Day 4 Part 1

Chris's new buddy…and the camper's worst nightmare

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8:00 pm

The sound of building and construction could be heard throughout the entire island…though disturbing…the campers slept through it pretty easily. It seemed with after last night's explosion and all the insanity and conspiracy that ensued afterwards…it didn't seem that anything would wake up the tired campers…

That is…until the kitchen exploded…

BOOOOM!! Was the sound that shook the whole Kid's Cabin…knocking Zim and Bessie off their beds with a THUD on the wooden floor…and the others into startled wakefulness

"Will there be one earth day when I am not knocked off of my sleeping quarters!?" Zim asked angrily to no one in particular as he got up annoyed but fell back down due to the cabin still shaking in aftershock of the blast due also to the poorly built foundation of the Cabin as well

"Earthquake!" Spongebob yelled as he ducked under his bunk for protection

"Ultralord…stop the quake with your mighty phaser beam!" Sheen yelled to the ceiling climactically…actually thinking Ultralord would come and save tem all…causing Jimmy to face palm in annoyance at how naïve Sheen could be at times with Ultralord

"What ish going on?" Bessie asked as she had recovered from falling face first onto the floor and was rubbing her red face lightly from falling face first off her bed and keeping her balance at the same time

"I don't know" Dil admitted, clinging to his bunk for dear life as the quake continued…but soon subsided after a few short moments and they all breathed a sigh of relief and collected themselves

"One thing I do know is it wasn't an earthquake…" Jimmy said as he stood up and Spongebob came out from under his bunk after he was sure the shacking had stopped for good

"It wasn't?" the chipper sea sponge asked worriedly, he wasn't so sure

"No…from the sound and the origin of the blast and the shock afterword's…it seemed to have come from the downstairs" Jimmy said thoughtfully

"How on earth could shomething explode that big in one place?" Bessie asked aloud as she looked down the stairs worriedly, fearing what had just happened

Zim's antenna dropped as he stood up in shock, but didn't let anyone lese in the room see his expression as he turned away 'Oh for the love of Irk pleeeaasssee not let it be…' he thought to himself in desperation

"Well…I hues theres only one way to find out…" Dib said as he went down first, followed by Jimmy, Bessie and Dil, with Zim, Sheen, Spongebob bringing up the rear

The campers were slow down the stairs…hoping that nothing would jump out at them or collapse on top of them. When they reached the bottom however they saw something that looked horrifying. The CN team was completely submerged, along with half of the living room…in a gooey tan like substance

"Woah…" Dil said mouth agape as were the others, not expecting to see something like that

"That…isn't…normal" Spongebob said also shocked, and he ad seen a lot of weird things in his sea life

"What do you all suppose it is…some sort of alien blob perhaps?" Sheen asked aloud

Jimmy rolled his eyes. Sheen always suspected something alien whenever he saw something strange "Sheen…I doubt that that stuff is of any alien origin…" Jimmy said, and the campers really didn't think it was either…but weren't ruling it out

…until something sprang out of the mass of goop

It looked like a giant muck monster, the same tan color all over the living room and kitchen covered its body from head to toe. It moaned at the campers, its mouth thick and goopy…almost holding it shut and making its speech muffled

They all jumped in surprise and fear at the thing and Sheen, being the all too heroic one he said he was, stepped in front of all of them and struck a kung fu pose, and was ready to fight the goop covered monster to the death

"Bring it on!" Sheen said ready for combat as the creature staggered forward with an untranslatable moan

"Sheen, be careful!" Bessie said afraid, as were many other campers at what that thing could be capable of

Sheen was just about to hit it with a swift kick (for Sheen's standards) until he saw something that shouldn't be on a muck monster…a sailor hat on top of the things head, barely noticeable due to the goop covering it…and that's when Sheen put two and two together…there was only one person who wore a sailor hat like that at this camp…

"Flapjack!?" Sheen asked in complete shock stepping back. The creature's voice was muffled by the goop coating it mouth as it was thick and sticky, but it seemed like he was saying 'Yes!'

"Thatsh Flapjack!?" Bessie asked horrified at the state the young adventurer was in The campers went over to him in worry as well "What happened?" she asked in horror

"What did you do this time Zim!?" Dib asked pointing an accusing finger at the Irken outcast as Zim leered in reply, though…he may have had something to do with this he really didn't want anyone to know about it…and that went double for Dib

"Will you stop blaming him for everything that goes wrong?" Jimmy said annoyed as that caused a mini stare down between Jimmy and Dib, both really getting on the other's nerves at this point, and neither had forgotten last night's argument either

"Um guys…hate to break this up and all…but Flapjack…" Dil said getting back on subject to their goop covered friend…who could barely move due to the thick substance he was encased in was too thick

"What are we gonna do?" Spongebob asked worriedly, he and Flapjack weren't really big friends yet…but considering his 'mom' was a whale…he was almost like family to the chipper sea sponge already

"We can just wipe it off" Sheen said coolly as he stuck his hand in the goop Flapjack was covered in…only to get stuck as his hand seemed to sink into the mass…almost like it was eating him

"Ahhh!! Man what is this, glue!?" Sheen asked surprised…Flapjack seemed to comment…but it was too muffled to understand as Sheen was desperately trying to pull his hand out…but to no avail

"Wait a sec…where's Chowder and-" Before Jimmy could finish and ask where Chowder and Mandy ended up, Mandy's bunk…now completely covered in the glop began to move as her sheet was flung heavily over the side…showing a disgruntled Mandy had deflected the sloppy attack and there wasn't a speck of goop on her, this however…didn't improve her mood

"You ok Mandy?" Dil asked

"Fine…I just love getting goop thrown at me like a tidal wave at eight in the morning" Mandy said in a sarcastic emotionless growl, though Billy had done something like this to her on more than one occasion with other various goop like substances…so she was ready for it

"What is this stuff anyway?" Dib asked as he stepped in a nearby mound of it and it nearly swallowed his boot before he retracted it in fear of it swallowing him whole

Mandy took a little from the railing on her bunk and rubbed it in her fingers slowly examining its feel, then smelled it…confusing the campers as she had no visible nose they could see…than tasted it

"Eww…grossh" Bessie said sticking her tongue out in disgust at Mandy's actions "You have no idea if that ish a poisionish subshtance…or edible…or even alive…or-"

"Will you can it!" Mandy said in a dull snap cutting the honeybee scouts rant short "…its Waffle badder…and a whole lot of it" Mandy said irritably eying it all over the place and all over the kitchen even more form what she could see in the kitchen…and it was almost a sea from where the CN bunks were and slowly spreading through the length of the cabin…pooling out of the kitchen like molasses

