me and Pat in the final two! Oh I can wait /Jumps up and down fast on the Confessional seat/

Patrick- Yeah it's going to take all of my skills and brains to win this. But on the other hand isn't this club cool!? I mean me and Spongebob have had our own clubs but this is big, let me tell you. As for what I'd do with the money…I don't now…maybe a haircut?

Squidward- Spongebob and Patrick can't get eliminated soon enough in my book. To do this I need people like Schnitzel on my side to get the voting edge /rubs his chin in thought/ Question is…who?

Schnitzel- Rada! Rada rada rada. Raaaaadaaa!

Carl- /takes a breath of his inhaler/ I guess the club thing is okay but I'm still scared of the wolves and bears that Chris mentioned. I really want to listen to Jimmy about there not being a Sasquatchanaqwa, but it is still getting to me a little

Lil- There is no way that Phil is going to last longer than me on this island /smiles and crosses her arms/ even if I don't win this…I will still be fifty dollars richer. And I can definitely live with that!

Tommy- This Island seems okay so far, but I'm sure that will change quickly if Chris is anything like I've heard. The other teens here seem okay and I would really like to film Wyatt playing the guitar cause if he's a good singer like they say he is I could put his video on the internet and he could be discovered. Of course I'll have to ask him first.

Wyatt- It's pretty cool of Tommy to want to do a video of me singing, but I'm not sure if I'm that good. We'll see what happens with the competition first, because you never know, me or Tommy could go first, I hope not, but you never know.

Dil- /Talking in robotic voice/ Greeting earthlings! I am Dil from the planet earth and I have come for the million dollars. /Goes back to normal voice/ this competition will be so intense that not even the robotic mind could comprehend the torture the devil host will put us through. Luckily the AFFFC is here and if we band together, with our combined powers we can take down the evil that is Chris Maclean! Or at least mess with him a little

Peppermint Larry- /waving arms around like noodles again/ ah hahahahahahaha! This is going to be an interesting competition. I can feel it hahaha. The first thing I need to do is get some allies, because in order to survive you need allies in this competition haha. The one thing I need to do is get rid of that idiot Captain. He's probably planning to kick me off already, so I need to be one step ahead of his little brain hahaha!

Mr. Krabs- Everyone knows why I'm here, and if ya don't, then ya don't know me at all. My number one priority is MONEY on this show. No matter what I have to do…I'll light meself on fire if I have ta! No matter what it takes…I'll do it far the money /gets green dollar signs in his eyes and grins/

Bessie- This is sho much fun. I hope I can prove Billy wrong and show that I'm jusht as tough ash the guysh. I've got badgesh in fishing, fire shtarting, shelter building, and bear wreshling. Trusht me…you won't find many shcouts with a bear wreshling badge. If that'sh not tough, I don't know what ish!

Chuckie- I have a bad feeling about this island /sigh/ I hope I'm wrong. If I win the money the first thing I'll do is get a makeover, out with the old nerdy Chuckie and with the help of the million, a new and improved Chuckie. One the ladies will love instead of hate. Maybe I can finally get rid of these stupid braces and glasses

Flapjack- This is going to be the greatest adventure ever! I can't wait to see what our first challenge is! And our club is so cool! Hooray for TAI!

Jen- Well my main strategy in this game will be leadership. I hope that I can lead team CN to victory with my awesome skills of motivation. And most of all, if I win the million I can finally quit that hor-…uh great job that I wouldn't trade for anyone else's. If you're watching coach, you tough love is about to pay off! Don't give up and never surrender

Angelica- /rolls her eyes and smiles evilly/ I mean could they make this any easier for me? I mean have you seen the people in this competition? Nothing but freaks and weirdoes! /smiles slyly/ But that doesn't mean I can get on these weirdo's good side. As soon as I gain their trust, they become useful. When I don't need them anymore, I'll get rid of them. I know what you thinking…I'm just as bad as Heather was. Truth is…I'm really not. I'm much worse /smiles slyly/

Billy- Yo yo yo dawgs! Billy in the house! This is going to be so COOOOL!! I mean I've made so many new friends and I still have Mandy too! I wish Grim was here but Mandy said that someone had to clean our rooms while we were away. So if you're watchin Grim. I miss you!! Oh and a shout out to my buds back home. Wish me luck guys! I think I have a good shot at this. The only thing that's buggin me is that the girls are all still mad at me. I'm gonna try to be nicer to Bessie and all, but I still have this weird feeling that's sending shivers up my spine /reaches back into his shirt/ Oh wait…that's just my pet leech /pulls out giant leech as big as a hot dog/ Hiya Roscoe! I wish I could keep you but I have no where to put you…so /throws Roscoe out Confessional door/ be free Roscoe!! /turns to the camera sadly/ It was for the best /Can hear screams from outside Confessional/ A moment of remembrance for Roscoe /Billy lowers his head as you can hear Angelica's voice outside the Confessional "Get it out! It's in my hair EWWWW!!" Billy lifts his head up/ wherever you are your in a better place /"Augh!! It's going down my shirt!!" you could hear Angelica screaming frantically, though Billy seemed oblivious/

"Okay campers…" Chris said smiling "Get it all out?"

Most nodded, except Angelica, who looked a mess from having an incident with a certian big leech

"What happened to you?" Nikki asked half chuckling

"Nothing…except for the fact that I was attacked by leechzilla!" Angelica said angrily

"What are you talking about?" Jen asked confused

"I was minding my own business when all of a sudden a giant leech landed on my head and went down my shirt…must have come from a tree or something…" Angelica said fixing her hair

"Actually…leeches thrive mostly in lakes" Jimmy said correcting the Princess

"Oh who asked you!?" Angelica shouted and turned away from the other campers, fixing her image. Billy wondered why Angelica's leech sounded so familiar…he couldn't put his finger on it

Well campers I would like to tell you about the cabins and Chef's lunch, and the first challenge. However due to contractual obligation…we must go to commercial" Chris said to the camera

Some campers groaned at the thought but Angelica looked relieved

"Good, I can take the time to get myself perfect again" Angelica said applying some blush and brushing her blonde hair

"Not likely…" Nikki said annoyed

"Why is that?" Angelica asked not even turning around

"Because we don't actually go to commercial on this show" Nikki said in an almost grumble

"Yeah…we just wait about ten seconds and Chris will go 'And we're back!' Jonesey said crossing his arms

"Oh that's perfect!" Angelica said sarcastically and applying makeup at an alarming speed that impressed some of the campers at her determination

"Well then…" Chris said smiling to the camera "Until we get back from our 'commercial break'. We will leave you with these cliffhangers:

What will be the cabin arrangement between the campers?

Even though it's not a challenge…who will survive Chef's lunch?

Will Angelica get herself done up before we come back?

And what will be the first challenge of the season and who will win!?

"All of these questions and more will be answered when we come back on…TOTAL ANIMATION ISLAND!!"

Yeah whatever…see you all in ten seconds" Nikki said in an angry grumble

"Oh lighten up Nikki…" Chris said in a sly tone "For our viewers, it's much longer and much more suspenseful" Chris said grinning sadistically. "And with that…go to commercial!" Chris said pointing at the camera grinning

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Next time- The cabins, the 'lunch', and the first challenge of the season