"It must have been Chowder" Jimmy said upset, deducing it was the apprentice thing seeing as he was the only camper not accounted for in the cabin "He must have wanted a midnight snack or something…but…why cook anything? There are plenty of snacks he could have easily eaten without having to use a stove" Jimmy asked aloud

"He's a cook's apprentice genius" Mandy said dully "It's what he does…and looking at this" Mandy gestured to the sea of batter around her bunk and spreading toward the others feet "…Not very well either…"

"Hey! I'm a great cook!" A muffled voice shouted as a mound of the batter that was on Chowder's bunk exploded from Chowders bunk…leaving a waffle batter coated and slightly angry Chowder in its place to many of the campers shock

"Mung said I am a great cook. He told me when we went to see him in the hospital when he got really bad food poisoning from a dish Schnitzel made" Chowder said defiantly as Mandy squinted her eyes in annoyance

"Did Mung eat something you made the same day he got food poisoning?" Mandy asked

"Yeah why?" Chowder asked confused

"No reason" Mandy said proving her point

"Dude, why didn't you call for help from under there?" Sheen asked getting back on track

Chowder had a blank look for a moment before responding "I was sleeping…I woke up at the part where Mandy said I can't cook…which…I can" Chowder boasted narrowing his beady eyes at Mandy's unblinking, bigger, cold ones

"And you didn't once notice that you were submerged in goo?!" Dib asked exasperated as to how anyone could be able to sleep through that explosion, let along being submerged in that waffle batter goop…and breathe

"I usually do sleep in goo…preferably pudding" Chowder said happily to some of the other campers disgust

"Why do I even ask!?" Dib said to himself in an inaudible hiss only he heard as he banged his oversized head on the wall in annoyance…getting some batter on his forehead from when it splashed there

"Yo Chow Man…you think you could eat this gunk off of Flapjack?" Dil asked changing the subject to something that might help, knowing Chowder could eat through almost anything if he really wanted to

"What is it?" Chowder asked looking at Flapjack in confusion, whom was still covered head to toe so much so that he just looked like a mound of batter with a sailor hat

"Waffle batter…but you don't-" Jimmy didn't finish his sentence as all Chowder needed to hear was that it was edible and was already over at Flapjack and had had his oversized head uncovered and Sheen unstuck as well as he lapped the batter up in record speed that would have made a world champion eater look bad

"Hahahahehe" Flapjack said in his signature cackle as Chowders seemingly snake like tongue cleaned every inch of batter off the excited adventurer to some campers disgust

"Is there anything that thing won't eat?" Dib asked disgusted at Chowder's actions

"Hopefully people" Jimmy said, recalling when he and Chowder first met and Chowder almost eating his hair as it looked like what many people see as fudge

"Thanks Chowder" Flapjack said happily as he could move again and looked all shiny and new as Chowder burped happily in response, enjoying the meal he just had, even though it was uncooked goop

"Wait one Ultra second!" Sheen said in a shocked voice getting everyone's attention on him in surprise If Chowder was there the whole time…what made the kitchen explode in a waffle battered tidal wave!?" Sheen asked in a crazy tone

"Good point" Jimmy said unnerved, rubbing his chin in thought "We're all here and I doubt someone from another cabin would even be able to do that…and live…so question is, who or what did this?" Jimmy asked aloud, some campers looked around nervously. Some now suspecting that it wasn't a person at all

"I think we'll find our anshwer in the kitchen" Bessie said observing the batter that still slowly seeped out of it…and was in higher concentration as well

"So who wants to go first?" Dil asked a little afraid of what lay ahead as Spongebob, Sheen and Flapjack gave a gulp of nervousness as well, not wanting to go in there

"Oh for Einstein's sake I'll go first!" Jimmy said annoyed at some of the camper's childishness as he walked slowly ankle deep in batter as he made it though the pool by the bunks and onto the deeper, now up to his shins, batter covered kitchen floor

The entire kitchen was coated in the batter…not one inch was uncovered…as for a suspect…nothing stood out in the tan mess…that is except for the exploded and destroyed stove…

"It's clear guys!" Jimmy shouted as one by one they all came out and observed the damage

"Woah" was the collective response (except for Mandy whom had seen ten times worse in Billy's kitchen)

"Who in the world could have done this?" Bessie asked dumbfounded, some campers exchanged comments as well…all trying to comprehend what happened there

Zim was in the background stretching his collar nervously, there was only one person who could have done this type of devastation…and once they all found out the situation…it wouldn't end well. He had might as well tell them now so he wouldn't look like as much of a bad guy in the situation (which he didn't want or his plan would be ruined)

"Um…guys…I need to tell you something" Zim said scratching the back of his head as they all turned to him…Dib in particular

"What is it dude?" Dil asked

"Yes Zim…what is it" Dib asked coyly, knowing he was going to come out and say he had messed up and he was going to come clean about being an evil alien (in his mind that was what he always expects Zim to say)

"Well…you see…I…" Zim couldn't answer as something that was stuck to the wall (and made an imprint in it) fell to the floor with a waffle batter coated 'SPLAT' to the floor below

"What was that!?" Spongebob, Sheen, and Flapjack all asked in surprise as they hid behind Dil, who was also shocked by the sudden disturbance

"I don't know…" Jimmy said with a little bit of nervousness in his voice, Sheen was also taken by surprise as he had already gotten into battle position

"Well…will someone go and shee?" Bessie asked motioning her hands over to what fell to the batter covered floor, not wanting to herself

The campers looked at each other, their eyes almost willing one of the others to go first, question is…which one would go first?

With a groan Jimmy walked forward "Fine…since everyone else seems to not want to go see…I have no problem in going to see for myself" Jimmy grumbled as he stepped forward…every step made a 'squish' sound as he got closer to what hit the floor moments ago, and every step closer made the campers more and more nervous

The campers seemed to suck in a breath (except Zim who was praying to Irk that Gir had died in the explosion)

He tilted his head over to the object…it looked almost like a person (a person covered in waffle batter) as he turned back to his friends to say this…it sprung strait up startling the boy genius onto the floor with a SPLAT of the batter and most of the campers (Except Zim, Mandy, and Chowder who wasn't paying attention but eating the batter) to the ground as well with the same SPLAT sound

"I MADE BREAKFEST!!" The waffle batter coated thing exclaimed happily…its light blue eyes shining through the thick goop

It's the Waffle batter monster!!" Spongebob exclaimed in hysteria

"Run for your lives!" Bessie exclaimed as some of the campers got up to run…but slipped and fell again with a splat…some spitting out the batter that went into their mouths, causing the 'monster' to giggle incessantly from the other end of the floor

"Oh this is going over well" Zim said in a mumble only he could hear

After another attempt to run away from the 'monster'…they actually took a second to look at the thing…who wasn't even taller than them (it was slightly smaller them Chowder)…and instead of his eyes being red and full of malice and blood lust for their flesh…were…big and light blue

"Why ishn't it attacking or something?" Bessie whispered to the group

"Because maybe it isn't a monster" Jimmy said getting back up annoyed, brushing the batter off himself…or at least trying to

The 'monster' looked at Jimmy since he was closest and grinned insanely "You gots a fudge head! I wanna HUG IT!" The 'monster' exclaimed as it sprung and flew directly at Jimmy…ready to grapple Jimmy's large brown fudge-like hair

Jimmy or the campers had no time to react as the so called monster leaped at the boy genius with intent to hug, but to them it looked like intent to KILL

Zims wide red orbs got wider than normal as Gir flung himself at Jimmy "NO GIR…STOOOP!!" he ordered loudly as the campers turned to him in confusion

And Gir did indeed stop…in midair…and hovered there inches from Jimmy's head

"Okay!" Girt said happily as he then just fell to the ground with a SPLOOSH!...splattering Jimmy in even more batter to his extreme annoyance

"W-what? Why did it shtop?" Bessie asked aloud

"…GIR!?" Dib asked aloud…turning to Zim who had nonchalantly looked away from Dib and was whistling…but Dib wasn't fooled, he knew of his idiotic android all too well

Gir sprang straight up at mention of his name to many campers surprise…some thinking he was still a monster

"It's not going to eat our brains is it?" Sheen asked aloud, ready to fight again if need be

"No it isn't…" Zim said dully as he walked over to Gir, it really couldn't get worse as it was now

"Dude be careful…you don't know what that thing is!" Dil said worriedly

"Yes I unfortunately do..," Zim said with a heavy sigh "Everyone…meet Gir…my robot" Zim said…the last two words being forced out of his throat

Dib couldn't keep the smile off his face…Zim's robot may have just blew up his plans in a matter of minutes….literally

"Your…robot?" Jimmy asked…not thinking he heard that right

"Yes…my…robot" Zim said dully

"And he's my mastah!" Gir piped up happily hugging Zim…splattering him in batter as Zim hung his head in anger, maybe it could get worse

"Gir…please get that stuff off of you…now!" Zim said with an angry tone

"Okie dokie" Gir said as he shook it off of him like a dog to some camper's surprise…though it wasn't the weirdest thing they had seen. When it was all off of him they saw what he really looked like, grey with light blue eyes…and was no taller than Zim's chest (with the antenna on his head helping in that sense)

"Gir this is the Kid's cabin…Kid's cabin…meet your new cabin mate" Zim said sadly as Gir waved happily and the campers looked in complete shock

"Please don't tell me he just said new cabin mate" Dib said…his smile gone completely

"Apparently so" Mandy said dully

"…crap" Dib said under his breath…Zim was one thing…Gir was just…INSANE, and moreover, Zim had gotten an ally…the silver lining…he may have lost everyone's else's trust, and Dib was really holding onto that

"Don't tell me…Chris wanted to stir things up…again?" Jimmy said annoyed

"Yes…and the fact my Computer sent him here with my ship…and self destructing it as well…he's stuck here…and it wasn't my idea either!" Zim said defiantly

"You Computer sent him here?" Spongebob asked confused

"Yes…I have a lot of technology that is advanced…it isn't my fault my Computer happens to have a stupid AI" Zim said annoyed

"So there's no way he can be taken away?" Dib asked upset

"No he can't…not unless we go by the game rules and just vote him off" Zim said upset

"I like waffles!" Gir piped up happily as the campers thought that was an all too obvious statement

"Let me guess….he's an idiot?" Mandy asked

"Yes" Zim said annoyed

"Good he'll fit right in" Mandy said emotionless as she walked away…not caring about the situation anymore, though some campers didn't like that statement and wondered if she had meant some them…or all of them

"So…he's stuck here?" Jimmy asked just to make sure

"Yes…and I am sorry for…well…this" Zim said motioning to the batter soaked house

"Waffles are goooooodd!" Gir said happily splashing in the batter that though was pooling out of the kitchen…was still ankle deep on the kitchen floor

"That doesn't mean you make it ALL ONCE GIR!!" Zim said upset, as Gir had done that on more than one occasion at his home, with more than one substance of food "Now look…you have made a horrid first impression, your lucky that I don't disassemble you right now!" Zim said angrily looking at Gir

Gir…who was just happy a second ago…completely changed the second Zim really yelled at him. Now, he was on the verge of tears as he looked up at his angry master sorrowfully

"I sorry master" Gir said looking down sadly, this always, for whatever reason…made Zim feel just a little bit guilty

"Aw…don't be so hard on the little robo dude" Dil said sympathetically

"Yeah, I mean itsh not like he burned the housh down right?" Bessie asked aloud

"But he did drown it in waffle batter" Dib said narrowing his eyes at the insane robot

"I's tryin ta make breakfast ta make everyone happy" Gir said upset…his head slumped in the pool of batter below him depressed

"Will you quit it!?" Jimmy said upset to Dib…the paranormal enthusiast had it just about up to his scythe hair with that boy genius, however…Dib would really have to make a mental note to not come right out and make accusations…he did not want to look like the bad guy…after all, it's what Zim wanted.

Jimmy however could relate to Zim having a robot partner and did take pity on the robot for one reason being he wasn't trying to do anything bad, and secondly because he was a technological wonder and if given the chance, Jimmy would study him

"Yeah…he was only trying to make a good first impression" Spongebob said defending "Even though he made the house explode with waffle batter

"So is it ok with all of you if he stays here?" Zim asked hoping…he needed allies and more support to keep his plan intact

The campers looked at each other, it was almost like a silent vote, then Flapjack spoke up

"Sure, I don't mind another friend!" the excited

"Fine…as long he doesn't hug my hair again" Jimmy said warningly

"Sure, I don't mind" Dil said bluntly before walking away, some campers picking upon that vibe that was coming from him. He hadn't forgotten about last night, but then again, who could blame him?

"I guessh he can shtay…but no more waking up like that pleash" Bessie said…still sporting a bruise on her head from the fall off of her bunk

Chowder, whom was still eating the batter on the floor, wasn't really paying attention at the moment but knowing him would have said yes for a great…in Chowder's mind…'meal'

"Cool a robot, and he gets to live with us…AWSOME!!" Sheen said manically, knowing his love of all things intergalactic, he had no problem with a robot (Except for Robofiend but that is another story for another time)

"I guess we can all learn to forgive and give the little guy another chance" Spongebob said happily, forgiveness and happiness was what the chipper sea sponge seemingly oozed out of those cratered holes, so it wasn't surprising to the campers that he agreed to it, if possible he would probably try ad get everyone on the island to get along

Dib had an answer but for the sake of looking good just said "Whatever…just keep him in check" and walked away in a huff, Zim had avoided self destruction again and still looked good in front of his team. And if things kept going on this way, he would do himself in

Zim breathed a sigh of relief and now turned to Gir…who still looked sad that his 'mastah' yelled at him

"Look Gir…as long as you clean this mess up…" Zim said…trying to force those two words that could never quite force their way out of his cynical mouth "I'm…………..Sor………ry" Zim said nearly gagging

Gir's face immediately lit up at an apology and he put his master in a death gripping hug "Okaaayyy!!" He said cheerfully letting go of Zim who gasped for air as Gir without missing a beat, plopped his head in the batter again. Some campers were confused by this…until the batter started to flow…towards Gir's mouth like a vacuum cleaner

"Woooaaaah!!" Jimmy said as the current was picking up…and waffle batter was hitting his face as Gir's suction formed a whirlpool catching all the campers inside of it

"Gir! Sttooooaaaaahhh!!" Zim tried to finish but couldn't as he too was swung around in the current, like many other campers in the room and the others around the cabin as well (except Mandy who left the cabin beforehand) All didn't get a chance to comprehend what was happening or if this was indeed the end until…in a flash…it was over. And they fell on the kitchen floor with a thud, however it took a moment to register that the kitchen floor…was now a batter free CLEAN kitchen floor

The campers were in shock as most were expecting to land in waffle batter, again. They looked around the cabin, and aside from the exploded stove, it was all in one piece, and looked as it did last night

"…WOW!" Was the collective response as they marveled at the clean cabin, except for Chowder who was bummed that his meal was suddenly gone in a flash

"Well…that was interesting" Jimmy said as he turned to Gir…whose body now looked like a giant ball. The insane robot then rolled himself to the kitchen window…and threw the waffle batter back up, but this time on the nearby forest…drenching more than one animal in the process

"Dude that was sick…LITERALLY!" Sheen said pumping his fists wildly at Gir's antics, something told Jimmy they would get along just fine

"Well…that's one way to start a morning" Jimmy said as he got up, brushed himself off and walked away to catch a breather before the next challenge, and take an antacid

Zim walked over to Gir, who was still burping up some of the waffle batter while giggling happily

"Good save Gir" Zim whispered to the robot so no one else could hear "But no more screw-up's. You have to be good while on the show…unless you have to be insane during a challenge or something…" Zim said trailing off before shaking his head "Look…just…try to be moderately less infuriating…ok?" Zim asked, hoping Gir would answer positively

Gir took a moment before answering…but when he did he broke out into a toothy smile "Okie doukie ta whateva mastah just said!" Gir said happily spitting some waffle batter in Zim's face unintentionally…causing Zim to sigh in annoyance and leave Gir to his insanity. The only silver lining was that it struck another blow to Dib's morale and status with the team, and Zim would take that any way the Irken could to make himself look better and Dib worse

Confessional Cam- Waffle Batter free for you confessional needs!

Dib- Okay…if Zim wants to raise the bar then fine. In a battle of wits, that bug and his insane robot don't match me…Jimmy on the other hand…I may have to watch out for. /begins to mumble/ maybe I can get the PCA to vote that egghead off…/looks startled/ Forget you heard that!!

Jimmy- I'm not 100 percent for Gir on the show just considering the fact that he seems more mentally unstable then Sheen…which could be a very bad thing. Plus I would love to research him and see how he ticks. Now then, onto Dib…his paranormal mumbo jumbo won't throw my game off as I have heard weirdos like him before spit out nonsensical fantasies of mythical creatures with no proof but a blurry picture, or casted footprint. But, if he wants to take this to a rivalry then fine, he may have an oversized head like me, but the difference between his and mine is that I actually have a brain to back it up

Zim- Let Dib flounder in front of his team all he wants to like a dying fish, it makes no difference to Zim. All I need to do now is keep Gir in check and then watch Dib implode…simple as that

Mandy- Like I said before, it makes no difference to me who joins this stupid competition, let them. All these idiots think they have what it takes to win the million…and they can dream all they want, truth is that there is no one out there that can compare to me, and one by one on this show these idiots will all fall sooner or later, and I will be the one left standing with the money…and the power

Gir- HHEEELLLOOOOOOOO!!! My name's Gir…I wanna gives everyone a biiiiiigggg hug!! /leaps at camera and hugs it…but due to immense pressure static is soon seen after numerous breaking noises

The day is fast forwarded since nothing exciting happened in the Teen Girls, Boys or Adults cabins considering most were still asleep. The only cool thing that happened was the camper's reactions to the explosion, which was a lot of jumping and screaming and some thick headed enough to sleep through it.

And unfortunately this was going to be the least of the camper's troubles…and that's when that all too familiar 'I'm better then you' voice rang through the speaker in the center of camp

"GOOD MORNING CAMPERS!!" Chris shouted loudly startling some of the campers to the floor again and those who were still asleep wide awake; as it was only nine in the morning "No time for Breakie today campers or lunch…your next challenge starts NOW!!" Chris said happily knowing not one camper would be happy about this, he could feel their anguish "You all have ten minutes to get to the center of camp or you can ride the boat of loser's outta here!" Chris said with extra vigor to the extreme annoyance to the campers, and some worry

He stepped away from the microphone and turned to a mysterious figure in the shadows "You think they'll like this?" Chris asked the mystery figure

"Not a chance" It said dully

"Good…then this should be fun" Chris said with a perfectly evil white grin

Confessional Cam- Cause of campers like these has to get a new camera installed every week!

Nikki- /In a venom like hiss/ I…hate…him…so…much!

Wyatt- Well Chris seems happy today /eyes widen/ Oh this isn't gonna be pretty

Jude- Dude /yawn/ it's like three hours before I normally wake up man. I just hope Chris has mellowed out a little…he seemed happier today though…maybe that's a good thing right?

Chuckie- Great…like I don't have anything more to worry about, now I have to go through another challenge! /Rubs temples/…this is so not good, not just for me…I don't think Dil is over Tommy getting voted off yet either. I feel bad for him, but I feel bad too. I really wanted Tommy in it a lot longer but Angelica ruined that. /Tightens fist in anger/ I have feeling though, she'll get what's coming to her

Angelica- Look…I don't get why everyone's so upset over Tommy getting voted off. Money is thicker then cousin relation in my honest opinion, and only one person can win the million and that will be me

Dil- /Looks like he is about to say something hateful…but stops and looks at the camera with guilt/ I…just can't do it. I'm not a mean guy and as much as I want to chew Sheen and Spongebob out for what they did to Tommy…it is just not how I am, but Angelica will have what is coming to her I guarantee that. That's Karma my friend, no whay around it. But I still need to talk with Sheen and Spongebob. I know they didn't mean to vote for Tommy the way they did, but Angelica had their heads so turned around they couldn't think strait with all the stuff Angelica out in their heads about Tommy. I just hope they don't get paranoid in thinking I'm out for some sort of…revenge against them, or something like that…

Sheen- /looking around suspiciously/ Dil's out to get me…I know it! And I deserve it for what I have done!! I let Ultralord down, my team down and turned to the dark side that is known as Angelica! Nebulon help me for I will not be avenged this day as Dil will have his revenge!! /runs out of confessional screaming/

Spongebob- /Gulps/ Dil's going to get me and Sheen back I just know it. I just hope it isn't as bad as the time I accidentally spilled a soda on these bikers at the Krusty Krab and they were so mad that they …they…/shakes/ DID THEIR DISHES WITH ME!! /Runs out of confessional screaming/

Dil- …NAH! Those two wouldn't get hyped up over something stupid like that /smiles calmly/

Ruben- Humph! What a distasteful wakeup call! If he is looking to give me a heart attack then he is just about there /huffs/ the hospitality here really needs work

Schnitzel- /sighs/ Rada rada rada ra rada rada….raaaada

Caitlin- Oh man! With the challenge starting now how are me and Nikki going to get that alliance formed with Chuckie and Dil…ooohh…/bites nails nervously/ we need to get Angelica off this island now! Be

Kanuckles- Humph…so much far me good mood an all. I was sleepin so peacefully too. Larry's gone, I got new legs, and whatever he was planning wit Ruben backfired. But I'll have ta keep my guard up…who knows if they'll try far round two against ol' Kanucky

Jonesy- Jeez Chris…loud much? I need my eight hours dude! Or else I look like total crap! And I need to look good for all those lovely ladies watching at home…who want a piece of the Jonesmeister /smiles slyly/

Squidward- /looking grim/ this day couldn't possibly be as bad as last night was for me…I mean…Chris couldn't get any worse than that dodgeball challenge right?

Chris- Oh Squidward…you underestimate me /laugh's slyly/

Needless to say everyone in the center of camp was less then pleased to be abruptly called out this early with no breakfast (aside from some waffle batter) to speak of. When the other campers asked what that explosion was earlier (the ones that didn't sleep through it) the Kid's cabin said it was a long story, and then when they asked who the shiny new kid was…they said it was a longer one…which Jimmy explained best he could

"Another new camper?" Nikki asked annoyed, she was getting tired of that trend

"Yes…his name is Gir and he's apparently Zim's robot" Jimmy said to the Teen and Adult competitors

"Hmm…that explains why he looks all technoboby" Kanuckles said rubbing his chin

"Chris apparently likes to add people to the show for drama" Wyatt said raising an eyebrow "But I guess Zim put up a fight to let Gir stay so he must like the little guy"

"Well…when Zim went into further detail…he said that Chris actually didn't put up much of a fight like he did with Ruben, Dib and Keef as well as himself" Jimmy said quizzically "He said they barely got on then, but with Gir…hardly anything"

"Maybe Chris thought that adding the little shiny dude wouldn't do much harm" Jude said with a shrug

"Something tells me it's a little more than that, though Gir is an idiot, I think Chris did something considering Chris took him into his trailer to 'scan him'" Jimmy said in thought

"Scan him?" Caitlin asked confused

"I guess for any weapons or such he may have had in his body…but to do that you would need a big machine…and Chris only has a trailer, albeit a big one, I doubt he has a scanner in there" Jimmy said doubtfully

"And he did seem in a good mood today" Jonesy said nervous

"What do ya think happened?" Kanuckles asked, he too smelled something fishy, and it wasn't Squidward this time

"I guess were about to find out" Jimmy said…and as if on cue…Chris appeared before them…with a smile on his face

"Hello campers" The handsome cynical host said gleaming, which was never good "I see you have all met your newest competition Gir" Chris said motioning to the little insane robot

"I gots waffle batter in mah brain!" Gir said happily, getting some odd looks from the campers. Jimmy was certainly right about the idiot part

"Good for you" Chris said with a smile not really caring about Gir at all at the moment, "Now before we get to this very interesting challenge I whipped up for you all today…I have an announcement" Chris said…and the campers didn't like the sound of it. Anything Chris said usually ended in horror for the campers

"As you know all too well…Chef is still out on injury from that incident with the anchor, hot sauce, stink bomb, bowling ball etc etc.…with no timetable set to return" Chris said surprisingly with a smile on his face, that told the campers this wasn't good…or Chris just didn't like Chef very much

"So…for the time being…" Chirs continued "I have found myself a new co-host!" Chris exclaimed happily throwing his hands in the air for effect as all the camper's froze, some stopped breathing at Chris's statement. Chris was one thing…but for him to hire another co-host to aid in the campers challenges and torture was a blind shot that no one expected…it was turning into a new ballgame, and the ball didn't seem in the camper's court at the moment

"And trust me when I say…he is one helpful guy when it comes to challenges as well" Chris said happily, more news the campers didn't want to hear

"Well…as much as I really don't want to hear this…who is it?" Nikki asked annoyed

"Don't rush me" Chris said narrowing his eyes, Nikki always seemed to kill a mood…but she wasn't going to ruin his buzz

"Well come on Chris…you seem to be happy with him on board so I'm guessing we are going to hate him…so might as well get it over with" Wyatt suggested, although Chris's glare told him to shut it

"Moving on…" Chris said getting back into spirits "Since you are all so…'eager' to meet my new co-host…here he is" Chirs exclaimed as a computer monitor rolled into view under its own power. It was about as tall as Chris with four wheels with a square base, an adjustable and flexible stem to hold the big purple flat screen monitor that at the moment was showing a green line in the center of the screen, which moved like a heartbeat when it talked. The campers seemed very confused at this point…until Chris said it

"Please welcome your new co-host…Zim's Computer!" Chris said with an evil smile on his face

"I told you…just Computer!" Computer said with an angry tone as his monitor turned like a head to Chris and the green line vibrated when he spoke

"Well…too late now" Chris shrugged

Some of the campers were confused, "Zim's" Computer? Though Zim…was the most confused of all…and he made that clear with this statement

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF FLIRK ARE YOU DOING HERE!!?" Zim exploded storming straight to Chris and Computer

"What? Surprised?" Chris asked deviously

"But how did you- Where did you- WHY DID YOU- YOU…FLIRK!" Zim said angrily. Sputtering to find the right words in his anger

"Well then…allow me to explain to ALL of you how I came to make this little deal" Chris said, Zim tensing at the word "deal". Computer wasn't supposed to take orders from anyone except Zim. Anyone else would be seen as treason to the Irken Empire and they would be scrapped and recycled

"What sort of deal Chris-beast?" Zim said angrily…slipping up on his usual name calling of humans, which some campers found interesting

Though the word "beast" used with his name shook him a little, Chris remained firm "Look…I won't go into everything, but this deal was to have Computer as the co-host and help in the construction of better challenges for all of you" Chris continued "Computer did say that he couldn't obey anyone else except for Zim…so…" Chris said with a devious smile "He accidentally gave me blueprints to design…this!" Chris said holding up a purple and green microphone

Zims eyes widened "That looks like Irken tech! Computer what did you do?!" Zim said angrily

"Oh…he did something…" Chris started as he pressed a button and held the mike to his face "Something that got me around that little obey thing" Chris said happily…except Chris's voice didn't come out…it was ZIM'S!

The camper's mouths were open in awe at this turn of events, but Zim remained calm, but barely

"You see with this…" Chris continued lowering the mike so he sounded like his own self again "Will allow me to tell Computer what to do…without him disobeying you…because…" Chris continued holding the mike up again to sound like Zim "It IS you giving the orders…hahaha!" Chris exclaimed

"You do realize Chris that anyone can take that and use Computer as their own personal slave" Zim said bluntly

"That's what I told him" Computer said annoyed…so I added a special feature to those blueprints that Chris accidentally got his hands on…" Computer continued as Zim didn't like the sound of this "If anyone other than Chris used this mike, since it has his handprint and DNA encoded in it…you will be shocked…badly" Computer said dully…though if he had a face…he would have smiled slyly at Zim's look at the moment

"Why on Irk would you do this to me!? You ruler! You're Master…ZIM!" Zim exclaimed upset

"One, I was bored. Two, I sort of hate you. And three, I thought this would be a great way to get back at you for leaving Gir to blow half of me up, and maybe torture some of the other campers as well" Computer stated as Zim's antenna twitched in anger

"How did you even come in contact with him?" Zim asked angrily "I was the only one who knew about him and I didn't tell anybody about him when I came here" Zim stated

"You didn't, did you?" Chris asked slyly

"No I did not…I know for a fact that I did not tell anyone…about…" Zim's face went blank as he remembered what he told Chris last night absent mindedly…

What do you mean by pet?" Chris asked…seeing Zim tip toeing around the subject

"He's a robot okay" Zim said bluntly "I had him at home but my computer sent him here because apparently he was getting on its nerves

"Wait…your computer?" Chris asked

"Yes" Zim said bluntly

"Your computer…sent Gir here?" Chris asked "How does a computer do that?"

"It has a very high tech A.I. which allows it to have emotions and such and control the functions of my home and such…anyway…" Zim was about to continue…but Chris interrupted

"Can this thing…build?" Chris asked with a hint of slyness in his voice

"Yes…anyway about my robo-"

"Like…anything? No matter how big and complicated?" Chris asked again

"Yes yes it can build worker droids to build anything it wants to…except when I ask it to do something…" Zim grumbled

"Hmmm…would this computer have and email address?" Chris asked slyly

"Huh? ...oh yeah it does" Zim said "Why would you want to know that?" Zim asked

"Oh no reason…hey can I see your robot a sec…I uh…need to see if it's ok to enter into the competition" Chris said smiling

Oh…flirk" Zim said eyes wide in comprehension. He was so worried about getting Gir in the competition that he didn't even think of not telling Chris about his Computers abilities when the handsome host asked…

"Wait a second…GIR!" Zim said angrily

"Yea Mastah?" Gir said happily

"Tell me you didn't tell Chris how to contact Computer without my permission" Zim said angrily

"No Mastah…I nevah do that" Gir said innocently as Zim calmed

"You said I's could! Gir exclaimed happily

"What…NO! YOU LIE! YOU LIIIIEEEE!!!" Zim exclaimed in anger "I would never tell you to do something so stupid…even for you!" Zim said upset

"But you diiiiiiddd" Gir said happily

"Gir…when would I agree to something so…so…" Zim stopped again…another flashback entered his mind

Chris opened the door as Gir saw Zim waiting outside from the doorway

"Um Zim…Gir want to know if you are okay with this" Chris stated as Gir looked at Zim for an answer eagerly

Zim sighed "Yes Gir it's fine" Zim said annoyed…it was only a scan

Gir looked surprised "You sure mastah?" he asked unsure

"Yes Gir it's fine just do it already so I can get some sleep" Zim grumbled as Chris shut the door again…trying to hide his snickers

"You…leech-sucking BLINTHALL!!" Zim said angrily running at Chris with intent to gut the handsome host for being so underhandedly cunning…but Computer sprouted a metal tentacle and wrapped it around him…holding him back from Chris, who smirked at the flailing alien

"Sorry Zim…but your loss is my gain. I outsmarted you, your little robot buddy, which wasn't so hard, and now it's going to bite you in your green little butt." Chris said slyly looking at the campers, some in shock at what was happening, some confused, some in glee (Dib), and some uncaring (Mandy and Chowder, who nodded off from waiting so long and all the boring talk)

Zim eventually stopped struggling and Computer let him go slowly, but before he walked back to his fellow campers, he hissed through his teeth at Chris

"You will pay for this…Zim swears it" The Irken said angrily as he turned to Computer "And you…you'll be lucky if I don't crush everyone of your little chips with my bare claws you traitor" Zim said angrily

"I'm truly shacking" Computer said sarcastically but in a dull tone of voice "And I never betrayed you…did I Zim?" Computer asked, but before Zim could respond, Chris did in Zim's voice

"Why no Computer, you're doing a fine job, keep up the good work" Chris said snickering as he put the mike down again and Zim stomped back to the campers, grinding his teeth as he did so.

The campers were also upset at this turn of events. Not only did Chris have more to torture them with with Computer's tech…but now…he had a new buddy and co-host to help dish out the challenges…and according to Chris "Better" Challenges

"Now that the funs over with, onto the challenge then shall we?" Chris asked, though this time the campers were silent, none sure what to make of this new outcome or challenge. It was music to Chris's ears

"Anyway, I call this one, 'The Amazingly Awesome No Copyright Intended Race!'" Chris said happily throwing his hands in the air for effect

"And yet…with that title copyright will be extremely pushed" Nikki said annoyed, but Chris shrugged it off

"Anyway the rules to this are pretty simple to this one…at the start" Chris said happily as some of the campers looked worried

"To start this off, we are going to pair you into teams, three Nick, three CN…but only ONE team will win this" Chris said confusing many campers

"What do you mean…if you split us up into six teams each with only one team winning…then we will have to compete against our own team?" Jimmy asked baffled

"Well…yes and no…you see, I have arranged it to see that the last teams to finish for Nick and for CN will be on the chopping block. The two teams that finish middle will be safe, but get NADA!" Chris said happily and the team who finishes first out of the top two Nick teams will get a special reward, second…will receive a lesser reward" Chris said explaining the rules

"Ok…but then what about the voting…cause its going to be half Nick and half CN?" Wyatt asked

"Oh that…forgot to tell you, we need to vote off 2 people again due to Gir coming on the show, only have so many episodes dudes" Chris said bluntly as the campers now had even more reason to worry, and neither team was safe either, no team immunity…it was almost like Chris was pinning them against each other despite the teams

"And of course the voting will be the same, Nick for Nick, CN for CN" Chris said bluntly, now onto the challenge itself." Chris said as the campers seemed eager to learn the rules

"This will start and end on Wawanaqua…but you're going to be taken places" Chris said smiling

"What do you mean…places?" Jonesy asked confused

"Try…all over Canada" Chris said with an evil glint of the eye

The campers were frozen…ALL over Canada…and BACK to Wawanaqua!?

"And how do you suppose we do that?" Squidward asked annoyed "Fly off the island?"

Actually…that is one of the options given" Chris said completely shutting down Squidwards sarcastic remark "You see, there are six modes of transportation given to you in this challenge to get off of the island" Chris said explaining "Some fast…some…not so much. There is a Helicopter that can sit up to four, a Jet, A yacht, A motorboat, A rowboat, and a Jeep" Chris said naming all the modes of transport

"A jeep?" Ruben asked dumbfounded "How do you suppose you get a Jeep to travel on water?" Ruben asked annoyed

"You'll have to solve that riddle my friend" Chris said before continuing, now before we get to who will get what and who is on who's team, we need to tell you more about the challenge" Chris continued "This will consist of three separate challenges Computer will give to you, but more of that in a second. After you all get to land, there will be six cars, all the same but different colors waiting for you, that's where Computer comes in cause in those cars is a GPS system with Computer's recordings in it which will play when you get close to a destination of a challenge. Though I will tell you that this will take more than one day" Chris warned "So we have told several hotels about the challenge and to arrange your sleeping quarters by the place you are in in the race. So I would want to be first" Chris said smiling s the campers were more and more interested in this challenge "We will also provide money for food and gas and such." Chris said as Computer gave them twenty dollars a piece

"Sweet" Jonesy said stuffing it into his pocket as some like Chowder and Gir, were tempted to eat it, but after being told it could buy food told Chowder otherwise and Gir, just stuffed it into his head.

So before I get to more explaining I need to give the teams out." Chris said as the campers quickly put the money away to listen to their teams. "To let you know now, two teams will have only three members, which is like a handicap so I would want to be on those-"

"Get on with it already!" Nikki snapped, already upset about being abruptly awakened by an explosion and having to sit through and argument between a green bug and a flat screen monitor

"Fine, since you're so impatient, CN Team 1 is Nikki, Ruben, Chowder, and Caitlin" Chris said as Caitlin smiled and hugged Nikki, glad to be with a familiar face, and was also happy to see Chowder on her team as well as the two had developed a little bit of a bond. Ruben however, wasn't happy at all with the pairing considering he never really got to know the three, but the con artist figured there would be a first time for everything. He just hoped team inexperience wouldn't coast him the race.

"Next is CN Team 2, which is Schnitzel, Jude, Kanuckles and Wyatt"

Wyatt high fived Jude who was happy to be with a familiar face, Kanuckles and Schnitzel on the other hand were kind of unsure how this would go considering not only had they out spoken much but now they would need to work with these two teens with their hip young lingo and what not. It didn't seem to look good for them at the moment

"And last but not least, CN Team 3 is Mandy, Jonesy, and Flapjack" Chris said happily, knowing that would be a fun team

Jonesy looked at his team, Flapjack was a peppy kid who liked adventure, which seemed good for this challenge, but then there was Mandy who had about as much pep as a 10 day old open soda. Out of all the CN teams they seemed like the oddest out which worried Jonesy a lot if that had to work together a lot in this challenge.

Mandy however took this as a way to get more allies, though she hadn't talked to Flapjack a lot this might be the challenge to see if he had any strong points. This applied to Jonesy as well, who though cocky, Mandy saw a lot of charisma in, which she could use to her advantage, As for team inexperience, she would worry about that as if they didn't listen to her…she would make them both pay dearly

"Oh this should be good" Computer said dully as Chris leered at his new sidekick's lack of enthusiasm

"Sorry, I don't really get excited" Computer said bluntly

"Moving on…" Chris said turning to the Nick team "You guys are next" Chris said ominously as the campers looked at each other nervously. Angelica looked strait though she felt a lot of eyes on her at the moment. She knew she was the one no one wanted on her team, and she didn't care less. As long as they got through the challenge without being last, she would swallow her pride and win it to be safe another night. Especially considering she wasn't on the best terms with her team at the moment and she knew that. She just hoped her team was a competent one

"Moving on, Nick Team 1 will consist of Angelica…" Chris said pausing, some Nick members looked nervous about working with Angelica

"Just move this along please?" Angelica said angrily folding her arms in a huff

"Okay okay…I want to get this rolling anyway" Chris said looking at the other campers "The rest of Team Nick 1 is…Squidward, Zim and Dib" Chris said smiling

"NOOOO!!" Was a collective scream from two of the team members, and you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to know who the two were

"I refuse to work with the Dib-Beast any more then I have to now!" Zim said infuriated

"Same goes for me…except for the Dib-Stink part" Dib said irritated

"Sorry, thems the teams, not changing them" Chris said smiling, enjoying the tension of the team

"Well this will go about as well as a car crash" Squidward said upset. He would have preferred Spongebob over those two idiots. Though he didn't have a problem with Angelica, with those two on the team it not only hurts the morale but the teamwork overall. Which was probably the reason Chris set the team up that way…but as a cynical host who loved to see tension and drama…who could blame him?

"Next is Nick Team 2, which is Jimmy, Gir, Bessie, and Chuckie" Chris continued as the teammayes looked at each other. The only problem that they seemed to worry about was Gir, who was seemingly unstable, but they hoped that he would be able to help the team. That's what they hoped…until they saw him spitting nuts at a squirrel happily (from where he got the nuts they didn't know). And then they hoped they just wouldn't be last in the race.

Zim was also worried at this point, not only was he forced to partner up with the Dib-Beast, but e would be unable to supervise Gir. This didn't bode well for Zim at this point. He just hoped they all returned alive, if they didn't, Gir wasn't responsible for their deaths.

And last but not least, Nick Team 3, which will be made up of Dil, Sheen, and Spongebob" Chris said with a little slyness in his voice

Dil smiled as he walked over to his teammates. He figured they would have the edge since they all knew each other and were AFFFC members. He did have a little bit of a grudge before but as he said before, it wasn't their fault, it was Angelica's fault with her manipulation, and as far as he was concerned it was all behind him at this point with Sheen and Spongebob…the problem is Spongebob and Sheen didn't know that.

The other two members of the team were very uneasy at this point. They knew Dil was upset about Tommy getting voted off like he did, and those two being deciding votes in that didn't help at all. Both had decided that Dil was planning some sort of revenge against them and honestly they couldn't blame him.

"Well this is pretty cool huh?" Dil asked smiling as he went over to his friends "I mean we must have the best chance here, let's win this one for Tommy kay dudes?" Dil asked happily as Spongebob and Sheen exchanged looks

"Yeah…daaahaha…Tommy…" Spongebob said uneasily

"Sure…for Tommy" Sheen said also uneasily, though was trying to hide it with his Sheeny personality

"Cool dudes, can't wait for it" Dil said as he walked away for a second, which gave Spongebob enough time to have a hushed conversation

"What do we do now? He's obviously still mad, but he's hiding it" Spongebob said nervously

"I know, he deginitly has some unholy revenge planned against our poor souls" Sheen said in a dramatic hush

"So what do we do then?" Spongebob said biting his nails nervously

Sheen thought it over and came up with an idea from his warped mind "Let's be really nice to him to show how sorry we are, and do thing too for him to try and earn his forgiveness" Sheen said smiling, liking the plan

"Hmmm…you think that will work?" Spongebob asked

"Totally so on this challenge we need to be nice to Dil. That way maybe he can learn to forgive!" Sheen said brilliantly "Man I'm good, I guess spending time with Jimmy makes a lot of logicalitity go's in my brain" Sheen said proudly

"I sure hope your right Sheen" Spongebob said nervously

"Trust me my spongy friend…I'm never wrong" Sheen said slyly. Though the conversation between them was cut short when Chris spoke back up

"Moving on…everyone get to their teams now" Chris ordered as all the teams grouped separately. Dib and Zim leering at each other furiously as Angelica and Squidward watched dully, Sheen and Spongebob smiling happily and waving at Dil as he came back over, Kanuckles and Schnitzel watching as Jude and Wyatt conversed with words they had never heard before. Jonesy and Flapjack off put by Mandy giving them a death stare. Jimmy, Bessie and Chuckie were all staring at Gir worriedly, who was currently humming a tune. Caitlin smiling as Chowder came over, and even waved to Ruben in a friendly manner, which took Ruben by surprise a little. And other small chat between the teams

Confessional Cam- Where's OUR team!?

Squidward- I can already tell this will be fun

Zim- As if it wasn't enough Computer stabs me in the squeedily spooch. But THIIISSS is unacceptable! You have paired me with my sworn enemy. When this is done Computer you will pay dearly for your treason!

Kanuckles- Oh boy. Back whare I come from I don't have them cellephones and Eye Pods and those new fangled things. So it'll be a little hard ta communicate wit them teens with their "lols" and "lmafo's"…whatever those are…

Schnitzel- Rada rada rada ra rada rada? …/smiles slyly/ Rada rada…Ra-Da-Ra

Jimmy- /sighs/ I really didn't want Gir on my team as I don't know his capabilities. Bessie and Chuckie will be fine but that robot so far has been totally unpredictable…who knows what it will do next!

Gir- /Looks blankly at the camera before saying in a happy whisper/ I saw a squirrrreelll

Nikki- Great, my team has a brain-dead unidentified animal and a fat pig. It's like Chris loves to piss me off

Chris- Yeah…I kind of do

Chris eyes the teams before throwing each of them a folded piece of paper

"Those will be your maps to your destinations, once there Computer will tell you the task needed to move onto the second checkpoint. There are four Checkpoint Challenges you must complete before going back to Wawanaqua in the same vehicle you came in. At 9:00pm all activity must stop, it's like a curfew for all you wiper snappers, and on the map will be locations to hotels you will be able to stay at when that time comes, but as I said…you would probably want to complete as much as possible before that, because as I said the lower you are on the standings…the worse room you will get" Chris continued, a lot of teens angry about having a sort of curfew

"This challenge will go on for two and a half day's kiddies, considering we will be sending you around Canada, the drives will be long at times. So this will be a wonderful bonding experience for you" Chris said happily, earning a lot of glares from some of the teams (Dib and Zim especially).

"Anyway, to decide what mode of transportation you will be taking to the shore marked on your map, I have devised a very technically sound way to make sure that you all get a fair shot" Chris said

"And that is" Jimmy said waiting for the answer

"Whoever gets to them and drives them off first" Chris said smiling happily

"Real technically shound" Bessie said sarcastically and crossing her arms

"Whatever" Chris said annoyed. He thought it was a good way to do it and he was the host…so he didn't care what Bessie thought "So…that's it…more will be explained in time. That's all you need to know for now" Chris said shrugging

"So…that's all?" Jimmy asked

"For now" Chris said bluntly

"So is the challenge…like…started" Angelica said anxiously

"…uh huh" Chris said smiling

The teams glanced at each other for a second and then it clicked in all their minds, causind all of them to make a beeline for the beach and their mode of transport off of the island

Chris chuckled "This will be really fun to watch"

"I second that" Computer chimed in

"Until then our faithful viewers…we must go to commercial" Chris said to the camera

"Aww Chris that is cruel. You're going to make the viewers wait to see what happens next? After all of that…how harsh" Computer said

"Well sorry" Chris said angrily at Computer

"Oh I never said it was the wrong thing to do" Computer said bluntly

Chris smiled "You know…I'm beginning to like you" Chris said happily

"Likewise" Computer said a bit more up beat

"Until then viewers we will leave you with these questions…

Who will get the best and worst vehicles?

Which team will break down first?

Who will be the first to reach Canada and start the forst Checkpoint Challenge?

And would you want to be on the same team as Gir right now?"

"Hell no" Computer butted in bluntly

"Shhh…your ruining the tension" Chris hushed

"Oh…sorry" Computer said as Chris straightened himself out again and smiled

"All this and so much more of our super challenge right after this on Total…Animation…"

"Island!" Computer exclaimed…though dully

"Dude that's my line!" Chris exclaimed angrily as the camera faded to black

It is DONE! Thank God I didn't let this die. I know a lot of people like it and I won't let them down. I will continue this fic I promise. With the summer coming up it will give me a lot more time to work on it, until then it might be a little longer with updates with school and such. Just please bear with me. AND REVIEW, it will really raise my spirits to see reviews and to see that you all didn't leave me. Thanks and I will see you all next chapter.

Next Time- It's a Race! With cars, boats, plains and tempers!